Best dating new scientist subscription discount

best dating new scientist subscription discount

Subscribe to the weekly print magazine, the New Scientist app or both to get unlimited access to with your subscription. If you are already a subscriber, activate your subscription now to enjoy your unlimited online access. Unfortunately, subscriptions to the digital edition from iTunes, Google Play or Zinio do not include full access to How do I get unlimited online access? Unlimited online access for individual subscribers If you subscribe to New Scientist you have unlimited access to, free of charge This should include issue, date, title and page number and we will endeavour to get the article online as fast as possible. Is there a subscription fee for your website? Do you have to create an account to use it?

best dating new scientist subscription discount

What is We are a consumer resource that discovers the very best deals on top science and nature magazines. Why pay full cover price for your favorite science magazines every once in a while when you can simply get a subscription at a deep discount and have the magazines delivered conveniently to your mailbox?

Whether you’re looking for an overall science magazine or a magazine with more of a narrow focus, you’ve come to the right place. How long do your science and nature magazine deals last? The lengths of our individual science magazine deals vary widely. Some deals and discounts are long, ongoing promotions, while other deals and discounts are shorter-term promotions. The length of an individual deal depends on the magazine itself and other factors, as well.

If a specific magazine deal is time sensitive, we will make note of it on the deal page itself. Are you a direct seller of subscriptions to science and nature magazines? No, we do not directly sell science magazine subscriptions to consumers. We find the best discounts to save consumers the most money on their favorite magazines and direct them to the appropriate place to obtain those deals. These are incredible deals! What’s the catch?

There are no catches when it comes to our discounts on science magazine subscriptions. As with most magazines, you can often get the biggest discounts and best deals when you commit to a longer subscription length, but consumers are never committed to anything beyond the subscription length they choose to purchase.

How often are new science magazine deals added? New science and nature magazines are frequently added to our growing list of top magazines. We do not have a set schedule, we simply add deals as they surface. In addition, current magazine deals are updated as often as necessary – daily, weekly, or monthly – depending on whether or not a bigger and better discount appears. How can I find the very best science and nature magazine deals quickly?

We try to make sure that all of our science magazine subscription deals are as good as they get but it’s a fact that some deals are just better than others. Some of our discounts reach all the way to 80% off or higher! For our current lists of the best of the best, see: . How can I gain access to the most recent deals? A list of our most recent deals and discounts on science magazine subscriptions can be found on our: . How can I contact To get in touch with us with questions/comments/suggestions, please .

best dating new scientist subscription discount

best dating new scientist subscription discount - New Scientist Magazine Subscription

best dating new scientist subscription discount

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If you don't find the answer you can ask though due to volumes we can't guarantee replies. • • Hey Chichard I always wait for a 50% offer but they can be like gold dust, best thing to do is go to you local newsagents regularly and literally go through the NS, usually doesn't take me more than two or three weeks to find the card they include with the offer, if you know of anyone who has found one do the subs on the phone and just quote the ref number, good luck.

C Go to their website, and students can subscribe and get a 50% discount - you'll pay only £79 for the year - If you can't do that, send yourself a gift subscription, and you get a 40% discount - £89 for the year - Yes, I know that doesn't add up - that they are based on 2 different annual cover prices. Maybe you get a different number of copies or something.

NS is a great magazine - but their subscriptions service seems to assume that everyone is stupid or doesn't care what the subscription fee is!

PS - these links might not work. They try to hide these offers - but they are there. Press every subscribe option you can see on their site, and you'll get it in the end. If not, send them an email. PPS - you can get the student discount too, if you can get your kids school to provide a letter saying they are a student PPPS - or you can get a 50% discount for a 3 year subscription. The crazy thing is that you only get a 35% discount for a direct debit subscription - sure that has to change?!

The old links above no longer work. For 50% off the Subscription of New Scientist use the following Link... www . newscientist . com / s / 4316 (because I'm a new user it won't let me post links, just delete the spaces in the URL.

If you read New Scientist you are capable of this simple task) Or you can use Special Offer Code 4316 when phoning the Subscription Hotline 08456 731 731 At the time of writing (14/10/09) the terms are as follows.

-Closing date 31st March 2010 -£82 for one year -or £20.50 per quarter Direct Debit =a 50% saving on the cover price Apologies about digging up an old thread, it came top of the list on a google search so I thought I'd update it As the saving of 50% off the subscription of New Scientist rarely appears in the magazine, I ended up having to dig through a large pile of my New Scientist magazines to find the code in the end. It appeared in the 25th July 2009 Issue. I hope this saves someone else the same effort • NS is a great magazine - but their subscriptions service seems to assume that everyone is stupid or doesn't care what the subscription fee is!

by bb193 ”You are absolutely right! We have been subscribing it for over 10 years, the best they ever offered was 30% off to prepay for 3-year. They are taking existing customers for granted, time for a change. Thank you! Exactly what I needed, and you saved me £17 (the best I'd found elsewhere was £99) - I did it by phone, quoting the special offer code you specified, as I couldn't find my way there on their website (being an existing subscriber, w my sub about to run out - this was a lot better than any renewal rate I could find).

Thanks again! • Everyone at our house reads New Scientist and we love it - especially Civil Engineer hubby and middle daughter who wants to do Medicine at Uni in a couple of years. Good value if you can get it on a 50% off deal and it's helped my eldest daughter have a clue about what she can do with a science degree. • Everyone at our house reads New Scientist and we love it - especially Civil Engineer hubby and middle daughter who wants to do Medicine at Uni in a couple of years.

Good value if you can get it on a 50% off deal and it's helped my eldest daughter have a clue about what she can do with a science degree. by apuskiduski ”What day is it delivered weekly? I am wanting to do medicine too!! Tell your daughter that Student BMJ online is good as well, all their online content is free, although you can subscribe for £45 or something to get it delivered.

But I am sure NS is still more intriguing. The NS magazine is quite thin for it's price, but its good value on sub You've probably found this out already, but FWIW the magazine is meant to arrive on Thursdays in the post (although mine usually arrives on Fridays). I subscribed for something like £215 for three years but that is ending this July. I can't remember what the deal was but I guess it would've been 50% off or thereabouts.

I'll be happy to renew for three more on the same basis but who knows what the offers will be in a few months. I'm not a scientist, just an interested layman, but I enjoy reading about what's going on in the world of research. Some of the longer articles are also quite good and go in to some depth. I'd say the job ads are about 1/4 to 1/3 (never really counted the pages!) but much less than half.

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best dating new scientist subscription discount

This post may contain referral/affiliate links. If you buy something, MSA may earn a commission. Read the full . is a new hardcover book subscription box. The Subscription Box: The Cost: $16.99 a month ($8.99 a month with 12-month subscription). COUPON:  Use invite code to get a 3-month subscription for only $20.97 ($6.99 a box!). The Product: Subscribers get to pick from a selection of hardcover books each month.

Ships to: US Only Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Here are some recent selections: And is currently offering an introductory deal on their 3-month subscription: You can get a 3-month subscription for $26.97 ($8.99 a month). What do you think of ? I like that you can pick from a selection of books each month, and $8.99 for a hardcover book seems like a better deal than I can get from Amazon, so I signed up for a 3-month subscription!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction . Posted in | Tags: | September is my second month of BOTM and so far I’ve been very happy with it!

The price is fantastic for a hardcover book and I love that the selections have been diverse enough that there should be something for everyone.

I’m an avid reader but have been wary of signing up for any other book subs because there is a good chance I will have read (or already purchased) the selection(s) so for me BOTM is perfect since I can choose what I want. I am really loving this subscription. I can attest that they do not bother you with junk mail. I’ve read two books so far and liked them both.

I can’t wait for my book this month to arrive. When is this subscription going to be added to the swap site. I sent an email some time ago asking for it to be added and it has not been added yet. I think anyone who loves to read will love this subscription. I love that they always have at least one nonfiction book for me to select as I tend to prefer nonfiction. I’m giving this one a try. I have a 2 hour commute into work on a commuter train 3 days a week so instead of noodling on my smart phone or tablet, this will entice me to spend that time reading instead.

The also reminds me that I still need to read the book popsugr sent out a few months ago as well lol! If it is like the old BOMC prepare to be inundated with mail trying to sell you other stuff. I’m always on the fence re book subscriptions. So many brick and mortar bookstores have closed that I like supporting the local stores. Yes I know you can buy books cheaper on Amazon but that is not the same as a bookstore experience.

And yes I have a Nook but still prefer paper LOL Guess I’m old fashioned Hi Kim, We’ve made a number of improvements to the club, one of which is that you will definitely not be unindated with junk mail. We are laser focused on helping members find a fun new book each month at a great price. If you like book stores, and a nice hard cover, we think you’ll love Book of the Month.

It would be great to see you give it a try. Let us know if you have any questions by messaging us on Facebook. Happy Reading, -The team at Book of the Month This is a great revival of a classic book club. I loved every book I got from them for over 30 years. I think those of you who have never tried BOMC will love the way the books are selected and presented. Sometimes, book club members get pre-releases, which is super.

I’m so glad to see the new version of BOMC. Thanks for the link. I’ve already signed up and verified that this is the same book club I loved for so many years. They are reorganizing after a decade or so of inactivity. I’ve really missed this book club.

It’s the best. Laura This seems like an awesome monthly book club. I’ll have to keep it on my list of things to join. I can’t join anything at the moment (in process of moving), so will def be looking for reviews of it at least until I’m all set up in my new place (I even have everything else on hold shipping until I get a new address..) Thanks for the heads up on it though, Liz!

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