Best dating parma ohio restaurants nearby

best dating parma ohio restaurants nearby

Best Dining in Parma, Ohio: See 1,105 TripAdvisor traveller reviews of 83 Parma restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more Best Restaurants in Parma, OH. United States. Ohio (OH). Parma. Parma Restaurants. Restaurants in Parma. View map.

best dating parma ohio restaurants nearby

This is probably the best breakfast place in town. It also happens to be the best value as well. Can you tell that I'm a regular? More years than I would care to mention. You won't be disappointed. The owner always greets you at the door with a smile and a handshake. Sometimes there is a wait but the line moves fairly quickly. Enjoy! Visited relation in Parma and told them we’d take them out to eat. Saw Tony’s on trip advisor and decided on that for breakfast one morning for the whole crew of 7.

Before 11am they have tons of specials. 5 of the 7 ordered the 2x4. You get 2 eggs, 2 sausage, 2 bacon, and choice of either 2 French toast or 2 pancakes: $4.99!!!! Needless to say, all 7 of us ate for around $44 tax included.

With eating out being expensive on family vacations, I’d recommend this place for sure. Also, from the busyness of the place, I’m sure locals love it too. our friends took us here while we were visiting Cleveland and I ordered a thin crusted 9" pizza.

When Victoria (I think that was her name) brought the food to our table one of the chef/owners accompanied her and he then apologized that the crust was not thin enough and he was making me another one, I told him that was not necessary but he proceeded to bring me one in a box to take home, I was truly impressed with there service and kindness.

The pizza was excellent even the next day cold. I highly recommend this place for the food and service at a reasonable price. My wife enjoyed her meal as well and the craft beer. ' Went here with my 87 year old mother and I would say we were typical of the clientele that day. Older persons with their adult children were filling most of the booths at this amallish, family run restaurant.

While known mainly for its breakfast (which is great and cheap) you can also get a decent lunch or dinner here. The food is not gourmet, but a family diner, type of preparation. Most meals (fried chicken, meatloaf, burgers, prime rib on Saturday) are in the $8.99 to $12 range.

Some include sides, some do not. They have daily specials. My mom had soup (all homemade - that day beef vegetable with BIG chunk of beef and fresh vegetables) plus a tuna salad sandwich. It was 1/2 burgers day, so many of those were served to neighbouring booths. They were huge and looked great. People were devouring them with gusto. I ordered a salad - it was a huge serving. I added grilled chicken to it.

They ask you how you want it..cheese, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Our waitress was friendly and fun. Service is quick and efficient. This is not fancy, but a place where you can get a good decent, flavourful meal at a cheap price.

best dating parma ohio restaurants nearby

best dating parma ohio restaurants nearby - Parma Tourism 2018: Best of Parma, OH

best dating parma ohio restaurants nearby

If you drive by too quickly, you will miss it! And you will be sorry. This place looks like nothing outside, but the food here is to die for--the best authentic Korean food in the area, I believe…just look at the cars packed into its tiny parking lot…and all the Korean faces inside. I recommend calling ahead for reservations, especially if you have a big party. There is usually only one or two servers working at a time, so they are hopping…but we have never had an occasion to complain…if you need something, don’t be shy to ask.

Anyway, you will be in for a treat here, so be prepared—the servings are truly generous! Be warned: any entrée you order comes with a wonderful assortment of specially prepared sides—steamed eggs, kimchee, seaweed, cucumber, potatoes and more—a treat for the taste buds! But in all the times we have been here, we never mind over-ordering, because we can always take the scrumptious leftovers home. Our favorites: Gop Dol Bi bim Bap, Grilled Eel, Kalbi Jim, and we never fail to order their amazingly large Seafood Pancake!

We also like their Bulgogi, Yaki Soba and Grilled Salmon. If you come for lunch, you will save by ordering from their lunch menu. And everyone gets a cold tiny plastic bottle of Yakult for dessert. It is yummy like a yogurt, and it helps with digestion! This place is a hidden treasure in plain site! Don’t underestimate it by how it looks on the outside. This place is amazing! After driving by and seen cars there every lunch and dinner that it was open, for years, we finally decided to try this out with our friends.

We loved everything that we got and I wish I could spell all the wonderful things that we had! We had a beef and octopus noodle soup we cooked at the table, a rice dish with all sorts of vegetables and a egg that cooked in a hot stone bowl, and some really great barbecue beef ribs that were boneless.

Hot green tea came with the meal and everything was perfectly presented. One of the most enjoyable parts of the presentation was about 12 bowls with add-ons like radish, bean sprouts, tofu, kimchi and pickled cucumbers, plus other things, that we could add to embellish our rice bowls. We really enjoyed this place, 5 stars! We stopped at the Seoul Garden on Saturday night, which was a mistake.

It was VERY crowded with nowhere to park. After fighting the crowds and driving around the block a few times, we decided to try again for lunch the next day. It was worth the wait. The banchan was delicious, with many choices.

We had the squid, which was OK but not spectacular, and the kalbi ribs, which were great. The service and ambiance was great. We will definitely go again, but avoid weekend evenings. We went there last Sat. as guests of 2 Chinese friends. (One a student at CWRU the other an analyst at Key Bank). The restaurant is very popular especially on weekends and reservations are a must. Parking lot is small so arrive early. Used to be called Pearl of the Orient popular then and more so now.

This was my third visit to Seoul Garden, my daughter and I love the seafood pot. The food is delicious. I have gotten the bulgogi and the seafood pancake on other visits. My only issue is with their service. I have never seen more than 2 servers in the restaurant at a time, whether they are slow or busy. They usually take your order right away, but once you get your food they don't return to refill drinks or ask if you need anything else.

I saw a customer literally get up from her table and follow her waiter around when she needed something. I would really like to go back, but the service needs to improve. We went to Seoul Garden, not really knowing what to expect. We entered Seoul Garden and the friendly waitress offered us teas. After we made our order, were we surprised to have the waitress serve us 9 appetizers!

All were very good! The waitress explained that this is Korean tradition and what a great tradition it is!!

I can't remember all the appetizers, but one was an Oriental noodles, one was a nicely spiced potato salad, one was a delicious kelp, one was a zucchini dish, and some others. Of course, one of the appetizers was the all-Korean appetizer, kim shee! It was a bit spicy but tasty. We also received some egg souffle which was also very good! We had the spicy chicken and the beef soup as our main dish - which were very tasty. We had to take some of the main dish home because we couldn't resist the appetizers.

So come with a healthy appetite because Seoul Garden is a marathon! I have to say - the ambiance there isn't the greatest, but believe me - the multi-appetizers really make up for it! I really wanted to do authentic Korean dining. This was the place for that.

It's not fancy, but it is an accommodating little joint. FYI - they also have a party center. Don't know what it looks like inside, just saw the sign. As with many of my reviews, I am not anywhere near an expert on this cuisine. I just wanted to try it. I am judging this place is the real deal based on the other patrons and my Korean friends who recommended.

I did not fully understand the food, but went for the hot plate at the table where you "BBQ" your own stuff.

First hint that this was too advanced for me - NO ONE else in the place was doing this. We were presented with, what I have since found out, are the common go-alongs in a Korean place. Some sea weed, potatoes, other pickled stuff that I don't know what it was. I thought I was supposed to put it all on the hot plate with our pork belly. Probs not a great idea. Anyway, I am giving this place high marks because the place was full of non-English people who probably knew what they were doing, didn't order the hot plate and seemed to really love their food.

It was a great adventure and next time I will just say - I will have what everyone else is having! BTW - the staff is Korean and extremely helpful.

best dating parma ohio restaurants nearby

Once home to Renaissance painters such as Correggio and il Parmigianino, ’s artistic history is matched today by its inspired culinary culture. Parma’s creative chefs use local ingredients to make masterpieces of the area’s traditional favorite foods. Check out the best 10 Restaurants to try them in. Ai Due Platani Located just 20 minutes from central Parma in the village of Coloreto, the trattoria serves traditional dishes from the Emilia Romagna region with a French twist.

Owner and head chef Matteo Ugolotti prepares freshly made pasta, and the waiters always know which wine to pair with your meal. Service at this country restaurant is informal and friendly, so you’ll feel right at home no matter how far you’ve traveled. , +39 0521 645626 Il Trovatore Since opening in 1998, has earned a reputation for using only the finest local ingredients and flavors in its dishes, such as fresh local parmigiano-reggiano and prosciutto.

Their prices are affordable and their quaint dining room only seats 50 people so there is a great ambience. Try the risotto alla zucca e pancetta croccante; the cheese tasting menu and desserts are also especially popular.

, +39 0521 236905 Angiol d’Or Conveniently located in the center of Parma near the Duomo and the Baptistery, offers elegant outdoor seating for warm nights. Their menu showcases the best of Parma’s regional cuisine and specializes in the area’s famous pork dishes, such as tortellini with spalla cotta and Parma ham.

Their staff are inviting and helpful, but be sure to make a reservation as seats here fill up quickly.

, +39 0521 282632 La Greppia is one of the most celebrated restaurants in Parma, with 40 years of successful cooking under its belt. Chef Paolo Cola offers his guests a large menu of traditional dishes with modern twists; try his beautiful artichokes in prosciutto sauce. Their dining room is old-fashioned yet refined, and the restaurant’s wine cellar is right below you while you dine. , +39 0521 233686 Osteria del 36 Behind an unassuming storefront on the corner of Borgo Retto and Str.

Aurelio Saffi, is a fabulous find, with an attentive staff, an extensive menu of local specialties (a highlight is the tortellini di nocciola), and affordable pricing. The restaurant serves its courses in a cozy, inviting dining room and it is also an ideal location for families, as it offers a children’s menu. , +39 0521 287061 Osteria del Gesso is a casual, family-owned restaurant serving classic food from the Parma region.

This Michelin-starred spot delivers high-quality in a humble package, serving simple dishes in a small space for an intimate dining experience. For adventurous eaters who have already tried the local staples of Parmesan cheese and Parma ham, this menu also offers the chance to try the uncommon cavallo pesto, a tartar made from horse meat.

, +39 0521 230505 Osteria dei Mascalzoni puts a creative spin on traditional tastes, serving a wide selection of delicious cured meats and hearty pasta and rice dishes such as risotto al radicchio e salsiccia. The small, warmly painted dining room provides a cozy spot for its guests to enjoy the menu in. The wine list also offers a fantastic selection of local wines to complement a meal. , +39 0521 281809 Trattoria Corrieri is a low-key restaurant with country style décor and outdoor patio seating in the summer months.

Start with an appetizer of the locally cured meats, before moving on to a first course of homemade pasta or gnocchi with walnut and gorgonzola sauce.

Although the restaurant is a bit hard to find, it’s worth the effort, especially for a slice of the delicious pear-chocolate cake. , +39 0521 234426 Osteria dello Zingaro A few steps from the Piazza Duomo, is a great place for rustic regional dining, serving local favorites and delicacies, including unusual plates like grilled horse and tripe alla parmigiana.

For diners seeking something simpler or less meaty, it also offers mixed cheese platters and, unusually, a reasonably wide range of vegetarian-friendly dishes. , +39 0521 207483 Ristorante La Forchetta serves traditional Parmesan dishes in a sleek modern dining room, even though it’s situated in the one of the oldest palazzos in the city.

The menu is varied, from flavorful tortellini dishes such as tortelli d’erbetta al burro to the hearty veal with oven baked potatoes. There are only 65 seats, so be sure to make a reservation before you arrive. , +39 0521 208812

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