Best dating face matchers

best dating face matchers

The best dating apps to use right now. Which dating apps are still sizzling hot and who’s been left out in the cold? By Justin Myers, The Guyliner. 27 Jul 2018. 10 items. How Thomasina Miers changed the face of Mexican food. Food & Drink. How Thomasina Miers changed the face of Mexican food. From being a female cook to her business tips, Thomasina Miers reveals what she has learnt. By Rachel Cockerell.

best dating face matchers

A recent study published by The Association of Psychological Science goes a long way toward debunking many of the grandiose claims made by internet dating sites with regard to the efficacy of their algorithms. In Online Dating: A Critical Analysis from the Perspective of Psychological Science, Dr.

Eli Finkel, professor of social psychology at Northwestern University, asserts that “to date, there is no compelling evidence any online dating matching algorithm actually works.” Professor Finkel and his fellow researchers analyzed a significant host of dating sites and evaluated their algorithmic claims of compatibility. Most sites make promises they cannot keep and instead of offering scientifically valid algorithms, they offer a pool of potential suitors and some personal data. What internet dating does offer is opportunity by giving such range and access.

At, our revolutionary algorithm bypasses all the promises based on similar likes or shared passions and goes right to the necessity of chemistry. We know our clients are smart enough to determine for themselves whether they are potentially compatible. Our evolving proprietary algorithm is uniquely designed to generate matches based on one criterion; shared facial features.

Once an attraction is established, clients are free to explore their compatibility on their own; we just provide opportunities and options, because as Dr. Finkel notes, “At the end of the day, the human algorithm — neural tissue in our cranium called a brain — has evolved over a long period of time to size up people efficiently.” Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at MIT currently researching algorithms concludes “the sites are claiming a lot, but show no evidence of doing anything useful in terms of matches.” Because we at FYFM are so new and still relatively small, we were not part of the aforementioned research and we feel confident that our unique algorithm offers our clients a lot more than promises, we offer real faces and real opportunities.

Above are photos used by other dating websites to showcases their matches. These couples were statistically very lucky. But note how similar they look! For more look-a-like couples, just glance at the weddings page of the New York Times every Sunday in the Style section, it’s uncanny! As much as we strive for gender equality, we cannot ignore distinct gender differences.

Men and women ought to have equal access, opportunities, and rights – but that does not mean that they are equally predisposed. There are several important sex differences beyond the obvious biological ones.

These differences begin in utero. We share the same sexual identity just after conception; but thereafter, the structure of the fetal brain begins to develop male or female form. Sex hormones inform the way we think, evaluate and perceive. With advances in MRI technology, studies reveal more and more about the sexual differences in brain function. Of interest to us here at FYFM are the aspects of the brain that process sight and visual perception.

The greatest difference can be found in the region of the brain that governs spatial ability. The fact that males generally have better hand-eye coordination combined with their superior perception of faraway objects likely harkens back to antiquity when hunting was the purview of males.

Men needed long distance vision to ensure an adequate protein supply. Women, on the other hand, have more accurate vision when it comes to close range objects. Dr. Oz notes that women also have better peripheral vision while men have stronger straight-on vision.

This, too, stems from the need in hunter/gatherer societies for the women to keep watch on the children in the homestead. Dr.

Oz’s noted difference between men’s and women’s vision supports the old division of labor, but it also tells us something about contemporary dating. Single men tend to walk into a room, reminiscent of a hunter on the plain, and seek out the person to whom they are most attracted.

They have great visual acuity and will be more attentive to a face with features similar to their own. Women, too, are prone to seek mates but their hormone fueled brain function is differently oriented. Psychologist Helen Stancey claims that “Our results suggest that the near pathway is favored in women and the far pathway is favored in men.” Men can detect a desirable partner from far away; they still have the innate hunter within.

While women are more likely to need to meet someone up close in order to determine desirability. Above: Theodore and Edith Roosevelt Below: James Cagney and Frances Vernon, George and Martha Washington, Kofi Annan and Nane Maria Lagergren The concept of gestalt is an evocative one; it’s been a pivotal point of exploration in fields as diverse as psychology, philosophy and neurology.

The term itself references ‘form’ or ‘shape.’ The principle behind gestalt is the unity of perception, the holistic idea that we are physiologically prone to seeing the whole rather than the distinct parts; the human eye sees objects in their entirety prior to seeing any individual parts. This is enormously significant in the arena of romantic attraction. Often there is something almost indescribable about the qualities of the person to whom we are most drawn. We have evidence that supports our claim that people are most attracted to those with similar facial features, but it is often an overall impression and one that can be difficult to describe.

I have been researching and reflecting upon this theory for over 15 years and I used to spend a great deal of time looking at specific features and evaluating similarities among various partners. There were times, however, when the similarity was so obvious but it could simply not be reduced to eyes, cheekbones or mouth. There was something more than the parts; the similarity was in the whole. It became abundantly clear to me when I saw stunning photos of my grandfather when he was young.

There was an undeniable resemblance to my ex-husband – one so striking that it could not be reduced to features. Hence, the application of gestalt theory to physical attraction. It’s something so unified and holistic that it cannot be easily atomized.

The similarity is found in the grouping of features, the entire pattern. We, at FYFM, have an algorithm to discern similarities but when individuals are attracted to someone, they see the face as a whole and, more often than not, they have a similar face, whether they are aware of it or not. Our brains signal our eyes to take in the unified, and the face as a whole is even greater than its parts.

Keep that in mind in your search for a partner who can help make you more whole. Above and below are descendants of Benjamin Franklin. Over the course of several generations; note the overall similarity in the faces of the couples. Our previous blogs have touched upon the effects on the brain of falling in love; that amazing neurological transformation that we undergo with the release of certain chemicals and synthesis of certain neurotransmitters.

In addition, we exhibit behaviors and traits that are a direct product of the intensity of emotion and desire that we experience as we first fall in love. Falling in love can be so encompassing that little else matters. Priorities shift and attentions are diverted. It’s the most generous form of selfish! It’s selfish in that we overwhelmingly attend to the needs generated by the burgeoning love; we heed, first and foremost, the passion and love we feel for our new partner; the connection becomes our oxygen.

It doesn’t mean that we love others less or that we don’t care for our friends and families, but the ‘honeymoon phase’ takes so much energy and attention, that other things fall by the wayside, or become temporarily marginalized. I did things when I fell in love that I would have never thought I was capable of. I was a devoted mother of two small children when I fell in love with someone else. I had a wonderful husband, but I was not in love with him.

I didn’t even really know what love was until I met the man that became my second husband. As I’ve alluded to before, the intensity of emotion and longing was so great that I was willing to do almost anything to be with him. So, I left my first husband. I just couldn’t live without the man whom I loved. I am not the only one this happened to. The smile on the face of young Amanda Knox, for example, made her look even guiltier of the tragic murder of Meredith Kercher.

But we believe that her smile was a product of falling madly in love; it was not intended as a sign of disrespect in the face of such a heinous crime; a crime of which she was eventually exonerated. Similarly, when Governor Mark Sanford went missing and lied to his wife and constituents, it was all in the name of love.

We don’t defend these actions, and we understand the distress they can cause; but we do recognize what causes them and it’s critical to note what can happen during the early signs of falling in love. Even though the initial stages of love can invite selfish actions, ultimately, love makes us all more generous over all!

One of the many discoveries made during my years of observation is that people often choose mates who might be similar in some ways but who are not a facial feature match. This is likely because our instincts are to be in a relationship; but since we don’t know what a truly compatible partnership can offer, we engage someone who is “close enough.” A good example is J-Lo and Marc Anthony.

The upper portion of their faces is similar but the lower/jawline area is not at all. Their stresses were obviously not just face related, but no doubt their satisfactory match made sustainability much more challenging.

There is both an art and a science to the chemistry people feel and getting it just right can be luck. I have known couples that are similar but not a good enough match to sustain a truly committed long term relationship. Sometimes it takes a few tries before we find our face matches. Some are lucky enough to meet their match early in life, but many have a series of shorter relationships with those with whom they have just enough chemistry and compatibility to get them only so far.

They may not be a good match because what’s lacking is complete chemistry, the sort of deep and abiding desire that is usually found between really well matched facemates.

To complement my observations and the anecdotal evidence we at FYFM have collected are a host of scientific studies which corroborate our claims and assert that similarity is a fundamental ingredient.

One of the unique and important contributions that FYFM makes to the world of online dating is that we help people select partners with whom they are more likely to have the chemistry critical for romantic success.

We hope to save people the time and energy it takes to wade through a series of potential partners and zero in much sooner on dates that promise real attraction.

Of course, there are several factors that go into forming a lasting bond, but without facematching, chemistry is lacking! Above is a line up of the women that Alex Rodriguez has dated in the past few years. Note the uncanny resemblance. Below are Lance Armstrong and his various partners over the years. You can see how similar they all look and how similar they are to Lance. He is searching for that perfect match; we hope he found it with Anna Hansen. Post navigation

best dating face matchers

best dating face matchers - Meet the world's best matchmaker who is changing the face of dating

best dating face matchers

HowTo: Select processing options, select one or more images to process, wait for faces to be detected and click action buttons on the right of each face. Public namespaces you can use for online faces - 40000+ faces of famous,,,,,, - 3517183 faces from wikipedia Create and search your own face database by first assigning a person name for each face in database in format Name@yourdatabasename and then searching against all@yourdatabasename.

We recommend to enroll at least 3 faces per person in database. Processing options Detect image content (NSFW). Classify faces (age, gender, ethnicity, smile, etc). Detect 101 pro facial points. Enable extended geometric and color measurements (skin color, hairstyle etc) - slows down processing. Best face only - return only one face with highest detection score per image. Select images to process

best dating face matchers

Caroline Brealey is a headhunter. But she's not tracking down highpowered executives for blue-chip companies or seeking top-flight managers for hot-shot start-ups. Instead she is on a mission to find men: interesting, presentable, solvent, kind, successful men - "the good genuine guys" - who are eager to start serious relationships with her roster of busy professional female clients.

These are women prepared to pay up to £4,000 for introductions for up to nine of the eligible suitors Caroline and her matchmaking team track down on the social scene all over the City of London and beyond. Entry level membership of £1,300 buys dates with three of her carefully vetted Romeos. So what do you get for your £400-a-man service?

What Caroline promises you won't get is a man who is playing the field, married or otherwise unavailable. "I spend time getting to know each member personally and then find their perfect partner by going out and meeting people on their behalf. We thoroughly vet them to ensure they are serious and I only set up the couples that I intuitively feel are compatible," she says. For Caroline's clients there is no trawling the internet looking at photos, no online chats and no exaggerated profiles. And her bespoke approach to love is working.

Not only do 72 per cent of her clients leave the service having met a partner, Caroline was recently voted the world's most successful matchmaker at iDate, the dating industry's Oscars, in Las Vegas. The judges praised her for "changing the face of dating, making it a more affordable and mainstream service for today's singles". This means that Caroline, a 30-year-old former charity worker and child psychologist from London who set up her tailored matchmaking service Mutual Attraction just two years ago, beat off stiff competition from the American giants of the dating world.

This year marks the first time the trophy has been awarded to a UK company and is testament to Caroline's success in 2013 which led directly to four marriages, seven engagements, five babies and "lots of people happily living and enjoying their life together".

They include Natalia and Andrew whose baby boy was born in December. Natalia says: "My husband and I met through Caroline. If you are serious about meeting someone matchmaking is the way forward. I'm the proof!" David met Marta following an introduction from Caroline. Their daughter was born last month. "I work hard and did not want to sit at a computer looking at profiles," he says. "This is the way to meet someone without any fuss." Although Caroline's tailored service sounds expensive it is significantly cheaper than some of her UK rivals who charge up to £15,000 without her hallmark attention to detail.

"I'm not catering for the super rich but for normal, lovely people who haven't yet met their partner," she says. "We only take on people we are confident we can help." She currently has 70 clients and a waiting list. It's this determination to shake up an industry that impressed the iDate judges.

She tells of top-end British agencies who trade mainly in Russian brides or whose attempts at a personal approach consist of handing a client an album full of black and white photographs of their other clients. The industry could certainly do with some form of regulation. A few years ago a friend of mine with a PhD paid a matchmaking company £5,000 for a "bespoke" service.

This involved a home visit with the matchmaker who then wrote a profile to present to potential suitors but which bore no relation to my friend at all. It described her as being in her early 40s, blonde, blue-eyed and living in Kent. In reality, Sarah was 45, has hazel eyes, brown hair and lives in Hampshire. Appalled, she demanded, and eventually got, her money back. Caroline isn't surprised. "A friend of mine paid £15,000 to a reputable matchmaking company who told him they would introduce him to interesting women who wanted to get married.

"They set him up with a lot of foreign mail-order brides. He was really disappointed." It was hearing this experience that led her to think she could do better. "It appealed to me and I decided to leave the voluntary sector and set up my own business." She was also looking for love, having been jilted, though she insists this was not a conscious motivation. "Everyone has a story like mine or worse," she says of the boyfriend she followed to Hong Kong five years ago, having given up her job and her apartment in London, only to discover he had fallen in love with a colleague and was two-timing her.

"I was heartbroken and came home to my parents in Nottingham the next day. I've had my share of not great relationships," she says. Shortly before she launched Mutual Attraction she met Christian, who is from Madrid, Spain, in a bar. The couple are now househunting in the country. "Our first date was awful - he talked about his ex a lot and wasn't laughing at my jokes - but after a second date we moved in together. Now I always say to clients if you are not sure about the second date: go!

"If I hadn't followed my advice I would never have met the love of my life." CAROLINE'S FIVE SECRETS FOR FINDING THE PERFECT PARTNER 1. Lasting attraction follows certain pathways People from similar backgrounds are likely to fall in love, especially if they have a similar level of education and had similar upbringings. People feel compatible if they share aspirations regarding relationships, the desire for children and where they hope to live. People need to be in the right place in their lives and if they are looking to settle down it is easy to find love, says Caroline.

2. Making dating a priority Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is as important as finding a new job or looking after your health. Don't let it slip down your list of priorities. You never know when you'll meet someone, so wear clothes that make you feel attractive and plan ahead for interesting conversation. 3. Work your way to love Looking after yourself physically and emotionally is one of the best investments you can make. A happy, healthy you will have more confidence, self-esteem and experiences to share when you do meet someone.

Hit the gym, go for walks, spend time with friends or take that dream trip. 4. Fake it until you make it Give yourself a pep talk before hitting the social circuit. Enter a room with a big smile and your head held high. Find a gap then dive in and introduce yourself. Everyone will think you're confident and fun, even if you don't feel it.

5. Take responsibility for your happiness Stay positive and don't moan about not finding love. There are plenty of amazing singletons looking for people like you.

Not every date will go perfectly but your perfect partner may be just around the corner. For more information see

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