Best dating in sydney blogspot

best dating in sydney blogspot

Sydney is full of them! Just jump right in and maybe you will actually find a pearl when you least expect it! Posted by Sydney Singleton at 19:26. Reactions: No comments. Like wine, men get better with age. The saying that women mature faster then men is unfortunately true, they seem to live on another planet to their gender counterparts. Post the tiresome twenties, men come into their bloom between 32-35 years of age I find the thought that women are not waiting to be asked out on a date but proactively going out and making it happen for themselves liberating. Why the hell not. I have been of the same mind for quite some time and only recently since coming to Sydney have felt that it wasn’t tabooed to do so.

best dating in sydney blogspot

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best dating in sydney blogspot

best dating in sydney blogspot - Best Date Places in Sydney

best dating in sydney blogspot

89914 views 2 I’ve recently been asked for some fun date ideas in Sydney and I know if it were me, I’d prefer to go out and do something really fun rather than be constrained to dinner where it can get a bit awkward. I know most women aren’t comfortable eating in front a date anyway so it makes it much easier and an ice-breaker if you’re doing something a bit out of the box rather than a boring dinner.

I once took a guy out to Lazer Tag on a date (having grown up with brothers, I used to go all the time) and he absolutely loved it. It makes you stand out and at least makes you memorable.

Best of all, doing something different will open up your personality and you’ll find out much quicker if you really get on and want to continue seeing them. In no particular order here’s my Top 19 fun date ideas in Sydney guide which has been updated in September 2018!

Related: Top 19 fun date ideas in Sydney Want to save this to read later? Just Pin it below! 1. Sydney Tall Ships Cruise Circular Quay, Sydney My boyfriend took me out on a tall ships cruise with and it was honestly one of the best fun date ideas in Sydney! Leaving at night time in Circular Quay, you’re on this big pirate ship entertained by a guitarist singing songs and free flowing alcohol and canapes for 2 hours before sailing back into the city lights of the harbour.

It’s really fun and there are loads of offers always on to get a cheap deal ($59 per person!). You can even climb the mast as well if you’re feeling adventurous!

2. Best brunch locations in Sydney If you’re not up for dinner then why not head out for brunch one weekend? It’s so much less pressure and less informal! 3. Sydney Observatory Observatory Hill, next to Sydney Harbour Bridge Spend the night learning all about the stars in a guided tour which takes place from 7pm to 8pm, Tuesday, Friday and some Saturday evenings. During this one hour evening tour you will hear wonderful Indigenous sky stories told by the Aboriginal Astronomy guides under the Sydney Planetarium dome.

Also learn how to find south using the Southern Cross and see the emu in the sky. Telescope viewing will follow the planetarium experience.

Every tour attempts to view stars, planets or the Moon through a telescope, weather permitting. Best of all it’s just $18 per person! 4. Outdoor Cinemas (during Summer) There are so many outdoor cinemas in Sydney during summer but my top picks have to be the at Blacktown, at Mrs Macquaries Chair and the in Centennial Park.

Most will set you back around $30 per person. 5. Indoor Skydiving Penrith (1 hour drive out of Sydney) Score top points for taking your date indoor sky diving at You won’t need to worry about heights as it’s not like you’re throwing your date out of a plane and it will truly be a memorable fun date idea in Sydney.

Prices start from $89 per person. 6. Sparadise: Japanese Bath House Blue Mountains (2 hour drive out of Sydney) A date that will really turn heads is at one of the biggest gems I’ve ever found near Sydney.

Although it’s a bit of a drive, Sparadise is an amazing Japanese Bath House. Best of all, it’s only $70 per person. Your date will think you spent $100’s on them for sure!! 7. Gelato Messina Bondi / Darlinghurst / Pyrmont Here’s an easy cheap one. Yep we’ve all heard of the famous but how many of us have ever been there? Sometimes a date doesn’t need to be elaborate to get the girl/guy to like you. I would love a simple idea like this. Go and get an ice cream and sit in the park.

Sorted. Or if you’re there on the weekend when the are on then you’ve killed two birds with one stone as they are just over the road from the ice cream shop in darlinghurst! 8. Rowing Boats at Audley Royal National Park (45 mins drive south of Sydney) When you drive into the Royal National Park, you’ll come to Audley almost straight away. Park up and rent a rowing boat for a couple of hours at the . This is a great and romantic way to spend the day with someone and an awesome fun date idea in Sydney!

Afterwards you can go for a swim at the beautiful Prices start from $20 a boat. Want to save this post for later? Just pin it below! 9. Seaplane to Cottage Point / Jonahs If you want to push the boat out then there’s not much that can top a date on a seaplane to Cottage Point Inn or to Jonah’s restaurants with .

It is absolutely breathtaking and will be certainly a memorable date to impress. Prices start from $400 per person. 10. Horse Riding Glenworth Valley (1 hour drive north of Sydney) How about getting out of Sydney for the day in just an hour’s drive to the beautiful Glenworth Valley to go ? If horse riding isn’t your thing, you can also go abseiling, quad biking and kayaking as well.

($90 per person) 11. Axe Throwing St Peters Fancy doing something completely random? How about axe throwing at ? It doesn’t get further out of the box than this!

You’ll have to book a group session though so bring all yours and your dates mates along. $50 per person min 8 people. 12.Trampolining Alexandria / Miranda Bring out your inner child and go have some FUN on your date. Trampolining at , the world’s first trampolining centre is sure to bring in some laughs with your date. Prices start from $18 per person. 13. Sydney’s Secret Gardens Mostly North Sydney Did you know there are some awesome secret gardens right in the middle of Sydney?

Best of all you don’t have to spend a cent and your date will think you’re a proper explorer by finding some of these. 14. Dinner on the Ferris Wheel at Luna Park (Sundays Oct-Mar Only) I wasn’t going to include any dinner options but this one is a bit outside of the box and it would be fun too!

Fancy having at Luna Park? This only takes place on Sundays between Oct-March. 15. Hire Bikes out in Centennial Park Wonder up to Centennial Park and out a bike for a few hours. I took my other half and went to check it out recently and it was so much fun. The paths are flat meaning you don’t need to be fit and you can wear whatever you want as it’s not a strenuous bike ride.

There’s a few different bikes you can hire such as a tandem, road bikes, and a few others. I picked out this retro looking one for two hours ($40 total for the both of us) and we stopped off at the restaurant in the park for lunch. The food there was awesome and it’s a gorgeous restaurant! This would be a great way to get to know your date.

16. Rock Climbing St Leonards Another great date which instantly puts trust into the other half is rock climbing at , Sydney’s largest rock climbing centre. From $23 per person, this is a great and awesome way to show your adventurous side. 17. Dinner In The Dark Sydney CBD are hosting a dinner in the dark, a blind folded dinner experience at a secret location. A three course meal will set you back $150.

18. Check out one of Sydney’s secret beaches If you have sense of adventure, why not check out one of Sydney’s hidden beach gems? I’ve written a whole post featuring the best hidden beaches in Sydney. Imagine being on a deserted beach, just you and your date. Doesn’t get much better than that! You could also order a to take with you as well if you really want to impress! Read more: 19. Kayaking Sydney Harbour I love the idea of kayaking around Sydney harbour first thing in the morning with .

This would make an awesome date! So there we have it, 19 fun date ideas in Sydney. I hope I’ve given you guys some creative ideas for your future dates or even just inspiration on things to do in Sydney. I’d love to hear if you have tried any of these out before, let me know if they turned out to be good dates in the comments below! Here’s some more inspiration for things to do in Sydney:

best dating in sydney blogspot

Sydney, NSW, Australia You know how you get appointed a nickname growing up or fall into a particular role in the group dynamics of your "posse". It sticks with you no matter how many digit variables you go through. I have always been the one that tells the amusing stories.

Invariably, it's always cringe-worthy anecdotes about my love life that gets the lips twitching and cheeks burning. A decade later, this hasn't changed and more often than not, I am enlightening them about the life of an eternal singleton, who always pushes the limits. Almost 30, instead of my life becoming less entertaining, it's never been riddled with more hysterically funny and embarrassing moments than now.

This blog is simply for me to do what women do best, talk about the "juicy bits"! The online dating awkward moments, drunken early morning faux pas, the moments that no one ever talks about but leaves you gasping for air after your fit of laughter has subsided...

All the things you wish your mum had warned you against and more importantly, a constant stream of banter about that infernal human male, the apple of our eye, the object of our desire, the cause of so many heart breaks and the reason why some of us just stay single!

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