Best dating my career nba 2k18

best dating my career nba 2k18

The Proving Ground in NBA 2K18 My Career is more like a cool aesthetic to get you started and help you learn the basics before you enter the NBA. So long as you don’t absolutely stink it up, you shouldn’t have any issue progressing onto the next round. It doesn’t matter how well you perform in the matches: you’ll almost certainly be celebrated for your performance.

best dating my career nba 2k18

The core focus of in NBA 2K18, along with the other modes linked to it, is to create the best player in the NBA. With a total of 189 archetype combinations to choose from, choosing the best build can get pretty difficult. Below is a short guide to help you select the right build for playing in MyCareer. First off, it’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each position.

Selecting skill specializations that don’t traditionally fit a certain position will limit your character’s high rank badges and attribute specializations. Essentially, you will either end up overspecializing in certain stats while being extremely weak in others or simply have a well-rounded player with few badges. In NBA 2K18, the rank and quantity of (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame) are also something to consider when selecting your archetype as some builds have few to no Hall of Fame badges.

Choosing your height, weight, and wingspan also affects your build. Overall, these will affect your character’s shot contests, rebounding, strength, shooting percentage, and more.

Lastly, choose the right position and archetype combination based on the team you want to join. Unless you want to replace Stephen Curry, pick another team that needs a good point guard. With these factors in mind, which build should you choose? Well, it’s difficult to recommend specific builds for all positions due to the vast archetype variety in NBA 2K18.

Also, the best build will depend on your preferences. At best, we can provide a few skill specialization combinations based on the number of upgrades your character will have. Regardless of the position chosen, the archetype combination should remain somewhat similar.

We’ll leave out pure archetype builds considering the results are pretty obvious. Shot Creators are one of the best specializations to mix with if you want an offense-focused character. This archetype specializes in agility, layups and dunks, shooting off the dribble, and mid-range shooting. Mixing it with the 3pt Shooting Specialization will make you a beast in shooting twos and threes.

If you want an athletic character who’s strong and can move fast around the court, make sure you select the Defending specialization. Mix it with other archetypes, such as Post Scoring or Driving and Finishing, to give your character some offensive tools. If you want to dominate the paint, the Post Scoring specialization has you covered. Mix it with Driving and Finishing to get those easy hoops. For more on NBA 2K18, make sure to check our .

best dating my career nba 2k18

best dating my career nba 2k18 - NBA 2K18 MyPLAYER Training Guide

best dating my career nba 2k18

NBA 2K18 Beginner's Guide - What do to First in MyCareer, MyTeam, and More All the info on NBA 2K18, 2K’s upcoming iteration of its blockbuster sports sim. Get all you need to know about the best sports game on the market.

Earn VC, beginner's guide, all controls and more. Guide by , , and , 06/06/2018. NBA 2K18 comes back this year with a bunch of modes that will keep you occupied for months on end. It’s a little daunting to try and figure out where to start so this NBA 2K18 Beginner’s guide will help you get on the right track so that you can maximize your time, efforts and VC if you’ve gotten some in a pre-order bundle.

Should you need anything else on NBA 2K18, for example help with the defensive controls of the game, or general scoring tips and tricks, make sure to head over to our . NBA 2K18 MyCareer Tips One of the most highly touted modes this year is the MyCareer #RunTheNeighborhood mode. 2K has gone all out there year by creating this virtual neighborhood that you can play in. This mode has everything from getting a haircut to playing a full 5-on-5 game with created players from across the world.

It’s definitely the highlight of the online experience this year and if you want to level your character up, you’ll spend most of your time here. How to Spend Pre-Order VC in NBA 2K18 What makes the mode cool is that you can level up just about every aspect of your player via stations and modes within the neighborhood spaces.

I will say that if you purchased the Legend or Legend Gold editions that came with VC, SPEND IT ALL ON YOUR MYPLAYER! Don’t go for the cosmetic items or any of the other distractions that will call out to you like the Harpies from the Odyssey. I was lucky enough to have the Legend Gold edition for review and was able to boost my character from the base level 60 to and 85 and still have enough VC to purchase dunk packages and adornments.

You can grind it out but if you don’t have the time, I totally suggest buying VC so you can spend your actual time getting better at the game. NBA 2K18 MyTeam Tips NBA 2K18’s card collecting mode is back with a vengeance, you’ll want to make sure you are taking full advantage of each part to get the best cards and build the best team possible. • Super Max - This feels like a version of Overwatch’s competitive season mode.

You’ll play various people online in short seasons. Five placement matches get you into the mix and after you’ve finished that fifth match, you’ll be given a rank. You’ll then battle your way up the leaderboards in the hopes of snagging some cool prizes. • Domination - This mode lets you run the gauntlet of beating each of the league’s teams. The better you perform during a match up will determine how many stars you’ll earn. Each level will garner you better rewards. • Pack and Playoffs - A brand new mode for MyTeam, this is NBA 2K18’s version of Madden’s Draft Champions mode.

You’ll get to pick random players to take into online games and compete for packs for your MyTeam. The mode so far is pretty fun IF you get players at the proper positions. My current team has 3 elite guards but that leaves me undersized and keeps me in the losing column. I would like for each card pull to be players in a specific position instead of just everyone in the league. Make sure you finish you spend some time getting your Warm up, Bronze and Silver Goals out of the way early.

I would say that the best thing you could do with the superstars they start you off with is make sure you use them to get these done. Weirdly 2K has gated things like the Auction House behind this so make sure you knock those out really quickly. That’s it for now, remember to check back here in the NBA 2K18 because we’ll be digging into the game some more to bring you more information on MyGM and its new story based structure and how you can earn all those badges for your MyPlayer as well.

But there's now NBA 2K19 on the horizon, and 2K has just released the first few details about the upcoming iteration of the basketball sim.

Head over to our full , for a complete list of all the details we know about the game so far, including a release date, cover star, and new MyTeam features.

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best dating my career nba 2k18

NBA 2K18 ’s MyCareer mode is vastly different from past years, so knowing how to max out your MyPlayer might take a little extra coaching. Here are six essential tips to get the most VC or progress for your time.

1) Vary Up Your Modes: The Neighborhood folds MyCareer, Pro-Am and MyPark into a single hub, and you have to play all modes evenly if you want to max out your rewards. If you continue to grind on the Playground, for example, your loot will slowly decrease the longer you play.

Standard MyCareer matches seem to have the highest tolerance for repetition, but you’ll still need to experience the whole game to see the full results.

2) Choose The Right Mode: While variety is important to get the most goods, some modes are better than others when it comes to grinding. For example, one popular route is to play lots of 3v3 Playground matches. This setup offers your MyPlayer numerous opportunities to succeed; it’s complex but also yields plenty of possession time.

It also doesn’t hurt that Playground games are generally just a few minutes each. The Playground is better suited for forwards or centers, though. If your MyPlayer is a guard, the streets may not suit him. If you can get into a league, Pro-Am tends to be a good avenue as well. It’s got the same advantages as MyCareer, but, especially in the beginning, it allows your MyPlayer to have maximum time with the ball.

It’s not the most thrilling grind, but it might be worth it. • Pro-Am : 20k-50k for 10-15 games • MyCareer : 15k-25k for 20+ games • Playground : 2k-8k for 15-20 games 3) Max Out Your NBA Game Quarters: If you’re dead set on getting your gold from NBA 2K18’s base MyCareer suite, the very first thing you should do is max out your Quarter Length to 12 minutes.

Bring up your navigation and select Options to change this setting. It may not be configured this way by default. With more time to play, your MyPlayer will have more chances to earn a good grade and get maximum rewards. Fans have found some glitches to extend or shorten quarter lengths beyond their standard options, but we imagine those exploits could be patched by the time you read this.

4) Use The Training Facility + The Extra Drill: The team training facility is the best place to grind out badges, allowing at least three drills between each NBA game. Once you’re there, you can open a menu to select the badge you wish to work on. For a starting player, we suggest improving his shooting skill with Deep Range Deadeye or Difficult Shots.

Visit this juice stand outside your team’s facility to get a free drill. Photo: Visual Cponcepts/2K Sports/Two Brothers Gaming@YouTube One little secret that fans may not know: it’s possible to get an extra fourth training drill by talking to the man at the juice cart to the right of the the facility. After a quick chat, a message will appear saying you have an extra drill. Use it, keep on grinding and keep on improving.

5) Blow Past Some Of Your First MyCareer Games: In the grind that is NBA 2K18 MyCareer, sometimes saving time is just as important as getting your hands on the ball. That being said, it’s not the worst idea to skip through your first few NBA games. You won’t get any play time, so might as well scrap that VC quickly. If you open up your nav and choose the next NBA match while you’re sitting in the locker room after an existing one, there’s reduced load times.

That means you can progress through the story faster. Obviously doing this forfeits any buffs you’d get from drills, so consider that too. 6) Don’t Worry About Cosmetics: Given how expensive cosmetics in NBA 2K18 can be, you shouldn’t be spending any VC on shoes, clothes or even haircuts when you’re first starting out. If you want to avoid microtransactions, every last penny must be spent on stats. This is a very slow grind without glitches, so you can’t waste anything.

NBA 2K18 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Switch and PC. Read our . What do you think of the tips in this guide. Is NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode too much of a grind? Tell us in the comments section!

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