Best dating couples counseling seattle

best dating couples counseling seattle

Welcome to Meaningful Journey! Couples Counseling & Marriage Counseling in the Ballard Neighborhood of North Seattle, WA. At Meaningful Journey you will find a caring and supportive environment for you to work on your relationship. I use an Emotionally Focused Therapy approach to help couples recover from relationship distress, heal marriages, and increase intimacy. This practice is inclusive and welcoming to all.

best dating couples counseling seattle

MARRIAGE & COUPLES RELATIONSHIP THERAPY Seattle Couples Counseling EVENING SESSIONS AVAILABLE The dynamics of working with two people in relationship with each other is very different and often far more dynamic than the dynamic of working with individual clients. There are some realities and points of vulnerability for people in relationships that are also unique. I think Ram Dass put it very well when he outlined a common myth that we can fall into when we are in relationship.

That myth is "Now that I have a relationship, I don't need to work on myself anymore". The reality is, of course, the complete opposite.

Living and interacting intensively with another individual brings more of our "stuff" to the surface than would be from living alone. The second comment that Ram Dass made, I find played out between couples all the time: "If you pretend I am who I want to be, then I will pretend you are who you want to be".

As he pointed out so well, this is a mythology that is always doomed to fall apart eventually. Even more than with individuals, I tend to be very direct and to the point. Couple's dynamics tend to be very "hot" and fluid.

I know I am under the gun to change the systemic relationship as quickly as possible or else "bad" could get much worse in a hurry! I really find that most of my couples appreciate it when I adopt a "take charge" attitude, immediately identify and challenge the negative behaviors and get them replaced with new behaviors to take home and try out. It is usually a successful formula to be able to leave couples with so much to think about and new emotional and perceptual strategies to try out, that the old, unhealthy dynamics do not have room to reassert themselves.

best dating couples counseling seattle

best dating couples counseling seattle - Relationship & Marriage Counselling for Couples in Melbourne

best dating couples counseling seattle

Seattle, WA 98122 I deeply believe in people's ability to change and heal. This process takes commitment, patience, kindness, and a desire for something different. I believe our relationship, the dynamic that you and I create together, will play a major role in your change/healing process. As your therapist, I will never be the expert on you. You are the expert. A Verified Seattle, 98122 • Seattle, WA 98105 Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 Whether I am working with couples, individuals, adolescents, children, or parents, my therapy is client-centered with an emphasis on facilitating finding life-balance and solutions towards their goals.

With couples, I guide them in learning to manage conflict differently, deepening their friendship and intimacy, and creating healthy boundaries. My Verified Seattle, 98105 Mountlake Terrace, 98043 • Seattle, Washington 98103 People yearn not just to find meaning but to experience themselves more fully alive.

I have a passion to help them experience their own lives more fully. I help them let go of the heavy burdens they carry -- of pain, suffering and alienation, depression, anxiety, low self image -- whatever gets in the way of their being free to be who they truly ar Verified Seattle, 98103 • Seattle, Washington 98107 I believe that the struggles that bring you to therapy are often symptoms of deeper unsettledness. Thus to address the current symptoms of your distress we may need to look beneath the surface and reflect on your life up to this point.

That data is then used to enhance your awareness and to help you deliberately and consciously choose who you want Verified Seattle, 98107 • Seattle, WA 98166 Seattle, WA 98115 I believe in helping my clients to dig deep within to discover their own unique guiding principles. I believe that everyone has the power within to succeed and take ownership of their life in order to accomplish their goals. I consider myself a light post, a guide to a process of self-discovery.

I will help them learn to know themselves on a deeper Verified Seattle, 98166 Seattle, 98115 • Seattle, WA 98102 Taking the step to see a therapist can be like opening a new door in your life. It may require going through some old messy stuff, unlocking some old places, but the journey is usually worth it.

I am a warm, relational psychotherapist and work with adults from a variety of backgrounds and orientations. I provide a safe, collaborative setting wh Verified Seattle, 98102 • Seattle, Washington 98107 I am a licensed mental health counselor in the tradition of relational psychotherapy. My work with clients aims to further their growth as a person and exploring their problem(s) through the relational dynamic we create in therapy.

I strive to address the whole person over any presenting problem and it is my belief that counseling should support a Verified Seattle, 98107 • Seattle, WA 98122 I believe people have within themselves both the drive toward, and the internal resources necessary, for growth and change. My role as counselor is to have an active conversation with you and support you as we examine and adjust the aspects of your life that seem to be blocking your goals toward personal growth, your ability to solve problems skill Verified Seattle, 98122 • Seattle, WA 98103 Everyone has feelings of all kinds but sometimes its the ways we experience them and the world that ends up limiting our life, even in challenging circumstances.

Therapy can help. I work with the whole person; spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual. I tend toward engaged and warm as a style of my work and personality. I believe you have r Verified Seattle, 98103 • Seattle, WA 98105 For over 20 years, I've helped individuals and couples resolve their most pressing problems. It can be hard to admit that we need help, but as humans, we all encounter rough times when we need assistance from a professional. Therapy is a very special collaboration between you and me.

We'll work together to uncover what keeps you from the life yo Verified Seattle, 98105 Marriage and Relationship Counseling in Seattle Marriage and relationship counselors and therapists in Seattle can help address or resolve a variety of issues involving romantic partners.

Couples counselors do not take sides and generally don’t give advice. Rather, marriage and relationship counselors help partners to identify the roots of their issues, communicate openly and honestly, develop empathy for each other’s perspectives, and move forward in an amicable and respectful way. Couples counselors may suggest exercises, either in session or to take home, as well as other tools and resources that can help partners develop more productive, loving ways of relating to one another.

With the divorce rate hovering at about 40% to 50% in the U.S.—higher for subsequent marriages—there is no shortage of couples who can benefit from marriage counseling. However, not all relationship counseling is about resolving problems.

Many couples seek therapy in Seattle simply to learn skills and strategies that may help them prevent relationship problems, misunderstandings, and conflict in the future.

Premarital counseling is specifically designed to help couples enter marriage with open eyes and address potential areas of conflict before they become serious issues. Many relationship counselors work with LGBTQIA+ couples. Some therapists also specialize in nontraditional relationship structures such as polyamory or ethical nonmonogamy.

Find a Marriage or Couples Counselor with GoodTherapy Some conflict in relationships is normal and healthy. However, if you and your partner frequently experience problems that linger for days or longer without resolution, consider contacting a therapist in our directory.

Research suggests that relationships characterized by criticism, resentment, contempt, and stonewalling are far more likely to end in breakup, but effective couples counseling can work to repair the damage. For your convenience, the carefully screened therapists listed above—all of whom specialize in marriage and relationship counseling—practice in Seattle.

They are trained and ethically bound to protect your confidentiality and privacy. If cost is a concern, ask about insurance, sliding-scale fees, payment plans, and other options. Many therapists are driven by a desire to help, no matter the obstacles.

List Your Seattle Practice on GoodTherapy Are you a therapist or mental health professional looking for innovative ways to market your practice and get referrals in Seattle? Keeping up with continuing education requirements, increasing your online presence, and being associated with the most trusted resource in mental health are just three of many reasons to .

Start connecting with clients today! References: • Lisitsa, E. (2013, April 23). The Four Horsemen: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling. Retrieved from • Marriage & divorce. (n.d.). Retrieved from

best dating couples counseling seattle

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