Best dating numbers to calling cards work

best dating numbers to calling cards work

Calling cards are physical cards (credit card shaped) that can be bought online or from local stores that sell them. They have number sequences printed on them. After buying calling cards you need to call up their toll-free numbers to activate the card. This requires you to call up a number and punch in some number sequences as printed on the card. This activates a certain amount of calling time (depending on what you bought) that you can use to call India from USA. To call India from USA using a calling card, you have to dial the specified number, punch in the code (as mentioned on the card o .

best dating numbers to calling cards work

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from , which can be found at the bottom of the page.

carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high quality standards. Pre-paid calling cards can be used domestically, and can help you stay in touch when traveling abroad. Using a calling card isn't difficult, but there are some things to consider when purchasing them.

Some cards have hidden fees that you may not notice when buying the card. Take some time to compare cards before deciding on which one to buy. Buy your card. You can buy calling cards at most convenience stores and grocery stores, or you can shop online. Pay attention to how many minutes you have available on your card before making a call.

• If you are buying your card from a store, the clerk will have to activate the card for you before you can use it. • When you buy a calling card online you may not receive a physical card. Once you make your payment, you will receive an access number and your PIN.

Enter your PIN. Each card will provide you with a PIN, or personal identification number. Once you have dialed the access number, you will receive a prompt to enter your PIN.

• Depending on the type of card you bought, your PIN may be beneath a scratch-off coating. In some cases the PIN may be printed on the receipt. Pay attention to the details. When shopping for a calling card, it's easy to get overwhelmed. You can find cards intended for a particular region, or cards that are for general international calls. Some cards are only good for one phone call, while others will allow you to make several.

• Most calling cards have disclaimers on the back of the card. Some of these disclaimers can be quite long, and the print can be small. However, it's worth it to read the disclaimer to find out exactly how the calling card will function. Look out for hidden fees. Some calling cards have a fee for everything.

You may find that there is a weekly maintenance fee, a connection fee, a post-call fee, and in some cases, a dialing fee. • If you end up using your card for a single phone call, fees may not be much of an issue for you. But, if you plan on using your card for multiple calls, be careful. You may end up losing your minutes to fees.

• Post-call fees can be up to $1 after the first call, or $1 for each week you have the card. Other cards charge a 35% surcharge for having the card. • Most cards have a fee for calling from a pay phone. This fee can be anywhere between 59 cents and $1.35. You might also end up paying a fee for using a toll-free number instead of a local access number. • Some cards charge a maintenance fee when you use the card to check your minutes, but don't actually place a call.

Be wary of cards that do this, as you might use all your minutes checking rates. • Before you settle on a card, do some research and make sure you're getting what you pay for. In some cases, you may only get the full amount of minutes if you only use your card for a single phone call.

Compare rates. Calling card rates can vary depending on where you are trying to call, and what kind of card you have. For example, the rates to call Mexico City could be between 2/10 of a cent to 40 cents. To call Guatemala City, you could pay between 7-49 cents.

These rates are liable to increase if you are calling a mobile number. • Check the packaging or the company website for international rates by country.

Be wary of misinformation. There is a lot of conflicting information in the calling card industry. Sometimes the advertised rate on the card doesn't match up with the rate you actually receive. In some cases the rate is lower, but it's just as likely to receive a higher rate. • Buy a card that has a customer service number, that way if you have any problems, or find any inconsistencies, you can report it.

If you end up with a card that doesn't have a functional customer service line, you may want to alert the Federal Trade Commission. Consider buying a card you can recharge. The packaging of your card will indicate whether or not it can be recharged. If you can recharge your card, follow the instructions on the packaging or visit the company website to do so.

Beware of recharging fees, which are not uncommon. Call the company if you are not sure whether you will be charged a fee for adding money to your card. To use a pre-paid calling card, start by dialing the access number on the card and, when prompted, enter the provided PIN number. Depending on the type of card you bought, the PIN may be beneath a scratch-off coating or printed on the receipt.

Then, dial the phone number you're trying to call and wait to be connected. As soon as the call connects, you'll start using up the minutes on your calling card! For tips on avoiding hidden fees, read on!

best dating numbers to calling cards work

best dating numbers to calling cards work - Online Dating Calling Cards

best dating numbers to calling cards work

Using your White Calling Card is easy: Step 1: Dial the Step 2: Enter your PIN number (you’ll find it on the back of your card) Step 3: Enter the number you wish to dial For calls outside the UK dial 00 + country code + area code + number. For calls within the UK always dial the area code e.g. 020, 01273 etc. We provide you with various options to access our services through different access numbers. This allows the user to determine which number is best for them to make the most cost effective call.

Below is a summary of the various White Calling and standard access numbers and most frequently used call types for the respective numbers. WHITE CONNECT NUMBERS: Freephone Access Numbers: 0800 097 0266 / 0800 097 6007 – This number is generally not charged when called from a land line – From a UK mobile starting 07 a surcharge of 1.5p per minute will apply – All calls made to 0800 access number will be subject to a one off answer charge of 0.35p per call.

This charge is effective from 2 nd November 2016 and based on new charges brought in by BT Telecom. – From a payphone a surcharge of 65p applies for all calls.

This is a charge that has been imposed by the payphone operators and, unfortunately, something that is beyond our control (from a payphone we recommend that you use the 0330 or 0207 access numbers where possible) Local Access Numbers: 0330 001 0266 / 0330 001 0021 – This is the best access number to use when you have inclusive/bundle minutes from either your mobile or fixed line provider. This allows you to make use of your inclusive/bundle minutes and take advantage of the best rates White Calling Card has to offer – Please note, once inclusive minutes have been used, your mobile or fixed line provider will charge you for dialling this number – All 0330 numbers are treated the same as 01/02 numbers by both fixed and mobile providers Local Access Numbers: 0207 097 0266 / 0207 097 6007 – This access number is generally used when you have inclusive/bundle minutes from either your mobile or fixed line provider thus allowing you to make use of your inclusive/bundle minutes Please note, once inclusive minutes have been used, your mobile or fixed line provider will charge you for dialling this number National Access numbers: 0845 025 0266 / 0845 025 6007 – Generally used when you have 0845 calls included in your fixed line monthly package STANDARD NUMBERS: Freephone Access Number: 0800 097 0023 Local Access Number: 0126 498 4459 Please note: White Calling Card do not take responsibility for any charges incurred for dialling any of the access numbers.

Please check with your service provider for these charges. When you purchase and/or top-up a PIN on this site, it will be listed under “My PINs” in your account. An email will also be sent to you with the PIN on. If you have a recharge card, your PIN will be listed on the back of the card. If you still cannot find your PINs, please call us on 0330 001 0488 for help. When dialling abroad the number you are calling should be prefixed with “+” or “00″ followed by the country code and the number you are trying to call e.g.

when you are roaming and want to call a number already saved in your phone book as“0207 123 4567” you will need to dial “0044 207 123 4567” While no operator can offer 100% guaranteed service due to reliance on other telephony companies, we have a team working 24hr/day 365 days a year ensuring quality checks are in place to help avoid poor quality lines and give you the best possible call experience.

However, if you do happen to experience a poor connection, please call Customer Services on 0330 001 0488 and let us know the number you are trying to call. White Connect offers a range of products and services that can be purchased using your White Calling credit. You can share your White Connect account with your friends and family worldwide so they can benefit too!

Benefits include: : top-up your loved ones’ phones around the world Accessories: Use your White Connect credit to purchase functional, hard-wearing and stylish covers and skins for all your smart devices and laptops from Simply call +44 (0)207 097 0252 to use your White Connect credit to obtain a voucher code to use at Charities: Why not lend a helping hand to some very deserving charities by either making a one-off donation or giving your left over credit?

White Connect : – Action for Brazil’s Children Trust, a UK-based charity that supports grass roots community projects to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people in Brazil – Lebone House, a holistic care centre for children infected/affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, opened in Bloemfontein, South Africa in May 2000. Learn how by donating just a small amount of your White Calling credit.

best dating numbers to calling cards work

These Android apps to make free calls to US are a must have for all Android users. These US call apps let you contact your family when you are out of the country. With these Android free calling apps, you can make unlimited free calls to US phone number (both cell phone and land phone) from your Android phone. There is no need to worry about roaming charges or international rates while you use these free calling apps.

Most of these free calling apps are need to configure with a valid US number to make free calls. If you already have a US number you can use this number to set up these apps. Please visit this article to get a free US number for those who don’t have a free US phone number.

Once you set up this calling app with your phone number, then there is no need to pay roaming charges and you can call from anywhere from this number by using these apps. Google Hangouts Hangouts from Google is an app integrated with your Gmail account and the Android or iPhone that help you to keep in touch with your friends and family.

You can call any phone number in the world with this Google Hangouts Calling app for free. If you have US phone number of Google Voice number associated with hangouts will allow you to make free calls to any number US for free of cost. The calls will initiate with your Google voice number and the calls are absolutely free whether it is mobile or landline number. In addition to free calls, you can send SMS, and voicemail to US phone numbers. PlayStore Link: Related: Vonage Mobile Vonage Mobile app is an another nice and clear voice app let you make free calls in the US with your Android phone.

This calling app offers you free calls in the entire US. This call free will work only if you configure your app with a US number. You can use Google Voice number if you don’t have a valid US number. You can also get free text and group messaging, free calls, and free video chat with other Vonage Mobile users worldwide.

The app works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks. PlayStore Link: Related: These Android free calling apps are bypassing your cell provider service with without any extra charges from your cell provider. Tango With Tango, you can make free calls to the U.S. and Canada for free. With a prepaid charge, this app can use to call international numbers to family and friends in more than 80 countries around the world. Tango App can make free calls, video calls, and send free text messages to Tango users.

It can help to chat across devices, make high-quality free calls and video calls across all devices, over 3G, 4G and wi-fi and without using your minutes. PlayStore Link: Related: Viber Viber users text, make HD Quality phone, video calls, send a photo and video messages worldwide over Wifi or 3G – for free. Viber Out can be used to make calls to non-Viber mobile and landline numbers. Viber is compatible with and optimized for Android tablets too.

You can use Viber on your tablet and phone simultaneously with the same account and phone number. When you configure Viber with any valid US number, you can call US phone for free from anywhere in the world. PlayStore Link: Talkatone Free Calls Talkataone is one of the best Android free call and text app. This calling app is capable of making free calls and texts via WiFi or cellular data, no cell minutes used.

While you setup your account in Talkatone app, it will offer a free local US phone number if you want. You can get a free U.S. phone number of your choice, make and receive free texts and calls to U.S. phone numbers, including landlines. If you don’t have a cell phone plan, Talkatone can be your phone. With Talaktone all SMS texting and inbound calls are always free. You get free outbound minutes every month. If you run out of your free outbound minutes, you can easily purchase additional minutes for a very low price. Talkatone-to-Talkatone calls and texts anywhere in the world are free, including picture messaging.

Talkatone does not support 911 emergency calling or texting. PlayStore Link: Related: No need to pay roaming charge or spend money for calling cards. You can enjoy calls from anywhere in the world to US landlines almost for free by using any of these Android free calling apps.

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