Best dating pictures on iphone x

best dating pictures on iphone x

Till date she maintains dozens of old albums and she absolutely adores them but the advantages of digital media convinced her to ask me to scan all the old photographs and give them to her on a hard disc. It took a fair amount of time as I used my iPhone to scan all the pictures but it was worth it to see that smile on her face. However, she recently managed to drop the hard disc in water and I am faced with scanning all those pictures again. Thankfully, I still have those pictures on my old iPhone and I decided to keep a copy on my new iPhone X as well. But I did not know how to send pictures from.

best dating pictures on iphone x

This case comes in seven colors, offers bump and scratch protection and features laser-cut holes for the speakers and buttons. There's also a subtle lip on the back of the case to protect the phone's dual camera lens. In addition, it won't interfere with wireless charging, so you'll never have to take it off. The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro series has everything you need in a heavy-duty case.

A hard polycarbonate shell protects all sides and edges of the iPhone X, and a built-in screen protector and dust covers protect the Lightning port. Plus it comes with a front cover that acts as a screen protector, meaning that huge almost bezel-less display won't get scratched. It offers excellent protection, has enough style to stand out from ordinary cases, and the seamless two-piece design is delightful to hold and gives you confidence every time you pick up your iPhone X.

It won't add too much bulk to your iPhone X, and it will even allow it to charge wirelessly without having to take off the case. We would, of course, be remiss if we didn't mention Apple's own cases for its products.

Apple's Leather iPhone X case comes in 13 different colors and is made out of specially tanned and finished European leather, so like the Nomad case, it will develop a natural patina over time. Apple no longer directly carries the leather case for iPhone X, but you can still find them on Amazon, and often at a nicely discounted price. Buying a case for your iPhone X gives you peace of mind knowing that you don't have to worry everytime your iPhone takes a minor tumble.

Not to mention if you every choose to try and sell your phone at a later date, keeping the iPhone X in mint condition will help its resale value. I have been using the on my iPhone X for months and absolutely love it. It manages to offer fantastic protection while maintaing a relatively slim profile that doesn't mess the iPhone X's ability to wireless charge.

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best dating pictures on iphone x

best dating pictures on iphone x - 10 iPhone Photography Tips To Quickly Improve Your Photos

best dating pictures on iphone x

With so many iPhone photo apps available, how do you know which ones to choose? To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best photography apps to improve your iPhone photography. In this article you’ll discover the best iPhone photo apps for you. iPhone Photo Apps: Which Ones Do You Need? There are many different types of photo app available on the App Store. But there are only three types that you’re likely to need on a regular basis: • Photo editing app • • Photo sharing app and allow you to after you’ve taken them.

With just a few basic editing tools you can turn an ordinary photo into a stunning masterpiece. While the is fantastic, sometimes it doesn’t give you enough manual control. For example, you can’t adjust shutter speed or ISO. If you want DSLR-like control over the iPhone camera, you can download a . Once you’ve shot and edited some amazing photos, you’ll probably want to share them with others. A photo-sharing app lets you showcase your photos to family, friends, and even strangers across the globe.

Read on to discover the 10 best photo editing, camera and photo sharing apps for iPhone. 1. Snapseed Powerful photo editing app with a huge range of tools: • Wide range of professional editing tools, yet very easy to use • Exposure, color and sharpness adjustments • Crop, rotate, straighten and perspective correction • Powerful curves tool • Selective adjustments, brushes and healing tool • Black & white and vintage filters • Portrait enhancement, vignette, HDR and lens blur • Double exposure, frames and text • Price: Free is one of the best photo apps for iPhone.

And it’s completely free to download. Free photo apps are often sub-standard. But Snapseed is a high quality photo app with professional editing tools. If you only download one photography app, make it Snapseed.

This powerful photo editor takes care of almost all your image editing needs. It’s great for everyday photo editing, including exposure, color, cropping and sharpening. But it also has tools for advanced photo editing. These include curves, brushes and selective editing. And the healing tool lets you remove unwanted objects from your photos. Snapseed has a collection of preset “looks” and filters. These provide a quick way to change the look and feel of your photos. You can convert photos to with filters.

Or enhance the colors and apply grungy or vintage looks. The portrait tools are fantastic for smoothing skin and brightening eyes. It even has a head pose tool which adjusts the angle of your subject’s head in . If you’re editing a batch of similar photos, use the “last edits” option. This applies the same edits to each new photo that you open. Snapseed is an amazing photo app for iPhone photographers. And it’s suitable for beginners and advanced users. Once you start using Snapseed, it’s likely to become your go-to photo editing app.

2. VSCO Stylish editing app with built-in camera and photo sharing community: • Beautiful one-tap filter presets that mimic the look of classic film • Adjustable filter strength • Extra presets available as in-app purchases • Editing tools for cropping, straightening, exposure, color and sharpness • Built-in camera with manual controls • Integrated photo sharing platform • Price: Free with in-app purchases (pronounced “Visco”) is one of the .

VSCO filters are beautiful and understated, emulating the look of classic film. The VSCO app is free to download. It includes a sample pack of filters, and more are available as in-app purchases. The app also has a set of editing tools for fine-tuning your image.

These include color, exposure and sharpness adjustments. You can also crop, straighten and add vignettes. But VSCO isn’t only an editing app. It also has a built-in camera with manual controls. These let you alter shutter speed, ISO and white balance. The app also has an integrated photo sharing platform. Here you can publish your images and discover the work of other photographers. Whether you want to shoot, edit or share your iPhone photos, you can do it all in VSCO. It comes with a basic collection of filters to get you started, and more are available as in-app purchases.

Learn how to use VSCO with our step-by-step tutorials: 3. TouchRetouch Remove unwanted objects from your photos in seconds: • An app dedicated to removing unwanted elements from your photos • Remove blemishes, power lines and other distracting objects • One-touch fixes make objects vanish immediately • Innovative line removal tool • Range of tools for selecting areas you want to erase • Clone tool for duplicating or removing objects • Price: $1.99 TouchRetouch is an app dedicated to removing unwanted objects from your iPhone photos.

It only takes a few seconds to remove distracting objects that are spoiling your photo. It’s easy to get rid of elements such as litter, street signs, or a photobombing person. Use your finger to paint over the object or select it with the lasso. Then watch it disappear. The app works by analyzing the pixels around your selection.

It then replaces the selected object with pixels from the surrounding area. This app is great for removing imperfections in portrait photos. You can make pimples and skin blemishes vanish with a single tap.

The line removal tool is perfect for erasing power lines and telephone posts. You don’t even have to be precise. Mark a section of the line, and the app will remove the entire line. Learn how to remove objects from your iPhone photos in our . 4. Adobe Lightroom CC Photo editor suitable for beginners and advanced photographers: • Powerful editing tools within a simple user interface • One-tap filter presets for quick edits • Advanced editing tools including curves and color mix tools • Selective editing, healing tool and perspective correction • Get consistent looks by copying your favorite edits to entire albums of photos • Adobe Creative Cloud syncs edits between iPhone, iPad, computer and web • Built-in camera app which captures RAW format images • Price: Free with in-app purchases offers a powerful, yet simple solution for editing your photos.

The app also includes a camera that can capture images in high quality RAW format. Lightroom is great for both beginners and advanced users. You can edit a photo in seconds with sliders and one-tap filters. Or use the advanced editing tools for more precise fine-tuning of color and exposure.

Advanced editing tools include curves, color mix and split tone. The app is free to download, but you’ll need to pay to upgrade to the premium features. This unlocks the selective, healing and perspective tools within the app.

It also lets you access your photos across all your devices via Adobe Creative Cloud. If you use Lightroom to edit photos on your computer, this may become your favorite photo app for iPhone. Premium features are available as in-app purchases.

5. Afterlight 2 Full-featured photo editor with advanced tools and creative options: • Exposure, color and sharpening adjustments • Advanced tools such as curves, selective color, gradients and blend modes • Dust and light leak overlays • Double-exposure tool for seamless blending of images • Add text and artwork using layers • Free filter packs by well-known mobile photographers • Price: $2.99 If you want to move beyond basic image editing, would be a great place to start.

It offers a wide range of editing tools, as well as artistic options. Despite its comprehensive set of tools, it’s very easy to use. For basic edits this app has the usual color, exposure, sharpness and crop tools. But it also offers advanced editing features like curves and selective color.

You can use filters and overlays to enhance the mood in your photos or add an artistic flair. Afterlight 2 comes with a basic set of filters, but you can download more filter collections for free. The double-exposure tool lets you create unique combinations of photos. And you can add graphics to your images with the text and artwork tools. It promises to never have any extra in-app purchases or subscriptions. And they even update the app with new free content every month. 7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features As it turns out, the most important iPhone camera features are completely hidden from regular iPhone users.

That's why we created this free video revealing that every photographer should use. 6. Enlight All-in-one photo editor with creative tools and masking feature: • Selective control over exposure, color and details • Masking tool for seamless blending of effects • Crop, rotate, straighten and perspective correction • Filters, two-tone gradients, light leaks and vignettes • Black & white, paint and sketch effects • Clone tool for removing unwanted objects • Double-exposure, tilt-shift and photo montages • Drawing tools, text, borders and frames • Price: $3.99 Enlight is an all-in-one photo editing app that can do a little bit of everything.

Whether you want to perform a simple edit or create an artistic masterpiece, you can do it all with Enlight. This app has a great selection of traditional editing tools. These include crop, perspective and clarity, as well as exposure and color adjustments.

It has curves and split tone options for advanced fine-tuning. And the target tool lets you make selective adjustments. Enlight has a wide range of customizable filters. You can convert to black and white, add an analog look, or apply duo color toning. The mixer tool lets you create double-exposure images.

And the healing tool removes unwanted objects from your pictures. It also has a . Artistic tools let you . You can also use brushes, design elements, text, borders and frames, And you can arrange your photos into a collage.

The mask tool is one of the most useful features in Enlight. It lets you apply any effect to only certain parts of your image. It’s great for blending different effects into your photos. Or use it to create a black and white image with a flash of color. 7. Mextures Add textures, grains and light leaks for unique creative edits: • Grit, grain, grunge and vintage film textures • Analog light leaks and beautiful gradients • Layer several effects for unique blends • Fine-tune images with editing tools and filters • Use preset formulas to apply quick edits • Create your own formulas and save them for later use • Price: $1.99 is an incredible app for adding beautiful textures to your iPhone photos.

It also includes other effects such as film grain, light leaks and gradients. You can stack an unlimited number of effects to create a completely unique edit. Each layer is adjustable, so you can alter the opacity and blending mode to achieve the look you want.

If you’re new to Mextures, you can start by using the wide range of preset “formulas.” You can save and share your own formulas, and even import formulas from other Mextures users.

Mextures also has a set of standard editing tools and filters. Use these to fine-tune the exposure and color of the final image. If you want to create beautiful unique edits, Mextures is the app for you. Use textures and more to add wonderful mood and visual interest to your iPhone photos. . Extra presets are available as in-app purchases. Learn how to enhance your photos with textures in our . 8. Camera+ 2 Camera app with manual controls and built-in editing suite: • Camera app with shutter speed, ISO, white balance and manual focus controls • Slow Shutter mode for shooting long exposure photos • Portrait mode for creating shallow depth of field • Macro mode for capturing close-up photos • Option to shoot in RAW format • Editing tools and one-tap filters • Layers feature allows stacking of several filters • Price: $2.99 is a powerful camera app with an integrated photo editing suite.

The camera offers manual controls including shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus. It also has a range of shooting modes for different situations. Macro mode is perfect for . Slow Shutter mode helps you take . And if you have the , , or , you can use Portrait mode to blur the background.

Another great feature of Camera+ 2 is the ability to separate the focus and exposure points. This makes it easy to focus on one part of the image, but expose for a different part. You can use a range of editing tools to improve exposure, color and clarity.

Or make use of the preset filters to change the look and feel of your photo. The layers feature lets you stack several different filters for a unique look. . Learn how to shoot and edit stunning iPhone photos in our . 9. ProCamera Powerful camera app with DSLR-like controls: • Full-featured camera app with clean and simple user interface • Easy to adjust shutter speed and ISO • Advanced white balance setting • On-screen histogram to help with exposure • HDR and LowLight modes for tricky light conditions • Option to shoot in RAW, TIF and HEIF formats • Price: $5.99 gives you incredible control over your camera settings.

If you’re looking for a DSLR-like experience with your iPhone camera, ProCamera is the app for you. The clean and simple interface makes it easy to adjust settings like ISO and shutter speed. And the on-screen histogram helps you get the perfect exposure in your shots. The advanced white balance setting lets you fine-tune the color tint and temperature.

ProCamera has some handy settings for shooting in awkward light conditions. The anti-shake setting ensures you never get a blurry shot.

The LowLight modes help you take . And HDR mode is perfect for creating better exposures in high-contrast scenes. HDR and LowLight+ modes are only available as extra in-app purchases.

But you can try them out before you buy to see if you like them. As well as JPEG capture mode, you can also shoot in RAW, TIF and HEIF formats. Use these options for superior image quality and more creative control when editing.

. Extra shooting modes are available as in-app purchases. 10. Instagram Photo sharing app with editing tools and filters: • Largest photo sharing platform with over 800 million users • Share your photos and build an Instagram following • Discover inspiring images from photographers all over the world • Edit your photos right before sharing them • Varied selection of color and black & white filters • Editing tools for exposure, color, sharpness and more • Direct messaging facility for private conversations is the best photo app for iPhone photographers who want to share their pictures.

It’s the ultimate blend of photography and community. Within seconds you can share your images with millions of people. And by posting high quality photos, you’ll soon build a following of people who like your work. Instagram is perfect for discovering inspiring photos from a huge range of genres. And it’s easy to connect with like-minded people through comments or private messages.

Hashtags let you search for certain types of photo, such as or . You can even find photos taken in a particular location. The Instagram app also has a good selection of editing tools.

So you can enhance your photos right before you share them. There’s a range of filters for changing the look and feel of your image. And editing tools let you exposure, color and sharpness. You can also crop, rotate, straighten and correct perspective. And you can add a vignette or tilt-shift effect. Check out these tutorials to get the most out of using Instagram: Now, the apps we covered in this article are great.

And the things you can do with apps these days are incredible! But we have to warn you about something. Even the best apps won't make you a better photographer. Here's what we mean... The apps you use are just tools. They can be used to create both poor and amazing photos. The quality of your photos depends on your photography skills, not apps! But here’s the good news: Once you really understand iPhone photography, you’ll be taking the kind of photos that nobody will even believe were shot with the iPhone!

That's why 59,471 people have already completed our online course. Sign up now, and in just a few hours you'll be taking incredible iPhone photos that everyone adores!

best dating pictures on iphone x

Apple has done it again: they’ve created new phones with significantly different features and some of the changes include new cameras and software cheats for “better” pictures.

I’ve watched the Keynote and read the press releases, and here are my impressions of the new iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+. First of All… In the Keynote they said that these new camera phones will help you make better pictures, but I take issue with that statement. These new phones will provide better image quality than ever before from a super tiny camera that is really easy to carry around, but making better pictures is always up to you.

Composition, perspective, and interesting subjects have nothing to do with the camera and the way you’ll make better pictures is to get out and practice making more pictures.

iPhones have certainly helped millions of people make more pictures and that practice is good, but nothing about these phones will make you a better photographer–that’s up to you. On the other hand, they are also initiating group photo walks at their stores so you can practice making pictures with others, and that’s the biggest improvement to photography they’ve ever made.

Now for the technical stuff. Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting Both iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will have Portrait Mode, which was introduced last year on . This mode uses both the wide angle and moderate telephoto lenses. It uses the more flattering telephoto lens to make the picture of the subject, but it also utilizes the wide angle lens and software to apply a blur to the background.

On iPhone 7 it works pretty well, but there are often areas of the photo that look a little hinky because the automatically generated mask on the background isn’t perfect. The new phones boast a big upgrade in computing power, so maybe this will be improved. The models in the example pictures all have smooth, well-coifed hair that is easily selected, though, so we don’t know how well it will make selections, yet.

The big new tool is Portrait Lighting. Not only can you have a blurry background, but you can now have a totally dark background and the phone will recognize the shape of your subject’s face and apply gentle highlight and shadows masking for different dramatic effects.

The photos above are demonstrated on iPhone 8 Plus, and these are on iPhone X. Please note that iPhone 8 will have neither of these modes–only 8 Plus and X. In the keynote, they talked about how important lighting is in professional photographs and then introduced this tool. It’d be easy to feel like they’re under appreciating a professional’s skill in lighting, but I think instead that this will emphasize how good professional lighting actually looks.

This tool doesn’t make light, it only adjusts brightness on the face in certain areas, and it’ll look good in certain circumstances, but not all the time and nothing like what you can do with even a simple . It’s a fun tool, but it’s not a lighting tool, and I think it’ll help make the contrast between well-made pictures and phone pictures even more apparent. Retina HD and Super Retina Displays I’m probably most excited for the new screens. I rarely share photos I make with my iPhone but I share photos on my iPhone daily.

These new screens boast more color and finer resolution than ever before, and that should make your work look good when you share pictures with people by showing them your phone. I share portraits on my phone and iPad at networking meetings and usually get hired because of it.

iPhone X’s new OLED screen covers the entire area of the front of the phone, and I have mixed feelings about this for sharing pictures. It’s nice that it’s bigger without making the phone too much larger, but I suspect the Photos app will try to fill the screen with the image every time, and that means it’ll show at 16:9, which will crop the top and bottom off of every picture. It won’t crop them permanently, but the initial view will probably not include the top and bottom of the frame.

I guess we’ll all have to start cropping to 16:9 to show our pictures at their best. iPhone X (which is read “iPhone Ten”) will have the new Super Retina display. The Retina HD on iPhone 8/8 Plus is 1920 x 1080 pixels (a.k.a. Full HD resolution), but iPhone X will be 2436 x 1125 pixels. That means you’ll be able to share those pictures on your device and zoom in to show more detail. Remember, you’ll need to export your photos at this much bigger resolution to get any benefit.

Camera Sensors These phones get a new larger sensor, which is great news. It’s still 12 megapixels like the iPhone 7, but the larger sensor with deeper pixels should make the image quality much better. They are claiming better low light performance and faster autofocus in low light. I’ve certainly had problems with my phone focussing in low light, so this is a good improvement.

I’m glad they didn’t increase the resolution, too. 12mp is more than enough. Image Stabilization Both iPhone 8 Plus and X will have stabilized lenses that compensate for your movement in slow shutter speed situations. This is good, but I bet it’s still not enough to compensate for the shake when people punch the shutter button on the screen to take a picture 😉 Still, it should help with slow shutter speeds, and it’s remarkable to have it in such a small package.

Color They haven’t elaborated, but they said these phones have a new color filter on the sensor. I’m not sure what it means, but the pictures they are showing certainly have terrific color rendition and gradients. Remember, these cameras are also capable of shooting RAW files, and I’m most excited to see what Lightroom Mobile’s camera and tools can do. It’s got full manual controls and should be pretty fun to use to make pictures. iPhone X Lenses All three have a wide angle lens that is similar to a 28mm lens on a full frame camera, and they boast a fast f/1.8 aperture.

Telephoto lenses on the 8 Plus and X are similar to a 56mm lens. The 8 Plus has a f/2.8 aperture, while the X has a slightly faster f/2.4 aperture. Remarkably, they have six lens elements jammed in those tiny lenses, and we all know that they can do a pretty good job. What we really need on these cameras is an anti-fingerprint filter.

Conclusion The new iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X feature improved sensors, low light performance, and color rendition. The screens will look better than ever, and if you go out and practice, it may even help you make better pictures. They are available for pre-order on September 15th and delivery will begin the 22nd, and you’ll find all kinds of . The talk about the cameras begins at 1:04:18. Levi Sim is passionate about making photographs and helping others make their pictures better, too.

He's a full-time photographer making business portraits and marketing and branding pictures for a living. He spends the rest of his time practicing all other kinds of photography. Read more of . And you can see more of Levi is honored to be an ambassador for Lumix cameras, Vanguard tripods and bags and Spider Holster carry systems.

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Reader Interactions The thing that concerns me most is the cut out at the top of the screen. It looks like it might be cutting into photos when you show them off? I think I’d rather have a solid black bar across the top and the whole photo displayed instead of having a bite taken out of the photo?

It’s just a small thing but it’s just the kind of small imperfection (think dead pixel but larger) that will nibble away at my brain when I’m looking at photos 🙂 I hear you. It *looks* like the full-screen view will be a zoomed in view. The photo will still be recorded at 4:3 ratio, and just projected full screen at a cropped 16:9.

I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like. What’s that other full-screen phone? The Edge? I think people like that one. Apple typically makes any major product look really good, so I’m guessing that that track record will hold true with the X.

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