Best dating advice ask a woman on first take

best dating advice ask a woman on first take

Asking Someone Out. Dating Advice. How does one ask a woman out on a date? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki It's that simple. Dinner or drinks or a movie or anything. Or you can say, “Can I take you on a date sometime?” If she says yes then you can say, “Would you like to go to dinner this Friday night?” If you use the word “date” then there's no mistaking that you're asking them on a date. It's that easy! 19 Views. · 1 Upvote · Answer requested by Quora User. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. What happened to asking a woman out on a date? Should women ask men out on dates? Should a woman ask for a date? How do I ask a woman out? How do I ask a girl out?

best dating advice ask a woman on first take

Best Ways To Ask A Woman On A Date and Hear Yes Asking a woman out is simple on the one hand, and yet gets many men confused. And despite its simplicity, making mistakes when you ask her out will make her refuse or reject you – even if she likes you and wants to go on a date. In this post I will give you several important tips on how to ask a woman out successfully. Establish initial Comfort and Attraction “Excuse me.

I think you are cute. Do you want to go out with me sometime?” – This is a terrible way to ask a woman out, and it’s a lame way to approach a woman you like.

The problem here is that men are mainly attracted to a woman’s physical looks. Within seconds from the moment that you see a girl, you basically know if you like her or not. So to many of you guys, it seems reasonable to approach a girl, show their interest and ask her out right away. However, women are different. We are mainly attracted to a man’s behavior and characteristics, and not to physical looks.

A woman will be looking for certain masculine qualities in you – so this takes time to build this attraction.

In addition, a woman needs to feel at least some basic level of comfort before she will agree to go on a date with you. So before you even consider asking her out, you need to make sure she’s attracted to you. How can you know this? Well, women reveal their interest in both conscious and subconscious levels.

Conscious female signals of attraction include: asking questions about you, checking if you are single (and mentioning the fact that she’s single) and giving you compliments. Subconscious signals include: touching her hair and face, touching you, smiling, laughing, etc. Don’t ask a girl out before you see these signals of interest, because your chances to get a positive answer without them will be pretty low.

Show That You’re Interested When you get surprised, the chances of giving a good answer are bad. So you don’t want to surprise her with you proposal to go out. In fact, even girls who seemed be very interested in flirting and going out, can reject you if you ask her out, “out of the blue” . They can say “sorry” or “I don’t know”, even though they were interested. Before you ask a girl out, show her that you are interested. This is best done by giving her a compliment, and telling her what you like about her.

Try to be original and don’t use the clichés complements about how beautiful her eyes are. Better to say that you like something in her personality or the way she smile. [Also Read; ] Example: “I like the way you tell stories. It’s very cute”, or “You have very confident posture, I like it”, or “Your style is very elegant and well-groomed. I like women who take care of their looks.

Now, after she’s shown her interest in you, and you’ve shown your interest in her, you can go on and ask her out. Specific about Your Plans Using a generic offer, such as “Do you want to go out sometime?” or “Can I get your number and we’ll go out?” is not very effective.

If a girl is interest, she might agree, but if you want her to say “Yes” for sure, be more specific about your plans.

Tell her what you want to do, where and even when. Example: “I want us to go out to a place that I like downtown and drink some wine together. What are you doing on Tuesday?” When you’re specific and describe what you want to do, she’ll feel easier to agree.

After she said yes, you can ask for her number too. Good luck! As a motivational speaker, singles and relationship coach, internet marketer and an author, Anthony Adeokun offers individual and group couches. He has written many relationship articles and books. He also has special blog for MEN at , where he discuss real men’s issues. You can hook him up on , , . You can also .

best dating advice ask a woman on first take

best dating advice ask a woman on first take - First Date Tips For Women: THIS Will Guarantee a Second Date!

best dating advice ask a woman on first take

Here is another David DeAngelo newsletter. This one is all about . I have to admit that I’m more of a fan than ever of David’s. Even now, as I’ve been dating the same girl for a few months, I still find myself taking advice from his great e-book.

“treat her like your bratty little sister” so true so true. How to Ask a Girl Out by David DeAngelo I have a question for you… When you get a woman’s number and you’re picking up the phone to call and “ask her out”, does it bother you? Do you get freaked out? Do you start thinking about exactly what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, how to deal with her rejecting you… etc.? Do you ever get NERVOUS when you’re dialing the phone?

You know that feeling when you just start getting anxious for no logical reason, and you just CAN’T control it? Have you ever had to actually HANG UP because you were so damn freaked out… and you just couldn’t follow through with it?

OK, now another set of interesting questions… Have you ever called a woman, and started talking to her, only to realize that she was in a COMPLETELY different mood from the last time? Have you ever had a woman “turn cold” on you all of a sudden? It’s almost like you’re talking to a different person from the girl you met just a day or two before… and it makes no sense to you… right?

And finally… Have you ever worked up the nerve to call, gotten her on the phone, had a great conversation, but when it came time to ask her out, you froze up because you didn’t know what to say? Or even worse, have you ever gotten to the end of the conversation and asked her out, only to have her answer with: “Well, maybe… call me Friday afternoon… OK?” or… “Actually, I’m going to be busy all this week, but thanks for asking… (silence)”…?

Have you ever had one of those conversations where you could just TELL that something wasn’t right… and that she wasn’t going to be taking you up on your date offer, or calling you back at all anytime soon? So why all the problems? What is it about these particular few minutes that constantly ends in problems for guys? I personally think that this issue comes down to a few key DEEPER ISSUES.

And I think that if you don’t have these other issues “handled”, you’re going to keep running into problems… and NEVER even know WHY… …which sucks. I mean, it’s bad enough to keep having a particular problem and not figure out how to solve it… but the idea that the solution is in doing something you would never think of is a little bit maddening.

In other words, I think that this is all about understanding the problem, and actually PREVENTING it from coming up… rather than trying to “solve it” in the moment.

Let me put it this way… If you’re dialing the phone, and you’re starting to feel nervous, then it’s already too late to solve the problem. No quick fix will help you. Or if you’re on the phone with her and you have just asked her out on a date, and she says “Um, let me call you back in a few days and tell you”… and you start to get that sinking feeling because you know she’s blowing you off… IT’S TOO LATE. There’s no “magic pill” at this point.

The answer is PREVENTION. THE MAGIC FORMULA So, let’s take a few minutes and talk about the issues and what CAUSES them. Here are some of the “root causes”, and how I see them… 1) Having no other options.

If you’re sitting at the phone with ONE phone number in your hand, and you haven’t been out on a date in a long time, and you are feeling DESPERATE, you’re probably going to get VERY nervous.

When you have no other options, the single one in front of you becomes VERY valuable. Translation: You want it TOO badly. This AUTOMATICALLY triggers your emotional system, because at some level you realize that if you screw this up, it’s all over.

And you know that it’s all going to happen in just a few SECONDS. The pressure is too much! 2) Putting too much importance on a single girl. Now, if you have a girl that you’ve been dating for six months, and you’ve decided that she’s one in a million, it makes sense to put a lot of importance on your relationship with her. But, if you don’t know a girl very well, or you haven’t even dated her at all, then you are only setting yourself up for major disappointment by putting too much importance on ANY girl.

3) Thinking you need to IMPRESS her. This is a HUGE issue. Most men “subconsciously” behave and communicate like they’re trying to IMPRESS the woman of their desires. When you think about this, it only makes sense… of course you’d want to impress the woman you like… so she’ll think you’re a cool guy and want to be with you. But have you ever thought for a moment how an interesting, attractive woman sees it when a guy is TRYING to IMPRESS her?

Well, here’s the INSTANT and SUBCONSCIOUS response that women have: “He’s trying too hard. There’s something wrong. This guy must have something he’s trying to hide… and he must be pretty insecure.” In other words, the INSTANT you do something or say something that is an obvious attempt at impressing a woman, her radar system screams: “WUSSY!” 4) Having expectations and being attached to them. You might think of this one as a variation of “wanting it too much”… only slightly different.

When you start getting your hopes and expectations up, you begin to get ATTACHED to them. Then you run the risk of HOLDING ON TOO TIGHT to your little fantasy. Bad idea. Women don’t date guys who assume too much, act too comfortable, or fall for them too quickly. Remember, beautiful women have guys falling for them left and right. In fact, they almost EXPECT to go out on one or two dates with a guy and then say, “You know, I really like you…” or some other equally predictable sentiment.

Just like being desperate can destroy your chances with a woman, liking a woman too much, too fast and creating expectations leads to crazy, stupid mistakes as well. Now, think over what I just said… I’m basically saying that if you want to cure the problem of freaking out when you call women to ask them out and the problem of screwing it up when you have that first conversation and ask them out the first time, then you have to go INSIDE first… and do some preventative maintenance on yourself.

And the GOOD NEWS is that this stuff is not only good for you, it also helps you get even MORE dates with interesting women. So, here’s what to do about this particular problem: 1) Get more options.

If you go out one evening with a couple of friends, and you meet a REALLY hot girl… and you wind up having a fun conversation and getting her number, what should you do? RIGHT! Go get at least ONE MORE girl’s number. More, if you can. This way, when you’re picking up the phone to call (or sending out emails, or whatever), you’ve got another woman to call right after her… In other words, if it doesn’t go well, no big deal.

No sweat at all. Instead of putting all your “hopes” in this one situation, go get more options… this will prevent many problems as well as giving you more women to date! And think about it… when are you MOST likely to get a woman’s phone number? When are you most likely to be in a great mood that actually ATTRACTS women? Exactly… in the moments after you’ve already gotten another woman’s number. So take advantage of this time! 2) Dial the phone expecting it to NOT work out with this girl.

I have news for you: Most women have something about their personality, behavior, future plans, etc. that is going to disqualify them from being good “potential mates” for you. Now, I’m not saying that “all women are screwed up”, etc. What I AM saying is that you need to realize that the only reason you’re freaking out so much is because your EMOTIONS are running the show.

You need to think about how rare it is that you actually meet a girl that is COMPATIBLE with you… that you’d enjoy spending time with even if she wasn’t good-looking. If you have this in mind as you’re dialing the phone, you won’t have that “I’m desperate” vibe going on. You won’t be talking like a guy who has a gun to his head either… which is a good thing… because women get weirded out by this kind of thing. 3) Instead of asking a woman out, tell her what you’re doing, and then tell her she can come along if she wants.

Why is “asking a woman out” early on a bad idea? Because if you don’t have a world-class understanding of male/female dynamics, you’re going to come across as a guy who is trying to use food as date-bait. In other words, if the first thing out of your mouth is “I’d like to take you out to dinner” it’s going to be interpreted as “I don’t think you’re probably going to accept an invitation to spend time with me unless I throw in something extra…”.

Weak. And that’s how SHE sees it. The alternative? Tell her that you’re going to be doing something and that she should join you. “Hey, I’m going to go down to Starbucks and get a cup of tea. You should join me.

I’m way more fun than whatever else you were going to do… and that’s a fact!” Extra bonus points: Hint that she’s missing out if she doesn’t accept immediately. If she hems and haws, or hesitates… just interrupt and say, “Hey, you’re the one who’s missing out”. I also like “You know, never mind. I guess you don’t like to have fun…”. Great stuff! This is solid Cocky & Funny material, and it’s the right time to use it. You know, I personally used to get VERY freaked out when calling women for the first time on the phone… and “asking them out”.

Now that I understand this particular “moment in time” better, and now that I understand more of the “dynamics” of what’s going on, I get MUCH better results personally… In fact, I never get “nervous” anymore when calling women, and I rarely if EVER have a woman “flake out” on me.

Now, in this newsletter I’ve shared a few points to help you get better results in this particular area. Use them. They’ll definitely help you. You should read this newsletter right before you call every one of the next 10 women you meet… in fact. About MikeStoute Michael Stoute here, and at your service.

I am a writer/editor/lover and a fighter. My words are weapons of wisdom so watch out, you may learn something...or better yet, maybe you can teach me something! Have a question? Please try to leave it in the comments, it will get a faster response than an email.


best dating advice ask a woman on first take

You met someone at the bar and you found out that you haven’t seen a second like her. The next step is to acquire her number; which you did. Bravo Casanova! But now comes the difficult part, asking her out on a date. She’s hot and you think that she might be the one, so you don’t want to lose your chance.

So what is the perfect way to ask a woman out on a date? The answer is that girls are asked out by a number of guys, so what matters here is the way one asks her so that she can not deny. There are a number of ways one can ask a girl out on a date; almost every guy has a way of his own. But there are a number of common mistakes that most guys make, and if you are able to avoid those, then yours will be a perfect proposal.

Asking A Woman On A Date Show Boldness Don’t beat around the bush. Be direct and clear about your intentions. If possible, don’t build up before popping the question. This raw, masculine side of men is able to impress women most of the times. Women find it refreshingly innovative. Be specific in your approach about what you want and when, but avoid being crude or indecent.

Being bold doesn’t mean being rude or cheap. Maintain Eye Contact Maintaining eye contact with your prospective date is always a good move as avoiding eye contact seems to be an indication of treachery. It is difficult for a person to believe you if you are unable to make eye contact with him. These are also the traits of a person who lacks confidence and is insecure. So, while asking for a date, look into her eyes, smile and say, “Would you like to go out with me this Saturday evening?” Voice & Tone Your voice will help you get a date, but this is a faculty which can also make you lose one.

What we are saying is that it is natural to be a little nervous when you are going to meet a person of your dream, and the nervousness may change the tone of your voice.

So, try to control your emotions and don’t let them take over you. Practice your lines aloud in front of a friend, and keep yourself refreshed on the day you are suppose to ask her out on a date. Initiate Being a male, it is always expected from you to make the first move. A girl will never make the first move.

So, if you have handed the girl your visiting card or your number and you are expecting her to make the phone call; you will end up being disappointed. As for the time you are waiting, someone else will be asking her out. Ask Her Out In Person Never ever try to ask her out on phone, as she will end up imaging you a coward. If you have her phone number, then call her and fix a place where you can meet. Later ask her out on a date. Asking out in person is somehow charming and seducing at the same time.

What Not To Do • Don’t try to initiate with a one-liner as however cool it may sound in your head, it will never work for you until and unless you are Tom Cruise. Try being yourself and treat her like a lady while asking her out. A little wit will help a lot, but don’t do it over the top.

• Don’t be nervous while asking her out on a date. Being nervous will only make the situation difficult for you so try being confident. Feel free to use your instincts but also weigh your move. • Don’t ever try to ask her out in a closed environment, like, a lift or a boat.

As this will only make her uncomfortable and the chances are that she might end up saying no. • Giving up easily are the signs of a loser, but pressing again and again and trying incessantly might portray you as a desperate person rather than being bold and passionate.

• Invite a woman out rather than asking her out. This will show that you have done enough of pondering on the topic and you have everything planned for the day. It is going to be a special day for her. • Don’t use the word date as it takes out all the romance from it. Try using phrases like spending some time together, taking her out, etc. If you think that she is perfect and despite of all this training you somehow end up facing a “No”. Then, don’t be disheartened and keep trying your luck as you will surely meet the person you are destined to.

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