Best dating devil wears prada fanfic

best dating devil wears prada fanfic

Dating, a devil wears prada fanfic. My sadness must have filled up the car on the journey home. Even if she wants something, she freaks out when the opportunity presents itself. Well if you have not seen the film, you have probably heard of Prada since it is one of the best brands out there. And for god's sake, clean yourself up. Aside from this, she is still Miranda, she is still the devil -only that she no longer wears Prada but she wears Louboutin. Serena reached out and punched her upper arm. At fourteen all I usually wanted to see were vampires and violence, but such is the power of.

best dating devil wears prada fanfic

2016 is the year of , learning how to , and—of course—the year that one of our favorite fashion films— The Devil Wears Prada—turns ten. As we will surely spend the better part of the coming months reminiscing about Andy Sachs' transformation from frumpy to fabulous and shaking in our thigh-high boots at the thought of Miranda Priestley, we couldn't think of a more fitting way to kick start the milestone year than to dive back through the archives and celebrate one of the most important "characters" of the flick: the clothes.

Costume designer Patricia Field (yes, the same one responsible for the epic wardrobe on Sex and the City!) is the one we have to thank for everything from Andy's double-breasted Chanel blazer to Miranda's arsenal of chic suiting. And while ten years seems like nearly half a century in fashion years, we think all the outfits that made their mark in this well-known fashion feature are just as cool and covetable today.

Scroll through our most memorable fashion moments below and let us know what your favorites are! ©2018 Condé Nast. All rights reserved. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our (updated 5/25/18) and (updated 5/25/18). The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast.

best dating devil wears prada fanfic

best dating devil wears prada fanfic - Emily Charlton — The Devil Wears Prada Erotic Fan Fiction

best dating devil wears prada fanfic

7.6K 449 22 Miranda Priestly is one of the most accomplished and most feared woman in fashion business. Her assistents Andrea and Emily know best how difficult it is to get along with her. People call her heartless and cold. Miranda knows how to keep that image but she's still human. So what happens when someone tries to break th...

best dating devil wears prada fanfic

Winner of , San Francisco’s premier literary erotic fan fiction event. Everyone gathered in the conference room for FILTH magazine’s monthly pitch meeting. As Miranda Priestly’s assistant, I typically took notes. But today would be different. I’d always dreamed of landing a cover story at FILTH so today, I would pitch. The doors flew open and Miranda glided into the room. “Ok Listen up, you human enemas.

This is FILTH magazine’s 100th issue, so I only want the grossest, most original pitches. GO”. “Ok so it’s an eye-cream made from cum-” “It’s been done. Next!” “There’s this queefing facial where a woman squats-” “It’s been done. Next!” “There’s a new show called Going Downtown Abbey where a bunch of British people fuck teapots” “Where am I?

2012? It’s been done! NEXT” One of the newer editors spoke up. “Well there’s uh…there’s” Miranda grew impatient. “Spit it out you fuck trumpet” “Well, there’s this thing in…Japan” Miranda’s eyes flashed with anger.

“Wow. I see we have a trailblazer here. Bringing up Japan in a sex meeting. You know what that’s like? That’s like BRINGING UP JAPAN IN A SEX MEETING. IT’S TOO FUCKING EASY! Get out. You’re fired.” As the editor ran out of the room crying, I couldn’t help but be turned on by Miranda and also a bit by the crying. I’d been her assistant for years and had longed to penetrate her icy exterior, but she had a way of keeping people at a distance.

The room was quiet. People shifted uncomfortably in their seats, racking their brains for something sexy and fucked up. This was my chance. “There’s this thing called Lewd Origin Altering Distillation. Otherwise known as LOAD” Miranda motioned for me to continue. “It’s this serum that transforms people into superior sexual beings. It’s rare, dangerous, and highly illegal. The only people who’ve ever taken it are still in sex comas; hot right?” Everyone turned to Miranda, who was clearly intrigued.

“Hmmm interesting. Tell me, how do you take a LOAD?” “Any way you want. In your mouth, on your chest, if you’re lazy…on your thigh” Miranda nodded. “Ok Emily, get me this LOAD and we’ll make it the cover story. You have one hour. Andrea will help you.” She motioned to a mousy-haired, sap of a woman, and, before I could object, Miranda adjourned the meeting. I hurried back to my desk, anxious to get started, but was intercepted by Andrea. “Hi Emily, I have something to tell you,” she muttered.

I looked her up and down. “Are you going to tell me why you dress like a horny baby librarian?” “No” “Then I’m not interested. I only have an hour and the last thing I need is you slowing me down” “But” “But fuck off, Hathaway Lite” “But I know where you can find the LOAD” I grabbed Andrea and pulled her in close, like uncomfortably close.

“Take me to it right now or I’ll get you fired so quick it’ll make your tits spin” Andrea nodded. I pulled her in closer. “Now where is it?” With our lips nearly touching she whispered “Williamsburg”. I rolled my eyes. “OF FUCKING COURSE IT IS” We pulled up to a dumpster on 9th & Driggs.

“This is it” said Andrea. “This? This is a bin filled with VHS tapes and monocles! Fucking Williamsburg”. I was about to turn back when a man wearing post-ironic dungarees appeared and handed Andrea a test tube filled with blue liquid.

I pointed to the tube. “That it?” “Yes” “Alright let’s get out of here before Lena Dunham flashes us her vag” We rushed back to Miranda’s office. I turned to Andrea. “Alright, gimme it.” She shook her head. “I found it! I should be the one giving it to Miranda!” I glared at her like “this bitch” and went for the tube. She grabbed my hair, I kicked her leg, we began to wrestle, but not in a cute way.

We crashed through Miranda’s door, and watched in slow motion as the test tube flew into the air and hit the ceiling fan. It smashed instantly and the LOAD rained down on our faces. All three of us stood in stunned silence. We started to glow blue. The transformation had begun. A wry smile crept across Andrea’s face. “Here it comes.” I looked over at her. “Wait…how do you know what happens?” “Sweet, dumb, British Emily” Andrea chuckled. “How else do you think I knew where to get it?

I MADE IT. THAT’S MY LOAD IN YOUR HAIR.” I was outraged. I wanted to slap her, but when I looked at my hand I noticed something strange. A mouth had formed in my palm. I looked at my other hand. Same thing. I looked at my arms and legs. It wasn’t just mouths. Extra vaginas and assholes started to pop up all over my body.

I was a human Whack-A-Hole. When I looked up, I saw the same thing had happened to Miranda and Andrea. Our bodies were covered with extra holes, fingers, fists, tongues, and feet.

There was only one thing left to do. Reader, we fucked each other. But this wasn’t your run of the mill, garden variety threesome, oh no no no. Between us we had around 300 holes, 65 tongues, 37 fists, 29 feet, and 800 fingers. YOU DO THE MATHEMATICS. We fitted together beautifully, like a perverted jigsaw puzzle. We snapped together like a depraved Lego set. Our extra appendages dovetailed into one another like obscene Jenga pieces. Every orifice was filled with something, and if it wasn’t being filled, then it was definitely being sucked out.

No nook or cranny was left unfucked. We tried every combination imaginable. I’m talking mouth-to-mouth, ass-to-mouth, fist-to-ass, foot-to-vag. You ever eaten 95 asses at the same time? Bitch, I have. You ever finger banged 62 pussies using 300 fingers? Bitch, I have. You ever sucked a toe? Bitch, I haven’t because that shit is nasty.

The orgasms came thick and fast and seemed to last for hours. I had never identified as a ‘squirter’ before but let me tell you, I jizzed so much my skin started to prune. We all did. I’m talking projectile jizz. Like The Exorcist, but with jizz.

It spurted out of us like burst fire hydrants. We were caked in each other’s lady cream, saliva, and other miscellaneous liquids.

We must have cum around 7000 times. Which goes to show just how much can be achieved without any inhibitions or penises. Now, I understand that the whole blue-women-fucking-each-others’-multiple-holes may sound like a James Cameron fever dream, but it wasn’t as fervid as you’d imagine.

In fact, it was disturbingly calm, like Eyes Wide Shut, but we were more Holes Wide Open. In that moment, we weren’t three individuals; we were one. One radiant, jizzy, Rubik’s Cube, or dare I say it, one jizzy Stanley Kubrick’s Cube. When it was over, we didn’t say a word, and we never talked about it since. However, two of my dreams came true that day. I managed to fuck Miranda Priestly six ways to Sunday and, I’m pleased to announce that my first cover story comes out today — Get A LOAD Of This by Emily Charlton.

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