Best dating in london bloggers

best dating in london bloggers

Sometimes people need a little convincing about the benefits of speed dating over online dating. We asked John Davis, London's most experienced dating events host to reveal his top ten reason why you should be speed dating if you're serious about meeting somebody. 10) To avoid hours of wasted effort, embarrassing knockbacks and offending other halves - Downing drink after drink before finally plucking up the courage to speak to your intended paramour before being bluntly told they're not interested, being publicly humiliated by their friends, your friends, or both, or chatting h .

best dating in london bloggers

17 April, 2013 Following my list, I took a look at some of the many great bogs written by females from our nation’s capital. As before, this is just a snapshot of some of the interesting blogs I found on my journey – I’m sure you could add many more, and welcome your comments on any great London blogs that I’ve missed!

Much like the sprawling landscape of London itself, there is an expansive land of blogs out there covering all sorts of topics about life in the Big Smoke.

These ladies of London are placed in my top 12 list because they all have something in common: the ability to write engagingly; sometimes whimsical, sometimes fact-led, but always entertaining and informative.

• is Fleur de Guerre’s guide to all things vintage. Fleur guides the reader through the events and eateries of London, offers tutorial vlogs on vintage make up and hair styling (which I’m told are very easy to follow!), details on where to buy her unique outfits and great giveaways listed frequently too. • Kira Gorman’s is an informative blog written about her love for the theatre.

A student journalist and one of this list’s younger bloggers at the age of 19, Kira writes with passion and enthusiasm reviewing shows and interviewing cast members for an insider look at the stage. • is written by Lanky Girl, a twenty-something living in London, and covers everything from fashion to food and cocktails to cake. A great blog for pop up events and spaces information/reviews and written with great relish.

• is originally from Norway but now resides in London where her passion for art knows no bounds. A relatively new blog, it doesn’t scrimp on content and has recently covered the , an enthralling article and an interesting read, just like the rest of her work.

• Sarah, author of , is studying for her Wine and Spirits Diploma while working in drinks PR, and she certainly knows her stuff. Blogging about drinks events, restaurant reviews and cocktail clubs, her articles are a goldmine for those looking for the best foodie events London.

She even throws in a few cocktail recipes to get your taste buds tingling – the perfect accompaniment whilst reading her blog! • is a quirky guide to travelling round the city, created by travel writer and Londoner, Kate. This personal and humorous blog aims to show visitors that there is a lot more to London than Big Ben and Westminster.

This blog will particularly appeal to young urbanites looking for an unusual stay in the city, away from the usual well-trodden paths. • Fashion designer Diana Kakkar documents street style in her blog .

Loaded with photos of well dressed London folk going about their every day lives, highlighting emerging trends in the fashion world, this blog is a veritable feast for fashionistas. • is a blog about female fronted bands and female musicians. This blog combines a mixture of spotlighting emerging talent and paying homage to those more established. Featuring interviews, reviews, song picks and mixtapes, it’s a one stop site and is refreshingly written with intelligence, wit and humour.

• is a fantastic resource for women in London looking for information and advice from other women. A variety of female bloggers cover a great range of topics; business, finance, dating, spiritual guidance and more.

Written for women and by women these blogs are a wealth of great information and guidance for free. • is about the hidden treasures that you might not see straight off when you’re out and about discovering the city. It might not be obvious when you’re wandering about to chance a glance at the doorknockers, mosaics, pub signs and coal holes, but if you follow this blog you’ll notice the hidden gems that stare you right in the face.

Alternative tourism at its best, this blog gives the reader a view of how beautiful secret London is. • Stephanie is an ex-pat New Yorker and is her blog about the “little things” in London; reviews on eateries, sharing her own photography, highlighting street art and listing her favourite places.

I love the posts, they’re an original and interesting idea: gaining a different perspective of the city to your own is a great way to learn about the cultural melting pot. • Deborah is , she shares her views of motherhood in the big city.

While a lot of the content is about family matters, there are also musings on fashion, food and everyday life. It’s a funny, warm look at life with children in London and the blog has grown in popularity along with size of Deborah’s family. I hope this list has provided you with some insights and inspiration. Have you enjoyed the spectrum of blogs provided?

It was certainly hard to whittle the list I had down to twelve! Are there any London blogs you would have chosen different to mine? Have you noticed a gap in the blogging market or have you been inspired by these ladies to start your own blog?

We’ll be moving from B2C to B2B for the next in the “top 12” series: I’m currently compiling my “Top 12 Yorkshire Business Blogs” so keep checking back – final list to be published in 2 weeks time!

If you’re inspired to start blogging yourself, why not . Some other blogs you might find of interest: Fleek is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Known for a personal, responsive and great value for money service. Being extremely knowledgeable we offer a hands on service in bespoke web design, web development, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media Consultancy, training and management at a realistic cost.

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best dating in london bloggers

best dating in london bloggers -

best dating in london bloggers

London’s best lifestyle bloggers bring us tales of life in the capital, from fashion, travel, arts, crafts and the finer things in life to the trials and tribulations of being a parent… 1 Poppy Loves Cosy Notting Hill cafes, book clubs and retro arts and crafts… just another day in the life of London blogger Poppy of – the Kirstie Allsopp of the blogging world. Making its mark as Vuelio’s #1 lifestyle blog for 2017, Poppy Loves also has a grand following of 60k on .

Everything on Poppy Loves looks deliciously pretty and sounds lovely, after a few minutes on the site you’re to-do list will double in size. 2 Inthefrow Victoria, creator of (‘frow’ meaning ‘Front Row’) shares her Style, Beauty and Travel tips with her ever-growing audience.

Focusing more on the high-end lifestyle, Victoria is the queen of class, elegance and luxury. Inthefrow has not only won the award for the Best Established Blog but Victoria was also nominated for a Glamour Woman of the Year Award in 2016 and 2017. As well as regularly blogging, Victoria also uses other forms of social media such as (she has a staggering 826k followers), in order to share more extracts of her life.

Alongside partnering with brands such as Dior, Giorgio Armani and Maybelline, Victoria also has her own Youtube Channel where she reviews products, shares her latest style pieces and collaborates with other beauty-gurus.

Inthefrow is infamous for it’s motivational, raw and honest posts. 3 Mother Pukka Anna Whitehouse is one of the new wave of mum bloggers who are making a full-time job out of social media. Rather than smug shots of pristine children eating their greens in a Kinfolk-designed house, represents a more realistic side of being a mum.

Her vlogs show her ‘whipping up’ an Arctic Roll for her daughter’s school cake sale by un-wrapping it and giving it a homemade look with a rolling pin. Anna originally started the blog as a baby-friendly guide to London but a social media talent agency soon snapped her up and introduced her to the world of vlogging and we’re thrilled they did.

As well as vlogging, Anna also shares her life on where her account is not only Verified, but also has an outstanding 154k followers! Mother Pukka 4 The Silverspoon Since launching in 2013, Angie Silver has rapidly accumulated a long list of accolades for her luxury lifestyle blog including Vuelio’s 2015 Top 10 Blogs and Bookatable’s Top 50 Bloggers. The Londoner takes her readers from the capital’s swankiest restaurants to the world’s top hotels accompanied by beautiful pictures and a refreshingly modest tone.

With 24.3k followers on her , Angie provides her audience with continuous snapshots of her luxurious adventures. 5 The Stylist and the Wardrobe Joanne Hegarty’s blog, , is one that you’ll get lost on for hours thanks to rolls of dreamy images taken throughout her Scandi-inspired house. Such images can also be found on her page which currently stands at 39.8k followers.

Joanne pairs fashion tips with interiors trends, great finds and travel pieces. 6 Hattie West Former Conde Nast employee is the latest leggy blonde blogger to rise to popularity in 2015.

Her days at Tatler are evident, with the blog documenting stays at The Four Seasons Hampshire, her dog Luna’s first haircut and what to wear to weddings and other social occasions. Ranging from fashion and travel to interiors, teen and many more topics, it is no surprise that Hattie currently has an following of 19.6k as her content cleverly manages to capture a wide audience.

Hattie West 7 The Kentish Towner Stephen Emms started in 2010 to provide north Londoners with a daily hit of culture, food and drink and interviews with local characters. With so much information about what to see and do in London, it’s a relief to have information in a more manageable dose. In fact, The Kentish Towner also has a feed which makes it even easier for its 22.7k followers to have constant, live updates on London’s events!

The Kentish Town is the ultimate hyperlocal blog. 8 The London Thing One of the most appealing things about this lifestyle blog is its accessibility. While a lot of fashion bloggers fill their pages with fashion and interiors out of most people’s budget, collaborates with high street brands like Debenhams and Zara and makes them look just as glamorous as designer pieces.

Just by glancing at Tania’s page, it’s no surprise that she currently has a following of 56k. 9 A Style Album Louise Redknapp and four of her very stylish pals have come together to share their fashion, beauty, travel and interiors tips in . The blog will appeal to thirty-somethings whether they’re high-powered business women or stay-at-home mums. Having a scroll through their page, which deservingly has 104k followers, it is easy to notice that the looks are timely and well put together, while the tone will make you feel like Louise and her gang are your pals.

10 Samantha Maria created both her Blog and Youtube Channel in 2009. Covering topics ranging from Beauty, Fashion, Food, London and Travel, Samantha’s blog has a down-to-earth and delightful tone which is paired with charming photographs to bring the posts to life.

In conjunction with reaching 564k followers on , in 2014 Samantha and her fiancé, Jason Davis, created Novem & Knight, a London-based fashion label which has experienced significant popularity for the simplicity of the pieces.

best dating in london bloggers

Dating is hard. But when you belong to the LGBTI dating community and live in a big city like London, it gets even harder. Dating in London can sometimes have its pros and cons. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ways you can meet your fellow LGBTI soulmate in London.

LGBTI Offline Dating Meetups are one of the most popular ways to meet new people and finding the person that you have something in common with through hobbies and interests. The best way to find a that will suit your own community is to head to - no matter what interest you have, you’ll be able to find at least a dozen of other people that share the same views. You can also find plenty of events, including the quirky organisation.

The events mostly cater to gay men, however, you can find thousands of LGBTI members on Meetup. LGBTI Dating Apps One of the most popular methods of LGBTI dating in London is through apps. In a city where most people have a 9-5 job, it’s extremely common to meet someone and get to know them through texts before meeting in person. This, of course, has its pros and cons, but if you’re shy when it comes to talking in person from the get-go, dating apps can be pretty beneficial.

Contrary to the popular belief that Tinder is only aimed at straight people, you can actually find plenty of people from the LGBTI community. Out of all apps mentioned in this article, Tinder is the one where most people are only looking for short-term dating or just one night adventures. Or threesome invites.

Seriously, so many threesome invites. Grindr is known as the hookup app for gay men, however, in late 2017 it was finally announced that the app opened its doors to all members of the LGBTI community. The app is still in early stages of promoting itself to other communities, but for now it still remains one of the best LGBTI dating apps for gay men.

Often overlooked and considered an app for straight people, Bumble is a slightly more friendlier version of the good old Tinder. The app caters just about everyone, including gay women. It’s easy to use and simple to message. The only downside is that you absolutely have to turn on your notifications as you have a limited time to reply and message someone first. OKCupid is one step above the others - meaning you can also use it as a regular website.

The app clearly filters who’s showing up on your feed, meaning you can only see people that belong to your own community if you choose to do so. It allows you to answer personality and lifestyle-related questions and then creates potential matches based on your scores. It’s quite popular with the crowd and aimed at those looking for long-term partners. Her connects women to their community.

But although it appears to be a regular dating app on the outside, it’s much more than that on the inside.

Along with dating, you can also enjoy community groups and events, allowing you to find the group you belong to. LGBTI Clubbing LGBTI clubbing in London is a complex thing to do, especially if you are using it for dating - because let’s be honest, settling down and dating long-term rarely happens if you meet someone in a club for the first time. But since it’s by far one of the most popular things to do in London, we should definitely talk about the top 5 clubs where you can meet and party with like-minded people.

We should note that there’s been a significant lack of lesbian-only bars in London and many members of the community mainly visit She Bar or attend women-only events as they appear in other clubs.

One of the most popular clubs in town is without a doubt Heaven. Although often catered to gay men, Heaven is also a popular destination for gay women and other members of the LGBTI community. The venue, spread across two floors, also features live events - it’s a perfect night out if you’re looking to sing your hearts out and have a good time. If you’ve been living in London for a while, you probably noticed that the city closed down tons of lesbian-only bars, which makes clubbing and dating in the city a bit harder.

But She Bar still stands - and unlike Heaven, the bar also holds community events like Single Mingle, Karaoke, and plenty of other single-friendly ways where you can meet like-minded people. She Bar is owned by Ku Bar, an award-winning bar, catered to gay men. It’s known for having absolutely excellent nights out and a fun atmosphere no matter when you come in. Along with good music, you can also find plenty of non-clubbing events here that help bring the community together.

By far one of the most popular bars in London is G-A-Y. Focused on the community, G-A-Y allows the LGBTI members to enjoy plenty of events where they can get to know each other as well as meet some of their favourite gay icons.

The club is also a popular gig spot and a place to see everyone’s favourite Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestants. And that's it! What's your LGBTI dating experience been in London? More articles about London: Explore Website • • • • • • • • • • About the Spotahome Blog Welcome to the Spotahome Blog, the go-to resource for current and potential tenants living or moving to one of the cities where Spotahome is present.

Contact We love working with travel bloggers and we want YOU on board. Interested in writing for Spotahome? We're looking for bloggers who can write about living as a local in one of our cities using list type articles or even making videos.

Please get in touch at and share with us your portfolio or blog. We only accept long-term contributors, not one-off guest posts. •

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