Best dating gibson les paul studio guitars made in america

best dating gibson les paul studio guitars made in america

The Les Paul Studio 2016 T delivers classic Les Paul tone, style, and playing feel as well as the versatile voices of split coil humbucking pickups – all in a package that represents amazing value for a genuine American-made Gibson electric guitar. ABOUT GIBSON: Orville Gibson founded the company in 1902 as “The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co., Ltd.” in Kalamazoo, Michigan to make mandolin-family instruments. Gibson invented archtop guitars by constructing the same type of carved, arched tops used on violins. By the 1930s, the company was also making flattop acoustic guitars, as well as one of .

best dating gibson les paul studio guitars made in america

History Gibson Guitartowns Talk 2 Us Gibson Foundation Careers Acoustic Instruments Electric Guitars Gear & Accessories Pro Audio Features News Gear & Tech Contests Forums Facebook Twitter YouTube Dealers Acoustic Five-Star Dealers Online-Dealers Become A Dealer International Distributors Repair and Restoration FAQ Report Counterfeits Warranty Service Centers Warranty Serial Number Search How To Buy A Guitar Customer Service Tech Tips Schematics and Manuals Products News-Lifestyle Community Store 24/7 Support The Les Paul Studio Swirl is a stunning new addition to the popular Studio series, which has been bringing full-fledged Les Paul performance and tone to hard-working musicians since its introduction in 1983.

These guitars include all the classic ingredients that have made the Les Paul Standard legendary since humbuckers first hit the model 1957, but add four exotic swirl finishes to the formula, while retaining the down-to-business package that is light on frills, heavy on swagger, and easy on the pocket.

Not one element of construction or component quality is sacrificed to bring you this high-performance electric guitar, and the Gibson USA Les Paul Studio Swirl might just be the most head-turning Studio model ever produced. A handful of cosmetic simplifications help to bring this Les Paul in at a truly astounding price.

A minimalist finishing process results in a thin nitrocellulose finish in one of four gorgeous new “swirl” options: Black/Green Swirl, Black/Silver Swirl, Gold/Blue Swirl, and Silver/Blue Swirl. A lack of binding around the body top and fingerboard also gives a tactile, organic look and feel to the instrument as a whole.

Where tone and performance are concerned, however, the Studio Swirl model stays right in the legendary Les Paul Standard’s wheelhouse, with the timeless hardware that has helped to make Les Pauls total sustain monsters for more than five decades. The pickups are a pair of Gibson’s most popular humbuckers, a 490R in the neck and a 498T in the bridge, both made with 42-AWG wire and genuine Alnico magnets (Alnico II and Alnico V respectively) just like the original PAF humbuckers.

Wrap it all up, and it’s an unparalleled package for anyone from the discerning studio musician to the hard-touring artist in search of a no-nonsense tone machine that stands out on the stage. And at this price, there’s no reason not to check out the Les Paul Studio Swirl today—and make it your very own.

Just like the most revered Les Paul Standards of all time, this Les Paul Studio Swirl starts with the classic tonewood combination of a mahogany body with solid carved maple top. Together, these woods offer outstanding tonal depth and richness from the mahogany, with superb clarity and “snap” from the maple. In this model, the strategic placement of several tone chambers enhances resonance while also reducing the guitar’s overall weight considerably, without sacrificing an ounce of punch or sustain.

And even in this more affordable instrument from Gibson USA, the glued-in solid-mahogany neck is cut to the superior “quarter-sawn” grain orientation for superior strength and optimum resonance transfer between neck and body.

For the fingerboard, Gibson USA uses exotic Obeche, a hard-wearing dark wood that is not unlike Ebony wood in appearance. To further maximize all that vibrational energy, Gibson includes its legendary Tune-o-matic bridge and stud-mounted Stop Bar tailpiece, arguably the most storied hardware combination in the history of the electric guitar. Designed to allow precise intonation of individual strings for perfectly in-tune playing, this bridge and tailpiece pairing also provides rock-solid string anchoring at the body end.

Of course, to make optimum use of all that sweet resonance and singing sustain you need a couple of superb pickups, and the Les Paul Studio Swirl with Maple Top carries a pair of the very best: a 490R in the neck position gives you warm, rich tones with outstanding clarity, while a slightly hotter 498T is great for singing solos and crunchy rhythm parts.

Both are made with genuine Alnico magnets, and feature wax-potted coils to squelch microphonic squeal at high volumes. All this tonal splendor would do you little good without superb playability, and the Les Paul Studio Swirl excels in this department, too. A rounded ’50s neck profile is extremely comfortable in the hand while still fast and supple under the fingertips, and the fingerboard’s 12-inch radius and 22 medium-jumbo frets offer easy bending with no choking out.

To top it all off, the Les Paul Studio Swirl with Maple Top looks great in your choice of Black/Green Swirl, Black/Silver Swirl, Gold/Blue Swirl, and Silver/Blue Swirl finish, all in genuine nitrocellulose lacquer, naturally. All this, and your guitar comes protected in a Gibson Hardshell case, and covered by Gibson’s famous Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 customer service.

best dating gibson les paul studio guitars made in america

best dating gibson les paul studio guitars made in america - Gibson Les Paul Studio T 2016

best dating gibson les paul studio guitars made in america

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best dating gibson les paul studio guitars made in america

Gibson Les Paul Faded VS Studio: A Comparison by Richard Blenkinsop. Posted on 2017-04-13 11:45:27 Every year, Gibson make a few changes to the lineup of guitars they offer. Both the and , in one form or another, are usually in the lineup and usually come in at the lower end of the price range. This year, the Les Paul Faded is the most affordable Gibson USA model, with the Studio not too far ahead of it. With these two American made Les Pauls coming in at much less than a or , you might be wondering what the difference between the 2018 Gibson Les Paul Faded and Studio is.

On paper, they are very similar but there are small differences that add up to justify the price difference between them. Pickups 490R & T (Alnico #2) 57 Classic & 57 Classic+ (Alnico #2) Both with individual coil tap function Neck Slim Taper profile Maple neck Rosewood fingerboard Slim Taper profile Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard Body Ultra modern weight relief Average body weight: 4lbs 6.7oz Plain maple top Ultra modern weight relief Average body weight: 4lbs 6.7oz Plain maple top Features Vintage keystone style tuners Black top hat knobs Faded Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Comes with gigbag Grover kidney tuners Speed knobs Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer Comes with hardcase and Gibson multi-tool What's the difference between the Les Paul Studio and Faded?

- Sound We'll start with the pickups. The Gibson Les Paul Faded and Studio come fitted with different pickup sets so they do sound slightly different, though they've both still got that classic Les Paul sound you'd associate with the guitar i.e. big, beefy, warm, with plenty of sustain.

Gibson have changed the pickups on the Studio this year - it's fitted with a 57 Classic in the neck and a 57 Classic + in the bridge. As you might have guessed, these are based on the legendary pickups of the late 50s so deliver that old school Gibby tone. The Alnico 490s in the Les Paul Faded are a slightly more modern pickup, with a touch more presence in the upper mids.

I find the 57s to have a bit more warmth to them. It's also worth noting that the 57 Classic + in the bridge of the Studio is slightly overwound. What does that mean? Well, the strings move less near the bridge and the pickup in the Studio helps make up for that so in theory, you'll get a better balance between the two pickups.

The way I hear it, the bridge pickup on the Les Paul Studio breaks up a bit sooner - as expected, which might give it the slight edge if you're playing hard rock or metal. The The Les Paul Studio also allows you to coil tap the pickups, which the Faded doesn't.

By pulling up on the volume knobs, you can get the humbuckers to sound more like single coil pickups (like you'd see in a Strat or Tele) giving you a thinner, snappier sound. Coil tapped pickups essentially give you another set of sounds in the same guitar - go from classic Les Paul to Strat-esque sounds in a second!

This makes the Les Paul Studio more versatile than the Faded. Simply pull up on these to get single coil style tones Another difference is that the Les Paul Faded has a maple neck, and the Studio has a mahogany neck (both with rosewood fingerboards). Maple is denser and stiffer than mahogany so in theory, might sustain a little better.

It does sustain really nicely - but the Studio does too! Whilst the neck material is certainly different on these two guitars, how much it affects the difference in tone between them is borderline negligable. What's the difference between the Les Paul Studio and Faded? - Feel and Features In terms of how they feel, they are very similar - they share the same neck profile, average body weight and body depth.

One thing that is different is the control knobs - black top hat style on the Faded; speed knobs on the Studio. Neither is better - just different. How the guitars are finished is also different which affects how they both feel, as well as how they look.

The One of the biggest practical differences between the Gibson Les Paul Faded and Studio is the case.

The Faded comes supplied with a gigbag and the Studio includes a hardcase, as well as a Gibson multi-tool that makes restringing and tweaking your action a bit easier. A decent hardcase is usually over £100 so here, you can really see where your extra money goes.

Other differences include Grover tuners on the Studio - they're a tad surdier than the vintage keystone style tuners on the Faded. Conclusion The Gibson Les Paul Faded and Les Paul Studio are both towards the more affordable end of what Gibson do, and mean that more players have access to this legendary guitar.

The Les Paul Studio was designed as a stripped down version of the Standard, without any of the flash extras but still with great playability and sound - it's since become somewhat of a classic guitar in its own right. The Les Paul Faded, in the last few years has been the cheapest Les Paul in the series but it's still an American Gibson, packed with amazing features.

The gigbag (with Faded) and hardcase (with Studio) For me, the main differences between these two guitars are the coil tap function, higher output bridge pickup and hardcase with the Studio. Overall, the guitars really aren't wildly different, but the Les Paul Studio is more versatile - being able to go from a super distorted metal sound to a snappy single coil sound is something the Faded can't do, and it's nice having a little extra bite in the bridge pickup.

The full body, higher gloss finish on the Studio also makes the guitar look more expensive. They do however, both give you the classic, beefy Gibson Les Paul tone that's been so rife throughout rock and blues over the last 60 years so you'll not go far wrong with either!

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