Best dating cafes hamburg germany

best dating cafes hamburg germany

Your comprehensive Gay Hamburg Germany guide ✓ Get to know all essential gay places ✓ Gay saunas│gay hotels│gay bars and clubs│gay event + reviews and maps While Germany might have taken a ‘better later than never’ approach to legalizing gay marriage, it is frequently named one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. 1920’s Berlin was famed as a relative paradise for LGBT people at the time, and same-sex sexual activity was decriminalization relatively early by world standards – 1968 in East Germany and 1969 in the West. Just another reason to love Gay Germany!

best dating cafes hamburg germany

With gulls in the air and sea salt on the wind, there’s no mistaking Hamburg’s proximity to the sea, and for fish lovers, it’s a heavenly place to out. Whether you choose the old-school Hanseatic elegance of Fischereihafen or cutting-edge Japanese at Henssler & Henssler, this is a city where exquisite seafood reigns supreme.

But it’s not all salmon or sashimi at the best restuarants in . Firm local favorites Café Paris and Plat du Jour both offer top-notch French food and authentic brasserie charm; Lebanese star L’Orient seriously raises the falafel game; and Tyrolean locale Marend sets you up perfectly for a night out in St Pauli with a hearty plate of Knödel . Mahlzeit! When in Germany…eat French. If you're at Cafe Paris that is. This fine French brasserie has been serving up top notch bouillabaisse and steak tartare since 1882, with a sauerkraut dish to satisfy any hankerings for a bit of German grub.

Unsurprisingly, given its Parisian inspiration, you won't find many veggie options here, but carnivores will be delighted. That's not to say a vegetarian couldn't enjoy a hearty meal, especially as the cheese is so moreish. There are three elegantly decorated art deco dining areas to accommodate guests and space to prop yourself at the bar. All the best restaurants require booking ahead and you'd be wise to follow that rule at Henssler und Henssler.

After all, it's one of the best places to get Japanese food in Germany, let alone Hamburg. You'll find it's starkly industrial exterior on Große Elbstraße, but rest assured the interior neat and clean, coloured in reds, blacks and whites, and flanked by the open kitchen, which is fascinating if you get the chance to glance over.

In fact, if you want to get a good look at the action, you can request a seat at the bar running alongside the kitchen. Cooked dishes of tempura or grilled fish and the sushi come out artfully presented and in plentiful portions.

The clue's in the name here: [M]eatery unsurprisingly specialises in meat and boy do they do it well. Steak is the thing to go for, whether that be rib-eye, tartare or surfed by lobster. The cuts are chunky and the skinny fries are a perfect accompaniment. Plump burgers are also on the menu, alongside an array of tempting desserts.

[M]eatery adjoins the five-star SIDE design hotel, where, during the summer, they host barbecues on the roof. For old-school Hamburg class and outstanding seafood, you can choose no better than the Fischereihafen. Run by the same family since the 1980s, it combines formal elegance with warm hospitality and counts Prince and Princess of Wales among its more eminent guests.

It may be plain from the brick façade but feels like the first-class dining room of a transatlantic liner as soon as you’ve stepped through the door, with candlelight, carpeted floors, white linen tablecloths and nautical scenes on the wall. Unchanged over the years, it’s by no means a hip joint, rather the kind of place you want to play a little vintage dapper and order a glass of champagne. The oysters, lobster soup, turbot and tiger prawns come particularly recommended, but everything here is first-class and supremely fresh.

The views across the harbor are great by day or night, and service is impeccable. If it’s warm enough, book a table on the terrace. This is next level falafel. Booking ahead is a must at L’Orient, an excellent Lebanese restaurant on Hamburg’s northern Osterstraße thoroughfare. It’s an ordinary street largely made up of banks, hairdressers, tanning salons and copy shops, but the food inside is quite something.

Things kick off with the spectacular Mazza, delivering phenomenal flavors in individually-dished delights; for many, a bountiful meal in itself. Mains include meat, fish and vegetarian options, each beautifully aromatic, from duck breast on fig carpaccio with walnut-anise sauce to the spicy eggplant casserole with dates, almonds, raisins and pomegranate.

Even when super busy, service is warm, gracious and very accommodating of any dietary needs. Rainville is actually a hotel, though with just six bedrooms and restaurant space for 150, the emphasis here is very much on fine dining as much as overnight hospitality. The somewhat unassuming street entrance is fully compensated by the restaurant’s contemporary interior, and, above all, by the large terrace looking directly across the docks in all their gritty glory (look out for the prow-like Dockland Office building, a gateway to the Hamburg harbor and one of the city’s most iconic waterfront structures).

This is the kind of place where you might meet your in-laws for a Sunday lunch, or just as easily take a date for sunset dinner; elegant design, attentive service, fresh sea air and a cracking view. The menu is succinct, refined and French-leaning. Tucked away off an uncharismatic main road, Le Plat du Jour has no big claims when it comes to location, but nevertheless enjoys a long-standing and loyal clientele, mostly led by its excellent word-of-mouth reputation.

Down to the red gingham napkins and closely-lined tables, it’s a true brasserie experience, with all the snail, duck, rabbit and foie gras dishes you might expect. A great choice for anyone doing business lunch in Hamburg, Le Plat du Jour is equally jovial of a weekend evening, with warm wall lighting and a three-course dinner menu—if you have room for dessert, the profiteroles are a win.

Service is consistently great. As the name implies, this laid-back locale is more café than restaurant, but it wins a place on the list as a Schanzenviertel staple since the early ‘80s, when the now heavily gentrified neighborhood still retained true counter-cultural credentials.

It’s a great place to stop by while exploring the neighborhood, with a classic run in continental breakfast platters, a small selection of soups at lunchtime and an impressive vitrine of Kuchen. The coffee is old-school rather than third wave, the leather banquettes are faded, and service is strikingly hit or miss, but if you’re out for a classic German café with patina charm and an excellent stock of international papers, this is your place.

Ask for the Apple Strudel — it may not be on display in the vitrine but it’s available every day. On sunny mornings, the terrace is lovely. Tyrolean locale Marend may look out onto the flashing neon and screeching roller coasters of the Hamburger Dom fun fair, but inside it’s all soft lamps and candlelight, simple pinewood furnishings and flowers as diminutive and delicate as an Alpine posy.

The menu is slim; the dishes are not. Hearty mountain Knödel (dumplings) are the name of the game here, with a simple choice between cheese, spinach and beetroot flavors, each served with a crunchy side salad.

It’s perfect stomach-lining fodder before a night out in neighboring St. Pauli, but Marend is just as popular for cozy date nights and relaxed group get-togethers at the central table. If you do want to hit the town after dinner, the imposing grey stone building across the road was once an over ground bunker and is now home to the hot (in every sense) Uebel und Gefährlich club and concert venue. Huge schnitzel, chilled beer, no-nonsense service and open all night; Ericka’s is a Sternschanze institution, serving up giant portions from 5pm to 2pm the next day, or 9am at weekends.

With hours like these, it’s a natural favorite for the post-club crowd, who roll in around sunrise in desperate need of a salutary dose of salt of carbs. Don’t come here for the décor–musty carpet, dark wood, game machines–and don’t expect vast gastronomic choice; the biggest decision here is how to take your schnitzel—with mushrooms, fried egg, pepper sauce or “Hawaii” style with pineapple and cheese.

Note that Ericka’s is a place of proud neighborhood tradition and staff don’t always take kindly to drunk and rowdy tourists. Try to be polite and patient, and try to speak at least a little German.

best dating cafes hamburg germany

best dating cafes hamburg germany - Online Dating in Hamburg

best dating cafes hamburg germany

Last updated November 12th, 2018 If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Hamburg and a dating guide then you have found the right page. It won’t be long until you know where to pick up single women and the top spots for a date night around town.

We have written many , we always assume that foreign men are reading them because we are posting in English. It is important to point out that women here don’t generally like small talk, if you are going to hit on them have a plan and move quickly. If you just try to have a casual conversation about nothing they probably will lose interest pretty quick. Often times foreign men come here and think that people are really rude, it is just a cultural difference.

Table of Contents • • • • • This post will begin with us talking about the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Hamburg. Then we will talk about where you can try to meet women during the day as well as mention a good online dating option that can help you hook up. From there we will pivot and focus more on our dating guide. Good cocktail bars and romantic restaurants for your date night will be covered, as well as fun things to see and do during the day. Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars For some specific singles bars and nightclubs to pick up girls in Hamburg try one of these: • at Reeperbahn 136 • at St.

Pauli Fischmarkt 27 • at Reeperbahn 50 • at Stresemannstraße 114 • at Große Freiheit 6 • at Nobistor 10 • at Nobistor 14 • at Stockmeyerstraße 43 • in the Fleetenkieker at 10, Börsenbrücke • at 1 Reeperbahn • at Seewartenstraße 9 • at Rathausstraße 3 • at 22 Reeperbahn Germany is known for its very late nightlife so remember that when you are planning to go out.

Have dinner around 10, head to a singles bar around midnight, and then hit up a nightclub at 2am or later. Parties here often run all night, don’t get burned out before the real fun starts. This city is known for the Reeperbahn red light district where you can find all sorts of adult entertainment. However if you are picking up any girls from the red light district you won’t be getting laid for free. The best singles nightlife area to try and hook up with Hamburg girls would be in St Pauli which is very close by, or also you can find good clubs and bars in Sternschanze.

Sternschanze would be considered a bit more hipster. You can get a good rate on a hotel room in one of these areas if you . If you were running solo and prefer to go out with a group then the Uniscene parties get .

Meet Hamburg Girls During The Day Do you speak any German? If so you might have a chance with day game, but most women in Hamburg aren’t going to be very proficient with English so that will definitely hinder you. Meeting girls during the day is all about having a conversation, well if you don’t speak the same language good luck with that. But we always like to say if you see a pretty girl walk by you might as well smile and say hello.

Some good malls and shopping districts to try and pick up girls would be: • Europa Passage Hamburg • Alstertal-Einkaufszentrum • Phoenix-Center Hamburg-Harburg • Billstedt Center • Harburg Arcaden Remember to get to the point when you approach them, they don’t have time for small talk. If you will also be visiting Munich you can read about at this link. Chat With Girls Online Technology really has changed the game when it comes to dating.

Some men still prefer the traditional ways like going to a singles bar or approaching a stranger on the street. They certainly still have their own advantages, a true player usually uses all of the tools at his disposal.

From an efficiency point of view there is no better value for your time then you get when meeting girls on online dating sites. Day game is a slow, often boring process and often ends up with nothing. Nightlife can be better at times but not always, but with online dating you can send out so many messages that you are bound to get some replies. We all know about the best dating sites to meet our future bride, but what about when we just want to hook up and have some fun?

is the answer if that is your goal. This site is all about getting laid, not finding your future wife. It is extremely popular in Germany with over five thousand women who check their accounts every month.

There are hundreds of single girls in Hamburg using to get laid, and many more in nearby cities. If you are interested in having sex but aren’t ready for a commitment it is the right site for you. Hamburg Dating Guide Now you are filled in on the best places and ways to meet singles near you and our Hamburg dating guide will take over. If you got a girl to agree to go out with you that is a great start, but you still have plenty of work to do.

You can try visiting one of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars on your date night: • at Alsterufer 2 • at Turnerstraße 9 • at Mönckebergstraße 7 • at Lange Reihe 68 • at Neuer Pferdemarkt 5 • at Beselerplatz 11 • at Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 97 • at Seewartenstraße 9 • at Max-Brauer-Allee 275 Then you can visit one of the above nightclubs, or the Fischmarket often has live music and can be a great way to cap off your Hamburg date night. Day Date Ideas If the weather is accommodating then try to have your date during the day outdoors.

Somewhere like: • Planten un Blomen • Wilhelmsburger Insel Park • Altonaer Volkspark • Stadtpark For some adventure go rock climbing at Nordwandhalle Betriebsgesellschaft, or there are some cool museums like the Miniatur Wunderland and Chocoversum.

We are going to include a map of the best pick up and date spots in the city, and if you want to use public transportation has a map of the metro system. Berlin is an awesome town and if you find the right girl head there and use the advice from our to show her a great time.

Enjoy Dating Hamburg Girls That is all the info we have for now but we will continue to up this page every few months. If any of the above places close down or you know of any other good date spots to check out please let us know in the comments. If you find yourself in a bit of a slump don’t forget about the many single women on who are always around to hook up when you need them most.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Hamburg with the dating guide, enjoy your time here.

best dating cafes hamburg germany

There are a few things that come to mind when I think of Hamburg, Germany. I often think about the city was one of the most critical places in Europe helping get immigrants to the United States back in the day (my family included). I also think about how good the beer scene is in Hamburg. But, I never ever dismiss the thoughts about how good coffee in Hamburg is. The scene is so developed compared to that of where I live in Frankfurt and I have to admit, I am a tad bit jealous.

Every time one of my friends in Hamburg posts about a new cafe opening or a new tasty coffee they had, I smile for them and cringe for me. Therefore, I had to go myself to check it out and see just how great it really is. And, to no one’s surprise… the coffee and cafes in Hamburg are pretty freaking awesome.

This is a guide to the best ones I found (and a couple of ones I didn’t have time to check out!) Please let your recommendations in the comments for me to check out next time I am in the city and I can hopefully get them added to this list! TABLE OF CONTENTS • • • • • • • • Elbgold Röstkaffee Ahhh Elbgold. I was suggested this cafe (which has multiple locations) prior to heading to Hamburg and fortunately, I was asked to roast with them one morning on my trip.

I eagerly accepted the invitation and enjoyed a flat white prior to roasting. I went to the roastery and cafe in Schanzen, which was located very close to my hotel and a lot of other businesses I ended up frequenting. The cafe was packed. I was there on a weekday morning and I was so shocked to see how many people loved this place. Once I finished my coffee, I totally got it. The best thing about Elbgold wasn’t the coffee (although it was pretty much perfection) but rather the people that worked there.

I met with Rike and she introduced me to everyone. Everyone that worked at Elbgold had a true love for the stuff. I asked several of the roasters, baristas, and employees why they worked there and they all said they just fell in love with coffee and Elbgold’s concept and vision.

I completely got it. I got to watch Yuri Marschall, a German barista champion, work his magic on some lattes and it was clear the passion he exuded for his art. I can not recommend Elbgold enough for coffee lovers in Hamburg or traveling to Hamburg. You can find the Elbgold Roastery location I went to at Lagerstraße 34c.

To find out more, check out their or . Törnqvist This was the first cafe I had the chance to check out in Hamburg and it was one of the ones I had anticipated the most.

Swedish and Scandinavian designed, Törnqvist exuded the minimalism that I had missed from some of my favorite cafes in Oslo. The coffee was absolutely delicious as well. Each coffee comes with a card indicating the espresso, origins, and additional details that those with an appreciation for the bean and source will like. While I didn’t get to hang out for too long inside as we had a really busy itinerary for Hamburg, I was really happy to finally get to check out talked-about Törnqvist.

You can find Törnqvist at Neuer Pferdemarkt 12. To find out more, check out their or . Public Coffee Roasters The evening we wandered into Public Coffee Roasters, it was cold and crappy and we were excited for some warmth. I ordered a flat white and my partner ordered some tea and we really enjoyed both as we warmed up. I feel bad that we didn’t get to stick around longer and enjoy a second, but a nice dinner was awaiting us in another part of the city!

You can find Public Coffee Roasters at multiple locations throughout the city, but the one I went to was the small and cute cafe at Wexstraße 28. To find out more, check out their or . Playground Coffee Playground Coffee was our last stop on our last day in the city. I knew I was going to love this cafe as soon as I stepped foot inside of it. It had several board games, fun decor, and just a very youthful, yet tasteful decor.

The coffee was on point and the barista was nice. They also sell several Keep Cups inside and if you purchase one, your coffee is free.

A really great way to promote eco-friendly coffee consumption. You can find Playground Coffee in St. Pauli at Detlev-Bremer-Straße 21. To find out more information, check out their or . Less Political I was really gutted to not get a chance to check out Less Political, but it was so packed when we went there that the claustrophobic side of me won and we didn’t mosey on inside.

Less Political comes highly recommended from almost every person I know living in Hamburg (we were recommended the cafe over and over while there, including a tip from my friend ). Unfortunately, I can’t vouch for their coffee, but based on its rave reviews from people I trust and the insane amount of people inside of the cafe, I reckon it is probably one of Hamburg’s best.

You can find Less Political at Sternstraße 68. To find out more, check out their . Nord Coast Coffee Roastery The Nord Coast Coffee Roastery was a very pleasant surprise as I had not really heard too much about the cafe prior to my arrival in Hamburg. The cafe is very large, centrally located near the Altstadt and Speicherstadt, and uniquely modern, yet comfortable and cozy. They offer a large menu of pourovers as well as several milk coffees.

Nord Coast also has food and the menu looked extremely appetizing- I would have enjoyed something from it had I not had dinner plans right after! As they roast their coffee in-house, you can easily purchase it from the cafe or online. They also donate 50 cents from every kilo to social projects in the country of origin. You can find Nord Coast Coffee Roastery at Deichstraße 9.

To find out more, check out their or . CODOS Codos was a place that was on my list, but I didn’t realize that it was located near my hotel for whatever reason. I think I may have confused it with another cafe, but I am glad I didn’t! We stopped in and they were pretty busy with people grabbing a to-go coffee on their lunch break. The cafe was minimalistic and the barista was friendly. They also offer discounts if you bring a reusable cup- winner in my book.

You can find CODOS at Bartelsstraße 26 (the location I went to- they also have another). To find out more, check out their . Balz und Balz I was in Hamburg the second weekend of January, but Balz und Balz decided to extend their Christmas holidays until this time (and beyond).

Sadly, we didn’t make it inside because it was closed. The cafe is located a few U-Bahn stops outside of the city and it was really annoying to find them closed, but what can you do? I have heard so many great reviews of Balz und Balz so I have no issue putting them on this list and updating when I am back to let you know how I found the coffee. They also appear to have delicious food. Fingers crossed they will be open then! You can find Balz und Balz at Lehmweg 6. To find out more, check out their or .

Unfortunately, there were a couple of cafes I didn’t have a chance to make it to despite being on my list. The problem is, I was in Hamburg to create a coffee guide and a craft beer guide (separately). That is a lot of liquid to take in and after a while, it can be a bit difficult!

In addition, some of the other cafes on my list were not in centralized places so it was a hike to get to them. The four I look forward to checking out when I go back are Black Delight Kaffeebar & Kaffeerösterei, Milch, Due Baristi, and Stockholm Espresso Club. If you have any cafe or coffee tips for Hamburg, please drop them in the comments and I will be sure to check them out next time so they can hopefully get added to this list! *I was a guest of the and Elbgold Roastery in collaboration with in an effort to bring you this coffee guide.

Note: When I am on the road, I always bring a with me and an with all of its accessories. While I love supporting local cafes and independent businesses, it can get expensive after a while if you travel as much as I do!

You can shop my travel coffee kit below, including stainless steel straws for cold brews. SHOP MY TRAVEL COFFEE KIT: To view my other coffee and cafe guides, see below:

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