Best dating kpop idols stage names

best dating kpop idols stage names

K-Pop Idols Dating. LOVE KPOP The Netherlands. Загрузка . Отменить подписку на канал LOVE KPOP The Netherlands?. Kpop Idols Accidents On The Stage - Продолжительность: 10:01 K-POP VIRUS 2 325 299 просмотров. 10:01. 50+ видео Воспроизвести все. Воспроизвести. Микс – K-Pop Idols DatingYouTube Best Kpop Couples 2018 - Продолжительность: 9:34 KpopCouples 326 970 просмотров. 9:34. [WeGotMarried] Couples You Thought Would Really Date (But Didn't) - Продолжительность: 10:00 K Addict 4 186 939 просмотров. 10:00. 18 K-POP Dances That Every K-Pop Fan Should Know/Recognizes - Продолжительность: 4:55 LOVE KPOP The Netherlands 260 045 просмотров.

best dating kpop idols stage names

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K-POP STARS REACT TO TRY NOT TO SING CHALLENGE (MOMOLAND 모모랜드) 1 лет назад So sad :( SHINee's Jonghyun Passed Away and Last Message to His Sister THANKS FOR WATCHING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe : Follow us on Twitter : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not edit, cut logo or re-upload this clip Music : I Saw Three Ships by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: 1 лет назад Kpop Idols Saddest Variety Shows Moments Kpop variety shows are often light hearted and fun however they are times where idols are feel a sudden venerability where they feel they need to open up about their past or something that upset them.

Most times this lead the kpop idols to shed some tears. While it’s upsetting for kpop fans to see kpop idols upset and crying it does remind them their also humans with feelings. Business email: Intro and outro song: Exo - miracle of December Kpop idols included in this video 1.

F(x) amber - one of the guest on the show who called his own sister fat, also went on to say that he thought f(x) could lose weight and that Sulli should lose some arm and calves fat, while everyone was shocked and tried to brush it off by joking with the boy, Amber wasn't having it. Amber stood up to defend Sulli and anyone asked that gets body shamed. So sweet. 2. Snsd yoona - when yoona won an award for acting she forgot to thank snsd members.

During a radio interview she felt sorry that she forgot. 3. Exo Sehun - what was meant to be a quick and light hearted message to the members turned out to be quite sad when Sehun opened up about praying for each Exo member.

4. Cosmic girls seola - cosmic girls were suppose to go under water to shoot a photo shoot but one member, Seola, had a phobia of water and burst out in tears. She later faced her fears 5. Astro eunwoo - Eunwoo explained how his brother was in China and he was worried that his brother might be lonely due to being away from his family and not understanding the language.

6. I.O.I Nayoung - Nayoung managed to make everyone cry when she read out a letter from her father. 7. Got7 Jackson & bambam - when asked to write a letter to their loved ones, bambam and Jackson got teary. It definitely must be hard for them since they live in different countries 8.

Exo - when kris left Exo appeared on a show as 11 members, when they saw their video message they started to feel upset even the audience was crying. 9. BTS Jhope - Jhope was really happy to get message from everyone but when it was his fathers turn he burst out in tears, happy tears! 10. Got7 Jackson - Jackson got to see his parents as a present 11. Snsd sunny - sunny‘s grandparents were in America getting treatments she was so sad talking about them 12.

Girls day hyeri - her grandma passed away days before a scene that involves her character receiving similar new. Her tears on set where real. 13. SNSD Tiffany - Tiffany’s mother passed away when Tiffany was young. Tiffany has one sister and one brother 14.

Super junior Leeteuk - when asked about his family situation, leeteuk opened up about his rough family situation 15. Super junior Donghae - donghae and his father where good friends his passing away left his broken on another show he also revealed keeping his fathers phone number 16. Survival shows in general I DO NOT own any photo/video & audio in this video No Copyright Infringement Intended. Entertainment Purposes Only.

best dating kpop idols stage names

best dating kpop idols stage names - K

best dating kpop idols stage names Most Handsome K-POP Idols Stylists have a very important role in perfecting the idols with makeup, they must give a touch that fits their idol style, especially on their face.

Many stylists are not suitable at creating the right style for idols, causing some idols to look strange. There are also idols who already look handsome without using makeup at all. Besides the use of makeup by stylists, some of these idols have looked handsome, even since childhood.

Let’s check out the most handsome k-pop idols without makeup and surgery. Most Handsome K-POP Boy Group 1. EXO’s Baekhyun As we know, all the member of the boy group EXO are handsome and we alway see them with makeup on but the main vocal of EXO, Byun Baekhyun already looks handsome even without make up.

He looks cute, handsome, friendly, innocent all at the same time as his skin looks so soft. Even his fans are shock when seeing Baekhyun without make up, they amazed to look at him without makeup. 2. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Woozi looks so innocent when he is not wearing make up.

SEVENTEEN’s lead vocal is also the cutest member in the group as he always looks so innocent and friendly, with small eyes and small lips, when wearing no makeup he looks different. Although he often wears make up he likes not wearing any makeup because his stylist doesn’t put much make up to him because his skin is already white and his face is so proportional. 3. INFINITE’s L He has proven he is the visual of the group by looking handsome and adorable, without makeup and with makeup he already looks so handsome, even INSPIRIT or the name of INFINITE fans loves it when L or Myungsoo doesn’t put on any make up.

Even look he feels like he just got out of bed, he still looks handsome and sexy with a bare face. 4. VIXX’s Hongbin Next is VIXX’s doe-eyed visual. His fans even said Hongbin looks more handsome if he doesn’t use any make up. He just uses make up when performing or on tv shows, beside that he never wants to use any make up because he is so confident with his bare face. 5. BTS’ J-Hope When BTS held a fan meeting for their third comeback, all of them used less make up and the one who stole fans’ attention was J-Hope. Fans or A.R.M.Y said he looks so cute and pure as well as innocent. With his bare face J-Hope feels more confident and he feels naturally handsome without his face covered in make up and A.R.M.Y agrees. 6. iKON’s Jinhwan The one of iKON members that is rumored to be AOA Jimin’s ex-boyfriend is stealing fans’ attention at Incheon Airport when he went to somewhere to hold a concert, because he did not use any makeup and smiled at his fans in the airport.

Jinhwan’s face without makeup looks fresh like a girl group’s face and shines in the sun. 7. BLOCK B’s P.O Maknae always like to do something cute or maybe we should call it aegyo, including Pyo Ji Hoon or his stage name in BLOCK B is P.O and his fans call him with Pyo. P.O’s hobby is doing aegyo, where he steals fans’ attention with his aegyo at fan meetings, beside his aegyo fans are interest when he doesn’t wear makeup.

He looks more cute without make up because his eyes are small and when he does aegyo his eyes get even smaller. 8. Winner’s Jinwoo Before his debut with Winner, he was a backup dancer at the 2011 YG Family Concert with Winner’s Ex-members Taehyun.

Since his debut Winner’s fans have been interested with Jinwoon’s face without make up, when he was performing at small concerts and singing songs, he performs with a perfect voice since he is the main vocal of the group and the other thing that stealing fans’ attention is that he always wears less make up.

Although he performs with make up, fans said he looks more mature without any make up and not like he is the maknae of the group. 9. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon The leader and face of the group, Kwon Ji Yong also known as GD or G-Dragon always does something that is out of the box, including taking selfies of his happy face while showing his bare face to camera and said he looks naturally handsome and more confident like that.

With red hair and a bare face wearing a white t-shirt, VIP or BIGBANG’s fans fall in love with G-Dragon’s appearance, he looks so hot and sexy with red hair and a bare face like that. 10. ZEA’s Kwanghee Another face of the group is Hwang Kwanghee. In the variety show, “ Kim Byung Man’s Rules of the Jungle ” (Rules of the Jungle) Kwang Hee traveled to Africa as a campaign member and spent three weeks there.

Comedian Kim Byung Man, is the head of the show, comedian Ryu Dam and actor Ricky Kim were also on the show with Kwanghee. Rules of the Jungle is new variety survival show where participants must spend their time in the African wilderness.

During the show, Kwanghee uploading his full face photo without using any make up and shocked his fans. But his fans said Kwanghee looks younger without make up and is naturally handsome. “ Makeup is practically half of my life, ” Kwanghee actually packed a whole bag filled with makeup products before landing in Africa, which shocked the entire cast of the show. 11. VIXX’s Leo His nick name is Poker Face Chic because his face is always flat and never shows an expression even when he is happy.

In a tv show, Leo showed his bare face and a bit of a smile which made his fans said he looked so handsome and mature even though he is not the oldest in the group.

best dating kpop idols stage names

Many just use their real life names (Bom from 2NE1, Dae Sung from BIGBANG for instance), or their real name slightly modified (Minzy’s name is Min Ji). However, when it comes to those who don’t use their real names or a modified version of it: Some do choose their own names, others do not.

It depends on the agency and all that. No. Generally, if your birth name is unique and rolls off the tongue easily, you get to use it. Else, the company will think of a name with the above attributes. In cases where your name is identical to another popular idol, the agency will give you a stage name to avoid confusion.

For example, Kim Kibum was part of the chosen 5 to debut in SHINee, but there was another idol with the same name in Super Junior, so Soo Man gave him the name “Key” instead.

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