Best dating personal trainers in dallas tx

best dating personal trainers in dallas tx

Equinox in Dallas was searching for a personal trainer with at least one certification from an approved agency. Results Personal Training in Corpus Christi was advertising for a personal trainer who had knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and program design, as well as a foundation in sales. Gold’s Gym in Plano was searching for a personal trainer who had the preferred qualification of a college degree in a fitness-related field. 24 Hour Fitness in Arlington was seeking a personal trainer who had either a college degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Fitness, a related field, or certification from an a .

best dating personal trainers in dallas tx

Jobtitel Arbeitgeber Standort Gehalt Enstoa Dallas, TX 46 Tsd $-79 Tsd $ Equinox Fitness Dallas, TX FitTrain, Inc Dallas, TX NexGen Fitness Plano, TX Burn Boot Camp Flower Mound, TX Plus One Health Management Irving, TX Equinox Dallas, TX 24 Hour Fitness - Addison Addison, TX The Perfect Workout, Inc. Dallas, TX YouFit Dallas, TX Corporate Fitness Works Plano, TX Dallas, TX Life Time Dallas, TX HEI MERRITT HOSPITALITY LLC Dallas, TX Ultra Body Fitness Dallas, TX Snap Fitness Red Oak, TX Gold's Holding Corp Dallas, TX WOA Plano Plano, TX Elevate Fitness Dallas, TX Camp Gladiator Dallas, TX L&T Health and Fitness Plano, TX WOA Hurst & Duncanville Duncanville, TX 24 Hour Fitness Dallas, TX Texas Family Fitness Coppell, TX Burn Boot Camp Dallas, TX Equinox Dallas, TX Camp Gladiator Dallas, TX Fitness Connection Dallas, TX LA Fitness Dallas, TX 24 Hour Fitness USA Dallas, TX

best dating personal trainers in dallas tx

best dating personal trainers in dallas tx - Top 10 Dallas, TX Personal Trainers w/ Prices & Reviews

best dating personal trainers in dallas tx

THE FITNESS EXPERT Body by Dubs has all the equipment, exercises and nutritional knowledge you need to reach your fitness goals! • • • -- DUBS TRAINS ALL OVER THE DFW AREA -- WHAT IS BODY by DUBS? Body's by Dubs is an in home personal training service where Dubs comes to your home, office or work place and trains you right there! He has all the equipment, exercises and nutritional knowledge you need to reach your fitness goals!

Mobile personal training is way more convenient for you do have to leave your home or environment to get your workout accomplished. Meaning if you have kids then you can still have your eyes on them while working out, and not have to leave them up to someone else's supervision or miss a workout because you don't have a baby sitter. Also if you have to cook a meal or any other activities around the house then immediately after your workout (since you're at home) you can do it, instead of having to shower, leave the gym and head home in traffic!

No need for gym memberships that are overcrowded, and where you have no idea how to use the thousand pieces of equipment, or even have people starring at you or even talking to you while you're focusing on your workout.

Dubs bring the workout to your home (he has all the necessary equipment) so that makes life more convenient for you and your family. IN HOME PERSONAL TRAINER DALLAS, TX Not only will you be getting top notch workouts specific to your goals, but you will also be receiving personalize meal plans that go hand and hand with your goals, as well as personal consultation to help you reach your goals. Dubs will be your accountability partner, because it becomes easy to slip up or fall off your goals when you have no one to pay attention to you.

With Dubs, he wants you to reach your goals even more than you may want to reach them yourself, and he will hold you accountable to doing the necessary work to reach your fitness goals!

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? With Body's By Dubs you can expect an individualized workout tailored towards your needs! Like a tailored made dress or suit that fits your body perfectly and moves and looks the way you want it to contour towards your body.

My workouts are based upon YOU! First we will have a 30 to 45 minute consultation/evaluation over you and your goals, and this allows me to learn more about you and get a good gage of where you are fitness wise. It also gives me the chance to learn more about your goals, like what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

From this information, I create workouts that are safe, and creative. Safe meaning, were not going to do something that your body is not capable of doing, this is very important as we have seen some workouts out there that a lot of people can't do because it's too much for the body.

I make sure that the workouts we do are safe but still will get you to your goals. Secondly they will be always creative meaning we will never do the same thing twice, that's a huge benefit because a lot of people plateau when their bodies get use to an exercise and this is where a personal trainer is very vital. Creating workouts that differ everyday so that your body will constantly be challenged and worked to reach new goals and adapt to new and safe workouts.

You can expect total body workouts, for maximum caloric burn as well as working on defining all areas of your figure. From these workouts and meal plans, my clients, tend to lose weight, tone up, and feel better.

You may start losing inches around the waist line and other areas. Also you should notice sleep improvement and more energy and focus throughout the day. Lastly (from me) you can expect a friend and accountability partner, I'm not here for your money or just for you to reach your goals, but I am here to also be a friend.

I will make sure to keep you accountable because I want my clients to reach their goals just as bad as they want to reach them! Dubs travels all around the DFW area - Dallas, Fort Worth , Arlington and all surrounding areas. FITNESS SERVICES • Meals and Nutrition • Online Personal Training • Join a Bootcamp • Plan Packages "success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration." Contact Me• email.

• ph. 214-784-0703 • Dallas2425 Victory Ave, Dallas, Tx 75219 • Irving655 Promenade Pkwy #4014, Irving, Tx 75039 • • • | | | | | | | Warren Wilkins - Body's by Dubs Body's by Dubs is the fitness expert specializing in in-home personal training in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Contact Warren Wilkins at 214-784-0703"

best dating personal trainers in dallas tx

Maurice - excellent trainer Maurice was hired to work with my 18 year old son who wanted to learn more about lifting weights, become stronger, learn about martial arts and come back to working out after a injury sustained playing basketball. Maurice is a really nice and caring individual and a great trainer. He made my son ... Been training with O'Neil at Been training with O'Neil at my building gym for a few weeks now. He always comes prepared and is very organized, making it easy for me to track my progress.

He makes himself available if I ever have any questions and seems very knowledgeable. I look forward our future training sessions! Faryn is not only a fantastic personal trainer but a powerful life coach! Coming to her with little workout experience she has been so encouraging with helping me build a routine that I can use for life. She is always a quick text away for questions and advice. She never gives me more than I can handle but provides a workout that’s challenging and meets my personal goals.

With prior injuries, she pays close attention to my form and how my body responds to different exercises. I highly recommend Faryn! My daughter has fought obesity her whole life. When she was 14 she started making changes and lost a lot of weight. She started competing for Miss American’s Outstanding Teen so her fitness really mattered to her.

We had a trainer for 2 years and she never could lose in some areas. The legs were always her downfall. I saw a Facebook post about a metabolic trainer and I called Tim and spoke to him about my daughter. He made a few changes to her diet and started an exercise program that worked. He made her workouts fun and he encouraged her and she wanted to work out.

Then she started seeing awesome changes to her body. Awesome results—Tim has not only produced great results but he continues to encourage my daughter to work out and eat right. I love that she can send him a text and he will answer all of her questions. I think my daughter has a desire to work out and eat right because she feels like he truly cares about her as a person. In conclusion, Tim is not only a great trainer, but has become a mentor and friend to my daughter.

When I first met with Evan, my goal was to "be in shape" but working out wasn't my top priority. After our first training session my goals quickly changed. I wanted to be the best version of myself and had specific areas to target. In under 4 weeks of diligent training with Evan, I was in the best shape of my life.

He listened to my goals, pushed me in a positive way, and I got the results I had been looking for. Evan is encouraging, dedicated, and has great training knowledge which he is very passionate about. I met Lauren through an old gym that I used to go to and it was love at first session.

Already having some fitness and endurance under my belt, she helped take me to the next level. While I didn't lose much weight (the number on the scale doesn't always matter!), I did lose 10% body fat in my time with her.

She's such an inspiration and was always there whenever I needed her. Not only is she a great trainer, but she's a great friend and understands the perfect balance between pushing and nurturing her clients. I’ve been a member of Eclipse since 2009 and there’s no other place I’d rather work out. The facility and view are impeccable. The staff is fun loving and they make me feel like a VIP.

I have always worked out with a personal trainer at Eclipse and I have found each one extremely capable and very professional. Now I’m training with Lea Webb. Lea has a great personality and is always cheerful. Even though she pushes me beyond what I think are my limits, I always accomplish what she sets out for me to do. She is always thinking of different ways to change up my training so that it is not routine.

I feel my stamina and strength increasing with each passing week. I’ve had a great experience training with Lea Webb and I would highly recommend her! I have trained with Jason Mulvaney for the past three years and I would highly recommend him without reservation. What impresses me most about Jason is his ability to listen to my goals and objectives as well consider my physical ailments (I had knee surgeries on both knees) and tailor my workouts to perfectly meet my needs.

Jason always brings a new and fresh set of exercises to the workouts and consistently maintains a positive and fun attitude that I greatly appreciate. Since training with Jason, I have learned about the importance of stretching as well as how to strengthen key areas of my body and I am now pain free in my knees and overall in much better shape. Jason is simply a fantastic trainer!

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