Best dating nba player by numbers

best dating nba player by numbers

Check out my ranking for the best nba players by jersey number in the 2017-18 nba season! For some NBA Players jersey numbers have a specific meaning and .

best dating nba player by numbers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Mitchell and Ness is known for making throwback jerseys of some of the NBA’s greatest players, so we know that they know their NBA history. a list of the best NBA players to wear every jersey number, from 0 to 00 to 99.

from Parish to Mikan. There are some numbers that have never been worn, some worn by only one player, and then there are a lot of numbers worn by dozens of players, which makes selecting the best player to wear that jersey a tougher call. You can see the graphic below or their rationale for who made the cut… d-rose does not deserve it more than t-mac, the only reason why d-rose won the mvp award is because people were still upset at LeBron for leaving Cleveland, plus they won 60 games because the east was awful that year.

t-mac did not win mvp because there were people like shaq, prime kobe, loved LeBron, prime steve nash, and do not forget vince carter was litterely a highlight machine who always wanted the spot light. t-mac accomplished more with his injuries than d-rose will ever do. Bulls fans I am sorry but mvp d-rose is gone forever.

:):):):):):):): just a fact:) couple things: i think there’s a valid argument as to who should have that #33 showing. Bird makes a case, Pippen makes a case. i’m not saying i disagree with their choice, but that number has some worthy wearers. also, am i really seeing people here say LeBron should get the 6 jersey over Bill Russel and that T-Mac should get the #1 over Big-O? because, ya’ll can sit down now. Some of these comments are probably made by the younger generation of fans that don’t know their NBA history and furthermore don’t know who else wore the same jersey number who trumps their current NBA star who wears or have worn the same number.

Also any player can lay claim as the best player who has donned that jersey number. So yes Jordan gets 23 and 45. Some numbers haven’t even been used and others not enough to have any significance to remember, so there goes the case for Kwame Brown who most view as a bust but he was the best NBA player to wear the number 38 that is noted.

In any case you younger fans should know who else wore the jersey number but not only the younger but the older fans as well. Lets face it some good players happen to wear the same number and in this case they get trumped.

I am a big Stephen Curry fan but at the present moment I will not put him over Bernard King for being the best to where that number and keep in mind this a list mostly of players from the past hence throwback who worn the number or players who either worn the number and has moved to a different number and players who are currently active but will retire soon.

By any means Mitchell and Ness has a strong argument and make a very valid point. They know there history! A lot of you are saying some young guys. Got to do the history walk. Most of these are right, but there are some that deserve an honorable mention like Bird, Pippen, Pistol Pete, and Lebron, but don’t say TMac when you got the Big O, Steve Nash (as good a career he had) over Wilt Chamberlain, or LeBron over MJ or Bill Russell.

Its best player by number not just best player right now. A lot of these players are just the best in the number they wore for a long period of time and it does have to do with the history behind it. Don’t be blind by the celebrity of it all there are a lot of good no great players that also deserve to be on the list but some just make a more compelling fit based on the number they wore and what they did. Okay. The list needs work we all get that.

But lebron over russell and jordan is ubsurd… kobe should also have 24… 33 should be bird… how dare anyone put kwame brown on a list with greats SMH (leave it blank like the so many you did leave blank)… obviously LANG couldn’t put too much thought into everything and its apparent he didn’t and got the result he wanted, which was people being critical of the post and commenting.

And I think some of the horrid posts are due to that desire for coverage but hey LOL..stop arguing about James not being on the list..though he wore #6 and #23 we know for a fact that Russell and Jordan will always be remembered with those numbers..I agree that he chose the wrong numbers..he should’ve picked something else..and btw read the entire article (on the link provided by the author) before you give comments..Kwame is there because there was no other choice..

@ dom1tian – Larry Bird wore number 33 and should be on there above Kareem – yet more Lakers bias. Hakeem is better than every other number 34. I feel Isiah Thomas should have been number 11.

It’s good to see Rick Barry getting respect with the number 24. It’s interesting to note that there’s fourteen different numbers that apparently have never been worn. Maybe current and future players should make a note and be the first. Shaq should have 34 ahead of Olajuwon. If rings decides it for everyone else then Shaq has TWICE as many as the Dream..

Lebron is better than Dr J but not Russell. Iverson’s best ever teammate was Mutumbo, Wade played with Shaq and Lebron, quite possibly the two most dominant players since MJ. Kobe should have 24. If anyone thinks Nash should be ahead of the Big Dipper then they need to red some history books… It’s a really nice idea – but why did they leave it unfinished?

Either put a name to each of the jersey numbers up there (especially where there are obvious omissions i.e. No. 1) or at least put all the jersey numbers up there from 00-99, as opposed to leaving some out. That would make a more interesting graphic as you could see the numbers no players have ever occupied.

Can someone re-do it? Please, please please, do everyone a huge favour and read the link about each player before commenting. Most of these comments are clearly from either 12 years olds who have only ever heard of Lebron James or people who are so ignorant about the history of the NBA that their opinions are completely pointless and best kept to themselves.

Anyone thinking that T-Mac is better than the Big O needs their head read and the Lebron lovers need to shut up, he is not better than either Russell or Jordan.

Personally, I love the idea of this, it is great to debate some of the actual close calls (ie not those mentioned above). One of my only arguments would be Mark Price (#25) over Vince Carter. Price did way more in a #25 than Carter has done in his #25 Jersey, though I guess Carter is getting credit for what he did in a #15 Jersey while in Toronto. Same must clearly be the case for Karl Malone over Zeke for #11.

Malone wore #11 for just 1 season, but obviously must be getting credit for all that he did in a #32 Jersey. #33 easily has the best players to miss out (Bird, Ewing, Mourning and Pippen) and some all time greats must feel slightly ripped off that they didn’t get a mention, but I guess that there can be only 1.

Great concept People, The story is “A list of the best NBA players to wear every jersey number.” So if Karl Malone happened to wear a different # with the Lakers, he would be the best player to ever wear that #. This is not the greatest of all time list, just who wore the #. That’s why Shaq isn’t on this list. Magic Johnson was better than Shaq.

There’s no denying that… Shaq was a more dominant player than Olajuwon. No doubt Olajuwon had the more polished skill set but all the skills in the world can’t change the fact that Shaq won three straight rings, three straight finals MVP’s and for a 5/6 year period was playing at a level Hakeem (and frankly pretty much nobody else other than 2/3 players ever) never got to…. To clarify – wearing number 34.

Regular season: Shaq 27PPG, 11.8RPG, 2.9APG, 2.5BPG Hakeem 21.8PPG, 11.1RPG, 2.5APG, 3.1BPG Playoffs: Shaq 27.7PPG, 13.7RPG, 3.0APG, 2.5BPG Hakeem 25.9PPG, 11.2RPG, 3.1APG, 3.3BPG Shaq played 8 seasons in 34. Won 3 championships and 3 finals MVP’s. Dream played 18 seasons in 34. Won 2 championships and 2 finals MVP’s. Shaq has the better individual stats, and won more…… Hakeem was truly amazing, and apparently one of the nicest guys ever to play in the NBA but it’s not a popularity contest.

It’s Shaq…. I dont know why people use championships instead of individual stats for recognize the best athlete (Championship is for teams not for an individual-this isn’t golf).

It doesn’t matter if the athlete used the number for one game, but is the best athlete wear that number (whole carreer stats) he will get the spot.

best dating nba player by numbers

best dating nba player by numbers - Best NBA Players Of All Time, Ranked by Fans

best dating nba player by numbers

A team-by-team look at the retired jersey numbers of every NBA team. Editor's note: This list will be updated at the end of each season. Current through 2010-11 season. Atlanta Hawks Number Player 9 Bob Pettit 21 Dominique Wilkins 23 Lou Hudson Owner Ted Turner Boston Celtics Number Player 00 Robert Parish 1 Walter Brown 2 Red Auerbach 3 Dennis Johnson 6 Bill Russell 10 JoJo White 14 Bob Cousy 15 Tom Heinsohn 16 Tom "Satch" Sanders 17 John Havlicek 18 Dave Cowens 19 Don Nelson 21 Bill Sharman 23 Frank Ramsey 24 Sam Jones 25 K.C.

Jones 31 Cedric Maxwell 32 Kevin McHale 33 Larry Bird 35 Reggie Lewis LOSCY Jim Loscutoff Chicago Bulls Number Player 4 Jerry Sloan 10 Bob Love 23 Michael Jordan 33 Scottie Pippen -- Coach Phil Jackson -- General Manager Jerry Krause Cleveland Cavaliers Number Player 7 Bingo Smith 22 Larry Nance 25 Mark Price 34 Austin Carr 42 Nate Thurmond 43 Brad Daugherty Dallas Mavericks Number Player 15 Brad Davis 22 Rolando Blackman Denver Nuggets Number Player 2 Alex English 33 David Thompson 40 Byron Beck 44 Dan Issel 432 Doug Moe Detroit Pistons Number Player 2 Chuck Daly 4 Joe Dumars 10 Dennis Rodman 11 Isiah Thomas 15 Vinnie Johnson 16 Bob Lanier 21 Dave Bing 40 Bill Laimbeer Golden State Warriors Number Player 13 Wilt Chamberlain 14 Tom Meschery 16 Alvin Attles 24 Rick Barry 42 Nate Thurmond Houston Rockets Number Player 22 Clyde Drexler 23 Calvin Murphy 24 Moses Malone 34 Hakeem Olajuwon 45 Rudy Tomjanovich CD Carroll Dawson Indiana Pacers Number Player 30 George McGinnis 31 Reggie Miller 34 Mel Daniels 35 Roger Brown 529 Bobby "Slick" Leonard -- Melvin Simon L.A.

Lakers Number Player 13 Wilt Chamberlain 22 Elgin Baylor 25 Gail Goodrich 32 Earvin "Magic" Johnson 33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 42 James Worthy 44 Jerry West Miami Heat Number Player 10 Tim Hardaway 23 In honor of Michael Jordan 33 Alonzo Mourning Milwaukee Bucks Number Player 1 Oscar Robertson 2 Junior Bridgeman 4 Sidney Moncrief 14 Jon McGlocklin 16 Bob Lanier 32 Brian Winters 33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Minnesota Timberwolves Number Player 2 Malik Sealy New Jersey Nets Number Player 3 Drazen Petrovic 4 Wendell Ladner 23 John Williamson 25 Bill Melchionni 32 Julius Erving 52 Buck Williams New York Knicks Number Player 10 Walt Frazier 15 Dick McGuire & Earl Monroe 19 Willis Reed 22 Dave DeBusschere 24 Bill Bradley 33 Patrick Ewing 613 Coach Red Holtzman New Orleans Hornets Number Player 7 Pete Maravich 13 Bobby Phills Orlando Magic Number Player 6 In honor of the fans (Sixth Man) Philadelphia 76ers Number Player 6 Julius Erving 10 Maurice Cheeks 13 Wilt Chamberlain 15 Hal Greer 24 Bobby Jones 32 Billy Cunningham 34 Charles Barkley Microphone Former public address announcer David Zinkoff Phoenix Suns Number Player 5 Dick Van Arsdale 6 Walter Davis 7 Kevin Johnson 9 Dan Majerle 24 Tom Chambers 33 Alvin Adams 34 Charles Barkley 42 Connie Hawkins 832 Coach Cotton Fitzsimmons -- Trainer Joe Proski Portland Trail Blazers Number Player 1 Larry Weinberg 13 Dave Twardzik 14 Lionel Hollins 15 Larry Steele 20 Maurice Lucas 22 Clyde Drexler 30 Bob Gross & Terry Porter 32 Bill Walton 36 Lloyd Neal 45 Geoff Petrie 77 Jack Ramsay Sacramento Kings Number Player 1 Nate "Tiny" Archibald 2 Mitch Richmond 4 Chris Webber 6 In honor of the fans (Sixth Man) 11 Bobby Davies 12 Maurice Stokes 14 Oscar Robertson 21 Vlade Divac 27 Jack Twyman 44 Sam Lacey San Antonio Spurs Number Player 00 Johnny Moore 6 Avery Johnson 13 James Silas 32 Sean Elliott 44 George Gervin 50 David Robinson Utah Jazz Number Player 1 Frank Layden 4 Adrian Dantley 7 Pete Maravich 9 Larry Miller 12 John Stockton 14 Jeff Hornacek 32 Karl Malone 35 Darrell Griffith 53 Mark Eaton Washington Wizards Number Player 10 Earl Monroe 11 Elvin Hayes 25 Gus Johnson 41 Wes Unseld

best dating nba player by numbers

Let’s take a look at (almost) every jersey number ever worn and pick the best player to wear that number. Ready? Here we go… 0 – Russell Westbrook Westbrook is easily one of the most electric players in the game today and also one of the most productive. In 2016-17 he became the first player since Oscar Robertson (more on him in a few) to average a triple-double for the entire season. Then in 2017-18 he did that same exact thing again. 1 … , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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