Best dating palermo sicily restaurant

best dating palermo sicily restaurant

Osteria dei Vespri, Палермо: просмотрите 633 объективных отзывов о Osteria dei Vespri с оценкой 4 из 5 на сайте TripAdvisor и рейтингом 285 среди 1 683 ресторанов в Палермо.

best dating palermo sicily restaurant

Edgy and eclectic, Palermo is a symbol of all that Sicily stands for. From buzzing Vespas to the bustling Vucciria market, it simply brims with life. Wonderful Palermo Cathedral glows radiantly in the Mediterranean sun. Nearby is the city’s last Sicilian Puppet Theatre, and opposite is a palm-filled park housing Roman mosaics, though the best are in the archaeological museum.

At one end is the Norman Palace, a government building home to the fabulous Cappella Palatina whose gold mosaics are absolutely breathtaking. Equally magnificent are the gold mosaics lining 12th-century Monreale Cathedral on the city’s outskirts. Wander the cloisters and note the varying columns and capitals – each pair is different. Palermo also has fascinating churches: 2 of the oldest are 12th-century San Giovanni degli Eremeti and San Cataldo, each with red, Islamic-style domes.

Gesú Church has an incredible Sicilian Baroque interior, while La Martorana’s frescoes are awe-inspiring. A street away is Quattro Canti, a crossroads with a fountain at each corner. Other attractions include round Teatro Massimo, Mondello beach and Monte Pellegrino mountain overlooking the sea.

You get fabulous views of this picnic spot as you fly into Palermo Airport before heading to your accommodation. Palermo was a real surprise package and seriously underrated. Think gritty like Berlin but with better weather and food. Think shabby chic like the left bank of Paris maybe 40 years ago. We took a food tour through the city and markets which was well worthwhile and showed us the best places and things to eat.

Aside from the highlights - the royal palace and Capella Palatina are stupendous - we found La Kalsa to be a great area to explore. The newly opened and beautifully restored Palazzo Butera on Via Butera has galleries, exhibits and a great bar restaurant.

Cheek by jowl with all this high culture, there is also a great street art scene - formal and informal - for graffiti fans. Fascinating city. We walked many kilometers through the old city from Notarbatoli station, to the Cathedral and up to the catacombs .

The hotel was not far from the waterfront . This area was disappointing extreme neglect evident and rubbish lying everywhere . Beautiful old buildings falling apart from lack of interest in conservation . The local people were always helpful and gracious .

We had a fantastic time visiting Palermo. Locals were friendly, the city has a great buzz about it, delicious food and so much to see and do.

We stayed at the Family Affair B&B, which is in Via XX September, parallel to one of the main posh shopping streets (Prada, Max Mara, Tods etc) Via Della Liberta. The Neighbourhood is residential, nice atmosphere with good little boutiques, cafes, restaurants and gelateria's in streets all around.

It was easy to walk out to restaurants in the evening, including the delicious 'Pizzo e Pizzo', which has a great deli too. The Norman Cathedral at Monreale, a UNESCO world heritage site, is blanketed with breathtaking golden mosaics and has peaceful cloisters behind - it's a drive away, about 25 minutes but well worth it. The Teatro Massimo was a nearby walk and we enjoyed a tour of the building, the cafe looked nice too - but we we'd missed lunch!

We'll definitely be going back. Palermo is a dynamic place with plenty of places to eat or have a drink. If you like architecture there are literally dozens of places to visit and admire. The open air markets are worth the visit.

You can buy any fruit or veggie at great prices and ready made plates to eat there as well. Most restaurants serve excellent food at reasonable prices. Try the sea food fritata and the mussel soup.

best dating palermo sicily restaurant

best dating palermo sicily restaurant - Restaurants in Sicily

best dating palermo sicily restaurant

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best dating palermo sicily restaurant

Palermo, Sicily/ | ©Pixabay Antica Focacceria San Francesco Food meets culture at Antica Focacceria San Francesco, which aims to highlight the Spanish, French, Arabic and Greek influences that have come to define the food of Sicily through its dishes. The traditional arancini and stuffed sardines are in part responsible for the restaurant’s enduring popularity with locals; all served in an interior and exterior with monumental decorative doors, high ceilings, and antique wrought iron light fixtures.

Arancini | ©Kennejima/Flickr Al Fondaco del Conte Located in an ancient building that once served as a fondaco, or a resting place for cart drivers of Palermo, Al Fondaco del Conte welcomes diners into a homey atmosphere decorated in contemporary minimalist style. Culinary specialities here include eggplant or swordfish and mint caponata, mussel soup and sea urchin tagliatelle and chicory and gorgonzola risotto.

The restaurant is located next to the market Ballarò, where some of its super fresh produce comes from. Fresh Pasta/ | ©Pexels Kursaal Kalhesa In the heart of Palermo, Kursaal Kalhesa features a bar and restaurant set alongside one another in a seaside location.

Visitors to the bar can lounge on soft silk cushions under vaulted ceilings, or enjoy the on-site bookshop and rotating art exhibitions that are held in the space.

Furthermore, a music programme and schedule of literary events attracts a culturally minded crowd. The neighbouring restaurant serves Sicilian and Arabic dishes in its grand dining room or the lush courtyard surrounded by 15th century stone walls.

Prawn Pasta/ | ©Pixabay Osteria dei Vespri Osteria dei Vespri brings warm, familial ambience, Sicilian tradition and contemporary innovation to the main square of the Cross Vespers. A carefully curated wine list brings wines from selected Sicilian and Italian producers together with a number of foreign options.

Owners, the Rizzo brothers have cultivated a deep understanding of food and wine, and offer diners their expert suggestions for thoughtful pairings. At dinner, guests can choose between the ‘Earth’ or ‘Classic’ tasting menus, featuring items such as ricotta cheese ravioli with fried zucchini, extra virgin olive oil and Nocellara tuna, or the boneless leg of duck with peppers, fresh herbs, white wine and vegetable caponata.

Duckbreast | Ralph Daily/Flickr Pasticceria Cappello Pasticceria Cappello is a Palermo institution. Located in the historic city center along via Colonna Rotta, this family run business was first opened in the 1940s as a dairy before it became a bar and finally the famous pastry shop that it is today. Master pastry chef Salvatore, together with his son Giovanni, have perfected the art of chocolate and pastry production, which is exemplified in deserts such as the seven layer cake, the chocolate mousse with pears flambe, sponge cake with almonds and pistachios and typically Sicilian treats such as Cassata and Cannoli.

Cannoli | © Michaelcrane123/Flickr Ai Tetti Ai Tetti is located in the extravagant Central Palace Hotel, a noble residence dating back to the eighteenth century. The high, decorated ceilings, brightly painted walls, crystal chandeliers and gold leaf furnishings that dominate the hotel’s interior add a romantic and historic quality unparalleled in the city.

The restaurant is situated on the building’s scenic terrace, providing panoramic views of Palermo’s rooftops, domed churches and nearby seaside. The menu here is typically Mediterranean and, if requested in advance, guests can enjoy a traditional meal that harks back to the golden years when the palace building was first constructed. Pasta/ | ©Pixabay Gagini Social Restaurant Tucked away between Piazza Marina and the vibrant old market of La Vucciria, Gagini Social Restaurant has a focus on conviviality that takes centre stage at this spirited establishment.

The congenial spirit is exemplified in the inclusion of ‘social seating’, which allows diners to mix together at a single table.

The stone walls, wooden doors and low arches of the original 16th century structure have been well preserved, and are illuminated by the warm glow of candlelight from the candelabras that adorn each table. The menu merges modern European influences with classic Sicilian flavours in dishes such as saffron risotto and quail and carrot flan with spinaci crocanti.

A post shared by Sofia Evola🌞 (@evola_sofia) on Aug 26, 2016 at 7:28am PDT Bellotero Situated in the basement of a historic palazzo, Bellotero is known for its array of meat and fish dishes prepared in traditional Sicilian style. The interior is simple yet elegant, with wooden furnishings and cream coloured walls supporting original contemporary artworks.

The overall ambience reflects the cosiness of a family home. Other culinary specialities at Bellotero include Pasta alla Norma, pasta cooked with aubergine and tomato sauce and topped with salted ricotta cheese, and Pasta alla Sarde prepared with sardines and fennel.

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