Best dating my career player nba 2k18

best dating my career player nba 2k18

The core focus of MyCareer in NBA 2K18, along with the other modes linked to it, is to create the best player in the NBA. With a total of 189 archetype combinations to choose from, choosing the best build can get pretty difficult. Below is a short guide to help you select the right build for playing in MyCareer. First off, it’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each position. Selecting skill specializations that don’t traditionally fit a certain position will limit your character’s high rank badges and attribute specializations. Essentially, you will either end up overspeci .

best dating my career player nba 2k18

NBA 2K18 is back and it’s better than ever. The all time-favorite (at least in my case) MyPlayer is back as well and I am sure that you’re looking for tips and tricks to get the most out of MyPlayer in NBA 2K18. The good news is that, if you played the MyCareer mode in the past and excelled at it, you will most likley know a lot about turning your new player into a superstar and do it fast. But there are still some things that you should consider and we’re going to cover them all in today’s guide.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some NBA 2K18 My Player tips to turn yourself into a 99-rated player on the way to become the next NBA legend!

Let’s get the Road to 99 started! Spend time choosing your archetype With 189 different archetypes to choose from in the game, you will definitely not be out of options. It can also prove to be a daunting task to make a choice, but we’ll have a guide for that soon to help you out. But until then, think about the position you want to play as and start from there. Simply switch between the different primary and secondary skills to see your character’s attribute cap and badges, then choose the one that fits your play style the best.

This is extremely important: choose wisely, based on the way you plan to play the game! Don’t hesitate to spend some time here, analyzing everything in case you haven’t decided what you’re going to choose, because your choice will stick with you for the duration of your entire career.

So it’s important! Choose your team wisely This is extremely important, especially if you want to play a lot of minutes on your favorite position: choose a team that needs you! If you are a PG, don’t choose a team whose star player is a PG as well. If you want to play for your favorite team, create your player with that in mind.

If you want to play a specific position and don’t really care where, make sure that the team you choose really needs a player in that position.

Workouts! Just like in every My Career game in the NBA 2K series, workouts and practice are extremely important in the game. So start spending as much time as possible in the gym and do so early on in the game in order to get all the necessary boosts for your player. You will also have to train, but more on that below. Unlock the badges Based on the archetype you have chose, you will have various badges that you can unlock.

You should also work on getting them as soon as possible: simply check out the badge’s description and see the requirements for getting it. Some badges are easier to get than others and you should focus on getting the easier ones first. This will improve your game and make the more difficult badges easier to get in the long run.

So always start with the easy badges and work your way up, going for one badge at a time. Make sure you do all the three drills you are allowed to after completing a match because if you skip any, you don’t get a second chance and they’re lost forever. Not as nice as playing game after game, but you can’t become a superstar unless you train a lot! Get a perfect teammate grade This is always extremely important, as your teammate grade is what decides the number of minutes you spend in the game and how good of a player you actually are.

You can end the game with 50 points scored and a poor grade, but it’s always better to end the game with just a dozen points and a perfect grade. In other words, you need to be a great team player and don’t go Kobe and play alone as you’re the only person on the court. When in offense, always look at doing or not doing the following things: Very important is to get into space and only shoot when you have a solid opportunity.

Don’t spend too much dribbling the ball or forcing shots. Instead, move a lot – even when you don’t have the ball (or especially then!), setting screens and getting into open spaces. Be active and be a team player! Also know your teammates well.

Moving the ball is important, but passing to the right guy at the right moment is even better. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates and play accordingly. Take your time until you build up a decent player and things will get better afterwards, allowing you to control the game.

But until then, be patient and play by the books! Playing solid defense based on your player’s position is even more difficult that being great in offense.

However, you should always try to stick to your player, avoiding incoming screens and especially avoiding double teaming your teammates at all costs, completely ignoring your man. Learn to use lock-on defense and be patient: gone are the days when hitting the steal button lead to one eventually. Now, it will most likely lead to a reach-in foul, so only use that at the right moment. For the rest of your time, stick to your man and play some solid D even if your match-up doesn’t have the ball.

Play on easier difficulty levels first Even though on the easier difficulty levels you don’t get as many Virtual Currecy coins as you’d get from playing the more difficult games, you’re still winning in my opinion.

The easier difficulty modes allow you to easily boost your badges and improve your player. This is extremely important early on, in my opinion, so don’t hesitate to choose the easier settings at first. These would be our tips and tricks for making the NBA 2K18 MyPlayer better and have a great MyCareer. Do you have extra advice for fellow gamers? Let us know by commenting below!

best dating my career player nba 2k18

best dating my career player nba 2k18 - NBA 2K18 MyCareer Guide

best dating my career player nba 2k18

The goal in MyCAREER is to reach an overall of level 99 with your MyPLAYER. Reaching 99 overall basically means you are officially a baller or something. Anyways, in order to train your character in NBA 2K18, you need to utilize the available resources to improve overall level and increase your badges. Here is a quick NBA 2K18 MyPLAYER training guide to help get you started.

G Training Facility (Ability Cap + Turbo) Like the name suggests, the G Training facility is the place to come in order to increase your level cap.

Like the training gym in NBA 2K17, you will find a number of exercises inside the center: • Leg Press • Clean Weight • Squats • Ladders • Agility Hurdles • Battle Ropes • Bench Press • Box Jump • Sprint • Treadmill • Dumbbell • Medicine Ball • Gatorade Reaction (Levels Badge as well) Completing these exercises nets you a couple of interesting things.

The first is that exercises fill your turbo (R) up to 100%. The second is that you can use the exercises in the G Training Facility to increase your stat caps.

This is necessary in order to increase your MyPLAYER to level 99. So far I’ve found Hurdles and Gatorade Reaction to be the most beneficial in terms of time spent. If you are not interested in working out, you can head to the the Gatorade Fuel Bar where you can use VC to buy consumables that give you increased Turbo. Consumables give certain buffs for a set period of time when used.

Team Practice Facility (Ability Cap + Badges) 1 on 1 drill to improve ball handling If you aren’t trying to raise your skill level caps, you probably want to unlock badges on your character. This can be done in game, but also by attending the Team Practice facility.

Here you can choose which badge you wish to work on and run drills catered towards improving that skill. Drills are limited to 3 per day. Badges are passive abilities that give you an edge over just general skills. Having badges on your MyPLAYER is important as it can give you that edge needed to beat out other similarly levelled characters. *Badges can also be worked on during games* VC, VC, and More VC Like previous games in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K18 uses VC to level up your MyPLAYER attributes.

It is through is through spending copious amounts of VC that you will end up reaching that coveted 99 rank. In NBA 2K18 there are a couple of ways to collect VC: • Buy it: VC like everything else in life, can be purchased directly through 2K. • Earn it: If buying VC doesn’t feel quite right, you can earn it. This can be done by playing in NBA games, playing on your MyCOURT, playing in the Pro AM league, playing pick up games in the neighborhood, and many other activities. Get out there and start collecting VC so you can become the next Nate Archibald.

These are just a few of the ways to level up your MyPLAYER in NBA 2K18‘s MyCAREER mode. In terms of efficient grinding, it seems like playing multiplayer (Pro Am, Playground) is one of the best ways to earn VC. Good luck out there! Have anything to add to this NBA 2K18 MyPLAYER training guide?

Let me know in The Pit below. I have two big issues with the Training. First, whenever I finish one of the drills in the G Training Facility, my UI dissapears so I don’t have access anymore to the phone or the Nav. I have to Alt-F4 out of the game wich results in not saving my progress for that training. Second, I can’t assign any attribute points. I can access the screen, but neither LS nor D-Pad will allow me to increase attributes to a certain skill.

Maybe this is related to the 1st Problem. Nothing found so far. Even google is clueless 🙂 I postet in the reddit bugs thread now. For the second issue, it might have to do with crashes at launch and a corrupted save or whatever but since I did not invest any VC in that MyPlayer, I decided to delete him and make a new one.

I can now assign skillpoints (yeah) but the G Training Facility Problem persists (booo)

best dating my career player nba 2k18

The future of sports career modes has arrived, allowing you to play the game the way you like. Build your career in NBA games, hit the courts in The Playground, join the Pro-Am circuit, or explore an all-new open neighborhood setting. The new motion system dynamically creates animations to deliver the best gameplay experience possible.

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