Best dating female marines

best dating female marines

Best Russian dating with sexy russian girl from Nikolayev, Ukraine Marina_Love_Story: Marina: I am a very romantic and caring lady. I am n Dating now with Marina_Love_Story: 36 y/o female, Capricorn from Nikolayev, Ukraine. Send FREE message to Marina_Love_Story. more photos. view video send gift or flowers. Marina_Love_Story. 36 y/o female, Capricorn. Nikolayev, Ukraine. English(Good), Ukrainian(Fluent), Russian(Fluent). cashier. Have 1 children.

best dating female marines

I was in the Navy and dated a Marine. Didn't last long...but it was sort of fun while it lasted. As long as it wouldn't compromise the chain of command and they are close enough in rank and there is no fraternization going on, who cares? Most military women prefer military men. Civilian men get all weird about a woman in the military. I know because I dated civilians when I was in and it never worked. I like a man in uniform mostly because he is not threatened by me and we share a lot more of the same interests.

As far as dating in the military it is OK to date...except when there are regulations against it...such as officer/enlisted. Senior NCO/LPO in the chain of command of a junior personnel.

Two people in the same duty section. Dating another service can be more fun becaue chances are you won't be in the same command...and it gives you a break from the same people you see everyday at work.

It can also be harder if it gets serious and someone has to transfer to the other side of the world. It shouldn't matter who's a soldier and who's a marine if your attracked to each other go for it.

As long as your either both enlisted, or both... It shouldn't matter who's a soldier and who's a marine if your attracked to each other go for it. As long as your either both enlisted, or both officers, because an enlisted, and officer whould be fraternization and could get you in trouble. Asking costs 5 points and then choosing a best answer earns you 3 points! Questions must follow • Media upload failed. You can try again to add the media or go ahead and post the answer • Media upload failed.

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best dating female marines

best dating female marines - Best 25+ Female marines ideas on Pinterest

best dating female marines

Tall Glass of Wine Denver, Colorado, United States Seeking: Female 54 - 64 for Romance / Dating All i want to tell you if you are the right woman for me is that i have being single for 18 years now and after being advised i decided to re saddle the horse and ride again and that was why i signed up here,so all i want now is to be 'HAPPY' and by being happy i mean Happiness is waking up in the middle of the night for no reason....Shifting under the blankets....And feeling the heat of the person next to you.You turn around and see them in their most vulnerable state.They breathe as though the weight of the world is on anyone's shoulders but their own.You smile and kiss their face most gently so as not to wake them.You turn back,And seconds later an arm wraps around you,They pull you closer and you realize....It doesn't get any better than this i just want to tell you that if looking back hurts you and looking forward scares you...look beside you and i'l be there..if you ever think of distance as a barrier all i have got to say is that I seek Long Term Relationship and do not mind a Long Distance Relationship to achieve this; though the distance i feel its up to both of us to determine if we gonna be or not.

Sincere love doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart,if distance were measured in terms of the heart we'd never be more than a minute apart but hey, like I said, distance means so little when you love someone so much, and its up to us to determine if we gonna be together or not, and its worth a try Anybody still out here! State College, Pennsylvania, United States Seeking: Female 18 - 37 for Romance / Dating I am pursuing my second degree.

I am a well rounded individual. I enjoy just about anything. I was injured in the marines. So even if I don't work I still get $1100 for my permanent service connected disabilities. So if I lived on the bare minimum Life's a garden dig it Westminster, Colorado, United States Seeking: Female 18 - 33 for Romance / Dating I'm 21 , I'm working on my degree in criminal justice. I love being outdoors ; snowboarding , hiking , soccer , football , and mountain biking .

Also fitness is kinda a big thing in my life . I'm active duty Marines. . I'm a sucker for girls with green eyes one step at a time Irving, Texas, United States Seeking: Female 37 - 57 for Romance / Dating I am a German American. My Dad is a German from Frankfurt-Germany and my Mom is also an American from Baltimore-Maryland. I was born and raised in Frankfurt-Germany but later had my educations in Berlin- Germany. I have an accent in my English..:) I love life, thrive on positive energy and am truly grateful for my ability to maintain joy from within, not depending on outside circumstances or other people to make me happy.

I have an open mind, am nonjudgmental, have many interest. Hardworking, honest, and direct - with a strong streak of generosity and sympathy. I have a creative mind, quick wit, and am secure in my knowledge and abilities.

I am happiest when active and productive. I am a hopeless romantic, I open doors for my woman. I can proudly boast that I am consistent with my random acts of kindness. Unfortunately, I can also be a huge pain in the butt. Demanding, proud, you name it - I've been it. After that glowing review: I am actively looking for a partner, future friend and possible wife.

You will enjoy me to eternity - I will make sure of that fact. My woman will be showered with compliments. I am the guy that says - sweetie, go take a long bath and I will take care of dinner. Too good to be true? Try me. The plan to find my partner is the "friends first" approach..At our age, we not only know who we are but what we are looking for...(but please allow room for surprises!)...We're looking for that last love, last companion, who can still knock our coldness off, but who is safe and warm, dependable, someone we find we can trust with our innermost thoughts/feelings.

There are so many things we still want to do, but would so much prefer having that special someone to share those things with. We don't mind having our alone time...sometimes we even treasure it for awhile. We don't need to be glued to the hip....but we like it sometimes.

I don't want you to stop living in your world, nor do you want me to stop living in mine,but there's probably a middle ground that we can.Physical appearance is not the most important thing for me in looking for a partner. Our compatibility and my partner's character are much more important to me.Just because something has failed before, doesn't mean it will fail again.I don't let past disappointments weigh too heavily in my expectations of future likelihood of success.When I meet someone and there are big complications(a long commuting distance, entanglements from a previous relationship, etc.)it doesn't deter me.

I figure if this relationship is worth having we can work just about anything out.I believe you can "teach an old dog new tricks," that "tomorrow will be a brighter day," and that you can "forgive and forget." All the cliches aside, I believe people can change and you can repair a badly hurt relationship.I want a relationship based in trust, respect,communication, and lots of love and passion.I want someone who will love me for who i am but not for what i have.

What I’m doing with my life Don’t overthink this one; tell us what you’re doing day-to-day. I’m really good at Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge. Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food I can't miss Without a Trace or CSI Las Vagas and Miami, Opera Show, Bill Cosby Show, Bernie Mac Show, Baldwin Hill Show. Nordstrom is my favorite store. I like Sushi and a good steak(think Flemings or Mastro's). I love Baseball and playing golf..

The six things I could never do with looking for that right girl North Haven, Connecticut, United States Seeking: Female 19 - 29 for Romance / Dating United states marine veteran. Current student studying cyber security and cyber forensics . Hard worker I have my own place and I pay my own bills. Love to go for walks with my two dogs. Love to go out and have fun but also love to kick back and relax and I also like to cuddle :) Hey Ladies Dothan, Alabama, United States Seeking: Female 19 - 30 for Romance / Dating I'm BeeJay, I Just Made this for fun.

Meet People , Nothing Serious. But i am 21, I am a PFC in The United States Marine Corps, I'm a Motor T operator. I'm from Alabama, Graduated from Northview High School Class of 2012, All State Student-Athlete.

no lies, no tricks, only heart San Diego, California, United States Seeking: Female 20 - 26 for Romance / Dating im a athletic guy, who loves the outdoors, i like snowboarding four wheeling, pretty much anything outdoors , and building stuff with my hands, im rebuilding a 1972 Ford bronco right now, its my baby, ha.

i like to stay at home and watch a movie with a special someone or laying outside under a blanket looking at the stars, but like to do the unexpected when the erg hits me. i like going out and trying knew things, at least once. I'm an old fashion guy who likes to open doors for the girl, and make her soup when shes sick. My name ismy Y id Islāmābād, Islāmābād, Pakistan Seeking: Female 48 - 81 for Romance / Dating ;A Pakistani origin male, living in Pakistan these days. Not a typical male, rather an understanding companion.

Looking for my special girl and my best friend. Could you be the one? I'm mature, enjoy living a full life and appreciate honesty. Very open minded in all aspects of life, respect other's thoughts n values, seeking like-minded companion. I'm into mature women. I believe they are more loving, caring, and have better understandings of life's realities. I am caring , cultured, mature and simple person. I am optimistic about my partner n hope will find her soon. Communication is must in a relationship.

I am Single, sensual, life loving, n self-employed. Looking for honest and real girl here. Not being a PAID UP member I cannot read msgs but you can find me in my profile if you are interested . Life is a gift! Don't ever waste ... Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States Seeking: Female 22 - 37 for Romance / Dating I served in the Marine Corp from mid 03 to early 07. 3 tours of duty later, I had to take a couple years to recenter myself, so I traveled Southeast Asia, and India for 14 months a learned more about myself than I ever thought there was to know.

No cheaters. No scammers. Good he... Covington, Kentucky, United States Seeking: Female 21 - 38 for Romance / Dating I was recently cheated on after 4.5 years.

That's my baggage and I'll carry. I spent a total of 12 years in the marine corps I was called Sgt Spoonamore. I have 4 siblings and a German Shepherd puppy names Ares. I love watching sports.

GO WILDCATS. I love fishing, hunting, the beach, random activities, and hanging out with my family or friends. A different type of man with valu... Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States Seeking: Female 40 - 56 for Romance / Dating Being a good and loving father and grandfather, and being a good man gives me self-happiness, which I enjoy sharing.

Sincere, loyal, empathetic, discrete, well mannered, and considerate are fine traits I call my own. I dislike chaos, and obnoxious people, and out of control animals. I truly like giving bliss and passion; and sharing happiness honestly. I Love the wilderness. Augusta, Maine, United States Seeking: Female 28 - 38 for Romance / Dating I like to be happy, so I spend time outdoors. Maine is my home and has been my whole life. I am very laid back but having work is very important to me, so I am always doing something whether it be creating, repairing or maintaining.

I live as quiet and peaceful as I can by spending a lot of time listening to audiobooks, advancing my skills in Leather, and hanging out with my dog. I dont keep up with pop culture, new fads or whatever the kids are doing these days. I dont do drugs or drink too much or smoke. I enjoy exercise, sunny days, and being near animals. I am also good at in depth conversations, and can listen while still able to ask questions and offer possible view points that may not be the norm, but are still very much relevant.

(Oh my god, right?) The matriarchs of my family have taught me these skills over the years. I come from a very very big family. Good old fashion Iron hand farmers from the county. So the ladies in my life dont take $h!t from anyone and everyone pulls their weight.

Good women to be sure. I dont believe in cheating, I dont like lying, I dont and never will tolerate abuse or bullying. I am Marine Infantry and I can protect myself and those I love and I am not afraid to do so. I love my country, my family and my home. So, there are a lot of "I's" in here and that kinda sucks, but that is the story.

Enjoy your day and send a message if you are looking for someone like me. You know, a loyal, honest, kind, hard working, animal loving introvert.) Looking for something serious and... Oceanside, California, United States Seeking: Female 18 - 29 for Romance / Dating I'm a Marine, Logistics, 21, love to read and write, I sing a lot so hope you want to sing with me, I like hiking and adventures, but also loving cuddling on the couch watching movies.

My passions include anime, mythology, and movies, if you wanna kn Divorced, charismatic prior Mari... Annapolis, Maryland, United States Seeking: Female 37 - 99 for Romance / Dating Hey I'm Mike. 26 yo Former Marine Sergeant. 5'8", 215 pound. I'm in bodybuilding shape, love to work out. Stocky and muscular. Hair is salt and pepper. work for the aerospace industry. I'd love to get to know you, and I think we'll have a truly awesome time. Looking for her Arlington, Virginia, United States Seeking: Female 33 - 52 for Romance / Dating I'm looking for a mature woman, who knows how to make me laugh until pop comes out of my nose.

I love inside jokes,tickle fights, cuddling, staring contests and all that crazy fun stuff that comes along with a relationship. hopping, working out, going out for coffee, having a few drinks at a pub, winning a flip cup game, comparing every life situation to an episode of seinfield or the simpsons and being generally awesome. Oh, and one day i hope to see a double rainbow.

In conclusion, i had no idea it would take so long to write about myself. It's hard to explain your personality in these little boxes so message me if you really want to get to know me ;) Chicago, Illinois, United States Seeking: Female 18 - 25 for Romance / Dating I love Scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing, traveling...I love food almost as much as air... concerts are big part of life...probably bigger than it should be. I also enjoy going to museums, zoo, parks etc.

Love taking Mufasa (my dog) to new fores Looking for love New York, New York, United States Seeking: Female 35 - 56 for Romance / Dating My closest friends describe me as warm, easy going, honest and friendly. I describe myself as caring, involved, honest, considerate, open minded and fun.I find that I'm drawn to woman who are self assured, honest and able to laugh with others and at themselves just as I do. I would like to find someone to share things with, learn new things together, and share love together.

After all isn't life a learning and growing experience? "Life's not always beautiful but it's a beautiful ride".In our free time, my ideal match and I would plan trips together and travel to far away and not so far away places, play golf and relax on beautiful beaches, swim and snorkel. We would have sumptuous meals by candle light followed with cognac and a fine cigar(I don't smoke except for a cigar once in a while). I enjoy the simple and finer things in life.

Riding bike is how I spend most of my free time during the summer while in the winter I love to take my drift boat on the rivers and fish for steelhead. There's just something about flowing water that I find very relaxing.

It's more the experience of being on the river and taking in the beauty of the outdoors and god's creatures than it is about catching fish. The bald eagles are always a joy to see Looking for love and Happiness.

Arlington, Virginia, United States Seeking: Female 30 - 50 for Romance / Dating Ever met a man with whom you were instantly comfortable being around? A man who laughs easily, and brings out the best in people?

I like to think I am that kind of man. I love being around people who love life and enjoy taking risks in order to experience what life has to offer for them.

I work hard, Yes that is for sure, I enjoy my job But when it is time to play, I love to play. I also really enjoy watching it rain, especially when there is a thunder storm, cuddled up on the sofa. I also enjoy exploring small towns, fishing, festivals, movies, dining out and walking in the park.

best dating female marines

   

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