Best dating patience quotes in urdu

best dating patience quotes in urdu

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best dating patience quotes in urdu

Patience is the name of feeling to tolerate some thing that you don’t like without showing anger. It is derived from Latin word pati meaning endure, to bear. In the world, very few people who have patience and they are very successful. Youngsters have lack of patience. In Islam, There are the lot of rewards in Eden for Muslims that don’t leave patience in trouble.

Allah says O you who believe, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful [Al ‘Imran 3:200]. Patience is virtue and it’s very necessary for peace but mostly we don’t find it in people.

I am writing some benefits of patience, must read and try to become Mr/Miss cool. • Person doesn’t have any tension or stress and stay happy and healthier.

• Person has ability to make good decisions. • People like you and you are welcomed everywhere. Lot of chances to promote on high level seats in organizations. • Patience develop self-control in person. Nobody like to make a deal with person that lost his temper earlier. Patience is very necessary for everyone. Think before speak, tolerate thing that you don’t like and meet with happy face to everyone. It is most difficult achievement to attain but if you can attain you are like a diamond in people.

Below I am showing Patience quotes in picture format so kindly read it and try to develop patience and share with others. In the starting, you face some difficulties but when you obtain. Doors of success are open for you. View other related articles 1. Patience Quote On Love 2. Waiting Is A Sign Of True Love 3. O You Who Are Patient 4. Patience Quote 5. Key To Paradise 6. Patience Is Strength 7.

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best dating patience quotes in urdu

best dating patience quotes in urdu - 50 Beautiful and Wise Quotes About Patience With Images

best dating patience quotes in urdu

Sabar Quotes in Urdu and English Zarori Nahin Ke Koi Bad Dua Ya Aah Tumhara Pecha Kare. Baaz Oqaat Kisi Ka Sabr Bhi Tumhari Khushiyon Ki Raah Mein Rukawat Ban Sakta Hai.. Sabar ik aisi sawari hai jo apne sawar ko kabhi girne nahi deti… Na kisi ke qadmon mein, Na kisi ki nazron mein… Sub Sey Bari Bahaduri Sabar Hay Sub Sey Bari Na Bala Na Umeedi Hay Sub Sey Bari Tafreeh Masroof Rehna Hay Sub Sey Bara Ustaad Tajarba Hay Sub Sey Bara Naffa Naik Aulaad Hay Sub Sey Bara Tohfa Dar Guzar Karna Hay Sub Sey Bara Sarmaaya Khud Aitamadi Hay Sub Se Bara Raaz Mout Hai Yeh zindagi 2 din ki hai..

Ek din tumharey haq mei hai or dusra din tumharey mukhalif… Jo din tumharey haq mei hai us din gharoor mat karna or jo din tumharey mukhalif hai us din sabar karna… Hazrat Ali (R.A) Sabar Ke Samaraat Hamesha Is Tarha Zindagi Basr Karo Ke Dekhne Walay Tumharay Dard Per Afsos Ke Bajae Tumhary Sabr Par Rashk Karen…! Fikar Ke Darakht Ko Sabr Ka Pani Detey Rehna Chahiye Taakeh Aane Wali Naslen Khush’hall Zindagi Basr Karen

best dating patience quotes in urdu

Beautiful and Inspiring Quotes about patience Patience is one of the greatest quality a person can have. Patience is the quality which enables a person to accept the delays or shortcomings in life with calm and composed persona. It is not easy to be patient because it is in human nature to expect certain things in life in a certain way and when sometimes life delivers these things late of doesn’t deliver these things at all, a human is bound to lose their mind and act out.

But a person who is patient and understanding doesn’t lose their calm in such situations, instead they patiently wait for things to turn out right. Patience is something which not everyone possesses because it is a rare quality.

It is difficult to be patient when things are not going your way. But the reason why patience makes life easier is because it gives the person a chance to think straight and makes things right.

Let us just understand with simple example. Let’s say in a cricket match suppose there are two batsmen out there batting and while one is cool, calm, collected and patient the other one is anxious and impatient. Under pressure when they are both batting and scoring runs is difficult the impatient one will take risks and most probably make mistakes and get out while the patient one will calmly make strategies and score runs patiently and wisely. Patience is the virtue that lets a person be their best even in unfavorable situations.

Patience gives a person the ability to think wisely. Patience is the quality which helps a person stay strong under challenging situations. Humans as a species are not particularly patient but with time and effort a person can become patient.

Patience brings stability in life as a patient person is never anxious and thus there is no room for instability. Patience also makes a person more mature and gives them the power to endure the most toughest challenges in life with a certain level of comfort. Patience is the quality that makes a person level headed and thus making them capable enough to not crack under pressure and expectations. It is not easy to be patient but it is not completely impossible either. If a person tries hard enough they can easily become patient but it won’t happen in a day or two, it takes time.

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Urdu Quotes on Sabar (Patience)
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