Best dating kolkata indian restaurants in salt lake city

best dating kolkata indian restaurants in salt lake city

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best dating kolkata indian restaurants in salt lake city

As may be obvious from the name, this restaurant in Ballygunge is a seafood-exclusive restaurant claiming to be the only one of its kind in Kolkata. From creamy soups to to continental and fusion style main courses, the range and choice on their menu will delight any seafood lover. The traditional fish curry paired with rice is always a great choice, but if you are looking to experiment a little you can never go wrong with one of their assorted platters. This modest, multi-cuisine restaurant offers outstanding seafood at very affordable prices.

Their cuisine is mostly Indo-Chinese and features a range of delicious momos, soups, noodles, and more. Offering everything from local fish, shrimp, and lobster to octopus and squid, Ecstasea has one of the richest seafood menus in the city.

This ocean-themed restaurant lets you have fresh seafood cooked to your liking, in addition to a rich menu offering the best seafood from around the world. Their menu includes everything from Malabar prawn curry to fish and chips.

If you’re willing to splurge a little on your seafood cravings, look no further than . If colorful and funky décor at this restaurant doesn’t delight you, their rich seafood menu will. Offering multiple cuisines, including traditional and tribal dishes, as well as popular Indo-Chinese delicacies at reasonable prices, Santa’s Fantasea has something for everyone. If you’re overwhelmed by their menu, go for the ever popular smoked octopus.

best dating kolkata indian restaurants in salt lake city

best dating kolkata indian restaurants in salt lake city - 10 Best Romantic Restaurants in Kolkata for You and Your Valentine

best dating kolkata indian restaurants in salt lake city

While visiting the city of Kolkata, it is hard to miss the famous locality of Salt Lake City. It is a beautiful area in Kolkata, Lal Dighi and Kolkata Sealdah Railway Station are some of the major landmarks associated with Salt Lake City.

The nearest station to Salt Lake City is Sodpur. Some other popular localities near this place are Rash Behari and Esplanade-New market. Due to its charming appeal, a high number of tourists visit Salt Lake City. And, this is the reason that the area is brimmed with top-notch hotels. Some of the premium 5-star hotels you will find in Salt Lake City are The Park Kolkata, Hyatt Regency Kolkata, and ITC Sonar, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kolkata.

If these seem too heavy for your pockets, then you may check out some of the popular 4-star hotels in the locality. These include The Gateway Hotel EM Bypass, The Kenilworth Hotel, and Ibiza The Fern Resort and Spa. The 4-star and 5-star hotels in Salt Lake City give you the taste of luxury. They are equipped with a lot of amenities to make your stay a comfortable one. Some of the amenities you will find in these hotels are 24 Hour Checkin, Restaurant, and Bar.

Salt Lake City knows to take the best care of its visitors as well. For this, the place has a number of hospitals. Some of the top hospitals in Salt Lake City are ruby general hospital, amri (advanced medicare and research institute), and columbia asia.

best dating kolkata indian restaurants in salt lake city

Shopping in City Centre Salt Lake Mall in Kolkata. All stores, brands, restaurants, cafes, movies, entertainment, activities for kids, offers, discounts, promotions, deals, sales at City Centre Salt Lake. City Centre Salt Lake is the mall that worked itself into people’s hearts. When a vacant wasteland got transformed into an Indian lifestyle landmark, it was an icon of change for a City that became happening all at once.

Identified by its inclusiveness, its uniqueness and its diversity, City Centre Salt Lake from the very beginning has been a place that extends a warm welcome to everybody. It captures the true spirit of Kolkata and its passion for ‘adda’.

From the central ‘Kund’ to numerous other hangout options that allow you to find your own space amidst the crowd – you know that this is where you would always want to be. A comprehensive retail mix. The integration of market and community. The signature architecture of the legendary Charles Correa. Not just another mall. "The City Centre in Kolkata is a very special place...a microcosm of the whole metropolis, catering to multiple land-uses and diverse income profiles...a kaleidoscope of contrast, colour and energy.

We have in the City Centre a wide range of different-sized residences, entertainment centres, offices and shops - varying from the smallest 'dukaans' to the most glamorous air-conditioned boutiques and large department stores. These multifarious activities, all arranged in a fine-grained mix, are generated by a complex system of spaces...from broad colonaded public arcades to narrow bazar 'galis' to large terraced plazas...culminating in the kund in the centre of the complex. Coffee shops and restaurants, strategically placed at pivotal locations, provide opportunities to rest under wide-spreading trees and observe the world around you...a marvellous tradition, which has always been essential to life in the great city of Kolkata".

Charles Correa, celebrated Architect-visionary, Designer of City Centre Salt Lake City Centre addresses the needs of those who know what they want. And of those who don't. As such, City Centre Salt Lake is Kolkata’s first integrated and unconventional hangout and shopping option that has successfully erased the mid-market and up-market divide.

It offers an endearing environment where people can do their own thing - shop at leisure or just browse past the window display, choose between a quick bite or a full-course spread, catch the latest blockbuster or the high-brow award winner - just like that. With approximately 4.5 lakh sq.ft. of commercial and entertainment spaces on five acres of land, City Centre Salt Lake attracts crowds from all over Kolkata, not just the catchment area.

College students, executives, homemakers who have specialised in the art of shopping - all prefer ‘CCSL’ to any other unwinding destination. Comprising the Mall, the Plaza Blocks, the Cineplex, the Tower, the Residency and the now legendary 'Kund', City Centre Salt Lake is where a place-loyal community evolves most spontaneously.

Just what makes it so? Fusing the bazaar and mall The Indian bazaar format is informal and has intensely personalised seller-customer interaction. It is also more pluralistic. The western mall format is characterised by mammoth retailers selling primarily branded products to segmented customers. City Centre represents a harmonious presence of both. Judicious activity mix and more variety City Centre has commercial activities, shopping, food and entertainment.

It has the highest number of food outlets among any mall in Kolkata, with an unbeatable variety – Thai to North-West Indian to Chinese to Italian, plus one large food court. It has a four-screen multiplex and a large 10,000 sq. ft electronic games and entertainment section. For the shoppers, we have Shoppers Stop as an anchor and nearly 200 other outlets.

Inclusive character A promise of something for all kinds of visitors – the affluent, the price-conscious, the senior guest, the on-the run, the idling kind, the in-crowd…list goes on. Relaxed ambience Spacious ‘adda’ space where the Kolkatan or his guest can truly relax over cuppa and conversation. A welcome hybrid difference between a natural and conditioned environment. A street-feel without the street. That ‘boundless’ feeling The absence of a boundary wall makes City Centre an integral part of the city rather than a gated complex.

A place that doesn’t scream for attention and yet can’t be ignored. Open format People don't want to get wet in the rain while shopping, they also prefer a shade to avoid the sun beating down directly on them and want a walking area free of vehicular movement. City Centre Salt Lake responded rightly to these typical 'Indian bazaar'; challenges.

It has large pedestrian walkways covered by a polycarbonate roof; the buildings alongside are so arranged that they provide diffused sunlight and the roof at 25 ft above the ground enhances the sense of openness. Mall Attractions The Kund The exclusive attraction of City Centre. It is a vast multi-stepped plaza designed with a central waterbody and a fountain that may be lighted up at sundown.

The place is used by visitors to sit, to idle or just to soak in the atmosphere. In doing so the modern contemporary look has been blended with a nostalgia truly Kolkatan. The Kund is one reason why people spend a longer time at the City Centre...often they get up to buy something whereby casual interest is translated into purchase on impulse.

A special place with its own space-loyal community. An ideal space for holding events and promotions. The Kolkata Store Where else would you find horse-drawn Kolkata tram-car dating back to 1880, The Kolkata Store is a celebration of Kolkata’s heritage and love.

It evokes in the hearts of Kolkatans a great sense of nostalgia and reminds one of the history of 'The City of Joy.' Great care has been taken in the restoration process, to retain the romanticism of a bygone era.

Each of the products in the store has been carefully selected to reflect the vast cultural and artistic heritage of Bengal. It also presents a collection of Kolkata memorabilia. The Hangout One of City Centre's most pleasant, casual dining venues.

The favourite food court is the one stop destination for all cuisines. The range of menus and choice of food attracts a wide selection of diners, who can all enjoy a relaxed and unhurried sit-down meal. Anchor Store ‘Shopper’s Stop’ is the anchor store at City Centre Salt Lake. One of the most prominent retail brands in India. Shoppers Stop is in several Indian locations today but the store in City Centre Salt Lake figures in the top list in terms of revenue and profit per square foot.

Cineplex Inox, India’s largest multiplex chain has a four screen multiplex at City Centre Salt Lake with seating capacity for more than 1000. The City Centre Inox is one of the best performing multiplexes of the chain. Mall within Mall A huge crowd puller. The objective behind creating a fusion between organised and unorganised retail was to unleash marketplace energy. At City Centre, there is not just scale but diversity; It is not a mall where people get things off the shelf, it is a place where store owners promise to search and get things for consumers.

In the 'Mall within Mall' you need not have a flat shopping experience; you seek, bargain and extract the best value. Tea Junction A down-to-earth adda place and a highly informal ‘time pass’ idea at the City Centre, where tea is a welcome cup of steaming chai, and the snacks are no–nonsense samosas, vadas and small munchies.

You can sit on tea chests and watch the world go by, as you rest your tired feet after shopping. Special Kiosks These are the crucial nerve points of City Centre. From the henna stall that started with wedding crowds in mind to the ‘jhalmuriwala’ and the Chinese food takeaway counter, from corn stalls and ice-cream outlets, the special kiosks at City Centre rub shoulders with their better known cousins. They have a regular loyal surprises here.

Mall Services At City Centre Salt Lake we are always willing to go that extra mile to take care of our visitors. It is the most preferred leisure destination for all ages for a number of reasons. When people largely come here to shop and relax, we make sure that there is no extra burden on the mind. Help Desk For absolutely anything you want to know on City Centre Salt Lake.

It is a single point information stop from where you can be guided in your journey of discovery. You can also register complaints / requests about all day-to-day operations of the mall.

Announcing System Announcements about different outlets are made from time-to-time in order to keep visitors informed about what is going on where. First Aid The emergency help desk doubles up as a first aid unit and stocks the necessary items and useful medicines.

Facilities for the Physically Challenged At City Centre we provide wheelchair facilities for differently-abled guests and our aged visitors. You may contact the help desk or the Mall Office to know more about it. Lost & Found City Centre being an open mall without any definite boundaries, people sometimes tend to lose track of where they are.

The help desk, mall office and control room help people in such cases and also keep track of belongings that visitors may have lost during a visit. Infant Care We have special infant care arrangements where mothers can feed babies and look after their needs before resuming tour.

Security Services A round the clock security along with a closed circuit camera is in place at the City Centre.

Touchscreen Kiosks There are strategically positioned touchscreen kiosks at City Centre. You can get directions or register an opinion through this facility. Car Parking Besides the car parking facility provided within the complex, there is additional parking space available on the periphery.

Parking is handled by a professional group appointed and controlled by City Centre Management. ATM We have ATM services available at City Centre and its periphery. Banquets The Royal Bengal Room Banquet with a difference ! An excellent venue for exhibitions, product launches, private parties, marriages, musical performances and other events. With separate lobby and entrance. It is the perfect setting for the enduring moments of your life. Features: Total Area : 6500 sq.ft. Dining Hall : 2000 sq.ft.

Pre function area : 1500 sq.ft. Kitchen area : 1500 sq.ft. Springs -The Party Terrace It is an open banqueting space above Hangout at City Centre, Salt Lake. This is the perfect venue for your parties. The open-air terrace has a stunning view of the City. Springs is the ultimate hotspot in Kolkata to host the perfect party that carries on into the wee hours of the morning.

We welcome you to indulge your guests with a unique partying experience. Features Total area : 4000 sq.ft Capacity : 250 pax The Residency In tune with the Ambuja Realty mission that homes are more than just four walls, The Residency has been designed by architect–visionary Charles Correa to provide a lifestyle destination to homeowners. It is an exclusive residential block of designer homes comprising two, three and four bed-roomed apartments along with a few duplex and triplex units.

Spacious, functional and stylish, the design of The Residency allows one to enjoy an unhindered view of the landscaped open area from each apartment. An interesting feature of the property is the bridges that connect the building to the landscaped green area at the first floor level, thereby circumventing vehicular movement from the apartment block to the garden and the children’s play area.

More than 70% of the total acres within The Residency is left open. The manicured garden provides space for private get-togethers hosted by residents. At The Residency, we have extended the sense of leisure to an exclusive residents club with the provisions of a lounge, multi-utility room, a swimming pool and a toddler’s pool.

People who stay at The Residency almost always get a compliment from their visiting guests – ‘”Tum to jannat mein reh rahi ho!” It sure feels like paradise. Mall Timings : The Mall is open from 10.30am to Restaurants and Cineplex have extended timings.

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