Best dating case knife csgo

best dating case knife csgo

Here are some of the BEST to date CSGO Spectrum-case unboxings! This case has recently just came out, so there will always be better knives being unboxed, but these are the best to this day for everyone to see! Be sure to leave a LIKE and comment! Social Media: Intro made by: Thumbnail made by: *I don't own all of the clips used in this video, this was put together as a compilation for entertainment purposes only*. Игра.

best dating case knife csgo

A Case Opener Simulator for CSGO(Counter Strike Global Offensive) with a whole new gameplay! You can get the best skins from CS:GO and play online games in the ultimate csgo case simulator. - Knife and Ak-47 Cases - More than 800 CS:GO Skins in game - Music Player and obtainable Music - Howl Case! ONLINE GAMES • Crash, Coinflip, Jackpot, Double ► 3 different MINIGAMES to earn virtual money and experience!

• BunnyHop, Flappy, Knife ♣ Online TRADE and CHAT so you can reach anyone In Game! ♠ Online Skin Marketplace and Cloud Save - A Case Simulator that gives you the same opening feeling just like in Counter Strike.

Open up to five cases at the same time and feel the thrill of Case Opening. Rank up to Global Elite and unlock everything! Quests in game to help you earn Hero Coins and obtain hundreds of items. Advanced Sticker system so you can customize your weapons and higher their price as well. ✪ StatTrak weapons, exteriors (Factory New, Well Worn etc..) all in game! Play the best game based on Case Opening from CSGO and experience the unique gameplay! Soon: - Advanced rank system - Souvenir Items and some Knife Phases This game is not associated with Valve corporation or their Counter Strike Global Offensive title

best dating case knife csgo

best dating case knife csgo - Top 10 Best CSGO Knife Skins

best dating case knife csgo

Here Are The Best CSGO Knife Skins Let's face it, skins are all about style. Nothing says "you got owned" like pulling your knife out after getting that final kill so that everyone spectating can see your knife.

If you are like me and enjoy humiliating your enemy with the best style around, look no further than these knife skins. 10. SHADOW DAGGERS - NIGHT What's worse than being stabbed with one blade? Being punched with two.

I know, I know, I can hear some of your groans already but hear me out. The shadow dagger knife animations are already awesome as they are unique from all the other knives in the sense that you have two blades instead of one. Two blades equal more death and you hold them between your knuckles. Essentially this means you are going around and punching people with blades. Which, let's face it, is just straight savage.

The other big selling point for this knife skin, to me, is that it is one of the cheapest knife skins on the steam marketplace at this time. Knife skins tend to be among the more expensive skins in CS:GO but this skin, Field-Tested, is currently listed at $50. There isn't a lot of knife skins you can get for $50 if any, but I can tell you there are way worst skins you can have for a lot more 'moolah'.

So if you're looking to ninja your way around Nuke and double stab some scrubs, this is the skin for you. Check out the Shadow Daggers in action 9. GUT KNIFE - AUTOTRONIC Watch your stomachs! Anyone who knows me, knows I love a gut knife. There is just something primal about having a hook on your blade meant for gutting.

No matter how you look at it, the gut knife is a good choice for anyone, especially the Autotronic. I have to be honest though, Autotronic looks great on a lot of the knives. The way this knife has the little 'vents' and red back as if it is foreshadowing the death to come; It just speaks to you. This skin is what I like to call a visibility skin. Meaning it just gets darker as the condition gets worse and the actual skin doesn't peel away.

What makes that so great? Well, it means you can snag the knife on the market, Field-Tested, at just under $100 (as of this post). The Minimal Wear and Factory New though will set you back more than $250, so get guttin'! Check out the Gut Knife in action Gut Knife Autotronic 8.

NAVAJA - BLUE STEEL Not your typical camping knife... This is one of those situations where the vanilla skin is really good but just a little bit better is the blue steel. Why not the stained you ask?

I admit the stained is a good lookin' skin however the blue steel has that rugged look that the stained just doesn't have. The blue steel is like your trusted knife you've had since you were in the boy scouts. What's great about this skin too is it keeps the color on the gorgeous handle, it's like you made it yourself.

Touch this off with some cool pop open animations and you got a pretty sweet knife for a fair price to boot. This is a newer skin as well so you can be unique, at least for a little. Blue Steel Factory New is currently at $153 on the marketplace and honestly, a Field-Tested Blue Steel at $85 isn't so bad either. Honestly, I think it looks better as the condition gets worse...

but maybe that's just my steam wallet talking. Check out the Navaja Blue Steel in Action Mafiosi rejoice! The Stiletto is here and it is intimidating. The sound of that pop and the delicate inspect animation make this perfect for taunting your foes into handing over the protection money. Then if they don't listen, the alternate inspect has you tossing it back and forth right before they are sleeping with the fishes. It's always cool to get new knives and I am excited to see what other skins are released for this.

For now, I like the shiny chrome look of the stained (as opposed to some of those that get rid of the nice handle). This also has just a little bit of history to it. Watch out though a Factory New will set you back $248 and if you want that StatTrak it is $1,800 on the marketplace at the time of writing this (inflated much?).

Maybe it's for the protection money you owe? All Stiletto Knife Skins 6. FALCHION - TIGER TOOTH The true King of the Jungle... This is just an awesome skin all around. With the pop-out action that makes the Navaja cool you can't help but admit, the Falchion did it first and did it better.

Then you add the Tiger Tooth skin and this knife becomes an actual tiger tooth. The quick stabs and showboat balancing act of the inspect key will be sure to have you embarrassing noobs in no time. Not only is this the most stylish Falchion it is not even close to the most expensive. A Minimal Wear Tiger Tooth is on the marketplace now for $267. That's compared to the $582 being asked for inferior skins at Well Worn.

Get this and become 'King of the Aztec'... people still play Aztec right? It's not just me? Check out the Falchion Tiger Tooth in action Finally, a fade skin right? Well, the fade looks good on a lot of knives but here on the Ursus, it is undeniably striking.

This blade has a tanto-like edge making it even more threatening. It has some of the same animations as the vanilla knife but it has a really cool inspect animation where you twirl it through your fingers. Combine that with the other draw animation where you toss it up and catch it and this blade is straight spec-ops. Don't expect to just walk over to the steam marketplace and just pick this bad boy up though. This is top five for a reason; it is a coveted knife currently listed at $573 for Factory New.

This knife will definitely get you some compliments though. A stylish way to kill terrorists, especially if you got the gloves to match.

Check out the Ursus Fade in Action Ursus Fade skin showcase 4. M9 BAYONET - CASE HARDENED You had to know this skin was going to be on here, right? The M9 Bayonet is definitely one of the better knives in CS:GO and the case hardened is coveted.

I have to say I wasn't originally a fan of the case hardened skins in general but hear me out. If you think about the case hardening process (there is a whole scientific process, check it out, it's good stuff) it essentially 'hardens' the object. That means the cool colors are a side effect of making the knife harder. Harder knife equals more kills and who is going to argue with that?

But it's going to cost you an arm and a leg, right? Well for a top 5 knife it is fairly priced compared to some other M9 Bayonet skins.

Factory New the case hardened is sitting at $545.97, with Battle-Scarred going as low as $141.05. Since this skin is a visibility skin (as I like to call them) it just gets darker and looks great Field-Tested at $174.05 (at the time of this post).

Check out the M9 Bayonet Case Hardened in action M9 Case Hardened Showcase 3. BOWIE - RUST COAT Rest assured, this is a knife...

Forget stabbing backs, you are going to cut legs off with this bad boy. This thing is a knife and you won't have anyone from 'down under' telling you otherwise! To add onto the sheer size and intimidation factor of this behemoth you have the rust. The rust coat just adds an additional layer of apathy that just screams out your brutal nature.

With cool animations (even one where you point it at yourself) this thing is a hit. Expect to dry out the steam wallet though, this bad boy StatTrak Well Worn on Steam Marketplace is listed right now at $1,762.35.

Good news is, the skin looks great rugged therefore you can pick up battle-scarred at $71.38. So the price combined with the sheer brutality of this beast chops into this list at 3. Check out the Bowie Knife Rust Coat in Action 2. BUTTERFLY - MARBLE FADE Look at the pretty butterfly... Skins are all about style and there is almost no other knife that is more stylish than a butterfly knife. The 'click-clack' of the draw and inspect of this knife is just beyond anything else. Do you want to make someone nervous?

Start waving a butterfly knife around and watch them shrivel. The colors make the blade stand out and the red handle just pops like no other. Not surprisingly the Marble Fade Butterfly is one of the most expensive knife skins. Factory New currently running in at $652.71 and StatTrak Factory New at a whopping $1,186.98 with multiple listings on each. There is no doubt this skin will have people giving you constant praise in your competitive matches and leave the ones that fall to your blade in awe.

So twirl this sleek assassin around your thumb and get stabbin’! Watch and listen to the Marble Fade in action 1. KARAMBIT - LORE A dagger that would make the finest Elven warriors jealous... What's more stylish than a Butterfly? Well a Karambit, that's what. This skin is so sick you can actually juggle the inspect key to keep it spinning. The draw is unique and even better the slashes have you uppercut your enemies with that curved blade.

Can you imagine that blade uppercutting you (pun intended)? Add the lore skin and it becomes the best knife, it is truly one of a kind. It's no secret the lore skin is usually one of most sought after skins of each respective knife it graces.

It has the price tag to boot with Factory New currently at $1,322.52 and Minimal Wear at $727.99 (maybe it's made by Elves).

You can find comfort in the fact that there are more expensive knives that just aren't as good... that and the slaughter you're going to lay down with this vicious claw. Check out the Karambit lore in action

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