Best dating league of legends quote

best dating league of legends quote

I'm in a good mood so i decided not to play league, just hang out in reddit. Yay! I'll start: I hear Yorick is gay Why? I hear he really your turn! Edit: might record a highlight of the best jokes here haha xD some of these are hilarious! Edit2: I'm gonna give out RP cards to the best jokes here soon! (will be up on my yt soon, search for kappabyte). keep up the jokes, i'm reading every single one xdd. 578 comments. share. save.

best dating league of legends quote

How to Get Better at League of Legends No matter how long you’ve been playing League of Legends for, trying to get better is a constant struggle for many players. With so many things to learn and so many areas to improve on, knowing where to start can be daunting. To help you on your quest to become the best player you can be, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you get better at League of Legends.

These 6 quick tips will help you break out of your current division and take your gameplay to the next level. So pay attention, this is your essential guide on how to get better at League of Legends. Stop Blaming Your Team It’s easy to free yourself of all blame and pin it on someone else, but this is seriously negative for two reasons; The first is that when you blame someone else, they will probably spend their time arguing with you.

If they’re arguing, they’ll play worse, and by playing worse, they will confirm your belief that they’re trash. In essence, arguing with someone takes the game from a 5v5 to a 5v4, or worse. In some players cases, simply seeing someone moan is enough to ruin their morale, so think before you type.

If you do wish to insult their mothers, try to do it in real life, where they can’t hear you. The second reason it’s so bad is that it stops you from seeing your own mistakes, after all; It’s all their fault! If this Jungler ganked more it would be GG already. Right? It’s so hard to learn from your mistakes though, especially during a stressful game. Don’t worry, we’ve got just the strategy to help you improve. Watch Your Replays You can’t pay attention to the mistake you’re making while playing – Perhaps you’ll notice some if they’re obvious, but people hate noticing mistakes under the best circumstances, and being raged at is not the best circumstance.

If you’re someone who’s been struggling to climb the ranked ladder for a while, you should definitely watch your recordings. Try to watch the defeats if you can; It will be painful to watch yourself getting crushed over and over – however, you’ll learn infinitely more than you would if you watch yourself rekking noobs.

Try to watch for one specific thing; How could I improve my last hitting, how can I position better, am I rotating at the right time? Not only will this make you feel less stressed, as you don’t have as much to focus on, you’ll still notice other errors anyway! Perhaps you should have flashed sooner, or maybe your map awareness was off because you were having a row with the Jungler. Play With Good Players Our first tip to help you get better at League of Legends is to make sure you have a good team.

No matter how good you are, carrying an entire game on your own can be very challenging, even for the most experienced player. When you join a game in LoL, the chances are you won’t know any of the other players and their history. This means you could be matched with a ton of smurfs, or a lot of noobs. To prevent yourself from being matched with noobs, it’s best if you can group up with players that you already know. They don’t have to be friends you know in real life, but as long as they’re good and you’ve played with them before, it’s better than having a group of strangers.

If you’ve played with these players before, then it also means that you can voice chat with them. Voice chat is essential for good team communication and will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Having an experienced team with excellent communication is a solid foundation if you want to get better and win more games. Practice Flashing Over Walls The next tip to make you better at League of Legends is to practice your flashing skills.

Flash is an essential summoner spell that needs to be mastered. Not only can it help you escape from enemies, but it can also help you catch them off guard. If you’ve watched enough pro-League of Legends matches, then you’ll see them flashing to steal Baron all the time. In order to get good at flashing over walls and obstacles, you need to put in a lot of practice.

To do this, we suggest opening a sandbox game that allows you to practice flashing without having to wait for the cooldown. This means you can flash multiple times almost instantly; this is great for finding those areas that allow you to flash over terrain. By exploring the map in the sandbox mode and practicing your flashing, you will gain a good idea of the areas where you can and can’t flash over walls.

With enough practice, you’ll soon master the art of flashing and be able to escape and engage enemies much better in game. Practice Last Hitting One of the biggest factors which separates an average player from a pro player in League of Legends is their ability to last hit. Being good at last hitting can give you a massive gold advantage in game over and getting good at it can really boost your win rate.

It might not seem like a lot but a few extra creep score here, and there can give you a large gold advantage later on in the game. This means you’ll have more gold to spend on items which makes your champion much stronger. In order to get good at last hitting, you need to put in a lot of practice, similar to that of practicing your flashes. Like we suggested earlier, the best way to do this is by opening a sandbox game and focusing on getting those last hits.

It might be hard when you first start out, but as you get more experienced with your champion, it will soon become natural. The primary things to look out for are: how much damage does your auto attack does, and which minion is being attacked.

If two or more minions are on low health and are going to die then using one of your abilities is a good way to make sure you get them both. Over time you’ll soon notice an improvement in your last hitting which will do wonders for your when up against opponents.

Learn One Champion Inside Out When you first start playing League of Legends, you can often feel spoilt for choice when it comes to champions. Currently, there are around 138 champions available with new ones being released every few months. Players can often be tempted to try and learn as many as possible, but this is the wrong advice.

Instead, it’s much better to master 1 champion inside out before moving on to another. Of course, it’s always good to have a backup champ in case yours gets banned, but would you rather be an expert at 1 or average at both? If you really want to win more games, then being at expert at 1 individual champion is the best option. By practicing a particular champion, not only will you learn their skills and abilities, but you’ll also learn their builds and individual matchups.

Knowing how to tackle different champions is often the difference between an average and experienced player. Using the same build over and over again will only get your so far. By knowing how to adapt and deviate from your original build, you stand a much better chance of beating opponents in lane.

Keep Up To Date With The Meta When it comes to League of Legends meta, if a champion is broken, then you play that champion until it’s fixed. If you want to know which champions are broken, then you need to keep up to date with the meta. To do this, you need to look at patch updates and keep track of what other players are playing. An excellent website to see which champions are broken is .

Not only do they have a nice up to date tier list of all the best champions, but they also do a lot of posts on upcoming game changes. Another website to keep you up to date with updates is . Primarily focusing on forthcoming LoL news, they are almost always first for new PBE patches and leaked updates! By keeping an eye out on these websites, you should be able to tell which champions are OP and how new changes will affect the game.

Most new champions that Riot release are often broken and require a bit of tuning to make sure they are not too powerful. This is often the best time to play them as you can really take advantage of their power and give yourself a win streak boost. They might take a while to learn, but the reward is definitely worth it.

Get a Good Setup Trying to play League of Legends on a potato is hard work. A PC that continually lags and freezes can be a nightmare for many players as it can be very distracting and make you miss a lot of plays. If you want to become better at League of Legends then here’s a secret: get a good setup! Having a PC that allows you to play League of Legends smoothly with no interruptions is essential. To start off with your should read our post to make sure your PC is capable of running LoL smoothly.

If it’s not then you should consider , or You should also consider getting a to make sure you can last hit minions well. After all, last hits are mainly to do with your mouse precision. By getting a good setup, you can rid yourself of the most common LoL problems such as lag, freezing and disconnects.

All of these stop you from winning games no matter how hard you try. Now you know how to get better at League of Legends, you need to put in the time and effort.

We might have given you the tips on what to do, but without taking action you’ll never get anywhere. Improve your gameplay today by following our simple tips. Want to play LoL with your friends?

best dating league of legends quote

best dating league of legends quote - Who is the second best League of Legends player of all time? : leagueoflegends

best dating league of legends quote

After several years, League of Legends still dominates that #1 spot in Twitch stream viewership. However, are the most popular streamers the most quality streamers? That's a matter of opinion! It's a fact that a good portion of them—Sneaky, imaqtpie, Trick2G, and others—are what I like to call "meme streamers." While they're all amazing players, they're entertainers first.

Though there's nothing wrong with having a laugh while watching a stream, I find that it gets old to sit through hours of text-to-speech donation spam and the like. You should know that not every streamer is like that! There's actually several League streamers who you can learn a lot and greatly improve as a player from. Here's five of them. Valkrin Valkrin is attached to TSM as a streamer. Although he's listed as an official substitute for their LCS squad, it's turned out to be more of a deal like we've seen with TSM Gosu and Splyce Grypex where they bring a Twitch viewership to the brand.

Valkrin is a jack of all trades. I've watched his stream quite often and I've seen him play every role except Bot. He's listed as TSM's Support substitute, behind Biofrost, but I often see him playing Top, Mid, and Jungle. He's a a really knowledgeable player at the Challenger level and he has a lot of personality on stream.

He's especially good on Rumble, Shyvana, and Zac. He goes into great detail explaining his thought process in every game, so if you're into those champions then you'll definitely take in a lot from watching him. Valkrin streams Monday–Friday 2 –8pm EST. Check out his stream . Arcsecond At the time of writing this, Arcsecond is rank #2 on the NA Challenger ladder.

That is a massive achievement for any player that isn't currently on any competing LCS and NACS team. Let me start by saying this guy is one of the few streamers I've watched that practically never tilts. If he's losing, he tries to teach how to play from behind. He never complains, blames his jungler, or spams to forfeit. He's a huge competitor and he realizes that any game is winnable and things can be learned from every experience in game. Arcsecond almost exclusively plays Mid, although he'll play Top or Jungle if he gets queued into them.

His favorite champions to play are Diana, Viktor, and Nidalee. Another note is that Arcsecond doesn't play music during his stream, so that might be a big perk for some of you! Arcsecond has no set schedule, but you can usually catch him streaming during afternoon EST hours. Check out his stream . SickMotion SickMotion is one of my favorite streamers because he's a night owl (for my timezone, at least). He's got a ton of personality, he's loud at times, and he's a really good Top player.

SickMotion plays Sion, Shen, Olaf, Irelia, Ekko, Poppy, Maokai, Fiora, Nasus, Malphite, and most other popular Top laners. His commentary comes laced with salt, but you can really learn a lot from him. The viewer community over at his stream ranges from 200–500 people at any given time, so it's a small enough community to where you feel included and get your questions answered but also big enough to actually be chatty with other users.

When he answers chat questions, he's brutally honest. SickMotion starts his stream at around 1am EST and streams for about 8–10 hours. Check out his stream . Wingsofdeath The League of Legends community has a bit of a love–hate relationship with Wingsofdeath as a streamer, but putting aside all bias and checking out his stream will definitely improve you as a player.

Some of the beef that people have against Wings is that he's pretty susceptible to tilting, he has a habit of blaming others, and a few other negative character traits like that.

It's true, and there are times where he acts like that where he's clearly in the wrong. However, no one can deny that he understands Top lane and League of Legends in general. I've learned more watching Wings than I have with any other streamer.

He is really smart when it comes to lane control and there are times after games where he'll go into great detail—while in queue—explaining why he did something the way he did in his last game. Having played since Season 1, he's experienced in all roles (although he hates Support) and has something to teach at each of them. Wingsofdeath streams League of Legends Monday–Thursday (and sometimes Friday) starting at 4pm EST. Check out his stream . LastShadow LastShadow is a bit of an acquired taste as a streamer, but he brings a level of information that the other streamers on this list don't.

LS is an American living in South Korea. Being so, he plays on the most competitive ladder in League of Legends. He places a huge emphasis on coaching others on how to climb through the ranks of solo queue. His patch tier lists really helped him blow up as a streamer and there are times where he'll just sit in Twitch chat for hours answering questions about what champions to play, what items to build, etc.

He plays every role, but I see him most commonly in Top, Mid, and Jungler. LastShadow has no set streaming schedule. Check out his stream . If LUL spam and memes aren't exactly your idea of a quality stream, be sure to check out these five. You will definitely learn a thing or two. I know, because I have! My climb from being a Bronze player in Season 2 to a Diamond player in Season 6 was greatly assisted by some of these names.

best dating league of legends quote

Nov 23, 2017 With 100 million users playing every month, League of Legends is the largest game there is in 2018. An ever-growing pool of champions to play, items to be purchased and strategies to be used leads to a huge amount of information that players are seeking out.

The details some of these websites go into is insane, allowing for comparisons vs other players, medal stats, life-time stats and win rate trend graphs. I have written about the five best apps, tools and websites that I personally found useful during throughout my League of Legends games and afterwards when reviewing my plays.

However, there are many more that will be useful you to individually. Lolclass — A really useful website for beginners and experienced players alike, the top champions per position on the front page of LOLclass is extremely helpful for beginners as they can see straight away who they should be focusing their time on based on popularity in the current meta. It could also show more experienced players which champions they can take advantage of if they are not being played as much.

LOLclass also has a good number of guides and blogs to help players learn about their favourite champions. With , I would keep an eye on Mobalytics becoming the biggest platform for your League of Legends stats. Mobafire — Strategy builds are what Mobafire is known for, and it is completely full of them. One of the most useful parts of the website is Counterstats, where they show how well a character plays against another.

This is incredibly useful for those getting to know the game, and with 138 characters in the pool… it gets a bit confusing. Some others I may of missed: • • • • • • A League of Legends analyst tool currently in Beta, it’ll show your gold breakdown, how long it took you to reach key metrics and comparisons to the other plays in your game.

It also compares your statistics to some of the best LoL players there are — which is really interesting (and cool!). Worth checking out to see if it shows you anything useful the others missed out!

You can never have too many stats 😉

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