Best dating naruto shippuden openings

best dating naruto shippuden openings

Top 20 Openings Anime de los 4 Shonen. 366362. 03:12. 🎵 топ 10 лучших эндингов из аниме Наруто | top best naruto shippuuden ending. 8772. 07:22. Сеймей против Наруто и Гаары. 264641. 06:53.

best dating naruto shippuden openings

Best Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Openings Naruto is best known as one of most popular Anime nowadays! And to be this popular, there are a bunches of factor that made it. One of that is the Opening Song! Here in this list, you can show your opinion by voting any song you like and enjoy the most in Naruto!

What's your MOST FAVORITE NARUTO OPENING of all time? Both Original Naruto & Shippuden version, that is... anyways, FEEL FREE TO VOTE ^_^ The Top Ten 1 Sign by Flow - Shippuden #6 This song... Oh my god! It's amazing! Fantastic! The graphics are really good, the song itself is incredibly catchy, and the lyrics... They mean so much to me. I'm always singing this song every day and I find that the placement of the song and lyrics linking with Sasuke vs Itachi...

So emotional too... The feels! Inventive graphics again and a creative and amazing spin on Naruto. There is so much more I want to say but I'd probably end up repeating myself.

I LOVE THIS SONG! The best anime opening theme maybe ever. The song has amazing graphics with very emotional lyrics. This arc (which is my favorite) easily became the peak of Intensity within Naruto. I almost start crying whenever I hear this song. The nostalgia is REAL. The song lyrics are so good that first time it filled me with warmth in my bottom heart. Nice 2 Silhouette by KANA-BOON - Naruto Shippuden #16 I LOVE the part where naruto is running through the battle chasing after sasuke and growing into a total boss Everything from the visuals to the actual song is amazing, and the way they mesh the visuals and the audio is incredible, it basically shows the entire story up until that point in a minute and a half.

KANA BOON is the best song ever! I agree about the part when naruto grows from time to time and becomes his ultimate form. I also like the song and that it's so catchy.. Should be number 1 3 Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-fu Generation - Naruto #2 The Song has just about every thing you need to know about the show This song reminds me of the time I discovered Naruto.

Already nine years of love - irismatidia I'm here to bring my AKFG support! You guys don't understand how OFTEN I am singing this song! So catchy! We need more songs like this! 4 DIVER by NICO Touches The Walls - Shippuden #8 Best Naruto Opening song with the best meaning of what Naruto is all about! A child falling into darkness, then saved by friends and loved ones and once saved he gets ready and goes back to this darkness to save one friend!

Definitely the Best! I ally like diver because it remind me of many things also it shows no matter what when Naruto will loose hope his friends will always be there for him and will help him not to fall in the darkness like sasuke I love this opening - HollowArrow I never know that this opening have such a meaningful lyric.

5 GO!!! by Flow - Naruto #4 Favorite arc and I don't this opening just gives you like the energy to dance and sing to it. Plus the graphic are perfectly match with the song.

I just love it. No song fits Naruto better than this one! It really sets the mood for the show, and the graphics go with it perfectly! Such a hype song. You can't help but feel pumped for an episode after listening to this. It had the IT factor 6 Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari - Shippuden #3 Love this song, great memories about it... I've never watched Naruto and I love this song! Guys this songs really good it should be higher Why is the rank 6, it should be at the top 3 cause it fits the opening The emotions though.

How is not top 3 by the way 10 Lovers by 7!!! Oops - Shippuden #9 While there definitely are some better openings on this list, I feel like this one is incredibly underrated. Seriously surprised it isn't higher up So much in the song and visuals this song needs to be higher on this list This song should we way higher on this list!

Underrated The Contenders 12 Niwaka Ame Nimo Makezu by NICO Touches the Wall - Naruto Shippuden #13 Both visually stunning and musically appealing! Telling us to "seize the moment for yourself," this embodies Naruto as a whole. This song Rocks! For me is the best opening of all time for Naruto. Awesome music and motivatonal Amazing intro it’s my favorite Shippuden intro 13 Tomei Datta Sekai by Motohiro Hata - Shippuden #7 Best one!

Best opening ever! It's the first and only one that made me get so excited that I would start dancing and singing along with it every time. Its build is phenomenal: from Jaraiya writing to Naruto clashing with Pain, everything gets intensified.

Wo-oh-oh-oh! Paia. Favourite Good This opening is just so awesome! It gets me hyped for the episode and it also reminds me of Jiraya (R.I.P.) 15 Seishun Kyosokyoku by Sambomaster - Naruto #5 The best song ever and truly the only reason to watch all those filler episodes that were on during this opening.

Very underrated, I see. - irismatidia Love the guitar riffs One of the best opening themes of any anime ever.. surprised at how low it ranks here! Set the tone for the arc!

21 CLOSER by Joe Inoue - Shippuden #4 Catchy, Inspirational and the lyrics fits perfectly for that arc. Best Naruto Shippuden Opening for me This song came at the right arc, pretty motivational lyrics and catchy.

The tune of this song symbolizes freedom to do whatever you want Really emotional I love it 30 Karano Kokoro - Naruto Shippuden #20 Not only is the song catchy and smooth, but being the last ever opener of Naruto, it also catches the hearts of all the viewers.

The animation of brings us through the now-adult versions of the characters who we grew up with. The music begins slow and soft, giving us the feeling of closure and melancholy, but hits us with a sudden fast and upbeat soundtrack that reminds us of the amazing story that is Naruto. The animation ends with the photo of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi from the begining.

best dating naruto shippuden openings

best dating naruto shippuden openings - Naruto Shippuden Opening GIFs

best dating naruto shippuden openings

Naruto Shippuden Opening 6 NC The opening starts off with the people most important to Naruto and Sasuke, Jiraiya and Itachi. We all know the relationship between Naruto and Jiraiya also Sasuke and Itachi. Naruto loved Jiraiya as his teacher. They were very close to each other.

Jiraiya was one of the very few people who cared for Naruto. On the other hand Itachi was the person Sasuke loved, admired and looked up to the most yet he was the one who inflicted pain upon him (well until a certain time he thought that he was the one) This opening was for the episodes when Itachi died after the battle with Sasuke.

What I like about the opening is how it shows the intense battle between Sasuke and Itachi plus Sasuke's past, his feelings and emotions. Then we see Jiraiya fighting pain, the battle in which he dies. What I like the best is the last part when Sasuke stands infront of the sea. It feels as if he is in pain after Itachi's death(ps he looks so cool) Naruto Shippuden Opening 9 Lyrics 480P So we see Naruto and Sasuke standing on the opposite sides of a big rock crumbling in half.

So what I feel is that the rock represents the rift between Sasuke and Naruto. More like personality clash between them which lead them to separate paths. And we see Sakura crying between them, it seems that she wants the fight between Sasuke and Naruto to end. So in short it's the bond team 7 shares. Naruto Shippuden Opening 16 I like the starting of the song alot.

The music is great but the thing I like the most is the flashback of events which appear with the name of the series. It kind of brings back memories. After that come Obito and Madara the life of the war.

They actually made the war exciting! What I liked the most about this opening are the lyrics "Fighting, fighting forever fighting" with which the distance between Naruto and Sasuke is shown which Sasuke has created. Naruto Shippuuden NC OP 13 Why I like this opening is the song. I love the song. The tune makes me want to sing along. So the opening is from the war arc. We see the 5 kage who fought against Madara(and got their asses kicked as clearly they were no match for him xD) I really dont get why Naruto is surrounded by all the lanterns.

I think maybe the lanterns represent all the people who are with Naruto and have put their faith in him.

6. HEROES COME BACK Absolutely love this one and who doesn't. The first opening of the series. Naruto Shippuden Opening 1 when I used to watch those episodes I never once skipped the opening, I wanted to listen to it again and again. When I watch the opening now it feels as if it's been such a long time and everyone's come a long way.

It was the start and now it's almost the end:( so what I like the most about the opening is this Naruto Shippuuden OP 15 I can't get enough of this song. It has kind of tune. I also like the word "Guren" it means crimson color. So why I prize this openings is that it shows the unbreakable chains of a nexus that hold rivals together. The connection that rivals bear is more than just of competition, it has much more deep meaning to it. Rivals are like each others counterparts, friends too and I believe that they share the best understanding.

Rivals can understand what theg are going through. The opening shows the clash between Naruto and Sasuke then between Kakashi and Obito and then the link of competition between Madara and Hashirama. The friction between two sides which started from Ashura and Indra was passed on to the coming generations and has now reached Naruto and Sasuke which has been manifested. But then we're also shown thaf Naruto and Sasuke work together which proves that even though they are antagonists, still they have a bond much more than just that.

Absolutely adore the opening. 4. LINE This is a beautiful song. Naruto Shippuden Opening 18 The question that comes in mind is, what does the crystal represent?

Ummmmmm as far as my mind can go, I think it represents the incomplete dreams that people have. First Naruto is trying to catch the crystal. Maybe it's the bond he shares with Sasuke or the relationship with Jiraiya. Then Sasuke tries to catch it. Perhaps it's his dream of the past, of his brother and family.

After that Sakura is shown between two crystals, possibly one represents Naruto and the other depicts Sasuke. Maybe it's the dreams she had with them as a team. So what I actually treasure the most in the opening is the flashback of events behind Naruto and Sasuke when they are catching the crystal.

They are Naruto and Sasuke's memories. first we see Naruto's memoto, the things he has gone through including his bonds with Sasuke, team 7, Jiraiya, Gaara. His days when he was lonely are illustrated. Then Sasuke's memories come next. His bond with Itachi, the murder of his parents, Itachi's death, the bond with Naruto. All his sufferings are there. I like this part as it is clearly a representation of Naruto's feelings towards Sasuke and also the evil that has consumed Sasuke to such an extent that he doesn't give a damn about his friend's feelings.

Naruto is desperate to save his friend, that's what the tears in his eyes show. It's so sad to see how distant the two have become. This opening was in the episodes when Asuma's team had to fight Hidan and Kakazu of the Akatsuki(damn I love the Akatsuki they're such badass criminals).

Akatsuki was the major threat back in those days so we get to see the members of Akatsuki. As Asuma was also assassinated by Hidan so we get to see their battle. In the end all the members of Akatsuki are shown and Sasuke is posing around xD he looks cool though Naruto Shippuden Opening 2 it's the openings from the episodes when Naruto and Sakura went to bring Sasuke back after years of training. Also Sai, the new member in their team,the replacement of Sasuke had also arrived.

And their new team captain Yamato was there too. So the opening os action packed amd goes well with the music. What I love about the opening is this Naruto Shippuden Opening 19 v3 + Download (sorry couldn't find any good video cuz the videos were blocked in my country damn!)The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke, the one putting an end to all the battles before is shown.

Naruto amd Sasuke's bond os what I cherish most in the anime so definitely this one is my favorite. What I love about the opening is that while Naruto amd Sasuke are shown continuously fighting, there are also the good memories that those two shared. The first kiss, the battle on the hospital roof, when sasuke gave naruto his lunch, whem sasuke saved naruto from haku. Then they grew up and drifted apat yet still their hearts were connected.

The time whem they met after 3 years, whem they exchanged blows with chidori amd rasengan, their first battle on the final Valley, everything is shown. It's like a synopsis of their memories. In the end when Naruto cries is so emotional!

I like that the rivalry which was between them from years is depicted in such a beautiful way by first showing that theh were little and gradually grew up battling it out with each other, each makin the other stronger. Aaaaaaaah! Just amazing! Well guys this sums up my blog. I really hope you like it cuz I worked really hard on it.

If you liked it like and comme below your views. Until my next blog SAYONARA! :hand:

best dating naruto shippuden openings

Thanks for the A2A. For me, it’s Diver. The song is an amazing change of pace and the visuals are actually quite deep. This opening covers episodes 180–205, the climactic episode of which is one of my favorite episodes to unpack on Quora, episode 200.

This opening is all about Naruto suddenly feeling the weight of his responsibilities crashing down on him, only to be lifted up by his friends. Keep in mind that this segment takes place immediately after the Pain arc. Naruto has just forced himself to inherit all the pain of Konohagakure and takes it upon himself to make everything right. Watching the video in that context is really eye-opening. To top it off, the song is phenomenal and the visuals are stunning.

Add in the fact that it subtly ties into the topic of those episodes and you’ve got yourself one hell of an opening. It was hard to make this list—(here is the top list of Naruto Shippuden Openings) #20. Distance. (opening 2) #19. Assault Rock.

(opening 11) #18. Moshimo. (opening 12) #17. New Song. (opening 10) #16. Kara no Kokoro. (opening 20) #15. Niwaka Ameni mo Makaze. (oening 13) #14. Tsuki no Okisa . (opening 14) #13. Hero’s Come Back. (opening 1) #12. Lovers. (opening 9) #11. Hotaru no Hikari. (opening 5) #10. Closer. (opening 4) #09. Sukima Switch. (opening 18) #08. Diver. (opening 8) #07. Tomei Datta Sekai.

(opening 7) #06. Sign. (opening 6) #05. Guren. (opening 15) #04. Blue Bird. (opening 3) #03. Kaze. (opening 17) #02. Blood Circulator . (opening 19) #01. Silhoutte. (opening 16) This is completely my own opinion . Let me know yours☺

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