Best dating my best friends ex

best dating my best friends ex

In fact, when we met, my now-partner was on a date with my best friend. They dated casually for a few weeks before they split up and we got together, and three years later the same friend gave one of the readings at our wedding. Whether you're gay, straight, bi, or not into labels, dating a friend's ex can absolutely be done without sacrificing your friendship — you just have to follow a few simple guidelines. 1. Don't gossip. It's common to assume that anything shared with you is by default shared with your partner as well; however, your friend might be much less comfortab .

best dating my best friends ex

The heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes the heart wants your ex-boyfriend’s best friend. Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Houghton discuss the pitfalls and potential upside to dating within a friend group.

Would you date your ex-boyfriend’s BFF? Five questions you should ask on a date →→→ Mashala Loveness Hace 12 días I met a guy. I didn’t know he was friends with a guy I had a fling with (we hit it once, it didn’t work at all) now I met dis guy and he liked me a lot, later I found out he was best friends with the fling-man. What do I do in a situation like this?

We where supposed to hookup dis weekend, he didn’t show face. And I can’t help think that the fling-man told him something. • Mocha Gemini Hace un mes Torn on this one. I’m currently talking to my ex’s best friend. I didn’t meet him when my ex and I were together. I found out they were friends after I first started talking to his best friend.

I’m sure my ex has said something though. But, I have no loyalty to my ex, he cheated with his female best friend and my (NOW) best friend (we hated each other when he was cheating and became friends like 2 years later.) Anyway he got her pregnant while we were together then told me he was in love with his female best friend so I broke up with him, now they have 2 children together.

He has a total of 3 children with the women he cheated on me with. His best friend treats me way better than he ever did. I had my reservations about the situation at first, but now I don’t care. • HoneyBear Hace un mes I feel like you shouldn't date your friend's EX. If it's truly that serious I think you should ask them how they feel about it. Because if you're not doing anything wrong why do you have to sneak and hide it. But me personally I'm not even going to put myself in the situation to fall for you or get you to fall for me.

like that only happens because you put yourself in the situation why would you put yourself in the situation. • Cynthia Bales Hace un mes So I am not proud of it, but one of my exes and I had a bad break up.

He cheated on me and blah blah. This was so long ago that I don’t know how it really happened. But his best friend messaged me on FB. We ended up hanging out a few times and kissed (nothing more).

I ended it cause I knew it was wrong and didn’t want to ruin the friendship, plus I wasn’t feeling him. Hella shady on my part. • Naturally Bri Hace un mes I was talking to this guy at the end of my senior year in high school. Nothing wayyyy too serious, but I did like him, i thought at the time it would lead to something. He introduced me to his brothers, I really liked them, but of course not in a inappropriate way.

Because he was introducing me to his people’s, I decided to take him out with my friends. The next day, one of my friends showed me her dm, of him trying to hook up with her. I was so upset, and I cussed him out, and cut him off that same day. Within only a couple hours, one of his brothers said he heard what happened, and asked if I was okay, out of no where, he decided to shoot his shot, and asked me out.

I decided to be petty, and take his offer. That was one juicyyyyyy summer! Lol. But I was immature, and wouldn’t do that again. #MyHoement • Jason Hernandez Hace 4 meses Hold up now. Not that I'm condoning sex before marriage and all but isn't this what you do? How is it a "Hoe-ment" if the two are not together?

Besides they said they were friends, so I don't see any reason why I would come in the way of her dating a friend of mine, it's called moving on it just so happens it's with my best friend. The only thing I would have a problem with is if she was no good (but then I wouldn't be friends with her) or she was trying to steal my friend away from me. Although there is no such thing as accidentally having sex, if she is a good person and loves him, let em go. As long as he can deal with the fact that we coulda been a thing.

• Yolande Claasen Hace 4 meses So I'm watching this and well thats' kind of how my story played out. I met these two friends on the same night.Felt attracted to one of them. We hooked up for about a year.. got pregnant and he dropped me. While all this was going on I actually became really good friends with the other guy. We stayed in touched and he was an amazing friend through out my pregnancy. Fast forward a year later we started dating.

And this year, 2018 we are getting married. What I am trying to say is the friend/best friend might just be your soul mate. Who knows.. • Talia Corrine Hace 6 meses My thought process is it honestly depends on the person and the situation like if the relationship was bad or ended badly no but if it was a mutual decision and ended on good terms then yes also how soon is it if it was like weeks or couple months later probably not but if years have gone bye I don’t see the problem and also if it was happening to you like your ex boyfriend starts dating your best friend would you be okay with it if not then you should not do that to someone else • Erynne Carver Hace 6 meses This makes me so mad .

They already talked about a topic similar to this years ago , just reversed roles . It was could your friend date your ex . Adrienne said that that happened to her before & her friend dated her ex & she was cool with it , no problem , whatever . She felt so strongly about it that you could feel the tension & hostility that she had towards Tamar about it when Tamar disagreed with her . Now she has a problem with this scenario ?

(At the beginning anyway) . Like what changed ??? This is why I hate talks shows & reality shows . There’s nothing real about them at all . This isn’t the first video I’ve seen like this of theirs either where they switched up their opinions from previous episodes , or where they talked about a situation already before , then years later the same topic comes back up , & they act like they’ve never discussed it before & like it’s news to them 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Be real , y’all .

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best dating my best friends ex

best dating my best friends ex - How to Date Your Ex's Best Friend: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

best dating my best friends ex

There are some things that are very hard to be rational about. One of them is dating your best friend’s . Just like in most things personal, this throws up a lot uncomfortable feelings. The sort of feelings a dude like me would rather not have to deal with at all.

But life being the way it is, sooner or later, we just have to deal with these uncomfortable situations. Dating your best friend’s ex I must tell you has so many ramifications that if I had my way, is something that ought never to happen. Ever. Just recently, Mary (not her real name) told me about how she was having a problem with her close friend over a dude.

Mary is a girl I respect a lot because the right way. Well so I thought until I found out the crux of the problem she had with her friend was that she dated the friend’s ex. I looked at her in shock. Mary is thewho at any point in time shouldn’t have a of her choice.

She is very pretty. And men of all sorts usually hassle themselves silly just to be in her company. I mean she could get any man by just snapping her fingers. So why dating her best friend’s ex for God’s sake. According to her, she felt it was wasn’t a big deal since her friend had already broken up with the guy.

Since that day, the respect I had for her went down several notches. I thought she knew how these things work. I had before, and she’d never disappointed me before. She said so many things about what actually went down; all in an attempt to convince me dating your best friend’s ex wasn’t a bad thing in some circumstances.

I didn’t buy any of it to be honest. Maybe, in my next piece I would try and break down the reasons people go into stuff like that. Today it is all about why dating your best friend’s ex is a disastrous idea. Dating your best friend’s ex destroys trust The first question that would come to mind if a friend did that to me is to wonder if the shameless dude while we were going out.

Did he in some way instigate the break up so he could have a go at her? You know, questions along those lines. And these are the sort of questions that between good friends. To put it simply, I’d never trust my friend again. And with the trust gone, can I honestly call him my best friend?

Of course not. Mutual friends would get sucked-in in a bad way Dating your best friend’s ex would really lead to to very awkward situations. One of these is where your mutual friends stand on the issue.

Naturally, some would be in support while others of dating your best friend’s ex. Others still would just sit on the fence and roll with tide depending which one favors them. The bottom line is that by this singular action, one had succeeded in putting a wedge between a group of friends. Even the neutrals, sooner or later, would have to pick sides.

Things would never be the same among this group of friends again. Effect on family I know for a fact that my family would feel seriously betrayed if my best friend pulled that sort of thing on me. would feel the same way. I mean, this is somebody they considered your brother who had your back all the time. I can picture a tense situation where some concerned parents would organize a sit-down to thrash the issues relating to your friend going out with your ex.

No matter how hard they might try, the only thing the parents or family members can get from such a meeting is a promise to keep the peace from both parties. Effect on your social life If my best friend hooked up with my ex and I had my way, I’d run both of them out of town. That is only because doing any worse is uncivilized and criminal.

Imagine going to a party or a bar or perhaps the wedding of a mutual friend only to run into my ex snuggling with my best friend. It is untenable. This is you know. You’d get the feeling they are always talking about you and how much of a jerk you are.

Anytime you see them whispering together and having a laugh, you would feel that way. For that reason, it isyou might likely bump into them. Like I said before, the ultimate solution is to run them out of town. Jeez! Just imagine my ex sharing all those secrets I told her with that dude. Conversely, I bet he would be telling her so many of the things I told him in confidence; just to make me look bad and make her feel with him.

No, I won’t have that. I won’t let it go without doing something about it. So what would you do if you were placed in that dicey situation? Would you shrug your shoulders and let it go?

Would you react the way a normal dude like me would? Or would you take extreme measures to let them know how disgusted you feel? Tell us about it in the comment section below. Or you can head over to our page orhandle to vent your thoughts. We would love to hear them.

best dating my best friends ex

i know this sounds terrible. but ive liked my best friend's boyfriend for over 6 months now. and after they broke up , we started dating. i have... i know this sounds terrible. but ive liked my best friend's boyfriend for over 6 months now. and after they broke up , we started dating. i have depression so i'm sort of constantly down, and when we started dating i was the happiest i'd been in months.

i thought everything was great until i realized how much it was hurting my best friend. she told him TON of times to ask me out, and acted sooo happy for us and it was believable but im not so sure anymore.

i hate that no matter what i can never really do anything to make myself happy. what do i do?! do i keep dating him? Or should i just cut it off--which would ultimately depress me even more, but would make my friend happy.

im just so confused. does anyone have any advice? Have you actually talked about it with your best friend. Do you really know if it bothers her that much as you believe it does? Did she ever get over the... Have you actually talked about it with your best friend. Do you really know if it bothers her that much as you believe it does? Did she ever get over the break-up? If not maybe you should have a talk about that. Fact is though, he is her ex.

You two started dating, you two are happy. Their relationship is over, you didn't steel anyone, so to say, you did nothing wrong. Therefor it is up to you to decide if you want to be happy and thereby selfish or make yourself more miserable than now and break up with him.Keep im in mind as well. He does not have a problem with dating the best friend of his ex. Being best friends means to stick to the good and bad times, even that means for one to except the sad reality.

when i saw this question im like, how is this girl in the exact same situation as me? read my question, its just like yours, the link is at the bottom.... when i saw this question im like, how is this girl in the exact same situation as me? read my question, its just like yours, the link is at the bottom. ok, here's what i thought while i was thinking about my situation. i thought about if she still had feelings for him and if she was ok with it.

of course she acted all happy and stuff but you could tell she still likes him. im not dating him yet... ive hesitated because im scared it might hurt her feelings, even though she insists its ok. just yesterday, she made me furious by telling him to ask me out, something i wanted to do on my own when i was ready.

i feel the same way. i never wanted to actually go out with him because i knew she'd get mad and jealous and i'd just end up in another stupid dramatic mess.

so my advice is keep dating him if it makes you happy. even though it makes you feel sh!tty. im sure your best friend is feeling the same way that she wants to make you happy. its only a small step in the life you're about to live. good luck, i hope you feel better!

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