Best dating man twice your age minus 7 times 2

best dating man twice your age minus 7 times 2

Point blank: Older men know what they’re doing between the sheets and anywhere and everywhere else, and it’s incredibly appreciated. Throw out any misconceptions that men reach their sexual peak around the age of 18, when testosterone levels are at their highest. What dude at the age of 18 is a raging sex god (Justin Bieber excluded)? Great sex at any age is dependent upon your physical and mental health. Odds are, you're happier in your skin in your 30s and 40s than you were in your teens and 20s. So, guys, relax about the whole aging thing.

best dating man twice your age minus 7 times 2

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best dating man twice your age minus 7 times 2

best dating man twice your age minus 7 times 2 - Why I Love Older Men

best dating man twice your age minus 7 times 2

I too would not want my D to be involved with someone twice her age. She's a wonderful and very mature 18 but still can and does find some kindred souls who are close to her age. It can be more challenging to do so, but they exist. I too have a hard time seeing someone twice your age seeing you as an "equal" in a romantic relationship--you are really more the age of a child he might have and yes, people seeing you together would likely see things that way--him indulging in a "fling" and you seeing him as a "father figure." It's unfair, but likely that's how the relationship would be seen largely by society.

It is different once you're out in your career for some years and are say in your late 20s and meet someone maybe ten or more years older. By that time both of you will have had some career experiences and more independent and further removed from the artificial experience of school. I've seen successful relationships of folks who are many years apart later in life. Regardless of your sexual orientation, I say 'go for it!' You'll both learn a lot and enjoy yourselves.

And it's just dating, not an arranged marriage. If you like each other and have plenty to talk about, why not? And if it turns out to be something more than dating, may you receive all the blessings of a joyous life together.

Age doesn't dh is ten years older than I am and one of the longest-term couples I know met when he was her college professor (they didn't date until 5 yrs after she was out of his class).

No one knows what tomorrow will bring so eat, drink and be merry, arugula! Just a quick clarification: We're both guys (men), so childbearing is thankfully something we don't have to worry about, lol.

Doesn't this change the dynamics a bit? Also, I don't plan to be financially dependent on him for anything. If I can't afford something for a date, we just won't go there. I realize he might be able to use his financial superiority as leverage when it comes to a breakup.

Also, I plan to go into corporate law when I'm done with college, so it's not like I'll be financially dependent on him in the future either if it comes to that (not that I'm extremely sure about becoming a corporate lawyer or a corporate something but in any case, I plan to be financially independent).

As of now, I can't really speculate if we're compatible for a long-term relationship, but there's definitely a spark between us (and he agrees). I'll give a more thoughtful response later. Yes, if neither of you wants a "family," that dynamic is out of the picture, but to the extend either of you cares, he will likely be seen as the dominant and 'father figure' of the relationship because of the age difference.

Regardless of whether you plan to be financially independent, there great difference in ages and experience does affect the dynamic and it will be "assumed" (to the extent it matters to either of you) that he's the "sugar daddy" and/or corrupting influence, etc., but then again, you probably recognize that already. I will admit to prejudice based on experience, DD dated a guy who admitted to being over 25, but turned out to be 35 (I met him and had no clue to that) and it was a bad scene; he was extraordinarily manipulative, one thing he definitely learned over his many more years of life experience, so based on that cynic experience, I would just advise you to be cautious and very self-protective and take it very slow For what it's worth, I only dated people within a few years of my age when I was a undergrad & grad student.

After I had completed all my degrees & working for several years, I started dating (& eventually married) someone 15 years my senior. We have been happily married now for over 20 years, but I really think we're quite vulnerable and trusting when we're students and easily manipulated and taken advantage of.

Even now, I have to sometimes remind my dear hubby that I am very capable and run my own non-profit and function extremely well independently. "I would wonder why women closer in age to him, say w/in 5-8 years of his age, do not want to date him?

Is there something they know that you have not yet discovered?" I have a friend that's divorced, kids grown, owns his own house and cars free and clear, very good job and income in a nice area, and he's in great physical shape.

He's spent about 10 years dating and runs into a lot of women with kids in difficult situations, what he calls psycho-women, divorcees looking for a comfortable life. He's looking for someone with similar interests, unentangled, doesn't want kids and is a normal person and he says that these people are rare in his age range.

It's very hard for me to imagine someone in their 40s dating someone in their early 20s. I would wonder why women closer in age to him, say w/in 5-8 years of his age, do not want to date him?

Is there something they know that you have not yet discovered? It could be simply that somehow, the opportunity for parenthood somehow passed him by when he was in his 20s and 30s, but that he is still interested in having a family.

In that case, dating a younger woman, who is still likely to be able to have children, makes a lot of sense. If two people in their forties date, they may have a splendid and very egalitarian relationship, but they would probably face difficulty in trying to have children.

I think the most interesting and notable thing that's popped up in this conversation is that the older person is who he always will be, and you are not yet who you always will be.

I think that makes a big difference. I have a lot of friends who are much older than I am, and I feel that I am usually the one who is willing to compromise and change my behaviour in small ways so our friendships will work. I also think it's possible you and he could be great together though. Just be careful if things do start to get serious. Good point, Physics mom, the older we get, the less interested we are i adapting.

A friend of mine married another friend, she was 30 something and he was 40something, but he had never been married and completely and incredibly self-indulgent. All compromising was on her part. My FIL proudly tells every one he cannot change, he is 90, it is up to every one else to change :D A good guide: 1/2 age + 7 is the minimum age to date; you can obviously reverse this as well. With a 40 year old guy, you'd be looking at 27 as the bottom age. But that's just a common sense, useful guide.

Arugula, I haven't read all the responses. I am sure they are excellent. I'm your age, and gay, and I know gay boys our age who have been in relationships with older men. Large age discrepancies seem to be more common in gay relationships, but that's just my own experience. Sometimes these relationships are great. You may grow, gain experience, gain perspective, and have a lot of fun. Sometimes these relationships end in a lot of pain and misery and even abuse.

It's great that you are being careful about the power dynamics in your relationship. Keep your eyes open, take it slowly, listen to your gut instincts, and listen to your best friends (and ignore other "friends"). The fact that you are being cautious makes me think that you'll be OK. I hope you're getting tested regularly, and please verify his most recent test results. I have also tried to engage on some small talks with those women at various cocktail parties, and intellectual discussion is not something they could provide.

I would certainly hate to have people look at my daughter like that. Well, do you believe that your daughter is that incapable of providing intellectual discussion? If not, then people would have no reason to look at her like that. Unless you think that being with an older man causes formerly-smart people's IQs to suddenly drop.

best dating man twice your age minus 7 times 2

This might explain why there’s a dating adage (at least in western countries) that men should date women who are approximately: (age of man ÷ 2) + 7, while women should go for men who are: (age of woman x 2) – 7. Younger women have a higher probability of being more beautiful than their elders while older men have a higher chance of having a more stable income than their younger counterparts.

Which, in retrospect, does not absolve you of being a cradle-snatcher (if you’re a man) or a gold digger (if you’re a woman).

Go figure.

Dr. Drew on dealing with a dating age gap
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