Best dating market value testing

best dating market value testing

Dating market value is a measurement of how you stack up against other men in the competition for attracting female interest. Be honest with yourself taking this survey. It will give you a fairly accurate assessment of the quality and number of women you are capable of attracting for a sexual relationship 7. Do you have a car? No (under 21yo): 0 points No (over 21yo): -1 point Yes (under 21yo): +1 point Yes (over 21yo): 0 points No, but you have a motorcycle (age irrelevant): +1 point. 8. Are you good-looking? (Self-assessment is somewhat unreliable, so if you are uncertain of your looks post your pic on hotornot and wait a week for your score. Or get opinions from unbiased and blunt friends.

best dating market value testing

A tutorial with examples and ideas of what to test Prominently displaying why users should buy from you rather than a competitor is extremely important for any business look to increases online sales, particularly in retail, but it applies across many other sites.

As Bryan Eisenberg, author of Always Be Testing can Call To Action explains in this punchy clip, testing value propositions can have a massive impact on conversion.

As Bryan says: "If you're not doing this, you're wasting your time" Given this, value propositions are something that I love to test. Smart Insights have covered the in other posts on their hub page, here I'm going to focus on testing, looking at retail Ecommerce examples.

I will looking at testing and optimisation point of view, starting with a review of value proposition and then looking at specific examples and things that you can test. After reading this postI hope you will be buzzing with ideas that you want to test!

Types of Proposition There are a few different types of proposition message, which should be understood and used in appropriate places. UVP - Unique Value Propositions This should answer the question 'Why should I buy from you'.

Typically this is a short statement explaining what the brand offers that is displayed prominently on the site, often as strap line. This should be distinct from your competitors.

Here are a few examples: • ASOS - "Discover fashion online" • Naked Wines - "We are a customer funded wines business" USPs - Unique Selling Proposition or OVP - Online Value Proposition Your online service USPs are more focused on the shopping experience and what benefits visitors gain from shopping with you.

They are often featured under the top navigation, so they feature on every page of the site as the M&S and North Face examples show. For example: • 365 Day Returns • The Official Online Store • The UK's largest stockist UCP - Unique Campaign Proposition Campaign propositions tend to be more temporary in nature, highlighting the benefits of a specific campaign.

For example: • Get an extra 10% off with code Jan10 • Free upgrade to next day delivery this weekend only Key Areas for Proposition Messaging In the following sections I will highlight some areas with examples of well placed proposition messaging.

Some will seem obvious, but there might be a few that you hadn't considered before. UVP in Header Whether tucked in with your logo or placed alongside it, it is common to see a retailers UVP somewhere in the header section of a website. Ideas for testing: • Test adding in a UVP message USP Bar I'm sure you'll all be familiar with seeing proposition messages placed in a bar below the primary navigation. It's an area that I love to A/B test and I've seen some great results.

In the example below M&S actually have two bar with slightly different types of messaging. Ideas for testing: • Delivery USPs • Secondary UVPs, e.g. Largest UK stockist, Exclusive online products • Include Returns USP message • Test adding UCP messages, e.g. 10% discount with code Jan10 Product Detail Page On the product page we often see messages about delivery as this is an important consideration when evaluating the cost of a product and adding up the total cost with delivery.

A compelling delivery proposition is likely to stop users from looking for the same product at a better price elsewhere. Ideas for testing: • Delivery USPs near the main price • Delivery USPs near the main CTA • Payment Methods near the primary CTA, e.g. if you have Paypal Basket The basket is another key opportunity to persuade people who have chosen items, that they should continue on to checkout.

Reducing abandoned carts through persuasive proposition messaging can greatly increase final conversions. Ideas for testing • Test dynamic Free delivery threshold messaging, e.g. Spend £X for free/next day delivery • Test 3 for 2 type messages if items added to basket are part of bundle deals. Checkout Throughout checkout showing certain messages will reassure customers who may have concerns, for example, messaging about security may reassure users.

(from Ideas for testing • Test CTA button wording, e.g. 'Checkout Now' vs 'Checkout Securely' • Test third party security icons, e.g. Norton Secure, Comodo Secure Mega Menu One of the advantages of using a full width mega-menu is that there is space to structure the navigation is a clear and transparent way. I have found that it is often possible to add key products or promotions, as well as key proposition messages within the USP bar.

This example from Optical Express highlights a key service, shows that it is free and even includes a call-to-action button. Ideas for testing: • Test adding a USP bar along the bottom of your full width mega menu • Test dedicating a column to USP messages or key products or services. Mini-bag Another area that you might not have considered is the mini-bag. Usually in the top right of the header and available on hover, there could be an opportunity to include a persuasive message here.

One thing I always recommend is to be clear and up-front about delivery charges. If you have free delivery by default or the user has somehow qualified for free delivery based on basket total then including a message notifying the user in the mini-bag can be very influential. Users can see at a glance that they will not be hit with a delivery charge later in the shopping journey. Ideas for testing: • Test adding a USP message in your mini-bag The right messages at the right time.

One thing to be careful of with proposition messaging is including relevant messages at the right time without causing too much distraction or even introducing concerns for users. For example, in the John Lewis example, we have seen that there are a large number of security messages in the checkout. For John Lewis this might work well due to the confidence in their brand or to deal with known concerns of their target market, but in other examples introducing lots of security messaging can lead users to think about security in a more negative way.

You run the risk of raising concerns that they may not have considered without the messaging. The Good News: We can test all these messages One of the best things about developing new test hypotheses around proposition messaging is that in many cases they can be tested really easily. If you have large traffic volumes you can also run multivariate tests to test a range of variations. When I plan out a testing schedule I always make sure that I include a number of simple USP copy tests that can be used to fill gaps between tests with more dependency on design & development.

What’s the best proposition test you’ve run? Always on the lookout for interesting examples. More Background Reading on Smart Insights: • • •

best dating market value testing

best dating market value testing - Best Dating Software! Award

best dating market value testing

Quote: 16. At a party, which happens first – you approach someone or someone approaches you? I approach someone first almost every time: +1 point I occasionally approach first: 0 points Someone normally approaches me first: -1 point Nobody approaches me and people activly avoid being approached by me: -20 Legit tbh Quote: How much do you bench press? 60% or less of your body weight: -1 point 61% to 80% of your body weight: 0 points 81% to 170% of your body weight: +1 point over 170% of your body weight: 0 points top kek me benching 60kg is equivalent to being a 10/10 according to this questionnaire.

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best dating market value testing

Want to know what makes you happy or unhappy in your work and career? While some people are content with uneventful jobs, others thrive on action and excitement.

With this free online work value assessment you can determine the work values you value most. Take this free work values test online right now and find out what truly motivates you. This test answers questions such as: • Why did you make specific career choices? • What would be a good career move for you? • What are your talents? • Which work value suits you best?

• Which work values will make you happy and successful? This work values inventory measures career values similar to those in the theory of career anchors by Dr. Edgar Schein at MIT and the theory of basic human values of Dr. Shalom H. Schwartz. Fourteen career values are identified: Autonomy, Creativity, Variety, Structure, Self-development, Influence, Work-life balance, Financial reward, Security, Prestige, Performance, Working conditions, Work relationships and Altruism.

Instructions Imagine that you are looking for your ideal job. To what extent are the following important or valuable to that job? This may be: -- Totally unimportant - Unimportant -/+ Important and unimportant + Important ++ Extremely important Don't overthink your answers: the more honest your answer, the more reliable the results will be. All of the questions must be answered.

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