Best dating places in patna to visit near me

best dating places in patna to visit near me

Best time to visit: The ideal time to explore Patna is from October to February. How to reach. By Air: Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport is the nearest airport, located 8km away from the city. IndiGo operates more than 100 weekly, non-stop flights between Patna and other key locations in the country. By Train: Patna Junction is the main railway station serving the city and is well-connected to the rest of the country through various significant trains like Magadh, Brahmaputra, Rajdhani among others. By Bus: Patna has a good network of network of buses run by Bihar State Tourism Develop .

best dating places in patna to visit near me

Once the capital of the Mauryan and Gupta Empires, Patna is an exciting amalgamation of several empires and religions, including Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. It is also the birthplace of the 10th guru of the Sikh religion and an ancient city where some of the greatest emperors of the subcontinent lived. Today, Patna is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and is an important place to understand the many different cultures that have influenced the city.

Best time to visit: The ideal time to explore Patna is from October to February. How to reach By Air: Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport is the nearest airport, located 8km away from the city. IndiGo operates more than 100 weekly, non-stop flights between Patna and other key locations in the country. By Train: Patna Junction is the main railway station serving the city and is well-connected to the rest of the country through various significant trains like Magadh, Brahmaputra, Rajdhani among others.

By Bus: Patna has a good network of network of buses run by Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation, connecting the city with neighbouring cities and towns.

Getting around: Auto-rickshaws known as Tempos are the most popular mode of transportation among locals. Also, there are regular buses on specific routes operated by Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation.

If you are looking for a place to kick back with a drink and take in Patna from above, make your way up to this 18th floor-revolving restaurant that like its counterparts across north India brings you food of Punjab in a rustic ambience. 360-degree views of the city including Gandhi Stadium and the Ganga are a bonus. What to Shop Most well-known for the famous Madhubani paintings, a visit to Patna is incomplete without buying one of these treasures.

If you can’t make it to the town of Madhubani, to see the paintings on the village walls, head to Ajanta a little boutique store on Fraser Road for an excellent collection of paintings on different mediums. You can also check out the emporiums at Maurya Lok, for their Madhubani style of work on handicrafts, lamps, wall hangings, etc.

For a more street experience, head to the famous Hathua Market, one of the oldest street markets in the city that sell everything from colourful footwear to kitschy souvenirs. More Reasons to Visit Kumhrar: Home to several empires, Patna, or Pataliputra as it was known earlier, has impressive ruins strewn in and around the city.

Kumhrar, site of the ancient town has very little left of its previous glory, except for a Mauryan Hall, which was once supported by 80 sandstone pillars, of which only one remains intact. Sher Shah Suri Masjid: For a different time in history, make your way to the Sher Shah Suri Masjid, built in the Afghani style of architecture by the ruler in 1545 to commemorate his reign. Near this city Bihar is an essential confluence of historical and religious events, which makes Patna the perfect place to base oneself to visit these sites.

Head north of the Ganga through small villages to the ruins of Vaishali, one of the earliest republics dating back to 6 BC, where the Buddha preached his last sermon. It is also the birthplace of Lord Mahavir and essential to the Jain community.

105km south of Patna is the historical town of Rajgir, which holds the 40m Vishwa Shanti Stupa, or Peace Stupa built by the Japanese Buddhist order that stands atop the Ratnagiri Hill. From Rajgir, you can also visit the well-maintained and serene ruins of the 5th century Nalanda University, which gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 2016. Don’t miss the Xuan Zang Memorial Hall built by the Chinese in honour of the famous traveller who walked to India and studied and taught at Nalanda. 6E & Cheeky For love of the written word, take a trip to the George Orwell Museum, dedicated to the author of 1984 fame, in the tiny town of Motihari, en-route to Nepal.

From Motihari take a short bus ride to the largest stupa in the world, the enormous 104ft Kesariya Stupa, built on the site where Buddha gave away his begging bowl. There are many terraces with Buddha statues may of which might have got disfigured over time. For that much-needed peace and meditation, spend a few days in Bodh Gaya, and be spoilt for choice from the number of serene temples built by Buddhist countries.

The most hallowed spot is the Bodhi tree inside the famous Mahabodhi Temple complex. The best time to visit is from December to January when Tibetan pilgrims and HH Dalai Lama come from Dharamsala.

best dating places in patna to visit near me

best dating places in patna to visit near me - Tourist Attractions in Patna, About Patna, Places to See in Patna

best dating places in patna to visit near me

For a tourist, there is no dearth of places of interest in Patna. Due to its rich historical background, the city is blessed with numerous archaeological and historical sites. Apart from these sites modern attractions like museums, boating clubs, libraries, shopping malls, cinemas etc, are very much available in Patna. Places to See in Patna Category : History & Culture The State Secretariat Building is an important hallmark of the capital city of Patna.

The building is one of the most important buildings in the state of Bihar, where all the significant decisions regarding the state of Bihar is taken and implemented.

The State Secretariat Building is situated in the old part of Patna besides the Patna High Court. The sprawling building covers a huge area and houses almost all the important offices and departments of the state government. Category : Religious Located at a distance of seven kilometres from the Patna railway station, the "Phulwari Sharif" is an important religious city of Bihar. The place has a long religious history that is intensely interlinked with the birth and development of the Sufi culture in our country.

The Sufi saints of the ancient times had made Bihar one of the important centres of religious, social and cultural developments and Phulwari Sharif was one such region where the Sufi saints had spread their message of love and toleration.

Category : Religious The "Imarat-e-Shariya" is a socio-religious organisation of the Islam religion that spreads the message of the "Holy Koran" through an organised chain of educational and social institutions.

The "Imarat-E-Shariya" is located in the small town of Phulwari Sharif in Patna. This socio-religious organization was established in the year 1921. Category : Fun & Entertainment The "Moin-ul-Haque" cricket stadium is located in the eastern part of Bihar. Situated in the capital of Bihar, the Moin-ul-Haque Stadium is the second largest cricket ground in India.

November 30, 2016 The greenery of the stadium, along with its huge size, enhances and energizes the sportsman spirit of the cricket players.

The cricket ground of Patna has an excellent pitch for playing. The stadium is equipped with all the modern amenities that make the Moin-ul-Haque stadium one of the best of its kind in the world. Category : History & Culture The Khuda Baksh Oriental Library is one of the oldest libraries in India.

This place stands near the bank of river Ganga in Patna. The Khuda Baksh Oriental Library has a unique collection of about 21,000 oriental manuscripts and 2.5 lakh printed books. This library was opened to the public in 1891 by Bihar Maulavi Khuda Baksh Khan. Initially the library contained 4,000 manuscripts from Khuda Baksh's personal collection, among which 1,400 were inherited from his father Maulvi Muhammad Baksh.

Category : History & Culture Sinha Library also known as Srimati Radhika Sinha Institute Library was established in 1924. Dr. Sachidananda Sinha built this library in the memory of his late wife Srimati Radhika Devi in a section of his own house. There is a reading room, research room and newspaper reading room in the Sinha Library of Patna.

Here you can read many foreign and Indian journals that the library subscribes to. In the different sections of the Sinha Library of Patna you will find books on literature, biography, sociology, history, philosophy and various other subjects. Category : Religious Begu Hajjam Mosque is known to be the oldest mosque in the Patna city.

It was built by Khan Muazzam Nazir Khan in the year 1510, during the rule of Alauddin Shah Sultan of Gaur. Construction details are inscribed on a wall of the mosque. The most interesting characteristic of Begu Hajjam Mosque is that the mosque is named after its renovator and not after the founder.

The mosque was renovated in 1645 A.D. by someone called Begu Hajjam. Category : Religious Pathar Ki Masjid of Patna is popularly also known as Saif Khan's Mosque, Chimni Ghat Mosque and Sangi Masjid. This beautiful mosque is situated on the bank of river Ganga adjacent to Har Mandir Sahib. Pathar Ki Masjid was established in the year 1621, by Mugal Emperor Jahangir's son Parvez Shah, when he was the governor of Bihar.

As its name suggests, the structure of Pathar Ki Masjid in Patna is built of stones. Its fascinating stone structure draws many people every year from different corners of the country. Moreover, the historical connection of the mosque has made it a site of interest not only to believers of Islamic faith but tourists as well. Category : History & Culture Qila House in Patna is famous for its rich private collection of jade, silver filigree works and paintings of the Mughal Period and Chinese porcelain.

This museum was constructed at the site of Sher Shah's Fort. Qila House is the living witness of the rich past that the state of Bihar has. Being the capital city of this state, Patna still shines in the pages of history. The Qila House is one such place that gives its visitors a taste of those glorious days.

The place is very well-preserved. You need prior permission to visit the Jalan Museum at Qila House. Category : Religious Sadaqat Ashram is the headquarters of the Bihar Vidyapeeth, a National University. This place is more famous for the fact that Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, spent the last few days of his life at this place, in retirement. There is a small museum in the Sadaqat Ashram that displays his personal belongings. Category : Garden The Zoological and Botanical Garden in Patna is one of the most visited sites of the city and a big hit with children.

Located in the well known area of Baily Road, the Zoological and Botanical garden is a perfect gateway to nature and wildlife amid the concrete jungle of the city. The place is officially called the Sanjay Gandhi Zoological and Botanical Garden of Patna. This wonderful garden remains open throughout the year and also serves as a great picnic spot for the residents of Patna. The park boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna from different parts of the country and abroad.

Category : Religious Built in 1772, the Padri Ki Haveli in Patna, also known as St. Mary's Church, is the oldest church in the state of Bihar. The Padri Ki Haveli has an interesting history behind its inception. The church is seventy feet in length, forty feet wide and fifty feet in height. The magnificent monument was designed by Tirreto, the Venetian architect who came from Calcutta. The church has withstood many attacks and acts of destruction. The soldiers of Nawab Mir Kasim, the ruler of Bengal, looted the Padri Ki Haveli following their quarrel with the English traders.

In the process, the ancient records kept inside were destroyed and burnt. The church suffered another attack during the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857. Category : History & Culture The Darbhanga House is the palace constructed by the Darbhanga king in the city of Patna. The palace has been donated by the royal family to the Patna University. The university hosts the post graduate courses in the premises of the Darbhanga House. The Darbhanga House was earlier the NavLakha Palace of the Darbhanga kings.

It was built by the Maharaja Kameshwar Singh Bahadur who ruled from 1929 to 1947 when, after independence, the state was merged into the Union of India. Category : History & Culture Created by the Ministry of Human Resources Development of the Government of India, the National Institute of Technology in Patna is an upcoming educational institute.

The institute is dedicated to imparting knowledge in science and technology and is renowned for its excellence in the stream of education. Although it was started on 28th January, 2004, the roots of this institute can be traced back to the establishment of the Survey Training School in 1886. The institute was later turned into the Bihar School of Engineering in the year 1900 and even later renamed as the Bihar College of Engineering with the introduction of the undergraduate degree courses.

The National Institute Of Technology of Patna is affiliated to the Patna University. The institute proposes to soon achieve an independent status and turn into an autonomous body with its own educational curriculum. Category : History & Culture The Gandhi Maidan is centrally located in the city of Patna. The Gandhi Maidan is a historical place and is considered as a landmark of the city. There are many important institutes that have developed around the area of Gandhi Maidan.

In the pages of the history of India, Gandhi Maidan holds a distinctive place. It is in this region that various historical movements during the independence struggle were launched. The vast stretch of land was earlier referred to as the Patna Lawns.

The grounds were used for prayer meetings and political campaigns. Category : History & Culture Built of Mughal architecture, Nagholkothi is a palace that is situated in the old city of Patna. The grandiosity of the structure and its architectural brilliance is one of the many attractions in the old city and has been deemed as a historical tourist spot of Patna. The old city of Patna had flourished as a trading centre under the rule of the Mughals. The city was earlier called Pataliputra and earned its prominence under the Mauryan dynasty.

The Mughals arrived in Pataliputra in 1574 when the great king Akbar led his army against the Afghan chief Daud Khan. Har Mandir Saheb (Patna Saheb Gurudwara) Category: History & Culture This gurudwara was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in remembrance of the last Guru of Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh Ji, whose birthplace was in Patna.

Golghar Category: History & Nature Built by Captain John Garstin in 1786, Golghar originally served the purpose of a storehouse. It provides a panoramic view of the entire Patna city and the the River Ganga. EU GDPR Update: MapsofIndia has updated its Terms and Privacy Policy to give Users more transparency into the data this Website collects, how it is processed and the controls Users have on their personal data. Users are requested to review the revised Privacy Policy before using the website services, as any further use of the website will be considered as User's consent to MapsofIndia and .

best dating places in patna to visit near me

Close • • Weekend Getaways • Places Near Delhi • Places Near Mumbai • Places Near Bangalore • Places Near Kolkata • Places Near Chennai • Places Near Hyderabad • Places Near Ahmedabad • Places Near Pune • Explore • Collections • Blog • • By Region • Goa • Kerala • Karnataka • Rajasthan • Maharashtra • Himachal Pradesh • West Bengal • Madhya Pradesh • Assam • Jammu and Kashmir • Gujarat • By Category • Beaches • Hill Stations • National Parks • Trekking • Road Trips • Honeymoon • Heritage • Deserts • Rivers & Lakes • International • Indonesia • UAE • Oman • Singapore • Thailand • Nepal • Vietnam • Seychelles • Mauritius 6 kms from city center / 3 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Mahatma Gandhi Setu is a bridge over the river Ganges connecting Patna in the south to Hajipur in the north of Bihar.

Its length is 5,575 metres and it is one of the longest river bridges in India, inaugurated in May 1982 by the then Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi. 1 kms from city center / 5 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna A revolving restaurant, the biggest in the country is present here atop the tallest tower in Patna, on the 18th floor of Biskoman Bhawan.

As set, the restaurant takes one revolution in 45, 60 or 90 minutes with the support of the German techniques. 1 kms from city center / 6 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Gandhi Maidan, previously known as the Patna Lawns, is a historic ground at Patna near the banks of Ganges River, in Bihar, India. The Golghar falls to its west. (br) Gandhi Maidan is a historic ground situated near the river Ganges.

Being in the center of the city, it is place of many activities, w... 1 kms from city center / 8 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Patna Museum is a very popular museum in the city of Patna, storing more than 50,000 rare art objects, including Indian artifacts from the ancient, middle ages and the British colonial era. The Holy Relic Casket, with the sacred ashes of Lord Buddha and the beautiful statue, Yakshani, are the most h...

1 kms from city center / 9 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Indira Gandhi Planetarium is located in Patna's Indira Gandhi Science Complex.

It was constructed through Bihar Council on Science & Technology at a total cost of about 11 Crores. It was conceptualised in 1989 by Bihar Chief Minister Shri Satyendra Narain Sinha who laid the foundation stone in ... 1 kms from city center / 10 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Buddha Smriti Udyan also known as Buddha Memorial Park is a large and beautifully maintained park. It also houses a stupa and has separate grounds for meditation.

This is also a place where the ashes of Buddha are kept. It lies in close proximity to the railway station. 1 kms from city center / 13 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Mahavir Mandir is the second largest religious shrine in North India. It is one of the leading temples dedicated to the worship of Lord Hanuman. Thousands of devotees from different parts of the country flock in here daily to offer prayer to and seek the blessings of Bajrang Bali.

It is believed tha... 10 kms from city center / 17 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna The Sonepur Cattle Fair is held on Kartik Poornima (the full moon day) in the month of November in Sonepur, Bihar, on the confluence of river Ganges and Gandak. It is also known as Harihar Kshetra Mela and it attracts visitors from all over Asia.

Till date, it is the biggest cattle fair of Asia and ... 9 kms from city center / 19 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Located near Agamkuan, Jalan Museum, Popularly known as Quila House is a private museum and you will need to call them on (+91-612-246-1121) to take the permission to visit this museum.

The museum has a great collection from the Mughal period and also houses some unique artifacts like the wooden bed... 2 kms from city center / 26 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Established in 1891, this place has a very wide collection of Mughal and Islamic scriptures including a 25 mm wide version of Quran. It also has the Nadir Shah's sword which he raised at the Sunehri Mosque in Delhi, to order the massacre of residents of the city.

/ 28 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Gandhi Sangrahalaya in Patna is among the eleven such public museums across India. The institution displays a visual biography of Gandhi's life with the help of pictures of important milestones since childhood to death, documents, quotes, models and other memorabilia.

There are books and audio-visua... / 29 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Shaheed Smarak or Martyr's Memorial in Patna is a bronze statue commemorating seven brave young men, who sacrificed their lives in a protest, trying to unfurl the Indian national flag during the Quit India Movement of 1942 outside a British administrative building which is now the Secretariat of Pat... / 30 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna ISKCON Temple in Patna is a new addition to the group, and is yet to be fully open to the devotees and visitors.

However, upon completion, the complex will be the largest in Bihar-Jharkhand area. The trademark white and red shades grace the exterior, while inside there are idols of Sri Gaur Nitai, S... / 31 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Harmandir Sahib, also known as Takht Sri Patna Sahib, is a Gurdwara in the Patna Sahib neighbourhood, built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in memory of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs.

Guru Gobind Sing's birthplace was Patna and the towering, white Gurdwara pays him tribute by catering to thousands of his fol... / 32 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Bihar Museum is a state-of-the-art museum that houses the thousands of years old historical and cultural evolution of Bihar, as well as artefacts and religious findings. From the ages of Indus valley, the Guptas and Mauryas, to folk culture to displays of wildlife creatures _ the museum has somethin...

/ 33 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Agam Kuan is an archaeological site related to numerous myths and legends over the years. The most popular association is with Mauryan king Ashoka. The well is mentioned as the 짜hell on earth' in many accounts, which was probably once a part of Ashoka's infamous Hell chambers used for torture before...

/ 34 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Patna Eco Park is a large, green area built to provide the visitors a natural place to unwind. There are more than 3000 varieties of flora, a children's park, boating rides, pathways for jogging and cycling, food court, themed natural decorations and occasional display of sculptures. Amidst the busy... / 35 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Begu Hajjam Mosque is among the oldest mosques in Patna city.

Originally dating back to the 16th century, the mosque is not named after its creator Muazzam Nazir Khan, but its renovator Begu Hajjam. The architecture reflects Gaur style, as it was built under the rule of Alauddin Shah, the ruler of G... 8 kms from city center / 36 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Constructed by Takshila Seas & Resorts Pvt.

Ltd., Funtasia Water Park is known to be the first water park in Patna. Spread across 5 acres of land, the park is popular among both the kids and adults owing to its varied slides and water rides. 21 kms from city center / 37 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Constructed and inaugurated in 2014, Hungama World is a pretty popular water theme park in Patna.

Comprising of 4 swimming pools and umpteen water and regular rides, the park also has an amusement park in the premises and a play area for kids. 4 kms from city center / 39 out of 42 Places To Visit in Patna Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden, or locally known as Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan was established in 1969 and has been a source of bounteous nature and greenery to the city ever since.

Also known as Patna Zoo, the park has many varieties of flora and fauna, in addition to boasting facility, elephant ri... (+91) • India (+91) • USA (+1) • Bangladesh (+880) • United Arab Emirates (+971) • England (United Kingdom) (+44) • Saudi Arabia (+966) • Qatar (+974) • Singapore (+65) • Canada (+1) • Kuwait (+965) • Thailand (+66) • Australia (+61) • Malaysia (+60) • Nepal (+977) • Netherlands (+31) • Oman (+968) • Germany (+49) • France (+33) • Israel (+972) • Romania (+40) • Russia (+7) • Afghanistan (+93) • Albania (+355) • Algeria (+213) • American Samoa (+1-684) • Andorra (+376) • Angola (+244) • Anguilla (+1-264) • Antarctica (+672) • Antigua & Barbuda (+1-268) • Argentina (+54) • Armenia (+374) • Austria (+43) • Azerbaijan (+994) • Bahrain (+973) • Barbados (+1-246) • Belarus (+375) • Belgium (+32) • Belize (+501) • Benin (+229) • Bermuda (+1-441) • Bhutan (+975) • Botswana (+267) • Brazil (+55) • Bulgaria (+359) • Burkina Faso (+226) • Burundi (+257) • Cambodia (+855) • Cameroon (+237) • Cape Verde (+238) • Cayman Islands (+1-345) • Central African Republic (+236) • Chad (+235) • Chile (+56) • China (+86) • Colombia (+57) • Comoros (+269) • Costa Rica (+506) • Croatia (+385) • Cuba (+53) • Cyprus (+357) • Czech Republic (+420) • Denmark (+45) • Djibouti (+253) • Dominica (+1-767) • Dominican Republic (+1-809, 1-829, 1-849) • Ecuador (+593) • Egypt (+20) • El Salvador (+503) • Equatorial Guinea (+240) • Eritrea (+291) • Estonia (+372) • Ethiopia (+251) • Faroe Islands (+298) • Fiji (+679) • Finland (+358) • Gabon (+241) • Georgia (+995) • Ghana (+233) • Greece (+30) • Greenland (+299) • Grenada (+1-473) • Guam (+1-671) • Guatemala (+502) • Guinea (+224) • Guinea-Bissau (+245) • Haiti (+509) • Honduras (+504) • Hungary (+36) • Iceland (+354) • Indonesia (+62) • Iran (+98) • Iraq (+964) • Ireland (+353) • Italy (+39) • Jamaica (+1-876) • Japan (+81) • Jordan (+962) • Kazakhstan (+7) • Kenya (+254) • Kiribati (+686) • Kyrgyzstan (+996) • Latvia (+371) • Lebanon (+961) • Lesotho (+266) • Liberia (+231) • Libya (+218) • Lithuania (+370) • Luxembourg (+352) • Madagascar (+261) • Malawi (+265) • Maldives (+960) • Mali (+223) • Malta (+356) • Marshall Islands (+692) • Mauritania (+222) • Mauritius (+230) • Mexico (+52) • Mongolia (+976) • Montenegro (+382) • Montserrat (+1-664) • Morocco (+212) • Mozambique (+258) • Namibia (+264) • Nauru (+674) • New Caledonia (+687) • New Zealand (+64) • Nicaragua (+505) • Niger (+227) • Nigeria (+234) • Niue (+683) • Northern Mariana Islands (+1-670) • Norway (+47) • Pakistan (+92) • Palau (+680) • Panama (+507) • Papua New Guinea (+675) • Paraguay (+595) • Peru (+51) • Philippines (+63) • Poland (+48) • Portugal (+351) • Puerto Rico (+1-787, 1-939) • Cook Islands (+682) • Rwanda (+250) • Samoa (+685) • Sao Tome & Principe (+239) • Senegal (+221) • Serbia (+381) • Seychelles (+248) • Sierra Leone (+232) • Slovakia (+421) • Slovenia (+386) • Solomon Islands (+677) • South Africa (+27) • South Korea (+82) • Spain (+34) • Sri Lanka (+94) • Sudan (+249) • Swaziland (+268) • Sweden (+46) • Switzerland (+41) • Tajikistan (+992) • Tanzania (+255) • Bahamas (+1-242) • Gambia (+220) • Togo (+228) • Tokelau (+690) • Tonga (+676) • Trinidad & Tobago (+1-868) • Tunisia (+216) • Turkey (+90) • Turkmenistan (+993) • Tuvalu (+688) • Uganda (+256) • Ukraine (+380) • Uruguay (+598) • Uzbekistan (+998) • Vanuatu (+678) • Venezuela (+58) • Vietnam (+84) • Wallis & Futuna (+681) • Yemen (+967) • Zambia (+260) • Zimbabwe (+263) • Liechtenstein (+423)

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