Best dating louisville slugger bat

best dating louisville slugger bat

Louisville Slugger, Louisville, KY. 289K likes. Official bat of Major League Baseball I buy a solo bat gets dented called before warranty is.up. told me thwy have no bat to give me bc the solo's are completely sold out wants to get techenical and not honor my warranty now bc the gentlemen handling the call statrd that I was unable to bc my warranty expired bc again they had no replacement bat for. me. thats not my fault based on the fact that when I tried to I was told no replacement was available. now they dont want to honor my warranty. thats a shame bc I spend a lot of money with you guys and its really bad business when the issue of this whole thing is based off you .

best dating louisville slugger bat

A stack of billets--cores of maple or ash that have yet to be cut down to the shape of a baseball bat--await that fate at the Louisville Slugger factory in Louisville, Ky. Daniel Terdiman/CNET LOUISVILLE, Ky.--The other night, I found myself watching the College World Series on TV, the first time I'd seen any amateur baseball in some time.

But there was something wrong with it: Every time someone hit the ball, there was a loud pinging sound when an aluminum bat connected with horsehide. If you're a baseball fan, you know what I mean. Contrast that, however, with the pure sounds I was treated to Thursday when I stopped on Road Trip 2008 at the Louisville Slugger factory here and spent a couple of hours on a behind-the-scenes tour of this, the largest maker of wooden bats for professional players in the world.

In the old days, according to my host, Bill Dellinger, most players' bats were made from white ash. And Louisville Slugger certainly still does use ash.

But in 2001, when Barry Bonds broke the single-season home run record using maple bats, many other major leaguers followed Bonds' lead. And today, Dellinger said, more than half of all the major league bats the company produces are maple. "We happen to think that the maple is too brittle," Dellinger told me. "But whatever the players want, the players get." Louisville Slugger began making bats in 1884.

Over the years, the factory has moved several times, including spending 23 years across the river in Indiana. In 1996, the factory moved to its current location, and shows no sign of moving. Outside the factory building--which also houses a museum--there's a giant bat that towers over the building next door, and is a popular place for photo opportunities.

Outside the Louisville Slugger museum, there's a giant baseball bat that dwarfs everything around it. Daniel Terdiman/CNET Today, the factory makes about 1.83 million bats a year. But they're not just for major leaguers. That number includes bats for minor leaguers, other amateur players, and tons and tons of them for souvenir or corporate promotional use.

But, as can be expected, the major league bats are still the flagship product, and they are made on a special computer numerical control (CNC) machine, operated by the most experienced bat makers. During my visit, that happened to be Danny Luckett, whom Dellinger called the best bat maker in the world, though he also said that, using the CNC machine and after a little training, anyone could make bats for the big leagues. Luckett told me that Louisville Slugger began using the CNC in 2002, mainly because it was the most modern technology available.

Prior to that, the company used specialized lathes, several of which are still in operation at the factory for making bats for lower levels or for souvenirs. At the major league level, however, Luckett can make about 300 bats a day, each taking about 50 seconds, and making up a wide variety of weights and lengths.

The bats are carved out of what are called billets, which are cores of ash or maple that are 37 inches long and 2.75 inches in diameter. But they can have a variety of weights, and that's what makes them different.

The computer that runs the computer numerical control machine, which shapes the major league bats made at the Louisville Slugger factory in Louisville, Ky. Daniel Terdiman/CNET After the bats come out of the CNC or the lathes, they must be branded. The company uses special coding, such as "G174," which would mean that it's the 174th model of bat made for a player with a last name beginning with G.

If a player has a contract with Louisville Slugger, his signature will be branded onto the bat. But the company does make bats for players without contracts, and their names are applied in block lettering. After the branding--which is done by a burning-on process for light-colored bats, and by pressure-applying silver or gold-colored foil onto dark-colored bats--they must be sanded down to a very smooth surface.

Running your fingers along one of these bats is a very pleasant experience. A worker at the factory dips freshly made baseball bats in black lacquer. That gives the bats a shiny surface.

Daniel Terdiman/CNET Then, the bats are dipped in lacquer--either black or clear--to give them a shiny surface. One of the coolest things in the factory was a bin against one wall that had the signature plates of the more than 8,000 players the company has had under contract over the decades.

Dellinger called it a "mini museum of baseball history." I asked him if he felt that the skill was being lost in the bat-making process, especially because of the use of machines like the CNC. He said yes, but added that the CNC makes precision bats that are the same every time.

best dating louisville slugger bat

best dating louisville slugger bat - What Are The Best 2018 Louisville Slugger Bats?

best dating louisville slugger bat

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best dating louisville slugger bat

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Most stock product ships from our warehouse in Mt. Juliet, TN. DeMarini bats and custom composite bats ship from Hillsboro, OR. Custom Slugger wood bats ship from Louisville, KY. Most apparel items ship from our warehouse in Sparta, TN. Leather Footballs and custom inflates ship from our warehouse in Ada, OH. • Occasionally a carrier will scan a package as delivered before it arrives at the final destination. When this happens, the package is usually delivered within the next few business days.

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Your Custom Product is specifically made for you, and therefore Louisville Slugger cannot accept returns or refunds of Custom Products if the dissatisfaction is not due to an error by Louisville Slugger. For instance, Louisville Slugger cannot refund personalized product if the quality issue is due to: Typographical errors, misspelled words or name, incorrect grammar, unfinished text, or other material provided by the user.

Design or creative choices. Please be sure you are satisfied with the color combinations and overall layout of your products before submitting your order. Louisville Slugger also reserves the right to reject any designs with profanity or offensive content. • Cold weather affects the ball, not the bat. A ball's core becomes harder in cold weather, causing the ball to dent the bat. Some players think that keeping a bat warm before hitting will prevent denting, but what they actually want to do is keep the ball above 60°F.

High'compression balls may also shorten the life of your bat, as well as team usage situations. • Ash, still widely popular among big league guys, provides the ultimate in flexibility due to its unique grain structure. More forgiving than maple, ash rarely sees fractured breakage. Visible grain lines allow for noticeable quality giving you the confidence you need when to step to the plate. Maple, the species preferred by most pro players, features the ultimate surface hardness and provides an unmatched sound and feel at contact.

Naturally harder, maple offers added strength at impact. Closed grains eliminate flaking, commonly seen with ash, allowing superior durability against delamination. Birch, the fastest growing species in professional baseball, features the ideal combination of surface hardness and flexibility for increased durability. Hardness similar to maple provides great sound and feel at contact.

Flexibility closer to ash allows for forgiveness on non-barrel contact, decreasing the chance of fractured breakage. Lighter per pound than maple, birch also affords lighter swing weights for comparable turning models. • Aluminum Bats: • Limit the bat to your individual use only. • Rotate the bat 1/4 turn each swing. • Do not use in temperatures below 60° (16° C). • Do not store the bat in extreme hot or cold temperatures, such as in a car trunk or garage.

• Do not clean metal spikes or cleats with your bat. • Use with leather-covered balls only, not plastic or rubber cage balls.

• Do not hit waterlogged balls. • If using a softball bat, do not use balls that exceed 400lbs. compression. Composite Bats: We recommend that you avoid (or attempt to limit) using your composite bat in temperatures below 55 degree Fahrenheit. There isn't a maximum temperature that you should avoid using your bat in; however composite bats tend to have slightly increased pop in hotter weather.

• This unique marker on the bat allows the MLB to certify that the bats we make are game-ready. In an effort to limit the amount of broken bats on the field, Major League Baseball and the Player's Association decided that all Maple and Birch bats must have their slope of grain inspected to be eligible for play in the MLB. The straighter the grain, the stronger the bat. The MLB ink dot allows for the wood grain to be easily inspected and certifies it for play at the MLB level.

Louisville Slugger's MLB Prime bats are the only bats on the market that are the same quality of wood that MLB players receive, and the ink dot proves it. • BBCOR stands for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution.

This new bat standard replaces the previous BESR standard and is designed to achieve wood-like performance in non-wood bats. Beginning January 1, 2011 for college play and January 1, 2012 for high school play, all bats must be BBCOR certified. A qualified BBCOR bat is a Big Barrel bat (2⅝") that is made by an approved bat licensee, has a BBCOR mark permanently attached to the bat that is recognized by NFHS or NCAA as a legal bat for NFHS or NCAA sanctioned play and has no more than a minus 3 ounces difference from the length of the bat.

Minimum bat length is 29 inches. All BBCOR bats will incorporate a logo mark, once certification approval is granted. This mark will be consistent across every approved bat design so umpires will easily identify approved bats.

To purchase our BBCOR bats or for more information, please visit our home page or the official Louisville Slugger Facebook page. We also have a Youtube channel – Slugger Nation– featuring videos of various players using and explaining our BBCOR bats.

• The Louisville Slugger trademark is stamped on each and every one of our wooden bats. The stamp is always placed on the less sturdy side of the bat (this is the flat grain side).

After a bat is produced, you can tell on which side the Louisville Slugger logo should be stamped by examining the wood grain surface of the bat.

Typically, the further apart the wood grain lines are spaced on each section of the bat, the weaker that portion of the bat is. You do not want to hit the ball in this area. Not only does placing the Louisville Slugger trademark on our bats help to distinguish our products, it also aides in helping the hitter to realize where the sweet spot of the bat is located.

When using a wooden bat, it is important to swing the bat with the Louisville Slugger trademark facing either up or down in order to maximize both the durability of the bat as well as the performance of the hitter.

When standing at the plate, have the bat logo facing directly up toward the sky, or facing the ground. Bring the bat back as though you are preparing to swing.

When you slowly bring the bat back around to where it would hit the ball, the logo should still be facing directly up or directly down. This will allow you to hit the ball with the bat in the area where the spring and summer growth are… the strongest part of the bat.

We hope this information will help when using your Louisville Slugger bat! Good luck with your season! • Yes. The patented elastomeric connection was designed to allow movement between the barrel and the handle (see ).

Movement may reach the optimal range as the bat breaks-in. Break-in typically occurs within the first month or few months of regular use against live pitching.

Break-in may require more hits when hitting primarily off of a batting tee. If you would like to playtest a Louisville Slugger bat with TRU3 technology that is already broken-in, contact your local dealer to see whether it offers a demo program. After break-in, the elastomeric connection system is working properly when a slight amount of movement in the connection is present on contact with the ball. This movement enhances the unmatched feel of the bats with TRU3 Technology. The design of the elastomeric connection system may vary slightly in TRU3 bats intended for stronger players with higher swing speeds using heavier bats, in order to maintain movement within the designed range.

• Players can check their bat with TRU3 Technology after break-in. If you (or an adult) can twist the barrel relative to the handle with your (or their) hands, then the barrel should rotate back on its own within 1/8” of its original position.

If you can twist the barrel relative to the handle and it does NOT rotate back as described, then the connection may have been compromised - please contact the Louisville Slugger warranty department within 1 year of the date of your original purchase. Make sure to keep your original receipt per the terms and conditions of Louisville Slugger’s limited warranty policy. • Yes. The performance enhancement is due to the improved feel with less worry of major hand sting.

The advantage of TRU3 is the unmatched feel that the hitter has when swinging a bat with TRU3 - this translates to increase confidence at the plate that lets you Swing Harder TM every time. The increased power would come from an improved swing speed.

• Show the certification marks printed directly on the bat as well as product copy that explains how the movement in the bat is intentional and patented. If your bat was thrown out for movement in the handle/barrel connection area - Please contact Louisville Slugger and let us know the date / location and your team name so that we can reach out to the league / umpires to help educate them on this revolutionary technology.

Unfortunately, some umpires are not educated on Louisville Slugger’s TRU3 technology and do not understand that the movement is intentional, beneficial, and patented.

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