Best dating brighton uk restaurants

best dating brighton uk restaurants

Fast becoming one of Brighton’s most celebrated restaurants, you certainly can’t beat The Salt Room for location. Perched overlooking the West Pier, directly on the seafront, the restaurant's food is pretty remarkable too. The lemon sole served with bok choi, seaweed and lime will make for a zingy accompaniment to your seaside recess. Book you table at lunchtime to make the most of the fabulous views.

best dating brighton uk restaurants

Known for colourful nightlife and traditional English seaside pursuits, Brighton and neighbour Hove are the closest beach resorts to London, making them popular end points for classic car runs from the capital. Many end at the racecourse, a few streets from Brighton Marina, Europe’s largest, housing several shops and eateries. Many Brighton guest houses on are also nearby. Running along the beachfront is the world’s oldest operating electric railway, ending by Brighton Pier.

Lit up at night and also known as Palace Pier, this city icon houses amusements and rides, and is one place to pick up some famous Brighton Rock, the confectionery sharing its name with an edgy Graham Greene novel set here.

A new addition, the Brighton Wheel is right by the pier, while one of its most famous attractions is the Royal Pavilion, a former royal retreat built in Indian style.

Just west are 2 of the most popular Brighton shopping spots – Churchill Square shopping centre and The Lanes with its narrow streets and unusual shops. This area also has several Brighton hotels with parking, and the Artists Quarter, a series of ex-fishing huts that are now galleries.

The arts are a big thing here and Brighton Festival is the UK’s 2nd largest arts festival, while Brighton Pride is also a big event on the annual calendar. It was warm and the sun was amazing at the time, I had the flu and slept like a baby in the hotel I was in. 27bb the best place to stay and the cheapest for a single room with breakfast, over looking the garden. I was there for a short weekend but am planning to visit again some point soon.

I went to pom poko great Japanese restaurant, there's no need to book it's mainly a first come first serve eatery. And very fast, busy pace. There are restaurants and supermarkets near by. So everything is like a 5mins walk. The seaside is like 5mins and fish and chips is under a £10er just so you can watch the sun setting in the distance.

I stayed at the Hotel Pelirocco in Regency Square. It is a great hotel in a fabulous central location. Easy car-parking in the car-park in Regency Square. The hotel staff were warm welcoming and very helpful. There was a music event being held in the bar location which was great and once I went up to my room I didn't hear any noise at all. The hotel is in a great location for exploring all that Brighton has to offer as it is near to the Lanes, The Pier and the new i360.

I will definitely be coming back to stay and have told all my friends to check it out if they are planning a trip to Brighton. We enjoyed the variety of shops around The Lanes area.There was a great little Italian restaurant across from the St James pub on the side street.

Beware, it's gets busy so go early!St James pub had awesome SKA music on the Friday night and people were up dancing all night.

They have an extensive range of Rum so enjoy the hangover!The parking is a nightmare so if you have to drive, be prepared to walk a long way from your car.Stay at Legends Hotel! We had a room on the 3rd floor above the front door and have read that it is noisy but that is not so. It is a very faint noise and better than slamming doors in other hotels. The staff are amazing!

best dating brighton uk restaurants

best dating brighton uk restaurants - Restaurants Brighton (@EatBrighton)

best dating brighton uk restaurants

Nestled on the shores of the English Channel, Brighton is undoubtedly one of the South East’s most vibrant cities. Buzzing, progressive and cosmopolitan, it’s a place that’s got something for every persuasion.

Like the city itself, Brightonians are a diverse and charming bunch. All this choice, however, can make it particularly challenging when it comes to meeting someone who suits you to a tee. That’s where EliteSingles comes in to play. With years of experience in the online dating industry, we’re one of Britain’s leading sites for singles who’re looking for lasting love.

It’s time to discover a new side to the Brighton dating scene. Single life in Brighton Brighton singles tend to hail from many different walks of life. From artists and academics to high-flying London professionals, Brighton’s population is a proper melting pot of backgrounds and cultures. For sure, meeting someone fun in one of the city’s many bars or clubs isn’t difficult. That said it’s hard to guarantee that they’ll have long-term potential for a serious relationship.

Since getting to know someone properly on a night out is hardly easy, finding a person who has exactly what you look for in a partner can prove a challenge. Another issue to consider is your work-life balance. With a considerable bulk of commuting to London every day, it’s especially hard to find the time to get out and delve into the Brighton dating scene. It’s not uncommon to feel disheartened if you fall into this camp, especially as it can seem like you’re continually searching in the wrong place for someone to love.

That’s why online dating is often viewed as a much more practical approach if you’ve got a demanding schedule. And EliteSingles is designed with busy people in mind and uses all the latest technologies to enhance your love life. Here’s how... Brighton dating with EliteSingles You might be wondering how EliteSingles differs from any other Brighton dating site? That’s a good question. Our dating platform is the result of years and years of experience in the industry coupled with a forward-thinking approach to online dating.

At the core of EliteSingles is our system. Upon registration, we require every new member to fill in an extensive that’s based on Costa and McRae’s famous Five Factor Model.

Your results help us get a nuanced understanding of your characteristics, as well as the sort of qualities you’re looking for in a potential partner. After you’ve completed the test, our matchmaking algorithm produces intuitive partner suggestion based on your personality and preferences. You’re able to set specific preferences too, meaning that the process is much easier to tailor to your requirements. For example, you may have a certain distance you’re willing to travel to meet new people, or it might be crucial that the people you meet share the same aspirations when it comes to starting a family.

Though our service is designed to take the strain off you and produce tangible results, we actively enable you to have the final say over how our platform fits into your life. As mentioned briefly above, dating in Brighton is wonderfully broad and we love celebrating that diversity.

We pride ourselves on offering our members an incredibly inclusive service through which it’s possible to meet like-minded singles. As well as helping more mature singles get back into , we’ve got a very strong membership from within Brighton’s . We feel that we’re one of the UK’s best dating sites when it comes to and dating. What better place to find out why than in Brighton! What's going on in Brighton? As well as ensuring our members have access to a premium dating service and , we also provide current and fun dating advice.

We’re fully aware that our duty doesn’t just stop once you’ve matched with someone; we want to help you grow your new relationship. That’s why we’ve created our . As well as tips on how to , it’s packed with articles on fun and for when you’re out meeting your matches.

Brighton singles will know that there’s plenty going on in the city. Whilst this means it’s ideal for daters, it can be a bit of a headache deciding on a place that’s both novel and suited to a person’s tastes when you don’t know them too well. To help you make the most out of Brighton dating, we’ve jotted down a few of our favourite locations for first dates in the tip section below.

After putting our heads together, we hope you enjoy checking out some of our suggested spots with your new beau! A pub paradise If you think that the best way to break the ice is over a casual drink in a relaxed environment, there aren’t many cities that can rival Brighton when it comes to the sheer choice of watering holes (according to some sources, there are roughly around 900 licensed premises in Brighton and Hove!).

And what’s more, every Brightonian will have their favourite. We’ve got a couple. During the summer months, make the climb up to Hanover’s Setting Sun. A proper hidden gem, it’s one of the best spots to watch the sunset over the city. For a more snug experience nothing beats the . Make sure you open up the tobacco boxes that adorn its walls and read the notes inside. You might even pen something romantic together!

Last but not least, get lost inside the sprawling , a quirky pub just up from the Bandstand. Brighton bites Locals proudly argue that Brighton has some of the best restaurants in the UK. It indeed has some of the most interesting, and date-suitable, particularly if the idea of formal fine-dining does always appeal. is one of the finest vegetarian restaurants there is, as is the hugely popular nearby. If you’re looking for something low-key, there’s plenty on offer too.

If you’re a morning person, why not have a breakfast date at Kemptown’s egg & spoon. Relive those student days and grab some delicious Japanese food at . Set just opposite the Pavilion, it’s a great place to start a night out. For one of the city’s best lazy Sunday roasts, an afternoon at is too good to be missed! With so many new places opening each month, in Brighton you can always find somewhere to enjoy on your first date together.

What to do? In a city constantly re-inventing itself, daters in Brighton are well-endowed for options. From live music in the Prince Albert to theatre, fine restaurants and outdoor activities, Brighton offers something for everyone. And with the beachfront always a possibility for a romantic stroll, Brighton can surely be said to be a dating paradise. For something simple that’s popular with most (almost two thirds of women in our recent survey favoured it), 1 going for coffee on the first date is a good idea.

makes some of the best coffee in Brighton – and, as they have locations all over the city, you're never far from a solid first date venue.

best dating brighton uk restaurants

There are few seaside resorts in England that have retained their shine as long as Brighton has. A pebble's throw from London, this coastal town remains one of the nation's favourite places to visit or live in.

Fine-dining establishments wrestle each other for space here, but you can still find plenty of less expensive and more relaxed places to dine. With so many in Brighton, you're going to have plenty of excuses to stop for a bite. Why go? Well-loved vegetarian restaurant in the South Lanes that’s even a hit with non-veggies. Vegetarian and vegan food often gets a bit of a bad press (although more and more people are turning to it these days), but Brighton restaurant Food for Friends has long been proving that no meat doesn’t equal no taste.

This award-winning venue specialises in dishes designed to be shared with a table of your best mates (even the ones who claim to dislike veggie food). High-end. Why go? Hip, contemporary fine dining at one of Brighton’s coolest restaurants. If you think yourself a bit of a foodie fashionista (or know someone who is), then Isaac At (excuse the strange name) is the Brighton restaurant for you.

It was the first restaurant in the world to offer a wine list entirely made up of British vino. And the food’s rather special too. Splash out on their seasonal and locally-sourced tasting menu or get a speedy pre-theatre dinner. High-end. Why go? Take your tastebuds all the way to Tokyo and back, without leaving the South East.

Brighton isn’t exactly short of a fine dining spot, but those who really know their food also known Bincho Yakitori. This joint has legions of fans who come for its authentically Japanese casual drinking-and-dining experience.

It’s the meat skewers that everyone goes really wild for, so take your seat at the bar and say hai to everything on offer. Mid-range. Why go? The Brighton restaurant where no-meat doesn’t equal no-fun. If Brighton’s many steak restaurants aren’t your thing, try local treasure Terre à Terre. You’ll get anything and everything from around the globe here – there are no constraints on the country of origin, as long as the recipe is tasty and plant-based. Make sure you leave room to try their luscious puds.

Mid-range. Why go? Super fresh seafood for when a trip to the seaside requires a coordinating meal. There’s little point being on the British coast if you’re not going to take advantage of the culinary fantasia right in front of you. The Salt Room won the 2017 Seafish UK Restaurant of the Year award, and specialises in cooking over coal. Diners also get a meal with a view, thanks to The Salt Room’s seafront location opposite the West Pier.

High-end (with some mid-range options) Why go? Celebrated steak restaurant with a commitment to the best of local ingredients. The sister restaurant of The Salt Room, The Coal Shed is a firm favourite with Brightonians and visitors.

If your ideal meal is a simple and classic steak, done extremely well, then this is the place for you. Old school meaty brilliance means even the bread can be served with whipped beef fat, and the robust puddings will keep you full all night. High-end (with some mid-range options inc. pre-theatre menu). Why go? Delicious and inventive Indian restaurant loved by Brighton foodies. Many consider The Chilli Pickle Brighton’s best Indian restaurant.

Suitable for lunch or dinner, the creatively put together menu is crammed with recipes you’re unlikely to have tried before. Their dishes are colourful, well-spiced and aromatic – the absolute perfect pick-me-up if you’re feeling a tiny bit under the weather or simply suffering from the winter blues. Mid-range. Why go? 18 th century fisherman’s cottage transformed into a 21 st century steakhouse.

Brighton’s big on its meat-loving restaurants, and one of the best is Il Bistro. You can find it in the Lanes where you can enjoy everything from breakfast onwards at this independent joint. Obviously, steak is the thing here, but they also serve a surprisingly large amount of seafood, plus classic European desserts. Mid-range/high-end. Why go? 100% sustainable restaurant taking hipster diners back to the land.

You know those little brown food waste bins you always forget to use? Well, Silo has gone one better. This Brighton restaurant creates zero food waste and grounds everything it does – from the fixtures and fittings to the flour – in a sustainable ethos. The food is on-trend, tasty and healthy.

One trip here, and you’ll be composting for life. High-end. Why go? Stylish, on-trend cuisine in a sleek venue. Yet more proof that Brighton is rather fond of its super-cool restaurants, 64 Degrees does the ‘small plates’ thing with a big load of flair. Headed by Michael Bremner, the restaurant prides itself on using local and seasonal produce – so don’t be surprised to see a good few Sussex items on the menu. This is a good place to book if you’re trying to impress a serious foodie.

High-end. Why go? Kemptown hangout for the best Mexican brunch on a Sunday morning. If you want something different from eggs benedict (and want to get a table) head to local favourite Zona Rosa in Kemptown for a damn fine breakfast burrito. Or, if you like to rise a little later, come for lunch or dinner when you can get a Mexican feast but not feel bad about it – there’s a healthy edge to this menu which is great for veggies.

Mid-range. Why go? Sticky, sweaty, steaming Americana served on the British seaside. You’re nursing a terrible hangover from a night out in Brighton and the only thing to resuscitate your sorry corpse is meat, a lot of meat.

Head to Smokeys for the biggest of brunches USA-style. Or come here for dinner and get covered in sauce chomping through BBQ’d everything. Even if you’re not hungover, it’s still a hot brunching spot. Mid-range. Why go? Consistently one of Brighton’s most popular seafront restaurants.

The words ‘hotel restaurant’ can conjure up all manner of culinary horrors. But the Restaurant at Drakes is one of the good guys. Here, you’re getting a fine-dining experience suitable for when serious celebrating is called for. Vegetarians are well catered for here, with a dedicated 5-course tasting menu. High-end. Why go? Taste your way through up to nine courses at this Hove home-from-home for fine diners.

It’s run by a former Master Chef: The Professionals winner, so it’s no real surprise Etch is a fancy little spot. But the plates are arguably fancier than the nicely laid-back restaurant itself, which aims to move away from the stuffier feeling of traditional posh restaurants. Tasting menus change each month and reflect whatever is best at that time of year. High-end/blowout. Why go? Indonesian-Malaysian food in an informal setting on the Hove seafront.

If you’re headed for Hove and are looking for a fun place to dine, try the Bali Brasserie. The menu is a mixture of Indonesian and Malaysian traditions which, in turn, are influenced by a wide range of Asian cookery styles. Groups can book in advance to have the ‘rijsttafel’, an Indonesian 4-course meal made up of 15 dishes. Mid-range. Why go? Because at this charming, independant bistro, they really know how to jump-start your pallette. Semolina does high-quality dining but keeps the experience nice and calm.

You won’t feel stressed out by an overly formal setting here, but you will get to enjoy the results of a carefully planned menu. Their trick is to keep the options limited, so that each dish gets the attention it deserves. The set lunch menu is an affordable way to sample the Semolina love.

Mid-range/high-end. Why go? Craft ale and burger joint for bottomless brunch or a carb-heaven dinner. Very few things in life beat a proper burger with a proper beer to go with it. As is the case with the Stock Burger Co in Brighton. If fine-dining isn’t you’re thing, come here instead for a menu where every burger has a recommended beer. Or, book for bottomless brunch and get giggly on all the mimosas you can manage.

Mid-range. Why go? Multi-branch Indian street food vendor beloved by vegetarians. Let's be honest: no trip to the seaside is complete without some fish and chips – it's a British staple. So why not take it up a flavoursome notch with Masala-battered fish ‘n’ chips? The Curry Leaf Café has three places in Brighton (the Lanes, Kemptown and a train station kiosk).

All of them serve South Indian street food made, where possible, with produce from farms in the Brighton area. Mid-range. Why go? Get to know the difference between natural, organic and biodynamic wine at this cool restaurant. Impress a dinner date with a trip to Plateau, a modern Brighton restaurant that’s all about the wines. Only they’re wines you don’t have to feel so bad about sucking down, because they’re all natural, organic or biodynamic.

Pair a glass or three with beautifully-presented small plates designed to be shared. High-end. Why go? A classic Brighton restaurant with plenty of charm. Brighton diners love The Gingerman, and it’s easy to see why. This cooly decorated venue offers fixed-price menus (one, two or three courses) or a splash-out tasting one.

The food is Britsh-influenced, with some gourmet flourishes. Ideal for pre-theatre dining. High-end. Why go? To indulge in some retro glamour whilst devouring some especially delightful nibbles. Afternoon tea is quite possibly the most decadent meal of the day (unless you count cocktail hour as a meal – hello, liquid calories).

Bringing you all the fun of the lunchy-feast, Metrodeco swaps trendy or chic design for a throwback theme. Step inside and you'll be transported back to the 1930's, with wooden floors, plush furniture and stunning lighting. Our tip: get the afternoon tea that comes with a tipple (literally putting the G back into G&T). Oh and since it's Brighton, those with dietary requirement need not fret: Metrodeco even do gluten-free and vegan versions.

Yum. Mid-range. Why go? Kemptown restaurant specialising in steak and ribs. Ok ok, so it's not one for those on a cruelty-free diet, but meat-lovers are in luck: The Old Bank in Kemptown marinates its pork baby back ribs for 24 hours before serving them to hungry diners.

If the mere thought of that gets you salivating, this relaxed restaurant is the one for you. Along with ribs, they also reel in the customers with the promise of steaks and rotisserie chicken. Mid-range. Why go? Lanes-located restaurant with a laid-back feel and an enclosed courtyard.

When you need somewhere for a work meeting, a catch-up with friends or a relaxed date, Brighton’s Coach House Restaurant & Bar ticks a lot of boxes. Its menu is simple but tempting, with a Mediterranean theme running throughout. They’ve also got a bar snacks menu for moments when time is tight but you could do with a quick nibble.


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