Best dating action movies ever imdb rating

best dating action movies ever imdb rating

The best explostives movie Ever and the most Shocking Ending ever I thought BatMan was Dead But bruce wayan that movie was Tricky. Batman vs bane! Christian bale vs tom hardy!. Rambo is the greatest action movie of all time, look at all the ARE rated. Gorey and thrilling, little kids even get killed in this MOVIE. This movie is based upon NOTHING BUT ACTION. In my opinion it has to be in the top ten action movies of all time, to top everything off!+10. Rambo is the best action movie I have ever watched. Lots of blood and guts, excellent acting on the part of Stallone and altogether a brilliant movie. This list is called best action movies ever. Rambo is pure action. Need I say more?+4. Full of ARE Rated action.

best dating action movies ever imdb rating

All movies are action movies, in a way, if you simply define “action” as characters walking around and saying stuff to each other. However, there are movies that are more action-packed than others. Indeed, there’s an entire genre of movies packed with action. Back in the glory days of video stores, there were shelves and shelves of action movies.

Now we have the Internet, and with it comes thousands of action movies just waiting for you to experience. But with such great access and power comes great responsibility – the responsibility to know which action movies are the best. Herewith, a list of the best action movies ever made.

Air Force One ‘Air Force One’ “Get off my plane!” bellows President Harrison Ford to one of the Russian terrorists who skyjacked Air Force One. And that, friend, is the gist of this “ Die Hard on Air Force One” action flick. Enjoy! Aliens ‘Aliens’ Ridley Scott’s Alien was a gothic horrorshow dripping with gloom and doom. The sequel, directed by James Cameron, is a straight-up action flick, pitting space Marines against swarms of Aliens, ending with a fistfight between Sigourney Weaver and the Alien Queen.

As Bill Paxton says, “Game over, man!” Casino Royale ‘Casino Royale’ Probably the best James Bond movie since GoldenEye, Daniel Craig’s debut as 007 is a fast-paced, intense, and gritty reintroduction to the British secret agent. The chase on the airport runway is nail-biting; so is the finale in the sinking Venetian mansion. Hell, even the poker scenes are pretty tense. Commando ‘Commando’ Maybe the best “guns & muscles” blow-’em-up flick that the 1980s had to offer.

Certainly the best Schwarzenegger movie called Commando. The former Governor of California plays a guy named John Matrix who demolishes everything in his path toward the mercenaries who kidnapped his daughter. “Somewhere, somehow, someone’s going to pay.” Indeed! Crank: High Voltage ‘Crank: High Voltage’ This movie is utter insanity. The sequel to Crank, Jason Statham falls from a helicopter, gets abducted by Asian gangsters, and has his heart replaced with an artificial one.

In order to keep his new heart beating, he must expose himself to lethal volts of electricity. In. San. I. Ty. The Dark Knight ‘The Dark Knight’ The Dark Knight is an epic crime saga in disguised as a superhero flick. It’s a serious meditation on human nature, the kind of film that requires use of phrases like “meditation on.” It’s also an amazing action movie, with jawdroppingly cool chase and fight sequences.

Die Hard ‘Die Hard’ This Christmas story about a New York cop waging a one-man war against terrorists/thieves in an LA skyscraper reinvented the action-movie game. The sardonic wisecracking Bruce Willis and the grimly clever Alan Rickman are perfect adversaries. This launched dozens of imitators. Enter the Dragon ‘Enter the Dragon’ This is sorta the Citizen Kane of martial arts movies.

It’s cliche to say that Bruce Lee was the master, but he really was. Watching him fight his way through an island full of bad guys is like watching a really badass ballet performance. Face/Off ‘Face/Off’ Oh man, what were the filmmakers on when they made this movie? John Travolta and Nicolas Cage swap faces, and explosions and gunfights ensue. It’s directed by John Woo, so of course there’s a lot of slow motion, and shots of doves flying around.

Fast Five ‘Fast Five’ The first four installments of the Fast and Furious franchise were mere street-racing movies: fun but forgettable. Fast Five changed the equation, being a knockout, frenetic heist flick with hella fast cars. If you love cars, though, you might watch this through your fingers: this movie’s merciless toward its vehicular stars (as well as physics).

best dating action movies ever imdb rating

best dating action movies ever imdb rating - The Greatest Action Movies of All Time

best dating action movies ever imdb rating

The grizzled good guy goes up against the coiffed bad guy. The plot unravels via multiple, escalating explosions. A high speed chase is thrown in for good measure. And let's not forget the ker-azy showdown of epic proportions. Action movies on the whole tend to follow a certain formula. We come to expect these elements when we're hunkered down on the couch, wide-eyed with the bass boost set to max. Knowing what's coming doesn't detract from our enjoyment of this balls-to-the-wall genre, though.

No siree! It's savoring those bonkers moments one after the other that makes actioners such a riot, every single time. With action movies we get to bask in a world where Tom Cruise dangles risk-free from planes and Nicolas Cage's mullet flutters in the breeze. Yes, they might push the boundaries of realism... but boy, are they fun. Here's the very best 25 action movies that'll get your pulse racing and your inner adrenaline junkie shrieking like you've just driven a car out of a plane at 35,000 ft.

25. Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) Action heroes: Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, Harry Hart The film: With a life of crime likely his only career option, Taron Egerton's young layabout Eggsy discovers that his deceased father was actually a member of a special British intelligence agency called Kingsman.

He's soon recruited into the service by his dad's comrade Harry Hart (Colin Firth) and the pair set about bringing down a villainous buffoon Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) who plots to take over the world. That's what action movie villains do. Most action-packed scene: Part of Valentine's "free SIM cards for everyone!" scheme turns on Harry. He tracks the baddie down to a Kentucky church - but it's a trap, and everyone's cell phones emit a signal that turns them into violent, unforgiving brutes.

Four minutes later and Harry's the last man standing. 24. Atomic Blonde (2017) Action hero: Lorraine Broughton, David Percival The film: Lorraine Broughton is a top British agent sent into 1980s Berlin to retrieve a defector with information on a mole, as well as a list of high value operatives everyone’s trying to get hold off. It’s all relayed via recaps in a post mission debriefing, where it’s clear clear no one can be trusted and there’s a reason why she usually punches first and asks questions later.

Most action-packed scene: While checking out another spies flat Lorraine is surprised by the police. She proceeds to take 10 of them down with nothing but a coil of hose pipe and George Michael blasting from the stereo to mask the fighting as she moves from room to room.

23. Air Force One (1997) Action hero: President Marshall The film: Harrison Ford plays the American President who has his plane hijacked by Gary Oldman's Russian terrorist. Luckily, POTUS hides out in the kitchen and starts taking down the bad guys with his old army training.

Most action-packed scene: Coming face to face with Oldman's dastardly hijacker in the cargo bay, President Ford hits him with a few good American roundhouses before scrapping in the open doorway, thousands of feet above the ground. Finally besting him with a parachute cord, Ford growls the immortal one-liner: Get off my plane! 22.

Taken (2008) Action hero: Bryan Mills The film: Liam Neeson is unstoppable as former CIA operative Bryan Mills, who is thrown back into the world of bad guys and guns when his daughter is kidnapped. At a neat one hour 30 minutes, Taken packs in one relentless action scene after another to keep the pace as punchy as possible.

Most action-packed scene: Featuring what seems like one hundred fight scenes, it's difficult to pick one defining choreographed collision. However, the most satisfying moment comes when Neeson catches up with the predatory bidder who has his daughter. A swift bullet to the forehead does the trick.

Major fist pump for Neeson. 21. Con Air (1997) Action hero: Cameron Poe The film: Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi, John Malkovich and Nicolas Cage's mullet star in Jerry Bruckheimer's absurdly fun actioner about a transport plane full of convicts that gets hijacked by the passengers. Outside of its action ambitions, it also includes that legendary scene involving Cage and a bunny rabbit.

Most action-packed scene: Strap in ladies, we're going for a night out in Vegas! Steve Buscemi sings (He's got the whole world in his hands) while Con Air crash lands on the Vegas strip.

Yes, really. 20. Dredd (2012) Action hero: Judge Dredd The film: Director Pete Travis, writer Alex Garland and star Karl Urban laid Stallone's dodgy Judge Dredd ghost to rest with a blistering, gritty, super-stylish adaptation of the 2000AD comic strip. Basically just a building full of bad guys and one bad-ass cop.

What more do you need when it's done this well? Most action-packed scene: Making it about half-way up the building, Lena Headey's crime lord hurls everything at Dredd - including a barrage of miniguns that rip right through the walls - but he still keeps coming.

19. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) Action hero: Jason Bourne The film: After two films, CIA super-weapon Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is still no closer to finding out his real identity. Paul Greengrass' second sequel edges ahead of the others in the franchise with bursts of gritty, relentless energy that still seem to be pushing the boundaries of the action genre. Shame this year's Jason Bourne didn't continue that trend.

Most action-packed scene: Each Bourne movie is known by its car chase, and Ultimatum tops the lot. This chase around Tangier starts on foot, goes up over the rooftops and finishes with a rollercoaster motorbike ride through the city streets.

18. Skyfall (2012) Action hero: James Bond The film: 007 enters into a game of cat and mouse with a cyberterrorist, played by Javier Bardem, who has blown up the MI6 headquarters. The former spy wants to exact his revenge on mentor M (Judy Dench) for abandoning him after his many years of service to the British Secret Service.

Most action-packed scene: The most riveting scene takes place at the onset of the film, when Bond drives a vehicle onto a high-speed train. In hot pursuit of the latest MI6 target, 007 manages to keep his cufflinks intact as they wrestle on top of the carriages. 17. Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003) Action hero: Beatrix Kiddo - aka The Bride The film: Quentin Tarantino pays dutiful homage to the Hong Kong martial arts genre, the spaghetti western and the grindhouse classics he grew up with in a glorious opera of stylized violence.

Uma Thurman is the wronged assassin who takes down all her former associates, one by one. Well, not all of them, she had to save some for Vol. 2. Most action-packed scene: The Bride finds Cottonmouth (Lucy Liu) and her gang in a crowded bar and makes her intention clear by hacking off a henchman's arm. Cue a very bloody, very beautiful, slice of red revenge. 16. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) Action heroes: Ethan Hunt The film: You've seen a Mission: Impossible movie before, right?

Ethan Hunt and his ragtag bunch of witty tech heads are on their own this time, as the IMF is officially decommissioned. That doesn't stop them from trying to take down the Syndicate - a rogue group of operatives attempting to bring about global chaos through terrorism.

Another day in the office for Hunt and pals! Most action-packed scene: That bit where Ethan Hunt dangles from a plane as it's taking off. Proof that this type of major, uber-expensive set piece ain't no thing for producers anymore, this insane moment rolls out before the opening credits.

What's most impressive is that Cruise did the whole stunt himself.

best dating action movies ever imdb rating

The greatest action movies of all time starring some of the to have ever fought on screen. The best action movies tend to be the ones where we get a little substance to go along with the shooting; a little banter along with the battles.

This list has some of the most awesome action films of all time, and it's now up to Ranker users to vote on which of these are truly the top action movies of all time. If you're looking for some of the greatest actions movies of all time that are streaming on Netflix or Amazon, check out and . The list of greatest action movies ever has a mix of one man renegades ( Die Hard), supernatural thrills ( Alien), and science fiction dreams brought to reality on the big screen ( Terminator, Jurassic Park).

You'll even find some great comedic performances among the gun fights, smack talking, and explosions. Heck, you could probably fill a New Jersey size dump with all the stuff that gets blown up in these action films. The list covers a broad time range as well with nearly as many classic action movies making the list as newer, big budget CGI action-fest.

Other good action movies to watch include The Matrix Trilogy, the John Wick movies, and The Bourne Series. Don't see your favorite action movie on the list?

Shoot it up there! This is a fan ranked list and if you know that the best action movie of all time hasn't been added yet, put it on there and vote it up so everyone can know that the biggest action movie of all time was actually...(this is where you fill in what you think the coolest action movie ever is).

Make your voice heard and don't forget, these are action films so you're gonna have to be loud. And, if you love action movies, check out this list of the . Photo: via Imgur 1

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