Best dating con artist tv series reviews

best dating con artist tv series reviews

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best dating con artist tv series reviews

The content taught to contestants is very basic, and can be misleading because of the way it has been jazzed up for the benefit of the Reality Show. There are some basic pick up rules to be learned from the in depth analysis of contestant challenge footage that Mystery provides at the end of each episode. In these he often points out the basic errors to be avoided. The footage may help application and implementation of some pick-up for beginners because the errors that are made by contestants are pointed out when Mystery evaluates their performance.

Because of the detailed analysis of footage, and the fact that explanations are kept simple this can help some beginners to get over basic sticking points. There is nothing innovative to learn from these videos, they provide only information on very basic pick up principles. Very well produced series to VH1 quality standards.

The customer service and download of episodes it provided by Amazon with good responsiveness and accessibility. At $1.99 this is cheap. Is valuable if you are a beginner and need more motivation or inspiration.

It's very emotional (especially Episode of Day game) Mystery teaches his method and he is so attached to it that he ignores why some of his students fail. I am a beginner but I'm not stupid, his students are terrified, had poor body language and he said "he doesn't use False Time Constraints". Another thing: no one can peacock like Mystery in the globe.

It's not for learning, it's for fun. In the last episode (I think), where Kosmo (I think) starts to hit it off with that asian HB6, Mystery, watching, says, "Wow, that is a perfect 10." WHAT? She looked like a 6 who really cared about her looks, a 6 who wears a lot of make-up until she looks like a 7.

I see girls almost every day, without makeup, that are way hotter than Mystery's "perfect 10." This isn't the first time I've seen Mystery bottom-feeding.

In his Magnum Opus: Mind of Mystery DVD, he gets rejected by one cut girl ("I have a boyfriend."), then in his recap he refers to that as a 100% success (no wonder he claims a PUA guru should score 5 out of 5 approaches...because he counts every rejection as a 100% success!); Next, he gets blown out by a girl 1 foot shorter than he is; Next, a 47 year old retired police officer APPROACHES HIM, and 12 minutes later Mystery is making out hard with her.

I honestly am not that impressed with Mystery, given all his edges and natural blessings he has (height, 6'5", rich, not fat, not bald, not ugly). His performance always seems pretty average to me. Also, I can't stand it when he delivers his stories.

They sound so contrived and stuffed with obvious bragging (DHV's). For example, he'll just out of the blue say, "And as I said she was an exotic dancer..." Has nothing to do with the story, but he just mentions that she was a stripper. First, that is NOT a DHV. I've used that a few times and every single girl said that that is gross, and that strippers will fuck anyone. Second, there are other professions I can think of which suggest she's beautiful, that don't have that stain on them.

For instance, ballet dancer, 23 year old yoga instructor, newscaster. Stripper ex-gf impresses guys, and only guys. Not girls. Since all the instruction he gave in this "product" is now exposed, by fault of Mystery, I'm not going to rate the effectiveness 10 out of 10. I rate Ease of Implementation 2 out of 10. This is because the only material that's more difficult to learn is Ross Jeffriess convoluted stuff (and it doesn't help that his teaching is "non-linear").

A girl won't notice many of the tactics, even if a girl has seen the show, such as a false time constraint or the body language advice.

Still, Mystery's pursuit of fame clearly overrules his love of pickup or teaching pickup. Like magic, pickup won't work as well if you broadcast your best lines on prime-time TV. Information on this website may not be copied, reprinted, or redistributed without express written consent.

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best dating con artist tv series reviews

best dating con artist tv series reviews - TV Shows > Con artists TV Shows

best dating con artist tv series reviews

The very best dating shows on television, ranked from best to worst. This list of the greatest dating shows also includes pictures from the shows when available.

Popular have been a staple of television for years, so there's often debate about what the most entertaining dating show of all time is. Don't let your favorite dating television programs in history get to the bottom of the list- be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top spot.

The list of dating television shows below includes information like the program's cast, creator and premiere date when available. Everything from The Bachelor to Momma's Boys is included on this list.This list answers the questions, "What is the best dating show of all time?" and "What are the greatest dating shows?" Photo: via Wikimedia 1

best dating con artist tv series reviews

Unfortunattely this show has ended after 6 seasons, but what a great series it was! One of my faves, still thinking about re-watching it someday as it has been years since the last time I watched it (it ended in 2012). Good actors, good storylines, lots of drama, mystery, love, hate.. Go watch it goddamn. It is so weird to think about this show as this show also ended a few years back after 5 seasons. It was a very good series and I always enjoyed watching it.

It envolved multiple different storylines for different friends, so there was always a story line going on which I really loved. Great show, I miss it.

Very fun and easy show to watch :) I haven't watched it from the start, but just joined in a few seasons ago and loved it. You don't need to watch it from the start to get it, but I recommend going at least 2-5 seasons back, as those were the best storylines and seasons!

I think it is still on, but haven't watched it lately.

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