Best dating id card designs

best dating id card designs

Vertical Design Templates. With just a glance at the press reporter ID card, the main concern of the security is the name of the organization and the picture that should match the person who has the card in possession. This card hits the brief in the best possible way. The logo of the channel or newspaper will come at the top of the card where it will be most visible in its bold font. The picture sits in the middle of the card and nothing fancy or eye catchy thing is in the design which may steal all the attention. Click on the ‘download’ option now. Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ The designation, date of birth and expiry date of the card have been mentioned on this template and the information can be edit by the user as well. Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″. Size: 55 KB.

best dating id card designs

Are you looking forward to create an ID card or lanyard? Then you don’t need to go through the hassle of creating it from the scratch. You just need to download the lanyard and identity card mockup from our website and start customizing it as per your preferences.

You just need to go ahead and download these templates. NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need In many different instances of life, you would come across the need to get an ID card or lanyard card created.

Even if you are fluent with web graphics, creating an ID card design from the scratch would be a daunting task. To avoid that frustration, you can take a look at the mockups. You may have all the skills needed to create professional quality ID card and lanyard designs. But why do you want to reinvent the wheel? You can easily gain access to a free identification card template and use it as per your preferences.

This template would be same as what you design because it has been created by the hands of professional designers. Since the PSD mockup identity card is designed by professionals, it would have all the essential components you need.

Therefore, moving ahead with the ID card development would never become an overhead to you. When you are designing the best ID lanyard, you need to pay special attention towards professionalism. That’s because you are going to use the design for a professional purpose. The ID badge template Photoshop would come with all those professional elements in order to make your life easy.

Hence, you will not have to go through any frustration. Essential components such as fonts, colors and graphics would be used along with professionalism in the best lanyard designs. Therefore, you will not have to change the basics of what you see in the design.

All you need to change is the content as per your personal preferences. Plenty of ID card mockup templates are available for you to select from. You just need to take a look at the list and select the best template that matches with your preferences. They can provide an excellent assistance to you with all your designing needs. You just need to do a bit of an editing in the free ID badge template and if you are an expert designer, it would only take a couple of minutes.

Therefore, the school ID card template can help you save your precious time. Another impressive fact about selecting student ID card template PSD is that it has the ability to provide an elevated effect into the design.

Therefore, you will be able to relate to the users of the ID card in a better way. On the other hand, it can deliver a personalized touch to the ID card as well. Both horizontally designed and vertically designed ID card mockups are available for you to select from. Hence, you don’t need to go through any frustration when you are looking for a one.

You just need to select the best template and move forward. Last but not least, you need to have a clear understanding about selecting a PSD mockup identity card. To do that, you just need to see whether the available design matches with your preferences or not. Then you can move forward with the design. You may also like this mockups: 1. ID Card Holder Mockup The ID card mockup has the ability to let designers come up with a professional ID card design.

It has an impressive 4288×2848 pixel resolution, which provides ability to pay attention towards details. 2. Unique ID Card Mockup This ID card design PSD is available in vector PSD format, which can be scaled as per specific requirements of the designer. Any design can easily be placed on this mockup to give life to a professional ID card. 3. Standard Strap Employee Card Strap employee cards have become an essential component in businesses, which have the need to identify employees.

This mockup can be used to create a strap employee card, while highlighting the professional aspects of the business. 4. Access Card Mockup For Every Company Access cards should be designed while providing a unique aspect of the business.

This free identification card template can provide a perfect assistance for a designer who is engaged with designing such an access card. 5. Colorful Badge Mockup The badges mockup is perfect for a designer who wants to create colorful identification cards. It has standard RGB colors, along with a resolution of 3000×2000 pixels.

Hence, it can be considered as the best free ID card template that a designer can use. 6. Cooperate Executive Cards Cooperate executive cards need to be packed with professionalism. This free ID card template can be used to design such cooperate executive cards, along with the usage of modern and eye-catching colors. 7. Standard ID Badge Template This ID badge template comes along with smart objects, which can assist a designer to change the background and edit with ease.

It offers four different presentations as well and the perfect one out of them can be selected according to business preferences.

8. Rich Lanyard Card Mockup Any designer who is looking for a lanyard card mockup for a transparent case enclosed lanyard can think about using this design. It is a fully layered Photoshop file, which can be edited easily along with the assistance of background. Image provided with this design can be changed instantly as well.

9. Portrait and Landscape ID Card Mockup This ID card mockup is available in both portrait and landscape modes. One of the most impressive features about the free ID card template is that it can be opened with various software tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, EPS and PDF.

All the aspects of this free ID badge template, including the colors can easily be edited. 10. Professional ID Card Mockup A professional quality ID card can be designed along with this template. After getting this template opened up, a designer would not come across the need to do anything, except for adding the personal information of ID card owner.

NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need 11. Lanyard Card Mockup With Filled Background This lanyard card mockup is available in both portrait and landscape modes for the convenience of user.

Any person who is looking forward to use a ID card template with a filled background design can think about moving forward with this template.

12. Simple and Effective ID Card Design A simple ID card design is all that a business needs in order to ensure security at the premises. This free ID card template can provide an excellent assistance in such a situation. It comes along with the lanyard vector set, which can easily be edited as per the preferences of designer.

It offers the plastic badge illustration as well and the designers will not have to add it manually. 13. Colorful Lanyard Badge Mockup The lanyard badge mockup offers complete control to the users over colors. In fact, unlimited color combinations are available and the users can experiment and come up with the best output.

Due to the availability of smart objects, it can easily be customized as well. 14. Employee ID Card Mockup This employee ID card template offers three different designs. The designer just needs to select the best design out of them and move ahead with the edits.

Even the badge texture of this template can be removed. 15. 10 Lanyard Card Mockups The lanyard card mockup is extremely easy to use and it offers 10 different views in 5 PSDs. PDF instructions are provided along with the template and any user can go ahead and edit the overall design regardless of the level of experience that they have. 16. Standard Name Tag For a Conference A name tag is essential for a conference, where individuals need to be identified with ease.

This name tag template can be used for such purposes. The template provides a dedicated space to place the name in a large font and it would be visible clearly to outside.

17. Lanyard Card For a Badge This is an ideal option available for an individual who prefers to use lanyard designs for a badge that comes along with the tag badge holder. Vector illustration looks perfect on this mockup and it can help a designer to come up with a realistic design.

18. Basic Lanyard Card Design This is a standard lanyard card mockup that comes along with a barcode. Photo of the lanyard card owner is encircled in the middle and the name and designation is mentioned just under it.

Colors and fonts can easily be changed in this template due to the availability of smart objects. 19. Colorful and Rich ID Card Template This ID card template can be used for a variety of purposes. The CMYK 300DPI resolution offered by this template can help any person create designs with ease. It is a print ready option available for you to consider as well. 20. Simple Plastic Name Badge Template The plastic name badge comes along with full vector layers and every aspect of it can be customized according to the preferences of the designers.

All the layers are properly organized to assist individuals customize them with ease. NOTE: To use this PSD Mockups you need 21. A Standard Blank Badge Template If a designer just wants to have a blank badge template, this is the most suitable option available to move forward. Anything can be added to the free identification card template and this would provide the basis needed for it.

22. Unique and Attractive Business Card Template This is a simple and an attractive business card template available for the designers to consider. This modern design is completely editable.

On top of everything, it can be considered as a print ready ID card design PSD. 23. Free Identification Template For a Business A business where employees travel a lot can use this free identification card template. In fact, it is the most suitable design that can be provided to individuals who are travelling on a regular basis. 24. Employee ID Card Design This standard employee ID card template can be used to create designs for any company because of its professionalism and ability to edit and incorporate branding requirements.

Two different PSD designs are provided to let designers work on front and back. 25. Modern Corporate ID Card Design Designers who are engaged with creating corporate identification cards can use this VIP lanyard template. It offers all the features, including colorful shapes that a user can try out to come up with a perfect overall design. 26. Beautiful ID Card Template This company ID card offers two different PSD files, which can be used to work on both front and back side of the ID card design.

Layered PSD files are provided and the designers will be able to avoid frustration during the process of creating a new ID card. 27. Free Minimalist ID Card Design A minimalist looking ID card can be created with the assistance of this school ID card template PSD. Due to the unique and simple design of this lanyard mockup, it is possible for a designer to add company logo, name, contact details and photo of an employee with ease into the card. 28. Rich Name Badge Template This name badge design offers all the key elements that a badge should have.

It can also be customized as per the preferences of the users, by changing the color, lace color and overall design of the badge.

It can be used to create highly visible name badges. 29. Colorful ID Card Template This ID card template offers designs in four different colors. The PSD file is properly layered and it can provide an excellent assistance for a designer to complete the overall design within a short period of time. It comes along with a 5mm bleed as well. 30. A Professional ID Card Template This is an impressive ID card design template available for the designers to use with ease.

It offers all the essential components that an ID card design should have in order to create a professional outlook. Designers can easily use it because of the layered PSD file. If you liked this post, please rate it! Welcome to . This is the platform where technology meets craft and creates wonders in the world of designing.

We are an online resource for graphic designers where we provide PSD mockups, web fonts, icons, WordPress templates and Other Web Design Tools that are of high quality, save you time, and also give you inspiration for something even better.

best dating id card designs

best dating id card designs - 8 Best Professional Design Vertical ID Card Templates

best dating id card designs

From the theme observed in an office to the environment it follows, everything needs to be professional if the management wants to give an impression of professionalism. Although we could not help you out in any other way, to ease the struggle we have compiled the top 8 most professional vertical designs of ID cards. Advertisement This is a compact vertical designed ID card with a classic combination of gray and white as the base colors.

The picture of the employee of width 1.1″ and height 1.3’’ will be placed in the middle of the card to highlight it. The logo of the company will be over it while the name and designation of the employee in question to come below it. These are the only pieces of information that are required for a card to make it look classy and presentable. If you think the same way, download it now and add the details to it. Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 149 KB The light golden rust colored card with a vertical design is the 2 nd most professional looking card among the ones we choose.

This card will focus on the picture of the employee as it is the element that will be placed on top. The name of the employee, his date of birth, the code assigned to him and the dates in which the card will be used are to be mentioned just below the prominent picture.

These details when written in a visible format on a light colored patterned base, gives a very nice and business-like look to a simple card. The employees will love to carry it around all day without hesitation. Download it now. Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 274 KB A classic combination of blue and white can never disappoint.

This card is just like one. The white base as the major color gives an eye soothing and classy look while the blue strip at the bottom simply steals the show. The name of the company sits at the top of the card while the picture will be placed right in the middle to be in the spotlight. Below the picture, the user can write the name and designation of the employee. Download this template now if you want to add a classy and sophisticated look to the dress code of the employees.

Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 125 KB This is a unique card of the ones we have picked up. It is a simple yet stylish combination of white and blue. The combination may sound a bit obvious, but the design here is something that makes it stand out of the pack.

The royal blue at the left side of the card will bear the name of the employee while his designation will come just below it. There is a perfect place left for the picture to fit on the right side of it while the logo of the company will occupy the place at the top of the card.

Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 164 KB This is the fifth one of our best 8 professionals ID cards list. It is a very simple and decent design of all. Here, the focus is not on the extra details but only the main elements will be required to put in.

The main thing is the picture of the employee which will come on the top while his name and designation will be written just below it. The logo of the company will be placed in the left bottom corner. Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 211 KB This is a unique design of all. You will agree with us after seeing this card that the combination of blue and white can make the best possible professional card ever. The prominent blue color will build a unique style by giving a frame look to the picture that will be placed on the top.

The heading will be written on the write strips while the details will have a blue background. Together with white and blue will take this card to a whole new level. Download it now if you felt the same way.

Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 94 KB Here comes another different card. This color is very uncommon and not most of the people feel comfortable with it. But, kudos to our designers who have handled it with such care and talent that an extremely decent and praiseworthy ID card has been produced. The picture here is a bit bigger than the one needed in other cards while the other details remain the same.

The bottom of the card shares the same pattern like the rest of it, but the shade is a bit darker which will simply highlight the name and address of the company which will come over it. Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 169 KB Blue and a bit bluer, can never disappoint trust us.

The shades of blue will give a very delicate look to this card. The top and bottom of it have dark blue color while the middle is covered with patterned light blue it bears all the important information like the employee’s name, his employment ID, the department he works in and the date on which the card will expire.

A small picture will be placed gracefully at the right bottom while the name and address of the company will be the last piece of information needed to be placed in the bottom-most area. Dimension: 2.13″ x 3.38″ Size: 318 KB

best dating id card designs

“Who am I?” is a question that will get different answers depending on the kind of person you ask. Philosophers may give you the phenomenological or existentialist view, brain surgeons will give you the scientific view, priests and pastors will give you the theological view, toddlers will even give you the nonsensical view, and governments will give you the nationalist view.

But however rhetorical the answers are, an easier way of knowing who a person is by using identification cards. In this article, we provide ten different ID card templates for anyone to use for various design projects. Also included is a brief rundown of how you can create your own ID card design.

Read on and enrich your mind! What Are ID Cards? The ID in ID card stands for Identity Document. Yet today, most people mistakenly learn that ID is a shortening of the word identification.

These two meanings are equally used in the verbal and written form today. An ID Card is a document, usually in bank card size, attesting a person’s name, nationality, birth date, age, address, and gender, and will often also include a card number.

Nowadays, may contain security features that will help distinguish if the card bearer is the one pictured on the card using photographs, thumb prints, and other biometric data. Restaurant Identity Card Template This Abstract ID Card Template follows a unique color scheme, but it can be modified to match your company’s official colors. The design included in this template may also be changed so that you can use your company’s own logo.

This file also includes different templates for staff and office guests. Business ID Card Design Businesses who want a strong corporate culture may begin to establish their brand while still giving importance to their employees by using this Office . This ID card is intricately designed to help make employees and outsiders feel like the company has its own distinct personality that they could follow. National ID Cards: Yay or Nay? It was only in the 20th century that the ID cards were routinely used in doing business and governmental transactions.

This was more likely brought on by the availability and inclusion of photographs into ID cards. Throughout the years, ID card systems have improved and are now widely adopted all over the world. The adoption of ID cards as a form of national identity of citizens, however, has resulted in differing views. The most cited reason in favor of using identification cards is for law enforcement.

Police and security officials use ID cards in looking for and recognizing high-risk individuals. Proving a person’s identity using ID cards will also help prevent identity theft. On a more hi-tech level, developed using a person’s DNA samples will be more reliable and harder to fake due to the uniqueness of the genome. Detractors of nationalized ID cards argue that when governments issue these cards, there will be a greater chance of its citizens’ personal information to be stolen, leaked, or accessed when they are stored in a centralized database.

This also poses a risk to a person’s privacy rights. On top of that, national ID cards will take a significant portion of any country’s budget just to be able to equip its citizens with these ID cards. Issues regarding racial profiling may also emerge if a person’s race, and even religious belief, is required when filling out an ID card application form.

Whatever your government policy is, nations still find a way of instituting identity documents systems for its citizens. Often, these national cards will only work for a specific branch or function of the government.

To illustrate, governments release passports to its citizens who wish to travel to other countries. The pieces of information obtained from a passport are still significant enough to for it to be considered as a form of a national citizen database.

Student ID Card Design The Minimal Creative ID Card Design boasts a minimalist yet creative take on ID Card design. This type of ID card design may work well for both employment ID cards or as a . This card design is unassuming and only gives away necessary personal information about the ID bearer.

Corporate ID Card Design Most ID card designs are available in a vertical or portrait format. If you wish to incorporate pictures or design styles in a horizontal or landscape format, the ID template pictured above may be the right one for you. Landscape ID card designs allows you to add background images or art that would typically not fit in a standard sized portrait ID card.

Colorful ID Card Design The Flat Design ID Card Template pictured above may act as a good ID card design base. With this type of design template, you are free to create any type of ID card that you could think of. This card will also work well as a . How to Create ID Cards Aside from government-issued ID cards, employment and student ID cards cover the bulk of the ID cards used today. Designing these cards is often a task relegated to a company’s graphics team or a third party company.

But do not let this detract you from creating your own ID Card design template especially if you are just starting out. We have enumerated a few steps for ID card designing that you can do on your own below. Check them out: • Determine what type of ID card you need to create. The two most common forms of ID card design are employment and student ID cards. When creating an , you should choose which one of the two you are creating. There are different card design templates that you can follow for each type of ID card.

• Download an ID card template online. Just like credit card designs, there are design templates available for identification cards. By using a ready-made template, you will get the initial card designing aspect out of the way.

You may just begin to focus on adding the personal information you need and then making a few modifications. If you are pressed for time, downloading a template online may be the next best step for you. • Incorporate as minimal personal information on the card design as possible. For those who want to create their own identification cards, you should follow the rule of minimalism in terms of the information you place on the card.

Most ID cards will only bear the person’s name, the company, the company logo (you may use for this part), and the contact information in cases of emergency. Student ID card templates may require information like student number and the college he or she belongs to. • Use black ID card templates as base for your card designs. Just like designing corporate business cards, you may also use when creating an ID card. This way, you will be able to explore all design options that you may want to add to your creation.

Also note that with this level of creative freedom, you will be doing most of the design work and it may require a lot of your time. • Invest in high quality ID printers or go to a professional ID card print shop. Once you have finished designing your ID cards and then inputting all the necessary card-bearer information, you may now begin printing the cards. If you think your business or organization is going to be routinely printing out ID cards, you may ask the management to invest in a good ID printer.

This way, you will be able to print out the ID cards quickly. On the other hand, you may also establish a working relationship with a local print shop where you can print out your company ID cards at a discounted rate.

• Remember to match the card design with how the card will be used. As mentioned earlier, ID cards can be classified into employment or student ID cards. So when designing an ID card, always make sure to specifically design a card based on this differentiation. For instance, a child clinic ID card template design will look vastly different from a design.

Keep all these steps in mind and you will be on your way into creating a good ID card design! Design-templates • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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