Best dating middle eastern food singapore

best dating middle eastern food singapore

Starting with probably the best known Middle Eastern food, hummus is a mashed chickpea dip made with tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. It is an enticing appetizer, served with pita bread and vegetables but also amazing as a sandwich spread. 02 of 09 If you ask someone to name the most famous Middle Eastern food and their answer is not hummus then it's almost certainly going to be falafel. This widely recognized staple is a fried ball made of chickpeas, onions, and spices. It is served both as an appetizer on a mezze platter or as the protein in a vegetarian meal.

best dating middle eastern food singapore

Middle Eastern restaurants are real carnivore crowd pleasers. So meat eaters, don’t miss out on the wonderful flavors in those places. Being the cuisine of various countries, but Middle Eastern cuisine, to many people, is about Levantine, Persian and Turkish food.

And charcoal-grilled meat is the soul of a Middle Eastern meal. Locals who wish to explore new viands and visitors who want a quick fix of kebab can channel your inner cavemen with the large meat platters at these recommended Middle Eastern restaurants.

For a taste of Lebanese, visit Kazbar or Beirut Grill. Food at Shiraz and Shabestan will show you the best of Persian cuisine. And Artichoke is the place to have Middle Eastern’s flavours with a twist.

You can expect giant food portions, designed for sharing, great shisha, and fascinating belly dance performances in most of the restaurants introduced in this list. (Image: Kazbar) Highlights • Tasty and authentic Lebanese cuisine: When it comes to knowing which country has the best Middle Eastern cuisine, the consensus says it’s Lebanon.

If you do agree, then look no further than Kazbar! They have a set lunch menu for S$19.50 and an extensive a la carte menu.

From Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Falafel, Kebabs, Shawarma to Um Ali, the restaurant has got them covered and all taste authentic as they come. • Copious food choices for both vegans and meat eaters: One of the reasons why vegans will not walk out of the restaurant hungry! Plant-based eaters can order salads in large servings such as the best-seller Tabouleh, Fattoush, and Feta Cheese Salad and then opt Mousaka or Couscous Khothar or Potato & Cawliflower Stew for the main.

Carnivores can start with cold mezze platter (hummus, moutabel, mohammarah, babaganoush, tabouleh, pita bread) or hot mezze platter (falafel, cheese borek, spinach borek, sambousek and kibbeh) for only S$24 and indulge in the large selection of charcoal-grilled foods. • Best Tabouleh outside of Lebanon: First-timers must order this if you want to have a complete Middle Eastern culinary journey. At Kazbar, this salad demonstrates perfect balance between the tanginess of lemon zest, mint, and tomatoes and the aroma of onion and parsley.

Vegetarians will surely find it a perfect salad dish to add in to your daily food-list! • Mint-flavoured drinks: Middle East natives understand how minty drinks have earned its spot in their local cuisine.

Imagine dealing with extreme heat most days of your life in Middle East? With that, a glass of mint tea or Kazbar Mint (S$14) can serve as a refreshment. So for the natives, foreigners must try this beverage. • Lively bar at night: Listening to loud Arabian music in the background can get you in the mood for a TGIF party with friends.

Swing by Kazbar for kebabs, a wide variety of liqueur concoctions, and entertainment. Belly dancers perform live at the restaurant from 21:30 to 22:30 every Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. (Image: Shiraz) Highlights • One of the best places to enjoy authentic Persian cuisine in Singapore: Enjoy the real flavors from Iran with traditional hummus, selection of mezzes, char-grilled kebabs and kubideh, succulent shwarmas, fragrant rice dishes and Persian stews.

Surely a riot of flavours, colors and textures that is nothing less than a feast for senses! • Serving best Kebabs in Singapore: Served with saffron-flavoured Basmati rice, grilled tomatoes and fresh vegetables, the succulent Halal kebabs here are to die for. Meat eaters will get excited with the restaurant’s extensive selection of charcoal-grilled kebab. Go with the Shiraz Special Platter Combo (for four persons) if you wish to taste as much varieties as possible. • A little Middle Eastern world right at Clarke Quay: Situated in the vibrant Clarke Quay, Shiraz is a great choice if you want to explore some great middle-eastern food together with regal Iranian hospitality, shishas, Persian music beats and belly dance.

(Image: Shabestan) Highlights • An extensive menu of authentic Persian cuisine: Shabestan’s menu presents the best of Persian cuisine. Whether you try their traditional charcoal-grilled Lamb Kubeideh (ground lamb kebab) or classic Persian rice dishes cooked with saffron, nuts and berries, every dish unveils the goodness of scrumptious Persian food right in the heart of Singapore. • Wholesome, flavoursome Shabestan Platter: If you want to know the best-seller item at this restaurant, then Shabestan Platter is the answer.

The succulent charcoal-grilled lamb, chicken, beef and jumbo prawns beautifully presented on the plate will satisfy the craving of any meat eater. The food is Halal while food portions are generous. • Persian saffron ice cream: This dessert (S$8) is a must try to complete your culinary experience at Shabestan. The combination of pistachio, cream and saffron in a special recipe will give you one of the best scoops of ice cream in your life.

• A memorable culinary experience by the riverside: Go for an alfresco dining to get an exciting dining experience. It is a perfect setting for a romantic date or to spend a leisurely evening with family and friends while relishing authentic Persian kebabs and some great wine. • An exclusive private dining room for business meetings with a capacity to accommodate up to 26 persons.

The luxurious room is fully equipped with free and unlimited Wi-Fi access and conference facilities to hold presentations and business meet-ups. (Image: Artichoke) Highlights • Funky Middle-Eastern inspired menu: Cleverly mixing flavours from the East and West, Bjorn has excelled with creating the ultimate menu that will surprise your taste-buds. Featuring finger-licking wings, fall-off-the-bone succulent pieces of lamb, along with some Lebanese favorites such as Baba Ganoush, the selection at Artichoke fails to disappoint even the fussiest of eaters.

If you’re tired of the usual Middle-Eastern standard cuisine, Artichoke’s menu will spice it up with all the right twists to leave you hungry for more.

• Artichoke cookbook available to recreate your favorites: Drooling over the Hot Skillet Prawns? Get your hands on Artichoke’s own cookbook to make all of their top-dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Featuring 267 pages of recipes, this book is the ultimate treat for your foodie friends. (Image: Beirut Grill) Highlights • An exhaustive menu oozing with culture: A delight to the senses, Beirut Grill’s menu caters for all customers, from picky eaters to vegetarians and children.

With small plates and large portion sizes big enough to share, Beirut Grill is ideal for a comforting meal, or a couple of nibbles if you’re feeling peckish. • Live drumming and belly-dancing on weekends: Get ready for a hip-shaking bass-blasing night, with a stunning performance of hypnotizing belly dancing to the sounds of traditional drumming rhythms.

Fine food accompanied by live entertainment at an affordable price is what Beirut Grill strives to offer. • Imported authentic Lebanese spices for zero loss of flavor: Selectively importing the freshest spices from the heart of Lebanon, Beirut Grill ensures that you get the most close-to-home flavors, for you to truly experience an ethnic meal.

• Cater for all events and special occasions: Experienced in the catering industry, Beirut Grill are exceptional at delivering and serving their delicious dishes to parties of any size. For an extra-authentic experience, book a spot in their hidden gem - the Arabian-themed lounge on the second floor.

best dating middle eastern food singapore

best dating middle eastern food singapore - Where To Get Middle Eastern Food In Singapore

best dating middle eastern food singapore

Middle Eastern Food In Singapore Kazbar is widely known and recognised as the premier Middle Eastern restaurant in Singapore, serving authentic Lebanese cuisine. A great lunch venue and popular post-work hangout for the trendy business and CBD crowd. The popularity of Kazbar is not lost on us, with so many restaurants here today, but gone tomorrow, it continues to remain one of the few staples (eatery wise) in Singapore, for over 14 years!

Located at 25 Church Street, we’ve known of its popularity for some time now, which begs the question – why this place? What people like is the exotic cosy interior, warm service and diverse cuisine. Definitely, giving other Middle Eastern eateries in town a run for their money, Kazbar is widely known for having some of the best kebabs in town, this Far East Square hotspot is quintessential for everything from a laid-back lunch to a post-work hangout.

Just the place to head to when you’re craving tender grilled meats, exotic veggies or hankering for a little dose of Lebanon in Singapore. Cooking Up A Storm We met the charismatic Chef Kamel from Lebanon, who took us through making one of their most popular signature dish! Click play to find out more … Watching Chef Kamel work his magic is pretty something. What we love are the techniques, flavours and exotic ingredients used to make such delicious hearty One of the reasons vegans will also love it here is they can order salads in large servings such as the best-seller Tabouleh, Fattoush, and Feta Cheese Salad and then opt Mousaka or Couscous Khothar or Potato & Cawliflower Stew for the main.

Meat eaters can start with cold mezze platter (hummus, moutabel, mohammarah, babaganoush, tabouleh, pita bread) or hot mezze platter (falafel, cheese borek, spinach borek, sambousek and kibbeh). Whatever your ‘flavour’ there’s always something mouthwateringly delightful on the menu for either, Vegans, Vegetarians or Meat eaters … SO POP down and flash your App for 1-4-1 offers on their delicious mains!


best dating middle eastern food singapore

Commonly linked to Mediterranean food, Middle Eastern cuisine is mostly famous for its variety of healthy small dishes, known as meze. I feel that Middle Eastern food is quite underrated in Singapore. That said, I’d love to show you where to try this cuisine. Sorted in alphabetical order, here are 10 places for you to try Middle Eastern food. 1. Artichoke Helmed by Chef Bjorn Shen and having a cookbook of the same name, Artichoke is one of the cooler brunch spots in Singapore (it serves dinner too, by the way).

Don’t expect mainstream eggs benedict and waffles because this place serves contemporary Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The popular options include the Feta Burrata ($24, left) and Ful Madames ($16, right), both served with Turkish toast and Middle Eastern spices. I loved the garden basil relish on the Feta Burrata because it managed to combine really well with the veggies and toast.

If you’re looking for some contemporary Middle Eastern bites with a chill ambience, Artichoke is a great place to try out. Artichoke: 161 Middle Rd, Singapore 188978 | Opening Hours: (Tues to Fri) 6.30pm – 10.30pm, (Sat) 11.30am – 3.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm, (Sun) 11.30-3.30pm, Closed on Mondays| Tel: 6336 6949 | | 2. Aryaa Aryaa is an underrated restaurant along Beach Road that serves North-Indian cuisine alongside really tasty meze and grills.

On top of being a restaurant, this place is a club, lounge and bar; a legit one-stop place to hang out during the weekends. The ambience was really nice and it felt as if you’re dining in a dimly lit castle. Made up of tiropitakia (feta-spinach pastries, upper left), tzatziki (cucumber yogurt dip, upper right) , tirokafteri (spicy cheese dip, lower right) and melitzanosalata (eggplant dip, lower left ), The Aryaa Meze Platter ($18) is a healthy dish that makes a good introduction for those who are trying this cuisine for the first time.

If you feel like dipping your naan in dips and pita in curry , feel free to mix them up. Afterall, Aryaa is a two-in-one place that aims to cater to everyone’s palate. Aryaa: 7500E Beach Road, #01-201, Diners Building, Singapore 199595 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Fri) 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm, (Sat) 6pm – 11pm, Closed on Sundays | Tel: 6291 6009 | | 3. Beirut Grill Fine Middle-Eastern Cuisine Named after the capital of Lebanon, Beirut Grill is known for its authentic Lebanese pastries, delicious grilled kebabs and meats.

While it is really hard to stand out amongst other Middle Eastern restaurants in the Arabian quarter, Beirut Grill offers unique experiences such as belly dance performances that will probably make you feel like you’re overseas. Marinated in rich Arabic herbs and spices, the signature Beirut Lamb Chop is definitely a crowd-pleaser. If you are looking to try traditional Lebanon dishes, give this place a try.

Beirut Grill: 72 Bussorah St, Singapore 199485 | Opening Hours: (Sun to Thurs) 12pm – 10pm, (Fri and Sat) 12pm – 12.30am | Tel: 6341 7728 | 4. Kazbar Savory Middle Eastern Experience Located in the Central Business District, Kazbar is quite a popular spot to hit up after work for dinner and drinks with your colleagues and friends.

On top of its colourful decor, it has a pretty impressive alcohol list with decent happy hour promotions. If you feel like trying something unusual, go for the Warak Anab ($15, middle), a filling of herbed rice, parsley, tomato, mint, and onion wrapped in vine leaves that were slowly cooked for three hours in olive oil and lemon juice. Sour but refreshing mini ba zhang, anyone? Kazbar: 25 Church Street, #01-03, Capital Square 3, 049482 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Wed) 12pm -10.45pm, (Thurs – Fri) 12pm – 11pm, (Sat) 6pm – 10.15pm, Closed on Sundays| Tel: 6438 2975 | | 5.

Qasr Gille & Mezze Bar While most Middle Eastern restaurants are centralised at Kampong Glam, Qasr Grille & Mezze Bar is located in the bustling Holland Village. Being a vegetarian-friendly place, Qasr provides a lot of healthy and meat-free options for its patrons.

Order the iconic Shawarma ($24), a dish of tahini (sesame paste) and seven spices sauteed chicken, lamb or beef that fill the pockets of boat-shaped pita bread. Paired with a side of greens and crispy fries, this dish goes really well with some booze. Qasr Gille & Mezze Bar: 46 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277698 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 12.30am | Tel: 6467 7793 | | 6. Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine Located at Mohamed Sultan, Shabestan is a modern fine-dining place that offers timeless Persian cuisine.

In addition, all of its premium quality dishes are Halal-certified and helmed by an executive chef that has 16 years worth of experience. Explore different combinations of flavours with Shabestan’s home-made Persian bread, fresh from its traditional clay oven. Dip it in Borani Esfanaj ($12), a dish of fresh spinach, fried onions paired with sun-dried yoghurt and priced saffron (which gives the dish its signature yellow colour). Shiraz used to be a popular spot for Shisha or Hookah before it was banned .

But, it is still a great place to hang out and people-watch at Clarke Quay. There are also belly dance performances that have succeeded in attracting plenty of customers and traction from tourists as well. The famous charcoal-grilled kebabs range from $28 – $49, with sharing platters going up to $185 for four pax.

While the prices seem steep, it is because Shiraz uses saffron to marinate some of the meats (hence the yellow colour). Shiraz: 3A River Valley Road, #01-06 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020 | Opening Hours: (Sun – Thurs) 6pm – 12am, (Fri – Sat) 6pm – 1am | Tel: 6334 2282 | | 8. Sufi’s Corner Turkish Restaurant Chef Gur Yucel has led various teams in five-star restaurants in Turkey and with him as the executive chef for Sufi’s Corner, one can expect to experience the authentic dishes of the Ottoman Empire.

With beautiful Turkish lamps and tile top tables, Sufi’s Corner makes its patrons feel like they are dining in Istanbul. Kebabs aside, I would recommend the Kiymali Karsarli Pide ($19), a unique dish that consists of minced lamb and mozzarella cheese encased in an oval-shaped Turkish bread. It’s almost like a pizza, but a little more rustic and hearty.

Sufi’s Corner: 56 Arab Street, Singapore 199753 | Opening Hours: (Mon – Thurs) 11am – 11pm, (Fri -Sun) 11am – 12am | Tel: 6298 1196 | | 9. Tabbouleh Lebanese Gourmet Cafe And Restaurant Named after the Levantine vegetarian dish, Tabbouleh is a casual place at Arab Street that serves Lebanese food. Available here, the healthy dish itself comes with tomatoes, cucumbers and lots of parsley.

For the hardcore meat lovers, devour in the affordably priced Mixed Grill ($26.21), which includes lamb kafta, lahem mashwi (lamb cubes), shish tawouk (marinated chicken cubes) and a hearty plate of rice or fries. Sounds like a really fulfilling meal to me! Tabbouleh: 41 Arab Street, Singapore 199740 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 11pm | Tel: 6292 5235 | 10. Urban Bites Mediterranean Cuisine Tucked amongst all the yoga studios and cross-fit gyms in Telok Ayer, Urban Bites is a contemporary family restaurant established by the late Lebanese Chef, Ghazi Georges Khanashat.

The decorations and dishes may look simple, but this place is known as one of the most authentic Lebanese restaurants around. Since it is impossible to taste every single item at one go, order the Mixed Grill Sampler ($29) that comes with grilled lamb skewers, chicken and beef kebab served with onions and grilled tomatoes. Considering this is located in Telok Ayer, it’s a pretty affordable price tag.

Urban Bites: 161 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068615 | Tel: 6327 9460 | | | Opening Hours: (Mon – Sat) 11am – 10pm, Closed on Sundays

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