Best dating kansas city missouri bbq restaurants

best dating kansas city missouri bbq restaurants

Kansas City's best restaurants for 'cue operate in re-purposed gas stations, a renovated Freight House, and classic dives where seating is at a premium and lines often snake out the front door. You may even enjoy barbecue with a side of live music. Trying to find the metro's best barbecue? 10Best has you covered. We search the city and suburbs for the top places. Then we showcase popular restaurants and highlight eateries that users have ranked highly Located near Kansas City, Missouri's sports stadiums, L.C.'s is a no frills dive that operates inside a one-time gas station, with disposable tableware and limited tables. Customers order and pay at the counter, while getting a look at and whiff . Read More.

best dating kansas city missouri bbq restaurants

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best dating kansas city missouri bbq restaurants

best dating kansas city missouri bbq restaurants - Best restaurants in Kansas City, Missouri

best dating kansas city missouri bbq restaurants

Often defined as the Midwest’s barbecue capital, Kansas City in , may be best known for its succulent steaks, but it is also home to several innovative restaurants too. From superfoods to seafood, there isn’t a cuisine this city doesn’t cater for and the array of restaurants just keeps growing.

To give you even more choice, here is an updated version of our to eating out in Kansas City. Beer Kitchen For those who give the beer menu as much thought as the food menu, in the heart of Westport’s entertainment district is just the restaurant. Choose between an array of salads, flatbreads, starters and snacks, all-day breakfasts, burgers, grilled sandwiches and winter warmers before finding the perfect beer to match.

With a huge selection of bottled beers as well as a good choice of tap beers, diners can pick by the name, the style or the brewery as all are detailed on the menu. True beer aficionados can even go that step further and order a main course that features beer as one of its leading ingredients by choosing the 100% American beer burger stuffed with burnt ends.

, +1 816 389 4180 Bluestem Recently refurbished, is a gem of a restaurant run by a husband and wife duo and situated in the heart of historic Old Westport. With a cuisine described as ‘progressive American’, the menu is packed full of playful, innovative combinations of ingredients that result in colourful, artfully presented, healthy plates of food.

Try the smoked mackerel with red grapefruit, sunchokes and quinoa; or opt for a selection of succulent meats with a choice of homemade sides. Dessert is as much the focus at Bluestem as the starters and entrees, as one of the owners is an accomplished pastry chef, so be sure to leave room to sample some of the heavenly treats on offer. , +1 816 561 1101 Courtesy Bluestem Cafe Gratitude Supporting local farmers, sustainable agriculture and using only environmentally friendly products, is about as eco-friendly as a restaurant can get.

Complete with solar panels on the roof, the tables are made from reclaimed wood, the lights from wine bottles and the menu dishes are all organic and plant based. With a huge focus on both health and sustainability, breakfast dishes include homemade gluten-free banana bread, baked gluten-free granola with fresh fruit and almond milk, and onion flatbread with cashew cream cheese. Make that extra difference by ordering the shredded kale, brown rice, black beans and garlic tahini sauce lunch option for which all profits will be donated to charity.

, +1 816 474 5683 Cafe Sebastienne Cafe Sebastienne Located within the Kemper Museum, is the ideal lunch spot for art loving cultural tourists and locals alike. The menu is eclectic, New American cuisine and often features speciality dishes such as sumac-spiced wild swordfish and succulent Akaushi beef alongside the usual cafe staples of spinach and brie omelette and BLT sandwiches. Dishes on offer here do change seasonally in keeping with the rotation of the art exhibitions, ensuring that visitors never bore of exploring the artworks or sampling the food.

Pay a visit to the museum to enjoy pieces by , and Romare Bearden amongst many others. , +1 816 753 5784 Fogo de Chao Bringing traditional Brazilian cooking methods to the Midwest, is an authentic churrascaria,in which a huge selection of delicious cuts of meat are roasted over an open fire pit, giving them an unbeatable taste and flavour.

Open for both lunch and dinner, diners are given a two sided card which they place green side up when they wish for a waiter to serve them more meat and red side up when they are taking a break. A choice of 16 different meats are served tableside including prime cuts of top sirloin, ribs, chicken, pork loin, sausage and lamb. Meats are accompanied by a choice of sides and vegetables from the self-service salad bar and a separate seafood menu is available for non-meat eaters.

, +1 214 932 6088 Gram & Dun Taking American classics and giving them unique and innovative twists, dinner at is a great alternative to the customary visit to a Midwestern greasy spoon. Serving up tasty plates of jerk pheasant, chicken and waffles and burnt end mac ‘n’ cheese, individually the flavours are all well known but the fusion of them together is certain to be a new experience.

A prime gastro-pub in design, Gram & Dun is located in the hip neighbourhood of Brookside and stands out from the rest with its bespoke wooden beams, metallic elements and statement pieces of furniture. , +1 816 389 2900 Novel Restaurant Describing its focus as ‘Novel American Cuisine’, chefs at have taken influences from Southeast Asian, , , and Western European cooking to create a menu of unusual and exciting dishes.

Starters at this little restaurant are far from the norm, options include duck neck dumpling, hamachi crudo and pighead pie. But the main courses tend to be much more mainstream as choices include grilled lamb, roasted chicken and wild salmon.

Take a few friends and order a selection of unusual starters to sample before tucking into a trustworthy entree. Closed Sunday and Monday. , +1 816 221 0785 The Capital Grille The Capital Grille The place to go for both succulent steaks and creative seafood options, is a fine dining venue situated in the heart of the Country Club Plaza.

Order either the cold shellfish platter or prosciutto wrapped mozzarella with vine ripe tomatoes to start before choosing between the Chilean sea bass with heirloom tomatoes and a saffron tomato broth or the lamb rib chops for a truly delicious main course.

Share a portion of parmesan truffle fries and a plate of roasted wild mushrooms and every one is sure to leave the restaurant perfectly full and immensely satisfied, already dreaming of their return visit. , +1 816 531 8345 The Majestic Having passed through many hands since opening in 1992, it seems fair to say that is at its best right now. Situated within the Fitzpatrick Saloon building, the restaurant boasts an original bar from the 19th century giving the room an important and historic feel.

In keeping with the original decor of the place, the chefs pride themselves on cooking local Kansas City steaks dressed in their delicious, homemade sauces. In addition to the great food on offer, The Majestic is also a popular jazz venue where diners can expect to have the pleasure of watching live performances whilst they eat each evening.

, +1 816 221 1888 Webster House An artisan design boutique, antique shop and top restaurant all in one, has become somewhat of an institution in Kansas City over the years. Located next to the , Webster House is situated within a beautiful, Romanesque building dating back to 1885, oozing charm and elegance.

The farm-to-table philosophy takes prominence here and diners can be certain that each dish has been created using only seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and produce. Try the savoury grilled black Angus steak with port, walnuts and Roquefort butter or simply order a plate of seasonal vegetables served with a choice of different meats for a delicious and wholesome meal.

, +1 816 221 4713

best dating kansas city missouri bbq restaurants

Kansas City-style barbecue Kansas City-style barbecue refers to the specific regional style of slowly that originated from the of in the early 1900s in . Kansas City barbecue is characterized by its use of a wide variety of meats: pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, sausage, and sometimes even fish.

Just about any type of barbecued meat served in the country's other barbecue capitals, from pulled pork to brisket to beef ribs and pork ribs in a number of different cuts, is served in KC-area barbecue restaurants. – the crusty, fatty, flavorful meat cut from the point of a smoked beef brisket – are much in demand. Kansas City barbecue is rubbed with spices, slow-smoked over a variety of woods and served with a thick tomato-based barbecue sauce , which is an integral part of KC-style barbecue.

Most local restaurants and sauce companies offer several varieties with sweet, spicy and tangy flavor profiles, but the staple sauce tends to be both sweet (often from molasses) and spicy.

Kansas City barbecue is also known for its many side dishes, including a unique style of baked beans, French fries, coleslaw, and other Southern-food staples. The has more than 100 barbecue restaurants, a number of which are nationally renowned.

The area is also home to several large , notably the Great BBQ Battle and the World Series of Barbecue, the largest barbecue competition in the world. Henry Perry Urban Kansas City traces its barbecue history to , who operated out of a trolley barn at 19th and Highland in the legendary around . Perry served slow-cooked ribs on pages of for 25 cents a slab. Perry came from , near , and began serving barbecue in 1908. Kansas City and Memphis barbecue styles are very similar, although Kansas City tends to use more sauce and a wider variety of meats.

Perry's sauce had a somewhat harsh, peppery flavor. Perry's restaurant became a major cultural point during the heyday of during the "wide-open" days of in the 1920s and 1930s. Arthur Bryant Arthur Bryant's Barbecue at 18th and Brooklyn in Kansas City Working for Henry Perry was Charlie Bryant, who, in turn, brought his brother, , into the business.

Charlie took over the Perry restaurant in 1940 after Perry died. Arthur then took over his brother's business in 1946, and the restaurant was renamed . Arthur Bryant's, which eventually moved to 1727 Brooklyn in the same neighborhood, became a stomping ground for baseball fans and players in the 1950s and 1960s, because of its close proximity to , where the played their home games during that period.

In April 1972, Kansas City native wrote an article in proclaiming Bryant's to be the best restaurant on the planet. Despite new-found fame, Bryant did not change the restaurant's very simple decor, which consisted of fluorescent lighting, formica tables, and five-gallon jars of sauce displayed in the windows, even as Presidents , and stopped by. Bryant died of a heart attack, in a bed that he kept at the restaurant, shortly after Christmas of 1982.

The restaurant is still open. The sauce and restaurant continue their success. Along the main inner wall of the restaurant is photographic history of many famous politicians, actors, actresses and sports figures and other tribute pictures of military personnel displaying Arthur Bryant's memorabilia such as shirts or bottles of sauce. Gates & Sons In 1946 Arthur Pinkard, who was a cook for Perry, joined with George Gates to form . The restaurant was situated initially in the same neighborhood.

Gates Bar-B-Q headquarters on Brush Creek in Kansas City Gates barbecue sauce does not contain molasses; the ingredients, as listed on the bottle, are: "Tomatoes, vinegar, salt, sugar, celery, garlic, spices, and pepper. 1/10 of 1% potassium sorbate preservative added." It is available in Original Classic, Mild, Sweet & Mild, and Extra Hot varieties. Gates also expanded its footprint in a more conventional way, with restaurants all displaying certain trademarks – red-roofed buildings, a recognizable logo (a strutting man clad in tuxedo and top hat) and the customary "Hi, May I Help You?" greeting belted out by its employees as patrons enter.

Gates has opened restaurants throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. The chain currently consists of 5 area restaurants: 3 in Missouri, 2 in Kansas. Gates also has sold barbecue sandwiches at during home games, and currently at during home games. Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue had its beginnings as the second restaurant in the Smokestack BBQ chain, which Russ Fiorella, Sr. had started in 1957.

Fiorella's eldest son Jack worked with his father until 1974, when he and his wife Delores opened their own Smokestack location in the Martin City neighborhood of south Kansas City.

Eventually Jack, along with his wife and children, decided to expand their menu selections, adding non-traditional barbecue menu items like hickory-grilled steaks, lamb ribs, Crown Prime Beef Short Ribs, and fresh, hickory-grilled seafood, along with an extensive wine and bar selection. They also began offering a higher level of comfort and service than most people were accustomed to at a barbecue restaurant. Smokestack BBQ in Martin City soon became one of the most successful restaurants in the Kansas City metro.

In 1996, Jack Fiorella was named Restaurateur of the Year by the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association. By the mid-1990s, Jack Fiorella decided to replicate the success of his Martin City Smokestack restaurant. Other members of the Fiorella family told Jack that he was not permitted to use the Smokestack name for his new restaurant, so both the new restaurant (opened in 1997 in ) and Jack's existing restaurant in Martin City dropped the Smokestack name and were rebranded as Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue.

They also opened a full-service catering operation in Martin City and their third location in the historic building in the . They began shipping their barbecue nationwide in 2000, and in October 2006 they opened a fourth location on The .

In 2014, a fifth Jack Stack restaurant opened in . The original Smokestack chain closed its last remaining location in 2012. Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue has been featured on and , and has been rated as among the best barbecue in the United States by several national organizations and magazines.

Most notably, the has named it the "#1 Barbecue House in the Country." Joe's Kansas City The original Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que in . can be traced to competition barbecue and the (KCBS). Accompanying friends at the and The Great Lenexa BBQ Battle inspired Jeff Stehney to start cooking on his own.

The first smoker purchased was an Oklahoma Joe’s 24” smoker, christened in April 1991. By 1993, Jeff, his wife and business partner Joy, and Jim "Thurston" Howell were ready to make their mark on the KCBS competition circuit.

Their competition team, Slaughterhouse Five, ended up winning eight Grand Championships, including the prestigious American Royal BBQ, three Reserve Grand Championships, and the KCBS’s Grand Champion “Team of the Year” in 1993. Over the next several seasons Slaughterhouse Five won dozens more awards and was generally recognized as one of the top competition BBQ teams in the Country. Jeff and Joy opened (later renamed to Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que) in a gas station in in 1996.

There are also locations in and . Celebrity chef listed Joe's original Kansas City, Kansas location as one of "13 Places You Must Eat Before You Die". Men's Health magazine named it America's manliest restaurant. Joe's was featured on Season 3 of in August 2010. It was also named "Kansas City's Best Barbecue" by . LC's Bar-B-Q Mississippi born L.C. Richardson took early retirement as a company chef for and opened LC's Bar-B-Q near the Truman Sports Complex in 1986. LC's specializes in burnt ends and ribs, and utilizes a sauce similar to Gates' but with substantially less sugar and more vinegar.

LC's also sauces the meat prior to smoking and continually saucing throughout the cooking process. This technique forms a thin, chewy and extremely flavorful layer on the outside of the meat and effectively seals the ribs, resulting in a remarkably tender and juicy finished product. LC's side dishes, especially the baked beans and the fresh-cut fries, are almost as notable as the meats. LC's Bar-B-Q has also been featured on the Travel Channel's, "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations".

B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ In October 1990, after leaving a sales job, Lindsay Shannon and his wife Jo opened B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ in south Kansas City. The main focus of B.B.'s is style barbecue and Louisiana dishes. The menu includes Kansas City favorites like ribs, sausage and pulled pork, which are slow-smoked in a 60-year-old pit with apple wood.

The Louisiana dishes include , , and . Not long after opening in October 1990, owner Lindsay Shannon decided to add another one of his passions: music.

Local and national blues bands perform at B.B.'s six nights a week. B.B.'s is known as "where barbecue meets the blues" in Kansas City. B.B.'s has been featured in the New York Times, and USA Today. lists B.B.'s in the Top 5 Barbeque Restaurants in Kansas City. B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ has also been featured on Food Network's, " Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives ", hosted by Guy Fieri. KC Masterpiece In 1977, capitalized on the reputation of Kansas City barbecue to form , which evolved from his "K.C.

Soul Style Barbecue Sauce." KC Masterpiece is sweeter and thicker than many of the traditional Kansas City sauces served in the region. The KC Masterpiece recipe uses extra to achieve its thick, sweet character. [ ] KC Masterpiece was sold to the Kingsford division of in 1986 and now claims to be the number one premium barbecue brand in the U.S. When Davis sold the rights to his sauce to Clorox, he announced plans to build a franchise of barbecue restaurants.

The franchises were successful for a few years, but are now all closed. Curt's Famous Meats Curt’s Famous Meats storefront is a meat market founded in 1947 by Curtis Jones and sold to Donna Pittman in 1989.

With clientele from all across America, Curt's specializes in barbecue prepared with Kansas City rub. It has a long history of award winning barbecue, having won eight times the barbecue competition, the largest in the world. Curt's is located on East in the Maywood neighborhood of .

Although not in Kansas City proper, Curt's has been a large competitor in many local competitions in barbecue. Curt's Famous Meats is also known for its predominantly female staff that Donna Pittman has hired. They are known locally as the Lady Meat Cutters. The (KCBS) was founded in 1986. With over 13,000 members worldwide, it is the world’s largest organization of barbecue and grilling enthusiasts.

KCBS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to "promoting barbecue as America's cuisine and having fun while doing so." KCBS sanctions nearly 300 barbecue contests across the U.S. each year and offers assistance to civic and charitable organizations with producing these events. The KCBS has developed a set of rules and regulations that govern all official KCBS competitions. KCBS offers educational programs, consultation services and civic organization presentations to help spread the gospel of barbecue.

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