Best dating an older girl in high school story book 2 walkthrough

best dating an older girl in high school story book 2 walkthrough

Welcome to part two of the High School Story beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide. You can sell your classmates at any time that you want, as well Later on, at experience level 6, you will be able to build an artist hangout and get artists at your school, as well. Artist hangouts hold up to 3 students, and they earn a maximum of 2,500 coins. The main center of the game is the quest menu This allows you to send any two students that you want on a date, regardless of gender or clique. You don’t get any immediate bonuses, but for each five successful dates, they earn a heart and advance the relationship, which can earn you a bonus of coins or better. Click here to continue on to part three of the High School Story beginner’s guide!

best dating an older girl in high school story book 2 walkthrough

HIGH SCHOOL STORY Casual Role-Playing Game for iOS and Android _____________________________________________________________________ A FAQ/Strategy Guide Version 2.4 (March 2015) for version 2.4 Welcome springtime!

Created by awritingdog for GameFAQs, Neo Seeker, and Super Cheats Copyright 2014-2015 Mario Rustan Mail: politicsbrat at gmail is a property of Pixelberry Studios ______________________________________________________________________ _________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS __________________ Press Ctrl+F together to jump to a section you're looking for! 1. Introduction 2. Pixelberry Studios' Vision 3. Thank You 4. Game Mechanism 5. Strategy Guide 5.1 Classmates 5.2 Clothing 5.2a List of Female Clothes 5.2b List of Male Clothes 5.3 Recruiting Classmates 5.3a Classmates Recruitment List 5.4 Making Moneys 5.6 Multiplayer 5.7 Romance 5.8 List of Buildings 5.9 List of Decorations 6.

Extra Credit 7. Frequently Asked Questions 8. Conclusion *What's New: New classmates, and oh, shorter writing.* ______________ 1. INTRODUCTION ______________ is a casual game for Apple iOS and Google Android. You are the pioneer student in a new high school. This high school, however, cannot exist in real life. It has no teacher and principal and even school staff.

You are the principal, student president (unofficially), board director, teacher, counselor, and the football and drama coach. Your friend Autumn wants to move in. Standing in your way to make a great school is the evil Hearst High, which interestingly has so many great students. You will build a cool school while persuading Hearst students to defect and populate your school.

After that, you will face different enemies, working with other schools, and doing seasonal school projects. And back to fight with Hearst. Developer Pixelberry holds contests regularly, so if you want to participate bookmark its blog at and Facebook page at HSSgame. requires 92.7 MB on Apple iOS and 49 MB on Google Android. Save files will significantly increase the amount of space required in your device.

Google Play rates HSS for Everyone while Apple iTunes rates it 9+ for infrequent violence, fear themes, crude humor, and suggestive themes. You'll need iOS 6 or later (meaning at least iPhone 3GS) and Android 3 (Honeycomb) or later to play High School Story.

If your smartphone or tablet was released after 2010, you'll have a good chance to be able playing the game. __________________________________ 2. Pixelberry Studio's Vision __________________________________ Pixelberry Studios, formed by ex-Electronic Arts staff behind 2009 mobile game Surviving High School, believes that "doing good can also be good business." is not a typical mobile game with the word "Story" thrown in. Targeted at teenagers (more than people who want to re-live their high school days, to the point of teaching in one), it also educates its players on several important issues.

First, cyberbullying, which affects so many girls. Pixelberry works with Cybersmile, a British charity, right from 's release. Cybersmile helps victims of cyberbullying solving their problem by providing counseling service, advises, and empowerment. If you believe you're a victim of cyberbullying or know someone who is in the situation (including who might be involved in cyberbullying), visit also cooperates with National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) to address eating disorder through a quest.

Apparently the quest was distressing enough to some players, so after 1-2 days since its release Pixelberry informed players why they released "Mia's Story" quest, what is NEDA, and gave the quest an expiration time (meaning it will be gone if the player does not start the quest after a few days). Whatever your choice is, check out NEDA's website at What's now? High School. After more than a year of existence, High School Story finally puts in minigames to teach its players American High School- level English.

This mode will help North American players preparing for their graduation tests while also teaching intermediate level English to international players. ____________ 3. THANK YOU ____________ I gather some information from High School Database, ( which is created by Adam Becker. There is also a Wiki at and Opal, a player, makes a HSS blog which you can read at The game itself has an excellent help section.

Go to settings (the gear icon on the right hand of your HSS game screen) and tap Help. Otherwise, go to website and click on Customer Support. Big thank you for players who have linked with me and who have included a version of me in your school.

I hope I got your avatars correctly - and so do your loved ones'. Apologies to those who have real people as their sweethearts (linking it to a real Game Center or Facebook account). And to those who couple their characters with a special character. Finally, thank you to keen members of 's Forum. _________________ 4. GAME MECHANISM _________________ When the game starts, it asks your gender and your type - Jock, Nerd, or Prep You can only pick one of these three basic types and stick with it.

You, however, are free to choose name, skin tone, face shape, and hair for most characters except special characters. has elements of adventure games (where you pick an option - some even timed), city building game (but very simple), and Role-Playing Game where you take quests from other students and do something to your school.There are three currencies - coins, rings, and books. Just like in other free-to-play games, you get coins over time from building and items (and as rewards for completing quests), while rings are designed to be purchased with real money.

You gain a tiny amount of rings by level up or by completing some rare quests. You level up characters by books and books are generated in, of course, classrooms. Finally, if you've made purchase (I recommend for about $10, a fair amount for this nice game), you'll get 2 free rings for every other hour. Otherwise, you might watch some in-game ads. The school in is very simple and quite unlike a real school. The most important building is the HANGOUT, which you may take as a dorm.

There are hangouts for jocks, nerds, preps, and later on for artists, slackers, musicians, rebels, and presidents. Other groups share traits with them and can stay in any hangout that shares their traits.

The catch is, there is limitation for amount of buildings and decorations you can have. Even when upgraded, a hangout can hold just 4-5 people and so there's good chance that you are out of space for students from a particular group.

Add this to the fact that you can upgrade some hangouts only after reaching a particular level. You are likely to have tough decision later on to add which hangout and to kick out which student. Besides hangout, there are CLASSROOMS, ADMISSIONS OFFICE, ISLE OF LOVE, and PARTY CENTRAL.

You farm books in classrooms, pair up students (anyone you want - has little to do with the storyline) in the Isle of Love, and recruit new student from the Party Central. The recruited student sits in the Admission Office. If the student is unwanted, you can sell her or him for coins.

No hard feeling. THE DISH is about you and your friends, not the game. It asks poll questions on your preferences and opinions and you can compare your answers with other friends'. Participation is rewarded with the three types of money. And there's the LIBRARY, your gateway to Extra Credit mode. It also generates pencils, although at very slow rate, at 2-3 every day.

You'll need 10 pencils to unlock a level in Extra Cred. You level up by completing the PRIMARY QUEST, starting from helping good students moving from Hearst to your school and doing several projects and inter-schools competitions later on. There's no other way to level up, as side quests are rewarded by currencies instead of XP points.

An example of gameplay in goes like this. For the primary quest, you need to get in touch with Sakura, and the only way to do it is by playing a multiplayer online game. So you need Nishan to find her game character, a gamer to keep up with her, and yourself to talk to her when your team has caught up with her.

After waiting for hours, you'd get XP. Then you might have to convince her to move to your school - the hard way. The game will give a multiple choices and you have only about 5 seconds to tap on the right options.

Even if you mess up, Sakura will end up joining your school - you just don't get bonus money. So you end up with XP, Sakura in the Admission Center, and bonus coins (usually coins) if you chose the right options. Then, in second quest, you need to practice waltz before the prom night.

So you need both yourself and a Level 6 Dancer. After 4 hours of waiting, the Dancer tells you the sequences and the narration challenges you, in the space of five seconds, to pick right or left, turn or step, following the instruction of the Dancer. Bonus coins if you get the right answers. Otherwise, you get a clumsy main character and frowning faces, no bonus, but no failed quest either.

Finally, for the third quest, the Emo needs an Artist to illustrate his poetry, so pick them. They might ask you for a suggestion whether the dragon for the poetry should look cute or fiery.

Then the Emo wants to experience the joy of party or witnessing heartbreak, so you have to put him in the Party Central or breaking up a couple in the Isle of Love. There are also premium quests, with rings as price of admission, or which require you to wear a premium costume (priced in rings instead of coins), and they are usually limited for 3-14 days. The quest disappears if you don't buy the price of admission by the time limit. When you've got into a quest, however, the game never forces you to spend rings or buying a premium item to complete a quest.

Nor it gives you a deadline to complete the quest. It's easy to check the required conditions for a quest. Say you need the Forever 16 or Heartbreaker outfit and your partner for the quest is a Level 8 Actor.

A green button next to your name will take you to the Clothing menu with the appropriate clothing indicated. Your Actor friend, if needed to be upgraded (upleveled?) will also have a green button next to his name.

Tap it and an arrow point to the Level Up button. Hope you have enough books for him to study :)>. _________________ 5. STRATEGY GUIDE _________________ So you are here for the walkthrough. Unfortunately I won't give a quest-by- quest guide, including when you have to pick an option. Including when you only five seconds and have to choose between "Slip!" "Duck!" or "Stay!". First, this is not like Persona, where you can save before making a choice and then revisiting it.

You only live once here. Second, I doubt that you will play with this or another guide on on your Internet browser. It's more likely you're playing HSS during the break, while on the train, or in a waiting room. Third, the game does not penalize you for making the wrong choice.

You will get a sad face main character, but nothing else. In fact, say you have to tail someone and missing her because you keep on taking the wrong turn, you will have a chance to repeat the sequence. So what I'm going to write here is a comprehensive guide inside the world of : the types of students, the wardrobes you can collect (and sometimes need), and how to get more students through partying.

-------------- 5.1 Classmates -------------- In , there are 42 groups (and counting), and here they are called "type". I'll introduce them and also special characters who belong into a particular group. 1. Jocks (Red running man banner) The football guys and the athletics girls. Special character: Julian. A temperamental football player who was benched at Hearst.

The main male character besides yourself (if you become a guy). Background story: He has a sister, Hope, who was a victim of cyberbullying. He really wants to become a professional NFL footballer.

2. Nerds (Purple calculator banner) The A+ kids, the guys and girls from Big Bang Theory. Special character: Nishan. A kind Indian-American (like Kumar, not Tonto) who had dark days in Hearst.

His biggest baggage is Sakura, who is lovely in his eyes and bit a b..east for everyone else. Background story: During the 4th July story, it's revealed that he's a third generation American - his grandfather switched citizenship from Indian to American. He dates Sakura, canonically. 3. Preps (Pink vest banner) The well-dressed and sophisticated party people. Their hangout resembles a French cafe with a pony stable on the side.

Special character: Payton. A classy and omigosh-I-have-to-have-these-shoes African-American who always dresses for a party. Might be attracted to Julian or Ezra. Her Twitter is...nevermind, now Pixelberry is all about Hollywood U. Background story: She was adopted. Her favorite drink is peppermint latte. 4. Cheerleaders (Jock+Prep) They cheer for the jocks and they are well dressed. And in , there are male cheerleaders. Seriously. Maybe the swimming and volleyball girls also need some male cheer.They can live in either Jock or Prep hangout.

Special character: Mia. A very preppy blonde who is tired of his evil family, although she's not an innocent melancholic. Background story: Her evil brother Max is the main antagonist of the game. Their family name is Warren. Her cousin Brigette studies at Athena Academy and she dominates their timid mutual friend Katherine. 5. Gamers (Jock+Nerd) What's the difference between a gamer and a nerd?

You don't want to disturb a gamer. They are jockish since they are fueled by energy drink, they believe that sleeping is lame, and they are very competitive, whether about their gaming PC specs and mods or about the power of their clan. They can hang with both jocks and nerds, although they might fight for electric sockets and bills. Special character: Sakura. A Japanese-American with pink hair who was hurt by something Nishan did.

She's more detached from reality than Nishan is, making her quite unlikeable. She's also ultra competitive. Background story: She's officially dating Nishan and contrary to everyone's thought, her parents are not into technology.

They are into healthy food and the environment. She takes no prisoner whether in gaming or studying. 6. Student Governors (Nerd+Prep) Student governors make a lot of nerdy political jokes, but they dress dashingly with agreeable hairstyle and ideologically representing ties.

They are obsessed with meetings, timetables, and are motivated to smear Hearst High with vicious but catchy sound bites. In a nerd hangout, expect them to fight over the TV - even among themselves. 7. Wallflowers (Prep+Jock+Nerd) Whoa. I know that a wallflower is a nice person who does not socialize much, but who thought that they are also sporty.

I identify myself as a wallflower. I don't like sci-fi, I don't play online games, I'm shy, and I prefer a long talk over coffee than a party. And like the game emphasizes, I'm good with observation and details.

Maybe they have three traits because they can get along with all the three groups. 8. Artists (Golden palette & brush banner) As it says.

They paint, they take photographs, they sculpt. Even they also played music in early version of the game. Special character: Autumn. The first Hearst High student who met you.

Attracted to Julian and Wes and probably even you. The main female character if you play as a guy. The same Autumn from Surviving High School. Background story: Her father is re-married and she's making ties with her step mother. She holds the possessions of her late mother dearly. A significant number of players say they dislike Autumn since she has everything and yet keeps being melancholic, so she often breaks the fourth wall and making self-mocking jokes.

9. Dancers (Jock+Artist) Well America is indeed land of 1000 dances - not only they have to master Broadway and tap dances, but also hip hop and Korean Pop style dances. 10. Filmmakers (Nerd+Artist) Filmmakers are such formidable nerds. Well, think of George Lucas & Steven Spielberg.

Or for younger examples, Seth Rogen and Joss Whedon. Actually, it's quite hard to think of nerdy female filmmakers. 11. Actors (Prep+Artist) More Shakespearean than Hollywood, although you can have both by being an actor in the Tolkien franchise (or Shakespeare adapation, popular in 1990s). 12. Mascots (Prep+Jock+Artist) A mascot can be adorable,but your high school mascot can be freaky.

They have the bodies of cheerleaders...and big head of cats. Ugh. Their level 10 outfit is just scary. 13. Musicians (Green music notes banner) The band kids.

Special character: Ezra. A charming African-American who is more into rock than R&B. Might be attracted to Payton or the main character, to the annoyance of Julian.

Background story: He saw himself as a nice music guy until he saw his girl cheated - at the backstage. His nemesis, Jack Carver, still haunts him personally and professionally. He works part time in a chicken restaurant. 14. Glees (Prep+Musician) What's the difference between a glee and a dancer? A glee has to sing well and thus doesn't dance energetically as a dancer.

A dancer can look fierce but a glee has to smile all the time while wearing a 20th century costume. 15. Bands (Jock+Musician) The ones who come before the jocks running in. Don't underestimate their ability to march to the tunes under the heat. 16. DJs (Nerds+Musician) Some of them might say that Beats is overrated, and they really know their equalizers - and LPs. 17. Hip Hop...pers (Slacker+Musician) Not necessarily blacks.They don't even need a composition but boy they sound good. 18.

Virtuosos (Artist+Musician) Slim & attractive people who play strings and piano. They are not stricly classics with high demands coming from dance, pop, and even metal records. 19.Heartthrobs (Jock+Musician+Artist) The most wanted, the Ace of the pack.

The default male, of course, is a olive-skin guy with long hair and stubbles. Loved by some, hated by others. But everyone has to agree they have great bods. 20. Slackers (Brown unfriendly face in knit cap banner) Unlike rebels, they care little about politics. They believe in playing guitar lazily, hanging around, watching TVs, and juggling Hacky Sack.

Special character: Wes. A shady informer who appears and disappears at will and masterminds the attack on Hearst High. Had history with Autumn. I believe he was also in Surviving High School. Background story: His brother is in prison and he is sensitive about money and privelige - and law. Had he not transferred to your school, he might grow up to be a con artist.

21. Skaters (Jock+Slacker) People who take skateboard seriously and can be rich through clothes and drink endorsements.Too bad they are still not taken as serious athletes. 22.Hipsters (Slacker+Prep) They share traits of Preps and Wallflowers but don't tell that to them. Hipsters hate Preps' mainstream tastes and Wallflowers' timidity. Rather than slacking preps, they are more like rebelling preps.

23. Emos (Slacker+Artist) Oh, the woe of love and life. Emo, however, can stand pain so much they can stand the pain of tattoo needles. Special character: Katherine, a timid student who is more talented and popular than she thinks. 24. Class Clowns (Slacker+Nerd) Nerdy class clowns? I hate them more than just lazy class clowns, since nerdy class clowns can always get back at you. The female one has very cute animation, though.

25. Country (Jock+Musician+Slacker) Since is set in United States, the country kids are cowboys and cowgirls. 26. Movie Stars (Prep+Artist+Slacker) Hey now you have one in your school! Might be great to be grouped with one for assignments, but expect them to skip classes a lot. 27. Rebels (Black fist banner) They are rebelling alright, but their penchant with leather (and motorbike, according to the story) makes them more like the Greasers from Bully.

Their hangout looks like a crossover between an anarchist college pad and a 1980s heavy metal (or WWE) shrine. God knows which kitchen sink is dirtier - the rebels' or the slackers'. Special character: Koh. A darkly girl who has been kicked out by all schools in the story (this means she's pretty rich, I guess) and probably also another alumni of Surviving High School. Wes is just cynical but Koh is just angry. Background story: She believes no one understands her except for a hacker, Zero.

She gets her rebel trait from her grandmother.She was also a bully back at Hearst, preying on weak girls. She loves hot wings. Is she Asian? I suppose she's a South Asian, Pakistani or Afghan. Koh is a Chinese and Korean surname but never a given name. 28. Hacker (Rebel+Nerd) The most fashionable and no-nonsense nerds around, a regular of 1990s fictions but now are everywhere thanks to Ed Snowden.

Better be friendly with one. 29. (Rebel+Jock) Parkour is a French extreme sport and its English name is free running. Started by working class Parisian youth, the philosophy is you should be able to negotiate every urban environment smoothly by jumping, running, climbing, and sliding. Made popular by Assassin's Creed series and French action movies (starring the Parkour athletes). 30. Club (Rebel+Prep) Wooo!

Sorry. Yes, they are under 18. So how do they get in? Even when alcohol is not served, there are many other vices around a club. Actually, I think clubbers are more like slacker preps, so they might want to switch affiliation with the hipsters.

31. Street Artists (Rebel+Artist) They believe in arts, not eternity. And they love stylized graffiti. Which means they are strongly appreciated in Australia, can be fined in United States, and may receive physical punishment (caning. Seriously) in Singapore. 32. Punk Rockers (Rebel+Music) Ah, naturally. Harder sounds than the musicians, then? 33. Goths (Rebel+Slacker) They get confused with Emo many times, but Goths refuse to depress themselves.

They can be angry...or just being cold....or even happy. It's said that their name is taken from modern interpretation of the Germanic tribe that brought down Rome and wore dark make ups.

34. Writers (Prep+Nerd+Artist) Dress like hipsters, act like nerds, and paint lyrical pictures with pens...or keyboard. 35. Surfers (Jock+Artist+Slacker) Duuudeee. Players have called their appearance since the start of summer beach theme and here they are. After all, it's summer in Australia, NZ, South Africa and Brazil.

36. Presidents (Blue star banner) The new core type. They are formidable, according to numerous animes. Student govs are the working bees, they are the overlords. 37. Varsity (Jock+Class President) They have walked the the run, maybe. If you want to know how really good they are, check out the local news. 38. Anime Club (President+Nerd) What do you think of them depends on what do you think of Japanese pop culture. 39. Yacht Club (President+Prep) The very rich club, they have their own yacht.

40. Yearbook (President + Artist) The future journalists. Might sound like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. 41. Homecomings (Jock+Prep+Nerd+Artist) Ultimate students, along with the prom royals. 42. Prom (Jock+Prep+Nerd+Musician) What's the different between Prom and Homecoming? Americans might be able answer this better than me.

In my understanding, they are the stars of two different parties - prom is for graduation party, held at the end of school year for those about graduating from High School. While Homecoming is like a reunion, where graduates from schools (and colleges) are welcomed back. But essentially, both Prom and Homecoming Queens & Kings are the most popular students of the year.

Let's say that in this game, the Homecoming acts better while the Prom sings better. ------------ 5.2 Clothing ------------ Every student can have a new outfit at Level 4, 7, and 10. There are also plenty of free (priced in coins) and premium clothes, sometimes quest- related. To change a classmate's clothes, choose him or her (tap on the clipboard and find the student through name or type.

Choose "Clothing". Browse and BE CAREFUL with the item. Is it premium or can you buy it with coins? When you've found the clothes you want, tap it. Again, BE CAREFUL.

It's considered sold when you tap "Buy" ONCE and there's an icon of a hanger with the number of that outfit in your possession. If you tap "Buy" once more, the game assumes you buy another outfit.

If you want to cancel the purchase, tap "Take Off". Then, in the Closet tab, there are options for the classmate's group and Bought. In case you need a clothes set to complete a quest, check the Bought icon. You might have the clothes in your closet so no point of buying it again.

Finally, in the Customize tab, you can rename and remake that classmate anytime. Except for the special classmates - they are uneditable. A new feature is the Clothing button, on the right hand of your screen. It takes you instantly to the clothing shop for your main character. ------------------- 5.2a Female Clothes ------------------- Category: Trending (April 2015) 1. Mint to Be (2500 coins): Take springtime cool.

2. Moves Like Jaguar (25 thousand coins): Finally, something with glasses. 3. March Madness (45 thousand coins): We need a women basketball comedy-drama. With Ellen Page. 4. Flapper Chick (60 thousand coins): Why this one's still around?

5. Glitch Perfect (75 thousand coins): In December 2014, there was a glitch when a premium dress you bought came out as white squares. Actually it looks good, so here it is. PREMIUMS 6. Red Carpet Glam (40 rings): Golden fur. 7. Pretty in Pastels (150 rings): So these are what "pastels" look like.

8. Crop Til You Drop (180 rings): Like in 1965. 9. All About That Bunny (250 rings): Meg-han. 10. Funny Bunny (220 rings): Good after Easter? 11. Vintage Vogue (320 rings): If you want to look like a Hollywood senior.

Category: Couture All Premium items, cost you rings. 1. Belt it Out (140 rings): Slim on waist. 2. Best Dressed (300 rings): Red. 3. Dance Til Dawn (380 rings): Sparkling black. 4. Home by Midnight (480 rings): Gold.

Your father might set it at 9 or 10 pm, not midnight. 5. Fly Me to the Moon (500 rings): Silver moon. 6. Some Like it Hot (800 rings): Marilyn Monroe was famous for something. 7. Belle of the Ball (5000 rings): Yes, yes, Cinderella.

8. Keeping Up (6000 rings): As expensive as surgery. Category: Casual My favorites. 1. Forever 16 (200 coins): The one. 2. Intern Chic (2000 coins): Intern now, probie next semester.

3. Cuddle Up Cable Sweater (2500 coins): Keep your neck and ankles warm. 4. Holiday Cheer (10 thousand coins): That holiday sweater still wants a second chance.

5. Casually Cozy (70 thousand coins): From snow to rain. 6. Denim and Daisies (80 thousand coins): The new favorite. 7. Spring Floral (100 thousand coins): In season. 8. Peep Chick (180 thousand coins): Golden. All premium items. 9. Flirty & Fun Sundress (15 rings): Another summer dress. 10. Sweet & Slinky Sweater Dress (25 rings): Spring in Manhattan. 11. Sunkissed (180 rings): Spring in Florida.

12. Water Lilies (260 rings): This was the glitchy dress. 13. Before Cool (300 rings): Hip. 14. Pretty in Pink (400 rings): What your auntie's favorite singer wore for her 1965 single promo.

Category: Party 1. Red Carpet Illusion (1000 coins): Purple, is it? 2. Lovely Lavender (2000 coins): Purple, isn't it? 3. Flirty in Red (10 thousand coins): Red, isn't it?

4. Be Mine Sundress (30 thousand coins): Garden party. 5. Teal for Two (90 thousand coins): As it says. 6. Red Ruby Sparkle (50 rings.

PREMIUM): Plain ruby. 7. All Wrapped Up (200 rings. PREMIUM): Green packet. 8. Hearts on Fire (500 rings. PREMIUM): Sweet strawberry juice. Category: Distinctive 1. Street Style (400 coins): My personal favorite.

2. Sound of Rachel (8000 coins): For a year I thought this refers to Rachel Green from Friends...instead it's a Glee reference. You know I don't watch Glee. 3. Prep School (20 thousand coins): If you want to look private...or Japanese. 4. Bluebottle Belle (40 thousand coins): Country girl.

5. The Emily (120 thousand coins): Which Emily? Premium items. 6. K-Pop J-Pop Pop (90 rings): AKB48. 7. The Montgomery (100 rings): As expensive as it sounds. 8. Green With Envy (120 rings): I don't know environmentalism can be this expensive. 9. Southern Girl (125 rings): Do southern American girls actually wear this to school?

10. Nashville Startlet (240 rings): Asking for it. Category: Costume 1. Red Ruffle Revolution (20 thousand coins): For your revolution play.

Premiums: 2. Cat Girl (80 rings): As it says. 3. Dauntless (400 rings): What the real rebel wears. 4. Mother of Dragon (1200 rings): With a baby dragon! 5. Queen of Hearts (3000 rings): Boxing boots? ----------------- 5.2b Male Clothes ----------------- Category: Trending (April 2015) 1. March Mania (5000 coins): NCAA. 2. Mad Hare Day (45 thousand coins): Expired! 3. Hometown Date (50 thousand coins): Checkered shirt, nerdy or manly?

Premium items 4. Sunday Best (140 rings): For preps only. 5. Flappy Bird (200 rings): Just leave. Category: Couture All premiums. 1. Shaken Not Stirred (50 rings): More James Bond villain than James Bond. 2. Flashy and I Know It (240 rings): Can you beat Neal Patrick Harris?

3. A-Lister (250 rings): Are the shades necessary? 4. Charming Prince Charming (480 rings): Might make you not mistaken for a real prince.

4. Red Carpet Suave (600 rings): The good old tuxedo. Category: Casual 1. Vintage Cool (200 coins): Torn jeans? 2. Breaking Plaid (380 coins): Still warm, eh? 3. The Brad (2000 coins): You can wear Brad's clothes, but not his look. 4. Holiday Tidings (6000 coins): REALLY asking for it.

5. Casually Classic 10 thousand coins): Always smart. 6. Off Court Style (12 thousand coins): While watching NBA. 7. Dashing Overcoat (15 thousand coins): It's still cold. Premium 8. The Obsidian (15 rings): stone cool. 9. Always A Classic (100 rings): Bomber jacket. 10. City Sophisticate (160 rings): Too slick. 11. Old Sport (220 rings): After NFL, college football?

12. The Colorado (260 rings): My premium favorite. 13. Off the Cuff (340 rings): Denim done right. 14. Kept in Suspense (440 rings): Fashion gone wrong.

Category: Party 1. Handsome Heartbreaker (10 thousand coins): Hearts tie and no belt = chick magnet. 2. Club Legend (30 thousand coins): Lizard. 3. Fashion Revolutionary (40 thousand coins): Who knows, someday we will wear breeches again.

4. Hot Date (80 thousand coins): Man...your pants...too tight. 5. The Humprey (25 rings. PREMIUM): What comes after Gatsby. Category: Distinctive 1.

Go Green (2000 coins): Strangely, it looks fine now. 2. Street Cred (4000 coins): Strangely, Justin Bieber doesn't wear this anymore. 3. Prep School Uniform (20 thousand coins): Buy seven good looking students, dress them with this, and you have your own Korean boyband. Premium 4. The JT (70 rings): Justin Timberlake. Kids, Timberlake was like Bieber - he was a pop idol.

Then he reinvented himself successfully as the smooth, preppy and happy version of Eminem. 5. Tribute to the Tribute (150 rings): Chuck Norris. 6. Country Smile (125 rings): Because living cost as a cowboy is more expensive than becoming a prep school student.

Category: Costume 1. Stupid Cupid (250 rings): Just stupid. 2. You Know Nothing (400 rings): Game of Thrones again? 3. Brawn of the Dead (600 rings): LOL someone blew up the chemistry lab. 4. Dr. Wholmes (1200 rings): Since Benedict C is somewhere else here I am. *I got comments from British/Commonwealth fans of Dr. Who who said I missed the reference.

Sorry. Yes, I know who Peter Capaldi is, I saw The Thick of It, the big brother of Veep.* ------------------------- 5.3 Recruiting Classmates ------------------------- The quick way: Go to Store,tap on Classmates.

Except for Jocks, Nerds, Preps, female Artists, Musicians, and Class Presidents, male Slackers and Rebels, all classmates are priced in rings, and the only meaningful to refill your ring is through real money.

That what the Party Central is for. Put Student 1 and Student 2 and wait. The mixture is the equation of their traits. The simplest one is a Cheerleader - you'll meet one by having a Jock and a Prep partying. Now the game checks classmates you've got, making it's easier to keep track of who should you get next. The male and female member of a group, however, cost differently. A male cheerleader (you'll need one sooner or later to complete a quest) is worth 25 rings while a female one worth 15 rings.

So roughly, there's 60% of chance to get a female cheerleader from your party, and a 40% chance of getting the male one.

You'll see the result by the waiting duration of your party. The longer it is, the rarer type of classmate you'll get. After the party's over, the new classmate waits in the Admission Center. Only one classmate can be in the admission center. When you're deep in the game (level 20+), I suppose it's necessary to spend 300 rings to upgrade the admission center, since waiting for new students will spend more than 6 hours, making a clog especially when a quest asks you to have a party with special characters.

Then, the new classmate must have a vacant room in a hangout that fits his/her personality. The game does great job in finding a vacancy, but you might later need to move a classmate manually when say, you're welcoming a Hipster but the Prep hangout is full. There is, however, a space in the Musician hangout and there's a Glee in the Prep hangout, so you can move her into the Musician hangout. Otherwise the game says that there's no room available for the incoming Hipster.

Here are the prices for every classmate, which serves as an indication of chance of getting them. More rings=rarer chance (and longer waiting time), so keep trying.

Also suggestions on how to get them. . Jocks: Female 500 coins, Male 500 coins. Just buy them outright from the Store. . Nerds: Female 500 coins, Male 500 coins. . Preps: Female 500 coins, Male 500 coins.

. Cheerleaders: Female 15 rings, Male 25 rings. Jock+Prep. . Gamers: Female 75 rings, Male 45 rings. Jock+Nerd. .Student Govs: Female 30 rings, Male 50 rings. Nerd+Prep. . Wallflowers: Female 230 rings, Male 105 rings. Prep+Gamer. Note: I think Student Gov is more suitable to hold the three traits (including Jock) than the Wallflower. You know how competitive and jockish student govs are. . Artists: Female 5000 coins, Male 125 rings. Buy the female Artist, hold a party with Autumn to get the male.

. Dancers: Female 180 rings, Male 500 rings. Jock+Artist. . Filmmakers: Female 750 rings, Male 240 rings. Nerd+Artist. . Actors: Female 250 rings, Male 120 rings. Prep+Artist.

. Mascots: Female 315 rings, male 900 rings. Actors+Jock. . Musicians: Female 15000 coins, Male 300 rings. Buy the female, hold a party with Ezra to get the male. . Glees: Female 195 rings, Male 600 rings. Prep+Musician. . Bands: Female 900 rings, Male 225 rings.

Jock+Musician. . DJs: Female 225 rings, Male 1200 rings. Nerd+Musician. . Hip Hop(per)s: Female 1400 rings, male 280 rings. Slacker+Musician. . Virtuosos: Female 285 rings, Male 1700 rings. Artist+Musician. . Heartthrobs: Female 345 rings, male 3300 rings. Jock+Virtuoso. . Slackers: Female 1500 rings, Male 200000 coins.

Buy a male Slacker (how come an unwashed dude worth this much? Sorry male slackers) and get him to party with Wes and try a couple of times since female Slackers are so cool (or not, if you know one) they are that rare. . Skaters: Female 6000 rings, Male 600 rings. Jock+Slacker. . Hipsters: Female 480 rings, Male 3000 rings.

Prep+Slacker. . Emos: Female 5000 rings, Male 540 rings. Slacker+Artist. . Class Clowns: Female 390 rings, Male 1500 rings. Slacker+Nerd. . Country: Female 4000 rings, Male 1000 rings. Jock+Hip Hop or Band+Slacker. . Movie Stars: Female 1000 rings, Male 9000 rings.

Actor+Slacker. According to tip on loading screen, you have to have an actor first before getting a movie star. Maybe teen movie stars have some reservation about your school. . Rebels: Female 2000 rings, male 500000 coins. Buy the male one and get him to party with Koh several times. They'll obey you for this one. Oh, you'll get Koh when you've built the Rebel hangout. . Hackers: Female 3000 rings, male 270 rings. Rebel+Nerd.

. Parkour: Female 260 rings, Male 2800 rings. Rebel+Jock. . Clubbers: Female 250 rings, Male 2100 rings. Rebel+Prep. . Street Artists: Female 2700 rings, Street Artist 255 rings. Rebel+Artist. . Punk Rockers: Female 2600 rings, Male 265 rings: Rebel+Music. . Goths: Female 2700 rings, Male 900 rings. Rebel+Slacker. . Writers: Female 320 rings, Male 1500 rings. Prep+Filmmakers or Student Gov+ Artist. . Surfers: Female 230 rings, Male 2200 rings: Jock+Emo or Dancer+Slacker. . Presidents: Female 600 thousand coins, Male 2500 rings.

Interesting. I wonder if there will be a Prez special character. Don't worry about male president in the mean time. Alternatively, you can buy two female presidents and party them until the male one arrives. I wonder if a special male president character will eventually arrive. . Varsities: Female 2600 rings, Male 250 rings. Jock + Class President.

. Anime Club: Female 3100 rings, Male 280 rings. Class President + Nerd. . Yacht Club: Female 260 rings, Male 2800 rings. Class President + Prep.

. Yearbook: Female 2700 rings, Male 250 rings. Class President + Artist. Wonder what Class President + Rebel tribe will be. And President + Musician. . Homecomings: Female 8900 rings, Male 650 rings. They have the quality of the four major groups (Jocks, Nerds, Preps, and Artists) so keep trying with a Gamer and an Actor. . Prom: Female 18000 rings, Male 690 rings. They are like Homecomings but Artist is replaced with Musician, so your Gamer should hang out with a DJ.

Because discussion about video game composers will invite a Prom king along (ditto with a Wallflower and Musician talking about music). Eventually, the Prom Queen will also come. Eventually. Even if it takes a hundred takes. Here's the calculator to help you predicting what you'll get: -------------------------------- 5.3a Classmates Recruitment List -------------------------------- Finally, to make things easier, here's the list of classmates you should aim at based on their ring prices.

Concentrate on getting them first before moving to the next type. Cheaper=easier to get. I've also included the time needed to do a party - and how long the result will sit in the admission center.

You don't have to worry about the gender with the lesser ring price since it'd almost certainly you'll get them on your first try. Hopefully by knowing the waiting time, you'll get a good guess of what's the party result is. As you can see, more expensive ring prices don't always translate to longer waiting time.

Classmate Rings Mixture Waiting Time 1. Male Cheerleader (25) Jock + Prep 1 hour 2. Male Student Gov (50) Nerd + Prep 2 hours 3. Female Gamer (75) Jock + Nerd 3 hours 4. Male Artist (125) Autumn + Female Artist 4 hours 5. Female Wallflower (230) Prep + Gamer 7 hours 6. Female Actor (250) Prep + Artist 8 hours 7. Male Musician (300) Ezra + Female Musician 11 hours 8.

Male Dancer (500) Jock + Artist 12 hours 9. Male Glee (600) Prep + Musician 13 hours 10.Female Filmmaker (750) Nerd + Artist 16 hours How are you doing? 11. Female Band (900) Jock + Musician 15 hours 12. Male Mascot (900) Prep + Dancer 21 hours 13. Male DJ (1200) Nerd + Musician 17 hours 14. Female Hip Hop (1400) Slacker + Musician 34 hours 15. Female Slacker (1500) Wes + Male Slacker 24 hours 16. Male Writer (1500) Student Gov + Artist 15.5 hours 17.

Male Class Clown (1500) Slacker + Nerd 26 hours 18. Male Virtuoso (1700) Artist + Musician 19 hours 19. Female Rebel (2000) Koh + Male Rebel 36 hours 20. Male Clubber (2100) Rebel + Prep 22 hours Ready for the elites?

21. Male Surfer (2200) Jock + Emo 44 hours 22. Male President (2500) Female President + ??? 20 hours 23. Female Punk Rocker (2600) Rebel + Musician 25 hours 24.

Female Varsity (2600) Jock + Class President 24 hours 25. Female Goth (2700) Rebel + Slacker 23 hours 26. Female Street Artist (2700) Rebel + Artist 29 hours 27. Female Yearbook (2700) President + Artist TBA 27. Male Parkour (2800) Rebel + Jock 38 hours 28. Male Yacht Club (2800) Class President + Prep TBA 29. Male Hipster (3000) Slacker + Prep 32 hours 30. Female Hacker (3000) Rebel + Nerd 38 hours A pray, days and nights, and insane amount of luck 31.

Female Anime Club (3100) President + Nerd 27 hours 32. Male Heartthrob (3300) Band + Artist 23 hours 33. Female Country (4000) Band + Slacker 40 hours 34. Female Emo (5000) Slacker + Artist 42 hours 35. Female Skater (6000) Jock + Slacker 40 hours 36. Female Homecoming (8900) Cheerleader + Filmmaker 120 hours 37. Male Movie Star (9000) Prep + Hip Hop 50 hours 38. Female Prom (18000) Cheerleader + DJ 38 hours ----------------- 5.4 Making Moneys ----------------- So you have coins, rings, and books.

Just like in any other smartphone game. People must have different strategies, with gamers the best ones (don't change your device's clock to speed things up, yah, you'll just ruin both your device and the app. And according Pixelberry, you'll get detention). Coins are generated by classmates in their hangouts, and naturally the amount of coins generated per hour are increased by upgraded hangouts (containing more classmates) and by high level classmates.

You can mass a million coins in no time, and lose them easily by buying decorations and the gradually expensive land plots.

But in no way you should spend real money for coins. As I said, is a free game but I think there's no problem in donating to Pixelberry Studios for this beauty. Plus you'll get 2 rings in return, again I think for every two hours.

Finally, build the Dish building and participate in the polls. The question is on the top and the choices are in the blue bars. You'll randomly get coins, books, and rings for answering questions. You can answer three questions every hour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now, premium quests.

They are usually priced at 250 rings (divided into a certain number of rings and premium clothes you have to buy). They have time limit before the quest offer expires, but once you take them, they have no expiry date and you will not have to spend another ring to win the quest.

In fact, when you've finished the quest, you'll be rewarded with 50 rings. So it's a fair offer. Lately some quests are even priced at only at 40 rings, but with tighter deadline for you to "buy" it - and the reward is only about 5 rings. Still, the stories are fun and stories are the main dish of this game. I suggest you to accumulate rings until the offer is close to expire (say, with 6 to 12 hours remaining) and then play the premium quest.

Otherwise, $2 can get you 280 rings. Now tempts you to take on premium quests (they are rarer recently compared to in last year) by providing a sneak peek of the quest. At the end of the day, rings are about your real money, so be wise with them. Finally, books. This is a renewable resource. While it takes only 1-100 books to level a classmate from Level 1 to Level 4, you need 1000 books at a time to get them from Level 5 to 6. And by about Levels 8-10, the primary quest might need a Level 7 student to get a job done.

So early on, it's okay to just buy 100 books at a time, but later on, it's imperative to install the whole four classrooms and ask them to produce 1000 books each - two at night and two at daytime.

Of course, they cost not only time (23 hours each) but also coins. When you've collected 5000 books, then level up a student. This has to be raised to 10000 books if you want to level up Level 7 students to 8, and 15 thousand books from Level 8 to 9, and 20 thousands from Level 9 to 10. One at a time. --------------- 5.5 Multiplayer --------------- Like some other city building games, you can visit your friends' school.

Add each other through the Game Center or Google Play Games and make sure you turn on Social button on Alerts (otherwise other players cannot connect with you). Tap Social from the main game display and visit your friends.

How to add each other? Create a character which best represents your friend and tap Link. Your Facebook and Game Center friends lists will load. Find the friend you want to link and tap her or his profile.

Done. Your friend's main character has a gift pack icon above her/his head. Tap it to earn books and rings for you. Note that you cannot see their moneys and make changes to their school.

You can create a character and link that character to your friend (be sure that they are happy with it, especially if your Facebook or Game friends don't play ). You and they can earn rings by putting that linked character on quests.

They will be also notified if you put their characters on dates and parties. If you want to pair your friend's character, see her or his chosen partner and you can make one like that with same name and look.

Of course this can be tricky if their lover is also based on a real person. It's for this reason many players leave their linked friend as singles. If you need to speak personally to another player, connect with them on Facebook and remember to be safe and smart to yourself and be polite and friendly to them.

If you two know each other in real life, just talk to each other face to face. The Dish enhances the multiplayer experience as you can learn more about your friends through their answers - and so are they about you. If you really want to know who says what, it's easier now. Occasionally your linked friends will say their chosen opinion with speech bubbles labelled with their names. Make sure to turn on speech bubbles from options.

----------- 5.6 Romance ----------- Romance is both related and not related to the storyline. The story implies that the special characters have feelings for each other, but it's all up to you to pair who with who. Until now there's no indication if Autumn feels jealous if you are dating Julian and vice versa - Julian won't complain if you are dating Autumn.

Canonically Nishan is with Sakura, while Mia is with Katherine. Other choices are open although Wes and Autumn had history in Surviving High School. There are seven stages: Flirting, Crushing, Online Official (meaning that the couple put their Facebook status "In a Relationship with ______"), Sweethearts, In Love, Over the Moon, and Head over Heels. To get your relationship status upgraded, you need to complete about five successful dates on each stage. There is no minigame or whatever to determine the success of a date.

Level disparity between the two students and their traits might matter, but I think it's all about being random. There are also speed bumps so it's getting harder to get successful date streaks as you're at the later stages. You can salvage a failed date for rings but it's not worth it. Because it's up to you to break up the couple anytime, anyone.

Online Official and Flirting couple can break up that easily. Not even the Unification Church has this kind of power, probably.

More terrifyingly, you can pair up a previously broken up couple again and they act like nothing happened. So what's the point of dating? Some quests do ask you to have a certain amount of couple, for a character to have a successful date, and even cruelly to break up a couple. But other than that it's detached. The dating stories are all randoms and have nothing to do with the quests. Even you can be online official with a student, then in a romantic quest you are free to kiss another student of your choice and your online official partner won't get mad or anything.

Romance might be the weakest aspect of , but we all want to be with our dream lover and this game makes it super easy. It turns out also to be popular. Oh, how to do all of this?

Tap Isle of Love, where else. --------------------- 5.7 List of Buildings --------------------- 1. Jock Hangout 500 coins As NBA is entering its endgame, here comes the MLB. of course, the jocks will make the best of springtime. 2. Nerd Hangout 500 coins Their April Fools' writing and photoshopping contest was a mixed bag due too many nerdy and inside jokes. They are playing Bloodborne and booking seats for Age of Ultron.

3. Prep Hangout 500 coins They had too much fun during Easter. It's just the beginning for their springtime carnival. 4. Artist Hangout 5000 coins Visits to museums and art centers are in order. 5. Slacker Hangout 240 thousand coins Spring break. Yay. 6. Musician Hangout 40 thousand coins Who will dethrone Uptown Funk? After Stevie Wonder, which legend will get another concept tribute? These are their topics of the month. 7. Rebel Hangout 240 thousand coins They have followed Chelsea Manning's Twitter.

8. Class President Hangout 240 thousand coins Their springtime cleaning might spill into a schoolwide purge against other hangouts and clubs. The Yearbook staff might have not enough sleep. 9. Platinum Hangout 1475 rings It was a copy of Class President Hangout, also worth 240 thousand coins. If you've completed building it in February 2015, you're in luck. You are a proud owner of a hangout with private cinema and waterfall swimming pool. It can house anyone and does not count toward your hangout limit.

Now it's just a waste of real money. It'd cost you $10, real money. You're better to order a good meal or buy a good mobile game with that money. 10. Classroom 2000 coins These are testing time for teachers. 11. Admissions Office 1000 coins April: People are leaving, newbies are coming.

Such is the circle of life. 12. Isle of Love 1000 coins Love in the springtime. 13. Party Central 1000 coins Back to basic. 12. The Dish 2000 coins Answer the questions get to know each other, and get more moneys. Don't be shy. Think of the free rings and books. 13. Library 2000 coins My school's Asian so of course it's full of napping Asians.

Have fun reading and using free Internet. ----------------------- 5.8 List of Decorations ----------------------- 1. Concrete Path 10 coins. 150 pieces max. Good for bike, not for shoes. 2. Gold Path 10 rings (PREMIUM). 150 pieces max. Found in Oz and maybe in some Arabian palace. 3. Brick Path 20 coins. 150 pieces max. Now this is school-like. 4. Slate Path 1000 coins. 150 pieces max. Park life. 5. Stone Path 2000 coins.

150 pieces max. Bad for high heels, worse for bikes. 6. Flower Box 25 coins. 12 pieces max. A must have. 7. Park bench 50 coins. 8 pieces max. Everyone needs it - jocks for exercising, nerds for chatting, preps for talking, artists for contemplating, musicians for performing, slackers for sleeping, rebels for demonstrating, and presidents for campaigning.

8. Tree 100 coins. 12 pieces max. Seriously, this school needs more trees and flower boxes than just 12. 9. Gas Lamp 25 rings (PREMIUM). 25 pieces max.

The school can be a dangerous place at night. 10. Balloons 250 coins. 12 pieces max. Every week is a special week. 11. Hedge 500 coins. 20 pieces max. Be careful of talking about a plot or a person - somebody inside the hedge might be listening. 12. Elephant Bush 90 rings (PREMIUM). 8 pieces max. This is like a Student Gov joke from 2000s. 13. Pumpkin Patch 4000 coins. 4 pieces max. Something from the Halloween.

Worshipped by Linus van Pelt from Peanuts. 14. Fire Pit 5000 coins. 1 piece max. Now this is useful every weekend. Every night, in fact. 15. Rose Trellis, 90 rings (PREMIUM). 8 pieces max. For your garden of love. 16. Porta Potty 190 rings (PREMIUM). 8 pieces max. Why, not enough toilets? In other schools rebels and jocks will have a field day with them with the nerds inside. Your school, of course, is Nerd-Friendly. 17. Potted Plant 30 thousand coins.

8 pieces max. Make sure the gardener clean them. Watery pots are breding grounds for mosquitos. 18. Box of Puppies 290 rings (PREMIUM).

8 pieces max. Based on the latest psychological research that puppies lower stress level in workplace. 19. Palm Tree 100 thousand coins. 12 pieces max. The slackers won't get enough of humming the Miami Vice Theme (YouTube it and get rocked).

20. Carriage 490 rings (PREMIUM). 8 pieces max. Stricly for goths. And vampires. 21. Fountain 200 thousand coins. 4 pieces max. Since Pixelberry is not EA, they don't have enough budget to make the water flowing. 22. Taco Truck 690 rings (PREMIUM). 8 pieces max. Michelle Obama would not approve. 23. Picnic Table 250 thousand coins. 6 pieces max. For inter-tribe feast.

24. Lion Statue 300 thousand coins. 4 pieces max. Makes your school preppier. 25. Asian Lion 888 Rings (PREMIUM). 8 pieces max. Makes your school...more like a Hong Kong bank/hotel...and makes Pixelberry much richer. 26. Sweets Table 500 thousand coins. 2 pieces max. Beware of the ants and ladies on diet. 27. Dino Skeleton 1990 rings (PREMIUM). 8 pieces max. Now the nerds have asked for it. 28. Bike Rack (A million coins). 4 pieces max. Get more environmentally friendly - but be careful and take a shower when you get home.

29. Snack Cart (2 million coins). 2 pieces max. Because the cafetaria can't provide everything. 30. Waterfall (2990 rings). 8 pieces max. Maybe, maybe, a school in the Middle East or China has one of these. _______________ 6. EXTRA CREDIT _______________ A new mode in HSS is called Extra Credit. Once you reach Level 6 you can build a library and tap it to enter the mode. Extra Cred has 30 levels, and you need the fourth currency, pencils, to unlock each level.

At the beginning of the mode you're given 40 pencils, good to play four levels. There are two types of games in Extra Cred. First, the story. Your gang meets Kallie, a new student who is good with words but not with conversation. She often uses difficult words and you have to choose the synonym of those words from four options. Say she said she does not want to be "redundant" and when Julian asks what did she say, you say that she's afraid of being "repetitive".

The story goes on with your gang tries to involve Kallie to social events. The second mode is evaluation. You have 60 seconds to group words into one of two options. Again, you can repeat as much as you like. The story will progress with each level, with the final goal of unlocking Kallie.

When you've completed a level, you'll gain rings according to your score. You can keep trying to get the maximum amount of rings available. Each level costs 10 pencils and there are two ways to get them. First, the library generates 2-3 pencils everyday, so you can unlock a level every 4-5 days. There are 30 levels before Kallie joins your school. There are also some major evaluation levels that cost 20 pencils. Otherwise, you can buy pencils and rings packs from the store.

Watch out, they are expensive. The cheapest pack, at roughly $3, will get you only 50 pencils (and 100 rings), meaning it's only good for five levels. The competitive ones among you will return to Extra Cred mode again and again to beat your friends' high scores for each level.

On the evalution mode, speed matters so some of you will strive again and again to be number one and keep it that way. Pro Tip: In the story mode, you might be bored with the same lines and end up accidentally tap on a wrong option. Rather than tap "Next" to advance the storyline, tap on the left side of the dialogue box. The storyline will advance and you're safe to choose the right option when prompted.

Since you can revisit the Extra Credit levels again and again, I was tempted to write a walkthrough for the story mode. But Pixelberry creates this mode to help you learning English, and that's what I want you to do.

Like the main game itself, mistake costs you nothing. Since I won't spend any cash (or credit card bill) to buy the pencils, anyway, it will be some time for me before I will be able to unlock Kallie. ________________________ 7. Questions and Answers ________________________ Q: Is this a rip-off of Surviving High School?

A: This is its spiritual sequel done differently. Surviving High School forces you to adopt the personality of a designated student and scores your responses. A pure adventure game. gives you the freedom to adopt your own persona and emphasizes feel good stories over dramas. Surviving High School and are set in the same universe. So you have Owen and Kimi dropping by to talk with Autumn and Wes time to time, with you in the middle. Q: Excuse me, what is Surviving High School?

A: Surviving High School is a popular mobile video game from EA where you play different characters on episodic quests. It was constantly updated for about three years (with plenty of premium episodes) and some people who made SHS left EA, created Pixelberry Studios, and are fortunate enough to hold the SHS copyrights. Q: How many classmates should I have?

A: So many types, so limited hangouts. I'd have a male and female from each type (they are often required by the quest) while allowing the special character to occupy an extra spot. So I have three nerds - a male, female, and Nishan, but only two student govs since there's no special character for this type. Q: I want to link my friend on Game Center/Play Games but it takes forever to load!

A: A sure fire way to troubleshoot this is by closing your and Game Center/Play Games apps). For Apple, press the home button twice then swipe the apps upward. For Android, tap the square/right most button at the bottom and tap "Clear All". Return to main screen of your device. Then, open Game Center or Play Games, let it load your friends list completely. Open HS Story again and link. Your Game Center friends list should be there. Q: Grr...

keeps on crashing! Even I have turned off the app but it keeps crashing when loading! What's going on?! A: More players. Servers are busy. Same goes if you want to visit your friend's school and the game says "Whoops". Give it a minute. Or an hour. If this thing happens again in the future, my suggestion is to take it easy. Persisting in logging in will only drain your device's battery and heat your device. Q: Help! I cannot connect to Google+/Facebook and my HSS data are lost! A: 's website and forum have answer to this somewhat common and scary problem.

I hope it's possible for you to log out of your Google+/ Facebook account in your device and logging back in. According to Pixelberry, your progress can be saved since it's stored in their servers. Q: This dude was online official with this gal and I just kicked him out. Now she's single again? A: Yes. And she won't miss him. Scary thing about romance in this school, hey? Q: Can you sell special characters?

A: No. Really, you don't want to bust your game, do you? No matter what do you think of them, they have to be there to get on with the story. You cannot change anything about them, for the sake of the game. Q: I don't like/understand this poll question. A: Usually there is an option that serves as a "no comment/I don't know" answer at the bottom, especially regarding political opinions.

You can choose it. Or yeah, you can choose skip. The button is at the right bottom corner. The questions are designed for a teenage American girl, so yeah, many of them are so American. Being a trivia addict, I often exit HSS, Google the options, and choose the best answer.

Q: What's your philosophy on levelling up students? A: I want everyone to be equally strong so when there's a new student, I level up them to 5. Sooner or later you'll be asked for a Level 7 student. If that happens, then gather all the books for this student. When that condition is fulfilled, then I get back to levelling each student in order.

Some other players prefer to level up their favorite students, to level 10 even, while leaving other students at level 1 or 3. Q: Hmm, since there are quests where you have to level up a student and it doesn't care of its current level, I believe it's smarter to just wait for this quest to appear before you level up a student too high. A: That's fair enough, and I agree that it's smarter to solve the level-up request from level 4 to 5 than 5 to 6.

But keep in mind that students who are evenly strong have bigger chance of recruiting better students at parties and generate more coins. And have better chances of scoring successful dates on later stages. Q: Mario the Wallflower, why is your main character Mary the Jock? Heh heh. Yes, I play as Mary the Jock in iOS since I was watching Mary Tyler Moore Show when I started playing...and now I play as Mario the Nerd on Android. Max hit me on the guts. I believe he didn't do that to Mary.

Q: Are you Filipino? A: I'm an Indonesian with Filipino name. I see that this game is pretty popular with Filipinas of many nationalities. Q: Is this a girl's game? A: I think the majority of players are female, but it's like The Sims - guys are welcomed to play. Q: How to manage my land?

A: I'm terrible in city building games so I prefer to keep it simple with grids. Build enough pavements so your students can navigate nicely. Many schools I've seen are more well designed than mine, with more open spaces and specified quarters for parks, classrooms, and dorms.

Many players build their school like plazas with open air centers surrounded by buildings. One day I will have enough will and time to renovate my school to make it liveable. Personally I don't like the quarters system where hangouts of the same clans are grouped together (all jock hangouts here, all nerd hangouts there) because that'd build the us and them mentality.

Again, BE CAREFUL and check if a decoration is a premium one or not. Q: Waiting to add new plot sucks. A: Some players farm for new lands by buying them but do not unpack them while they are ready. Then when a quest asks for a new plot of land, they unpack that and it is available instantly. A flaw of this strategy is that you have to be careful not to unpack a bought land prematurely.

Q: Library has a pencil icon but when I tap it nothing happens! A: This is a bug. You can try again several hours later and it should be fine. Q: Are you on Forum? A: No. It's nice to read about new information, gossips, and insights on this game, but I believe I don't have time to be active on the forum, and I'm also too old for the forum. Q: Can I resell my clothes? A: No, its yours to keep, even the weird costume ones.

Q: Where are the vampires and werewolves? A: The game has got rid of them. When you've got one, its yours to keep.

Q: The mascot's outfit is sooo ugly! How can I remove it? A: Just buy a new outfit for the mascot. He/she will thank you. Q: I can't get this particular classmate after several parties!

A: Keep trying and look at my chart. More expensive classmates can take months to unlock. Q: The game says I'm on detention and I cannot play! What's going on? A: Detention is the game's anti-cheating measure. I don't know how one would cheat in HSS (there are many, many ugly programs out there to accumulate rings and so on). If you didn't have any intention to cheat, it's likely that you have manually changed your device's clock and the app believes that you intentionally do it to speed up the building or quest.

Pixelberry says that you are advised to leave your clock setting to online sync but I know that in rare cases you need to manually change the clock. Say you are in a rural area with different time zone and the wireless signal is hopeless. Or the government enacts an emergency change in daylight saving time due to environmental or energy situations. I hope you don't have to deal with that kind of stuff when playing .

Q: I don't like how my game is going. Can I reset it? A: Unfortunately not, and the way to reset is to delete the app and reinstall it. I have a bad habit of cancelling my game progress if I don't like it and starting over again. For , this idea is wasteful if you consider all the rings you have spent.

So be calm and know that you can rename and reshape your main character and created classmates -that's good enough. This means you can put a more idealized character (say, a virtuoso or a wallflower in my case) and having them assisting the main character all the time.

And if you are patient, all the moneys you've lost can be regained over time. Q: So Mia and Katherine are lesbians? A: Well yes, they love each other.

Q: Have you finished ? A: No, because is an ongoing game. Q: Hey, I play too! Can be we friends? A: Sure. Look for awritingdog on iOS Game Center and Mario Rustan on Google Play Games. Thanks for adding. For your questions and tips, write to politicsbrat at gmail. Again, the game's Help Section (Settings and Help) will address most of your queries. _____________ 7. Conclusion _____________ Hope this Strategy Guide (sorry I cannot make a walkthrough, actually you don't really need one) will help you getting cozy with .

If you are reading this to see if it's good and what's inside, I hope it has covered all you wanted to know. It's addictive in a good way and you have to be patient in waiting for the quests to complete. But it is, overall, an easy game. I'll keep this guide updated as new developments coming in. Making your dream village in The Sims takes insane amount of time and computer processing power, but it's a breeze to make your dream class in , so cheers to Pixelberry Studios for making this cheerful and positive game.

-awritingdog, Southeast Asia, January 14.

best dating an older girl in high school story book 2 walkthrough

best dating an older girl in high school story book 2 walkthrough - High School Story FAQ/Walkthrough v2.4

best dating an older girl in high school story book 2 walkthrough

Mermaid Secrets 2 – Love Story in High School is a fun casual game by JoyPlus Technology Co., Ltd. You will play as the Mermaid princess, and you have to keep your secrets and don’t anybody know. Your makeup is mess, and you need to refine the makeup and dress up the beautiful outfit. Alan is sick at home, and you need to take care of him and help him recovery soon. The game features gorgeous graphics, cool sound effects, and interesting story line. If you need some help, check out the video walkthrough and gameplay for the game.

Mermaid Secrets 2 – Love Story in High School Walkthrough Part 1 – First Emergency Rescue:

best dating an older girl in high school story book 2 walkthrough

-------------------- [1] Remember how much you care for each other [2] Stop fighting! [1] Chase after her before it's too late! 20 diamonds [1] You don't think I'm still nervous? [2] I still think I was a good boyfriend back then [3] It's because you're the whole package [1] What was that for? [2] I deserved that [1] I met your parents for the first time?

[2] You agreed to be my girlfriend? [3] We spent New Year's together? [2] It's up to you [1] I can't believe you lied to me! [2] I'm worried about you Chapter 9: Secrets, Lies, and Spaghetti Files What do you do? [1] Explore with Caleb 17 diamonds, Relationship improved with Caleb [1] Hall monitors [2] Troublemakers [3] Others: Part 1 [4] Others: Part 2 [5] Stop reading [1] Smart [2] Horrifying [1] Thanks for being my friend [2] You're the one who keeps me strong [2] Explore with Aiden 17 diamonds, Relationship improved with Aiden *You'll get the password if you chose 'Tell us everything( 16D)' on chapter 10 What do you do?

[1] Explore the hall with Caleb [2] Explore the hall with Michael What do you do? [1] Let's hide in the closet together 20 diamonds [1] Is this part of your master plan to get me alone? [2] I don't mind at all [1] Can't you give me a hint [2] Well, I've never told you mine either! [1] Romeo? [2] Raymond? [3] Robin? [1] Kiss Michael Relationship improved with Michael [2] Open the door [2] I'd rather cram into a locker [3] Explore the hall with Aiden [4] Explore the hall with Maria [5] Explore the hall with Emma [1] How many places she's worked at [2] All these fake identities Chapter 12: Save Me, San Francisco Chapter 8 #1 don't worry he'll come around * ( team spirit improved #2 Things with Isa aren't bad #1 want to fill me in #2 sure look cozy together #3 Are acting weird lately #1 you can't leave #2 it'd be best if you left #3 I'll defend your honor Cheerleading -Round off -High kick -Power pose #1 join this once......

go Hearst #2 I'm sticking with our side -You can make this #1 remember how much you care for each other #2 stop fighting #1 chase after her before it's too late ( 20 diamonds #2 It's up to you #1 I can't believe you lied to me #2 I'm worried about you Chaos 8 full tester 1) - they have a point # - it'll all smooth over soon (+basketball score up) 2) no wrong answer 3) - you can't leave!

- it'd be best if you left. # - I'll defend your honour (+relation aiden) 4) basketball Block. Pass. Dunk +basketball score 5) # - just this once (= Hearst wins) # - I'm sticking with the basketball team + the hoop (=berry high wins) 7) both answers ok 8) # - chase after her before it's to late! (Relationship between Frank and payton saved) (All answers are good) - it's up to you (Frank and payton break up) 9) both good Chap 9 1) - you should've trusted me. # - I understand. It's okay. (+Relationship Emma) 2) either 3) either 4) - I agree with you.

(+basketball standing) - sorry, but must has a point. - I'm not taking sides here. 5) pick your favourite (mine is maria) - we can be terrible together. - I can teach you a thing or two. #- a steady pace. #- even. #- you can thank me with a kiss?

(+Relationship improved Maria) - a celebration high? 6) #- grab an extra tray. #- defend each one (+Relationship improved each) - take my chances.

Chapter 10 1) all good 2) #- wave at him. (Relationship Caleb improved) - smirk at him #- blow him a kiss. (Relationship Caleb improved) 3) - get a hall pass and go talk to Caleb + I care about you a lot (Relationship Caleb improved) - wait until after school.

4) both good 5) both good 6) both good 7)#- tell us everything. - what's the bottom line? 8) both good 9)#- buy the uniform + All good - don't wear the uniform Timed +hide +hide in your locker +get school work from my locker There's no need to be so demanding/rude. This is someone who does these walkthroughs for free on their own time to help and connect with others, without any obligation. Here's another link to a walkthrough page that you could try:,_Book_2_Choices?comments_page=1 Anonymous Looking forward to Chapter 15 - I’ve played as a male, and I’ve been inside Emma at homecoming, and am about to (if all goes well) get inside Maria too.

Interesting how you can basically play two girls at the same time on Choices and the other one doesn’t find out. Book 1 I was all over Emma but lost interest in her in Book 2 - Maria has some spunk about her! Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time [1] My the best woman win [2] My first act as queen will be banishing you! [3] I'd actually rather date you [1] I'd love to [2] In your face, Olivia! [3] I'm ready to do a lot more than dancing [1] You'll have to start bowing to me [2] I'll still be me [1] Why do I get all the rowdy tables?

[2] I'm on it. The tip will be insane! [3] Bring on the hot guys! - The pleasure's all mine - The charm's all fine - The treasure's all wine [1] Nothing I can't handle [2] That's one word for it [3] This is your chance to make up it up to me [1] To the hottest club in town [2] To a gorgeous secret cove by the beach - Green with envy 12 diamonds - Tough love 12 diamonds - Basic black - Shots! - Fancy mixed drinks - Cherry Italian sodas [1] You don't need an excuse +Romance [2] Better think of something fast [1] Congratulations [2] You're pretty flirty for an engaged guy [1] Why didn't you tell me?

[2] This doesn… New hairstyles: - Short blue ombre 15 diamonds - Half updo 20 diamonds Chapter 1: Homecoming [1] Help me?* [2] Scold me? [1] Of course it's not true!* [2] I'm NOT with Tariq. But I might be in love with someone else... [1] Bertrand, take my bag! Let's go!* [2] I don't know... [3] I'm done with this! I'm going to go back to New York and... [1] Who set me up* [2] Why Liam chose Madeleine [1] Liam* [2] Drake [3] Hana [1] This is what passes for a broom closet around here* [2] She's just trying to show off how rich she is [3] The room is bugged - Midnight star 12 diamonds - Petal Pink [1] Clear my name* [2] Get my price back [3] Wipe the smirk off of Madeleine's face [1] A reporter [2] A relative of the royal family [3] Madeleine's mother* [1] You're mistaken [2] That's hilarious [3] We do look cute together, don't we?* [1] It'll take more than a few lies to get rid of me* [2] Congratulations on your engagement [3] Let's not preten… Act 4, Chapter 1: The Unknown Has Always Been a Comfort to Me [1] Step aside Estela+2, Aleister-1 [2] Stay put Estela-1, Aleister+1 - Michelle, Quinn and Iris [1] Listen to her, Quinn * (Had a 100% chance) Quinn+3 [2] Let her do what she wants, Michelle - Lila, Sean, and Jake - Raj, Zahra and Craig Raj+1 [1] Join in and make a bad joke!

Craig+1, Raj+1, Zahra+1 [2] Tell them to focus - Grace and Aleister Grace+2 New Outfits: (Wear to get +points depending where you are and with who :3 ) - Casual 15 diamonds - Tropical 25 diamonds - Stylish 20 diamonds - Unique 15 diamonds - Sean at the rooftop - Estela at the security office - Quinn at the beach - Jake at the bar [1] You need to get your act together if we want to save him [2] I'm here for you, no matter what Jake+1 [1] Kiss him [ Start dating Jake] [2] Turn away [1] Recently built [2] Hidden Jake+1 [1] La Huerta [2] Hell [3] Pompeii Aleister+2, Grace+1 [4] Mount Doom * Raj+1, Grace+1, Grace+1 [1] Cudaceas [2] Cedecues [3] Caduce…

Choices:- High School Story Book 2 Chapter #9 Maria Route (Diamonds used)
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