Best dating acne medication

best dating acne medication

Dating is tough enough as it is, but even harder if you have acne. It can be so embarrassing, but how do we find love despite having acne?. So to address the question of whether or not the opposite sex actually minds if you have acne. Well, the bad news is that I don’t think anyone actually really likes acne. To my knowledge, I don’t think there are any acne fetishists out there (although you never know). I’m pretty sure everyone would generally prefer if acne just didn’t exist.

best dating acne medication

Generic name: benzoyl peroxide topical Brand names: Acne Treatment, BenzEFoam, PanOxyl, Acetoxyl, Acne-10, Acne-Clear, Acnomel BP 5, Alquam-X Acne Therapy Gel, Benprox, Benzac, Benzac AC, Benzac AC Wash, Benzac W, Benzagel, Benzagel Wash, Benzashave, BenzEFoam Ultra, BenzePro, Benziq, Benziq Wash, Binora, BP Foaming Wash, BPO-5 Wash, BPO-10 Wash, BPO 3 Foaming Cloths, BPO 6 Foaming Cloths, BPO 9 Foaming Cloths, BPO Gel, BP Wash, Brevoxyl, Brevoxyl Acne Wash Kit, Brevoxyl Creamy Wash, Clearskin, Clinac BPO, Delos, Desquam-X Wash, Fostex Wash 10%, Inova, NeoBenz Micro, NeoBenz Micro SD, NeoBenz Micro Wash Plus Pack, Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser / Mask, Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne, Oscion, Oxy-10, Oxy Daily Wash, Pacnex, PanOxyl 4% Acne Creamy Wash, PanOxyl 10% Acne Foaming Wash, Peroderm 7 Wash, Persa-Gel, PR Benzoyl Peroxide Wash, Riax, SE BPO, SoluCLENZ Rx, Triaz Drug class: For consumers: , , For professionals: , Rx D N Page 1 Topics under Acne • (88 drugs) Alternative treatments for Acne The following products are considered to be alternative treatments or natural remedies for Acne.

Their efficacy may not have been scientifically tested to the same degree as the drugs listed in the table above. However there may be historical, cultural or anecdotal evidence linking their use to the treatment of Acne. • • • Legend Off Label This medication may not be approved by the FDA for the treatment of this condition.

Prescription Only / Over the Counter Rx Prescription Only OTC Over the Counter Rx/OTC Prescription or Over the Counter Pregnancy A Adequate and well-controlled studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy (and there is no evidence of risk in later trimesters).

B Animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women. C Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use in pregnant women despite potential risks. D There is positive evidence of human fetal risk based on adverse reaction data from investigational or marketing experience or studies in humans, but potential benefits may warrant use in pregnant women despite potential risks.

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N FDA has not classified the drug. Controlled Substances Act Schedule N Is not subject to the Controlled Substances Act. 1 Has a high potential for abuse. Has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. There is a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision. 2 Has a high potential for abuse. Has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or a currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions.

Abuse may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. 3 Has a potential for abuse less than those in schedules 1 and 2. Has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. Abuse may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence. 4 Has a low potential for abuse relative to those in schedule 3.

It has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States. Abuse may lead to limited physical dependence or psychological dependence relative to those in schedule 3.

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Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated Dec 6th, 2018), Cerner Multum™ (updated Dec 7th, 2018), Wolters Kluwer™ (updated Dec 5th, 2018) and others. To view content sources and attributions, please refer to our .

best dating acne medication

best dating acne medication - 10 Best Acne Treatments for Clearer Skin in 2018

best dating acne medication

The most traumatizing thing about having acne is how unattractive it it makes us feel. So how do you go about the nerve wracking activity of dating people when you are positive that the other person must be repulsed by your skin? I mean, going on dates, or starting a new relationship, is hard enough as it is. Throwing acne (or acne scars) in the mix can be terrifying. But in most cases, it really shouldn’t hold you back from trying to find love.

So to address the question of whether or not the opposite sex actually minds if you have acne. Well, the bad news is that I don’t think anyone actually really likes acne. To my knowledge, I don’t think there are any acne fetishists out there (although you never know). I’m pretty sure everyone would generally prefer if acne just didn’t exist. But I think that in most cases, it’s really not as big a deal as we think it is.

Because, in reality, a LOT of people have at least some acne. Seriously. Just look at people. People have blemishes. I know we always think that our skin is way worse just because it’s ours, but acne is a thing that happens to real people everywhere all the time. Which means most of the time, if you have acne, but you happen to also have a lot of other amazing qualities that they find attractive, they just won’t care about your skin.

In the end, people just aren’t holding out to date the model with perfect skin above all else. If they were, they’d get really lonely. Plus, when you like someone, no matter what their physical flaws, they always become more beautiful in your eyes. Acne can definitely be transcended. A lot of people might even say they wouldn’t date someone with acne, but when it comes down to it, if they found someone they really liked, it honestly wouldn’t matter to them.

My Experience with Dating and Acne In all my years of having mild (and sometimes moderate acne), I have dated plenty of people, who obviously either didn’t notice or didn’t care. Having acne was probably a lot worse for me than it was for them, because I was embarrassed about it thinking that they cared, but they obviously just didn’t give a hoot.

When my acne got severe, well, I was too traumatized to even think about going near the opposite sex. But even with my skin that bad, I actually had quite a few people who were still very interested in me – during, and after, while I was still dealing with the bright red scars. This was surprising to me, but it goes to show that even acne that bad can be looked past. And what about me? Have I dated guys with acne? Yep. I have dated guys who get spots and it didn’t bother me.

No one with serious acne, but that situation just never came up so I can’t say whether I would have dated them or not. Sounds Cliché, but Confidence Really Is King Confidence.

Hard to harness when you have a face full of acne, buuuuttt… it’s sooooo true that it matters above all else. Many people just know that their acne keeps them from being able to date, but more than likely it is because many people with acne will act shy, distant, and ashamed of themselves (not to mention, they don’t actually ask anyone on dates!), which is actually what wards people off – not the acne!

There is nothing more unattractive than being completely uncomfortable with yourself. People are seriously attracted to confidence. It is the ultimate trump card for everything else.

I was recently having a conversation with a long time male friend of mine who used to have a decent bit of acne. Of course he was embarrassed about it, and he never got girls.

But then one day he just said ‘fuggit’ – he would pretend to be confident and go for it anyway. Like magic, despite having the same amount of acne – he found himself with all sorts of female attention. Crazy, hey? I asked him whether it would work in reverse.

For him, would a girl with confidence in herself be able to overcome all flaws she had, including acne? He said ‘Absolutely. There is nothing more attractive.’ I also recall him telling me a story a long time ago about someone we had gone to high school with who had always had pretty severe acne. This guy had a lovely, gorgeous girlfriend. One day, the guys implored to him desperately “How is it despite your skin you were able to snag this amazing girl?” His response?

(this always stuck out in my mind) – he says “Well, I have acne one way or the other. So I could be that sad, lonely guy with acne, or I could be that outgoing and confident guy with acne. Which one is going to be better for me?” Amazing. You might also recall that I wrote an article some time ago called ““, where I told the story of a girl I had met while travelling.

She had acne, yet she was seriously the apple of all the boys’ eyes because she was so confident in herself. Tips for Gaining Confidence and Dating With Acne • Sometimes becoming confident is literally about faking it till you make it.

Act confident even if you don’t feel it inside. Smile, laugh, start conversations, make eye contact. You may not feel comfortable at first (you might be downright terrified), but the more you do it and you see the way people respond positively to you, you will naturally become more confident.

• To build self esteem on the inside, put into practice the tips from . Being kind to yourself and engaging in activities that you’re passionate about will begin to show you that you have a lot of awesome stuff about you that has nothing to do with how you look. The opposite sex will notice too. • If you are dating someone and feel awkward wondering if they notice your acne or not, or whether it bothers them, get brave and talk to them about it.

Sometimes it’s the secrecy, and hiding, and wondering, that makes all the emotions about acne so much worse. You’ll probably find that they don’t care and love you for who you are, and it will be a huge relief.

. Dating and acne. Tell your stories, tips, tricks, and personal confidence boosters in the comments below. Go. Are you wearing makeup now? You look so pretty. When I first met my husband and started dating, my acne was severe and I was absolutely traumatized. I would not let him see me without makeup.. no matter what. If he stayed the night I would sleep with makeup on and wake up and put more on top of that until I would take a shower and start clean.

I know it made my acne worse, but I had severe anxiety about it. I wouldn’t even talk about it to him, and basically acted like it didn’t exist. He was polite and never said anything about it.

I wish I would have talked to him about it, to possibly relieve some stress from myself of trying to hide it. We have now been married for almost 5 years and have 3 boys, my skin has gotten a lot better and I can actually be at peace with it, and I can be around him without makeup.

I feel like I was a prisoner to my acne when it was bad. After having my third baby 3 months ago my hormones got thrown off and I started breaking out a bit again. I’m now taking Estroblock and Liv-Tox to try and get leveled out again.

I know it’s not my skin care since I only use hemp seed oil on my face which hasn’t been a problem before for the past 6+ months. I also went through a similar situation with my now husband. When we were first dating, we were in a particular situation where we lived together and I would sleep with my makeup on and then put more on top until he would leave.

Then I would shower and put on makeup before he came home. Now, my skin still isn’t great, but I have never felt so beautiful around a guy. If a guy loves you(or is interested in you), he won’t care at all. In fact when I talk to him about the past, he said he never noticed my acne. Even when he did start to notice it, he didn’t care one bit. I know it sounds kind of cliche, but acne really doesn’t define your beauty, especially to other people.

Most of the time people will not see what you see. And if they do care, then you don’t want to be with a person like that anyways. It’s like not wanting to be with someone because they gained a few pounds. I also think the most important step was being able to open up about my acne to him; it was very freeing. My boyfriend used to have severe acne.

This was before we had met, but while I “knew him” (he sat next to me in a class, and I saw him around all throughout high school). His acne was bad, but yes, I liked him so much that I didn’t care. Now, he’s 99% clear and I went to him for advice about my own skin, and it helped me tremendously. Apparently, he didn’t seem to care about my skin when we first met either.

My best guy friend recently called me to tell me that he’s liked me for a long time and wants to see me and figure something out- this is a guy who I had a crush on for the entirety of senior year, so I was happy to hear that. That being said, in his memory (we haven’t seen each other for a few months), I’m probably the girl with perfect, make up free skin. I got awful acne in December that lasted through February and has finally calmed down, but I have some super dark acne marks on my left cheek (I’m Latina).

He’s not shallow, but I’m scared that once he sees me he won’t feel the same. I can hide some of the marks with my hair. Do you recommend I talk to him about it, or try to act confident and see if that works first?

Thanks Hi Ariana, My advice… well I totally understand that feeling … that used to be what stressed me out the most was having someone see me looking “normal” .. either with all my acne covered up or whatever, and then later on seeing me without and going “UGH WHAT! YOU HAVE ACNE!”…. of course I realize now that was all in my head and they actually don’t notice or care. Truthfully I think this guy really likes you and won’t care at all but I understand how you feel, so if it’s going to make you nervous wonderingI would highly suggest bringing it up with him and asking him what he thinks.

I guarantee he will say he hadn’t noticed or doesn’t care and then you will feel relieved knowing it’s all out there!

It makes a huge difference to your happiness to just get it off your chest! This is so true. Our lives dont have to stop for acne unless we let them. I notice that if I have a blemish but decide to forget about it and be a normal level of social with people, that they respond to me well. Its only when I choose to withdraw that I have any problem with a social situation.

As for dating, initial dating is hard, but once you get to know the person and see that they respond with love no matter how your skin looks, a blemish or two no longer seem like a big deal. And if they do, remember that it will be over with in a couple of days and you can go back to feeling fine again. Obviously, since I’ve had severe acne and still have that occasional spot.. I don’t mind dating people with acne. In fact, I saw a guy I had a crush on with some bad skin and I thought it was kinda cute… Well..

It might sound weird but I didn’t mind it at all haha. 😛 Not that I get turned on by pimples but it doesn’t disgust me. Well, I agree, actually I have had guys fall head over heels with me when I had severe acne.

But it’s a bit hard to believe when you have had two abusive (verbally) boyfriends and they were the first men you have been with, who tell you how you need to get rid of these pimples and how careless you are for having them. Also when your own family does it and some occasional stranger. This leaves deep scars in your soul. It’s true that bone structure does more for the way you look than the quality of the skin but when so many people tell you how awful you look it’s really hard to gain confidence.

At least if there are only scars left you can easily hide them. However, if you find yourself with such a partner, get out as soon as possible and stop believing a single word they say. It doesn’t mean that appearance doesn’t matter because it does, but trying to please somebody who doesn’t respect you and your feelings and puts you down intentionally, is not doing you any good.

Just leave the asshole and if you do change something in your appearance don’t do it for the asshole, do it so that it will make you look better and you can benefit from it. Change your appearance from a place of confidence, not desperation. And I can’t stress this hard enough – if a man criticises you about the way you look, puts you down and demands you to change – leave him now!!!

I’m in the same situation. My selfesteem is over the ground sometimes. Comments like “nobody wants to be with you except me”. But thanks god is almost the end of the relationship because of almost 100% clear skin. My confidence is almost reached but some anxiety and low selfesteem still there but with faith I know everything will be ok Just remember – don’t believe a single word he says!!!!

It took me years to overcome and heal the deep wounds he left me and it wasn’t until an ex shared how he can’t stop thinking about me and telling me how pretty I am that I finally started to believe I look good and maybe I’m not hideous! I know it destroys everything especially if you didn’t have a good self esteem to begin with but remember – his opinion doesn’t matter and no, his words are not true. Ask him – if I’m that disgusting, why are you with me?? And then leave him and never ever go back to him!!!

And forget everything he said about you, it’s not true and he knows nothing. Good luck! My acne started to get worse over a year ago. I never used to have it on my cheeks but now they’re covered. Anyway, this passed summer, I had a fling with a guy and it started when my face was really bad. He never said anything about it and kept wanting to see me.

I also want to note that I never wear make up. I look at it the same way I look at push up bras. They have to come off sometime, I’d rather not have it be a surprise. This was such a great article! Thanks so much for reminding us how important confidence is!! As my acne has been healing, my self-esteem has been on the mend as well, which is soooo awesome! It’s amazing how much my own confidence in myself changes the way I feel and act around others! Anyways, right now, most of my actual bumps are gone– now just got a whole lot of dark spots everywhere :/… Do you have any advice about how to heal those?

Anyways, I just wanna thank you so much Tracy, you and everyone on this blog are so encouraging!!! Have fun in India!!! 🙂 Glad to hear your self esteem and confidence are on their way back in Courtney 🙂 And way to go on getting rid of the active acne!

Awesome. For healing pigmentation marks, the main trick is just time, but there are tricks to speed it up. Get on google and type in “The Love Vitamin acne scars” and it will come up with my articles about treating these! Great article! My husband used to comment about my skin all the time only because he cares about me. It drove me crazy and added to my insecurity of looking ugly. After I asked him to stop focusing so much on my skin and he did, I felt more relaxed and could enjoy my life more dispite my blotchy face.

I never cared about what others think of me. So it’s a big surprise to me that now everywhere I go when people look at me especially girls I feel insecure and ugly compare to them. I feel like the other girls who have clear skin and no make up are prittier than me and my husband might think so too. It’s crazy, I know, but I have nightmares about my husband leaving me because of my skin condition 🙁 Do girls with clear skin jugde girls with skin problems?

Do they think I am ugly? Maybe it’s all in my head, I don’t know because I never asked. Hi Helen, I think these are thoughts that most of us who have dealt with acne have from time to time (or all the time!). I think the truth with acne and other “flaws” is that … some people will judge you, most don’t care or don’t notice.

People are indeed judging people left and right for all kinds of random things, but not just acne; usually what they judge about is a reflection of their own insecurities. The only way to deal with this is to become more secure with who you are and let go of what other people think (not saying it’s easy!) – but yeah. It’s just that you can’t change what people think (if they don’t judge you about acne, someone out there will be judging you about something else), and what they think really has no bearing unless we let it control us.

And I don’t think your husband – one person who does matter – is going to leave you over your skin. I totally understand your fears about it though! sending love x Your mindset is way more powerful than your skin. When my acne was at its worst, I truly believed I was ugly. I hid in giant t-shirts and sweats and oversized jeans, didn’t bother with my appearance beyond the piles of concealer and foundation, and avoided talking to people.

I did have a steady boyfriend at the time who didn’t care – cystic acne ran in his family, and he just never said anything. I didn’t believe him when he said I was beautiful, though. Oddly, that relationship fell apart after my skin improved.

I don’t think it was the only reason (not by a long shot), but I ended up gaining a ton of confidence, dressing better, changing my hair, making more friends, becoming more outgoing…I think he liked me better the way I was before, but that’s a whole different story lol. Anyway, I haven’t broken out in some time, but NOW when I do, it’s much less of a big deal, even just physically. I dress well in clothes I love that flatter me, I take care of my hair, I’ve gotten really fit, and I talk to people and smile.

It’s just not as big of a deal to have a spot or two with everything else I have going on. I think I was unwittingly feeding how hideous and overlooked I felt before I got clear, just by making so much of it in my head and dressing/acting the part of the outcast.

I’ve done a lot of dating since those days, but if I had acted more confident at the time, could I have done it then? This isn’t really related but I have a question regarding the honey and sea salt cleanser you suggested in your ultimate secrets to acne freedom e book. This is only my second week using it but it doesn’t seem to be making my skin better.

I just got off my period last week so maybe that’s why. Should I just keep sticking it out? Hi Francesa, Impossible to say if the honey and sea salt is the very best routine for you, but I do think you should give it more time to see if it works. Your skin does need time to get used to new things. (and often if your acne is hormonal then external skin care will only do so much!).

I think this article might shed some light on what’s going on: Hi Tracy, This is a random question.. I would like to take the Liv Tox supplements for liver support, but I read in a few places that you should do a colon cleanse before and after doing a liver flush. Since I just want to take the supplements and not do a cleanse(with estroblock), Do I have to go ahead and do the colon cleanse?

I am not crazy about the thought of an enema. Hi Tracy, I’m 18 and never had a boyfriend. I’m really really scared of the opposite sex. I feel like they are like a different creature or something and that they’re really mean as far as I know.. I’ve never had a great relationship with my dad. He’s always been very absent and it’s disappointing. Even when he trys to show love he is always super aloof.

I don’t feel like getting close to him either because deep down I’m so mad at him for no apparent reason. But anyways, should I try a dating site eventually?? I’m working on loving myself. I’m never really around people because I’m working on making money online from home with my mom- like online marketing. If you could give me advice I would soooo appreciate it!!!! Thank you. I have a few pimples. They come and go. When I get a pimple and after the whole process of redness,scarring and “it being completely gone”…..another one comes again.

It’s always been like this. Can’t a girl ever have pure beautiful skin even for once? Is life about being ugly? Sometimes we don’t mind other people having pimples or being fat…we still find them attractive and would date them however, for ourselves pimples/fat is a “no no” because we feel ugly or something else…well this is me! I want to be good for someone else but I don’t care if someone isn’t good for me, will still like/love them.

Hi Tracy! Your article is so much uplifting and it boosted up my confidence. But I really wanted to ask something. I have like a bump on my face which is red and Swollen its itchy and painful.

What Is it? And how should I treat it? I use hot compresses and Toothpaste for now. And this is like the third or fourth time I’m getting this but after a long time. They appear on my left cheek only. Around each other. Is this a deep infection?cause I really doubt it. Honestly, I’ve had acne since the middle of my junior year, but it got way worse my senior year, and now it’s just out of control.

I think part of it is because of the birth control I had been using back when I had a boyfriend. When things ended badly, I got my birth control taken out.

It’s been 6months now since I’ve had my birth control out, and it hasn’t cleared up completely. It sucks because I’m confident about every other aspect of my body, except my face. I feel so ugly.

I fake confidence but I always wonder what someone is seeing when they look at me. I picture them being revolted by my ugly face and telling other people about the ugly person they saw. What’s even worse is now there’s a guy at work I like, but I’m too scared to even attempt to find out if he likes me, or thinks I’m pretty. I’ve caught him staring a couple times but I always wonder if it’s because he’s looking at my face and thinking, “gross. She’s obviously not very hygienic and doesn’t take care of herself.” Which isn’t true.

I shower all the time, and I’ve used every acne medication in the book. I’m just sad because I hate having acne. No one seems to relate so I don’t even bother talking about it anymore. I just act like it doesn’t faze me, but it really does. I’m one of those people who does believe that a person is more than what they look like. It’s more about how they act.

How they treat others, but I can’t help feeling upset about my face. I'm not a health care professional. All the information found on this website should be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace proper medical advice. Always consult a qualified health care provider before embarking on a health or supplement plan. to view my full disclaimer and terms of use.

best dating acne medication

The unfortunate reality with acne is that it can either regularly or randomly become extremely severe. Anything from stress to a change in lifestyle or diet can have a huge impact. And when things get bad, you should really not suffer in silence. If you’ve had those sudden breakouts that take over your face and cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment, then you know that all you want is a quick and reliable solution.

And if all your other go to products are failing then your next steps are a bit limited. But just because you have limited choices, doesn’t mean there aren’t viable solutions.When everything else fails and you simply cannot keep your acne under control, then it’s probably time to talk to a doctor about prescription treatments. These products are not available over the counter, and should only be considered after a careful assessment by a medical doctor.

The active ingredients in these products are highly regulated and often contain strong antibiotics. When you do find the right option though, then you should see a pretty quick improvement. On this page we will show you some of the most effective products available for different types of skin. Best Prescription Acne Medications: 1. Dapsone For Acne Dapsone is actually a product which is more commonly used for the treatment of leprosy than it is for acne.

However, it has been proven to be very effective as a method of treating acne. This is because dapsone possesses fantastic antibacterial properties. It is brilliant at killing all of the awful bacteria on your skin which causes acne.

This is, however, a very strong medication that can only be prescribed by your doctor. It can only be taken orally. You should not miss a dose of Dapsone otherwise it will stop working and you will be undoing all of that hard work you have put into it.

Pross: • This is a very effective medication. As a result, it is often one of the first ports of call for doctors when on your skin have failed. Most people will find that their acne clears up in pretty short order when they use this medication. Cons: • The biggest downside to using this is that it is actually a treatment for leprosy and related skin conditions. Yes, there is evidence that it works with acne, but there is no guarantee that it will work on you.

You should tell your doctor if you are suffering from any from using this medication. 2. Accutane (Isotretinoin) For Acne Treatment This is a medication which is only really used when it comes to the treatment of cystic acne. It is never recommended for treating mild acne – as using cannon to kill an ant isn’t really a good idea.

Even in case of severe cystic acne, your Derm will prescribe accutane only when all types of have completely failed. Accutane works by trying to decrease the amount of sebum i.e. oil, that your skin is producing. By reducing the amount of sebum produced, it can work to ensure that your pores do not become overly blocked which, ultimately, will keep the acne at bay.

Pross: • This is a very effective medication. It is often used as a last resort in only serious cases of cystic acne. Those that use this medication will find that it clears up their symptoms pretty quickly. Cons: • As a strong medication, there are a few (but serious) downsides to using it. For pregnant women, it can cause birth defects.

Due to the amount of oil being produced by your skin falling, there is a good chance that the medication will cause your skin to dry out which, in some cases, may cause your acne to worsen. As a result, you may be asked to with this product. In addition to this, some people may suffer from nose bleeds or stomach pain when taking this medication. Because of these potential side-effects, it is of tremendous importance that you take accutane under an expert’s supervision.

3. Treating Acne With Adapalene Adapalene is a topical retinoid. It is a cream which is used in the most severe cases of acne. Nobody actually knows how adapalene cream actually works on the skin. We do, however, know that it causes the skin cells to renew themselves quicker. This helps to keep the skin ‘fresh’ and will, ultimately, halt the development of acne.

Pross: • This is quite a common medication due to how effective it is. When you are dealing with very severe acne, this is likely to be one of the first medications that your doctor prescribes you simply because it is so effective. It is very rare that it will not work on your skin. Cons: • You should not really be using adapalene for long periods of time as it can have quite an impact on the skin. There are some people who use adapalene who find that they have to deal with a burning sensation or dryness and peeling of the skin.

This will happen in the first month of usage. If it continues beyond that, you will want to inform your doctor as soon as possible. 4. Azelaic Acid For Acne Azelaic acid is not only used to treat moderate cases of acne, but is also used to . For the purposes of this section, we are going to be most concerned with the benefit that it has on acne. It works by killing all of the bacteria that resides on the skin which can .

It is a topical treatment so it tends to get to work pretty quickly. In addition to this, the Azelaic acid will help to flush out the pores. By flushing out the pores, it will ensure that your skin is nice and clean which will keep the acne at bay. Pross: • This is an effective treatment.

As it is a topical treatment, many people find that it is a great deal easier to use. After all, if you take an oral medication you need to take it at the same time each and every day otherwise it will lose its effectiveness. This, you can just incorporate into your and you should be pretty much good to go. Cons: • This is actually a pretty safe medication to use.

There are, however, some people who may suffer from a burning or tingling sensation on their skin. If this does not stop, you need to tell your doctor who will be able to prescribe you a . 5. Clindamycin Prescription Acne Medication This is a medication which is used to kill bacteria which causes acne. It is often prescribed in the most serious cases of acne, due to how strong this antibiotic is. There are, however, a few side-effects to the medication, which we will cover soon, which means it is quite often not the first choice for doctors when finding a medication to work on your skin.

It will, quite often, be used as a ‘last resort’ medication. Pross: • This is a very strong medication and should work on even the most serious cases of acne.

If no other treatment that you have tried in the past works, there is a good chance that this one will end up doing so. Cons: • There are a few downsides to using Clindamycin.

Perhaps the biggest is that it can cause diarrhea and other conditions, which, in some people, can be life threatening. As this is an antibiotic your body may also start to build up a resistance to it which may make it difficult to get it working if you use it for longer periods of time.

6. Erythromycin Acne Treatment Erythromycin is a medication which is used to kill the bacteria which causes acne. It can be taken in a multitude of different ways.

The vast majority of cases of acne can be treated with the erythromycin being applied directly to the skin through a topical ointment or a topical pad.

If you are suffering from a particularly bad case of acne, it is likely that your doctor will prescribe it to you orally. Pross: • When it comes to , this is not the most effective out there.

This is because it can only kill certain types of bacteria. This means that it may not completely kill everything on your skin. That being said, cases where this does not completely eliminate the acne is rare and most people should find that erythromycin is all they need to deal with the problem once and for all.

Cons: • This medication can cause some side-effects. If you feel as though you are having an allergic reaction to the medication, you should inform your doctor as soon as possible. Tretinoin is a . Nobody actually knows how retinoids actually have a benefit on the skin. All we know is that they are brilliant at ensuring a healthy skin cell turnover. We also know that they are even better at ensuring that dry and dead skin cells actually remove themselves from the skin properly.

This stops them from blocking up the pores which, ultimately, will stop the acne from getting any worse. Pross: • This is an effective treatment. It is a topical treatment so it gets to work on the skin pretty fast.

Not only will the tretinoin stop the pimples that have already developed from developing even further, it will stop new ones developing completely. This treatment will work for the vast majority of people.

Cons: • During the first month of using this treatment, it is likely that you will suffer from some mild skin irritation. Whilst long-term side-effects are rare, if you are dealing with very painful skin irritation and itching, you may want to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible who will be able to help ensure that your reaction to the tretinoin is not abnormal.

8. Spironolactone Acne Medication This medication tends to only prescribed to those who are suffering from . However, it is very rare that it will even be prescribed in those cases.

This is because this medication is normally used to treat high blood pressure. Whilst it can work on hormonal acne, it is often used as a ‘last resort’ because there are so many other better treatments out there.

Pross: • When no other treatment for your hormonal acne works, this is something which is really going to be beneficial. It is an oral medication and it does get to work pretty quickly. • There is also a good chance that it can clear up any other symptoms that you may also be experiencing due to your hormones being out of sync.

For example; it is often prescribed to those who are suffering from poly-cystic ovary disease, a common cause or hormonal acne. Cons: • This treatment, as mentioned previously, is not going to be used all that often. You should not be driving or operating heavy machinery whilst you are under the effects of this medication. This is because it has been known to cause lightheadedness and drowsiness.

It may also cause mild nausea. 9. Tazarotenes Acne Medication This medication is often used to treat mild to moderate acne when no other treatment seems to be working. This medication works by ensuring that the skin pores are kept completely clean. It does not do anything else other than that. It is applied topically and is very easy to use.

It can be found as a foam, cream, or a gel. They all, however, do very much the same job. Your doctor will just choose whatever is easiest for them to prescribe at the time. Pross: • It does get to work pretty quickly and many people will find that their acne clears up pretty sharpish.

Cons: • It is not going to completely get rid of your acne unless you make an effort to attack the . Yes, it will open up the pores, but you may also need another medication to kill the bacteria in the pores. You will also want to be practicing good facial hygiene in order to ensure that those pores remain clean. If you do not do that, this medication is not going to be effective in the slightest.

10. Oral Antibiotics For Acne There are a lot of oral antibiotics out there. It is likely that your doctor will choose the best one for your situation. They all do very much the same job. This is to kill the bacteria living on your skin which your body is unable to fight.

Basically, oral antibiotics will give the body the tools that it needs to stave off infection. This will, ultimately, reduce the symptoms of acne that you are dealing with.

Pross: • Perhaps the biggest benefit of this medication is that it will reduce the inflammation pretty quickly. By eliminating the infection on the skin, you will also be well on your way to . Cons: • You should not use antibiotics over a long period of time. This is because the bacteria will start to build up a resistance to it which will make it far less effective. In addition to this, antibiotics need to be taken at the same time each and every day.

If you miss just one dose of your oral antibiotics, there is a good chance that they will stop working and you will be undoing all of that hard work. Over to You These were the top 10 prescription acne medications that dermatologists and consumers love alike.

Have you used any one of these medications? I’d love to know your experience in the comments below!

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