Best dating pocket watches under 3000 near me

best dating pocket watches under 3000 near me

Some watches I've been looking at for reference are: Nomos Ahoi, Rolex explorer i (too expensive), Baume and Mercier Clifton white with gold case. I want a watch that either comes on a leather strap, or would look good on one (Rolex explorer is a perfect example). Thank you all for your help. Reply With Quote. Advertisement. August 3rd, 2015 #2. samuelspitz. Member.

best dating pocket watches under 3000 near me

Amazon When it comes to men’s watches under $100, you’re talking about a great price point for someone looking for value. But we know that you’re hunting for more than a good deal: you want a good watch. Admittedly, it’s a challenge to find a watch that’s got some style and some substance and costs less than a Benjamin.

For some top-notch assistance, we went to Ariel Adams, the founder of . It’s an online magazine for watch geeks. Admittedly, the site caters to the deep-pocketed geek because it focuses on collectible watches (read: watches that are, usually, $500 and up — way up).

Nevertheless, Ariel is, simply, a lover of what he calls “little wearable machines” and he doesn’t put the dollar sign first. For the way Ariel approached a list of watches under $100, see the end of this list. 1. Timex Weekender Timex A classic, great looking watch from Timex. The Weekender is one of the company’s most popular models, and for good reason. It’s a genuine leather band and the Weekender is designed so it’s very easy to swap that band out, thereby giving you the ability to simply create lots of different looks.

(When you click through to take a closer look, note the little video that shows how easy it is to switch bands.) A clean, round dial with Timex’s Indiglo light up capability. A great price, a solid piece and perfectly emblematic of what we’re getting at with this list of the 20 Best Men’s Watches Under $100. Price: $37.05 (35 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Great, simple look • Easy switch band • Reputable company • Price Cons: • Brass case (softer than stainless steel) • Weak water resistance 2.

Seiko SNXS79K Automatic Watch Seiko This great looking watch is unique in the list because it’s the only automatic movement of the lot. That is, you don’t need to wind it and it doesn’t need a battery. The watch is powered by the movement of your arm. The crown on this piece is almost imperceptibly located at the four(ish) o’clock position. It’s a very simple, clean look with the silver-tone luminous hands set against the charcoal dial.

Its water resistance is just 30 meters, but this isn’t exactly a sports watch. It is, though, a Seiko automatic and it’s a great price for a rock solid piece from a rock solid company.

Price: $87.50 Pros: • Reputable manufacturer • Automatic movement • Stainless steel Cons: • One reviewer (4 stars) cited some scratching after wearing 3. Stuhrling Original Men’s Minimalist Watch Stuhrling Original This is one of those “stop the presses” type of deals. It’s not every day you see a quality fashion watch offered at 83 percent off, which is what it works out to when you consider the originally listed retail price.

This is a very beautiful, simple and super-discounted piece from Stuhrling Original. The case is the very sturdy 316L surgical stainless steel and the band is leather.

In fact, this piece, which is designed with easy band interchangeability, comes with two bands, one brown (supple textured), one black (alligator embossed). The ivory dial is set off very well by either band color. Stuhrling, which is based in Brooklyn, New York, uses the very reputable Swiss quartz Ronda movement here. This great looking piece is flat out a great deal! (Side note: when my mom saw this list, she bought me this watch. I love it and I get tons of compliments.

Thanks, mom!) Price: $89.95 Pros: • Huge price reduction • Comes with two leather bands • Swiss 515 Ronda movement Cons: • Weak water resistance 4. Casio CA506B-1AVT Calculator Watch Casio Calling Marty McFly! Or, actually, Doc. (If you watched the video in the introduction, you’ll know what we mean.) This digital Casio reps a sort of OG appeal, given the calculator function.

It’s actually from Casio’s Men’s Vintage Collection. When you’re not balancing your checkbook (you do that?), you can make use of the stopwatch function. It’s a Casio, so it’s from a legendary and very solid manufacturer. A fun piece at a great price and it’s got a stainless steel band. And, of course, it features that extremely reputable Japanese quartz movement. In a nutshell, this is cool cuz it’s old school and it’s got some hallmark Casio features.

Another option that takes the geek factor even further is the , which has all the calculator functions and a 25-page data bank, dual time, stopwatch, four multi-function alarms, auto calendar, hourly time signal, dual time — need we say more?

Okay, one more thing: it’s just $25.99. At that price, it almost is irrelevant if you like the watch. It’s another cool old school men’s watch under $100. Way under. Price: $49.24 (10 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Functional calculator • Stainless steel band • Great throwback look Cons: • Digital readout small 5.

Bulova Men’s 96B104 Stainless Steel Dress Watch Bulova This watch was just bumped up past the magic $100 line, but if you’re interested in it, keep your eye on it because it’s likely to go back down to $83, which was its original discounted price. Still, it’s on sale at 40 percent off. Bulova started in 1875 as a classic American brand and it’s now based in New York City as part of the Citizen Watch group.

What hasn’t always been around is a great deal on this watch like the one you’ll get now. At almost $100 off, this a a steal of a deal. This is definitely a dress watch: a beautiful round 37mm case in silver, with slender hands and hour indices.

The date is at three o’clock. It’s Japanese quartz movement and it features a croc-textured calfskin band with a buckle closure. Price: $105 (40 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Reputable manufacturer • Classic look • Big discount Cons: • No luminescent features 6.

Timex Expedition Chronograph Timex Another entry from Timex that we have to include because it’s just, a) too good looking; b) too well priced; c) from such a strong company; d) has too many great features. This is a great example of a chronograph that doesn’t have to be super expensive. The black, brass case and the leather strap look great together. You can certainly wear the Expedition wherever you venture to — indoors or out.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that…even though it’s sporty looking…don’t be too tempted to jump in the pool with your good looking watch. You don’t want to get it wet because it’s a leather band and leather bands shouldn’t make friends with water. This is a rock solid find for men’s watches under $100 because it is, in fact, a chronograph, featuring the tachymeter along the outside of the dial, large five-minute-increments in the inner ring.

The three sub-dials track minutes, seconds and 1/20 of a second for up to 30 minutes. Date window at the four o’clock position. And it’s an Indiglo, so you can see what time it is while you’re slouching in your movie seat, scarfing popcorn. Price: $72 Pros: • Chronograph • Reputable company • Leather band Cons: • One reviewer cited watch thickness 7. Invicta 89260B Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch Invicta We are of the opinion that this is a super great looking watch. And, given its performance, it’s coming in at a almost ridiculously great price and is a fully deserving candidate to be included in a list of men’s watches under $100.

The Invicta Men’s 8926 Pro Diver has great water resistance — up to 660 feet. Further, it has a screw down crown, which increases and enhances the water resistant capability. (It is quite rare to find a dive watch under $100, btw.) The watch is powered by Seiko’s NH35A caliber movement, so you’re getting some great “guts” in this piece. It is an automatic — another great feature for a watch under $100.

The bezel is unidirectional and the stainless steel link bracelet features a fold-over clasp with a safety closure. It’s 40mm and the caseback is an exhibition style (i.e., you can see what’s going on inside). This is a perfect example of what we mentioned in the introduction to this list, which is a watch that can be brought in at a lower price point because the manufacturer is a big’un.

Whether you dive or not, this is a great looking watch (a’la Rolex style) that we’re sure any guy would love to add to his collection. For something in gold, , too. Price: $90.97 Pros: • Screw down crown • Automatic • Seiko movement Cons: • Rolex look alike (which may or may not be a detriment — up to you) 8. Stuhrling Aquadiver Stuhrling Original Another “you gotta be kidding me” discount here, at 85 percent off the original retail listing.

A big, beautiful blue watch that will look good at the office and will work just great in the water. The 200 ATM is super solid, and the watch’s water resistance is enhanced with the screw-in crown (makes it virtually water tight).

We love the big, bold 12, 3, 6 and 9, but maybe that date could be a bit bigger. At this huge discount, though, for a watch from this terrific Brooklyn-based company, who can quibble? Another great point about this watch is the fold-over band clasp with double push button safety, meaning it’s not going to pop off while you’re doing your laps in lane five. The hands and indices are luminous and the watch features a quick-set date and a rotating uni-directional bezel.

Gets great reviews, with more than 920 reviews and a 4.1 out of 5-star rating average. Another very attractive water resistant watch from Stuhrling — this time with a cool orange bezel and orange-highlighted dial/hands — is the in stainless steel.

(Also 85 percent off and we are not kidding.) Price: $89.95 Pros: • Great price • Solid water resistance • Screw-in crown Cons: • Date window is small 9.

Seiko Men’s SUP880 Rectangular Solar Powered Watch Seiko We’ve replaced the Kenneth Cole Classic that was originally in this spot (price went way up past our benchmark) with this similarly designed — yet, we think, superior — Seiko.

This is, possibly, the dressiest watch of the list. If what you’re looking for is a watch under $100 that can be described as “lovely,” look no further. And if you’re interested in a watch with a particularly cool feature, this is it. It’s solar powered. The watch’s reserve power is 12 months after a full charge. Japanese quartz caliber V115 solar powered movement. Stainless steel gold tone case and a black leather band with a matching gold tone buckle.

The rectangular dial is white with pinstripes and Roman numeral hour markers. Best of all, it’s a Seiko that’s on a massive discount: 54 percent off, saving you more than $100 for the original $195 listing.

Price: $88.98 (54 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Stainless steel • Rectangular case • Solar powered • Great discount (54 percent) Cons: • Weak water resistance (99 feet) • No date indicator 10. Casio G-Shock Quartz Resin Casual Watch Casio If any watch in this list could be called legendary, this is it. Casio invented the G-Shock back in 1983 because one of the company’s designers dropped his graduation gift (a watch, from the folks) and it broke. So he came up with the G-Shock.

Obviously a good idea, since Casio just shipped its 100 millionth G Shock. This model features analog and digital readout. Besides the fact that you could safely play hockey with this thing (as the puck), it also has several cool features. A stopwatch…a digital world time window…five alarms. We love this model in its tough, great looking black, but you can get the piece in blue, red, white, black gold or grey. Take note, however: a couple of those alternate colors come in above our magical $100 line.

Comes in a cool case, too. For something blue (really blue) and funky (quite funky) and inexpensive (around 40 bucks) check the . Price: $73.38 (26 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Extremely durable — it’s a G-Shock • Good water resistance • Multi-function Cons: • No second hand (seconds shown digitally) Fossil We very much dig the clean, simple, elegant look of the Fossil Commuter. Fossil describes it as “resembling a turn-of-the-century wristwatch,” to which we say, okay, but this timepiece has a timeless look and we’d like to wear it regardless of heritage.

The wire lug stainless steel case is fantastic and Fossil has produced this model to be easy for switching out the leather bands, so you can get other colors to match your look du jour. (And Fossil knows its bracelets, which you can see .) But back to the Commuter. For being such a big, easy-to-read watch, we do wonder why that date is so tiny.

But we only wonder a little because we like this watch a lot and it’s a great price. It also comes in (which is about 10 bucks more). Price: $65.40 (43 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Super clean look • Easy-switch leather band • Reputable manufacturer Cons: • Very small date readout 12.

Seiko Men’s SNK805 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch Seiko Another great deal on a super solid watch from an extremely reputable, legendary, long standing watchmaker. The SNK805 Seiko 5 is a very simple watch, and that’s part of its cool appeal. The price is great, especially for a Seiko. It’s not one of those jumbo watches, its case is a very “traditional” size of 37mm.

The stainless steel case features a unique analog display that puts the hours on an inner ring and the minutes (in five minute, or seconds, intervals) on the outside.

The day and date are in the traditional three o’clock position, whereas the winder is right about the four o’clock position. The hands of the watch are luminous, including the second hand’s tail (while the point of the second hand is an eye-catching red). A fun feature is the display (see through) back, so you can see some of the mechanical operation of this 21 jewel watch. This is an automatic mechanical watch so it doesn’t use a battery. It is powered by the motion of your arm (or you can manually wind).

The fact is, Seiko by itself is cool. At this price — and with these good looks in the military-esque green — it’s double cool. This one is a near twin to the , which we feature in our list of the . Price: $81.68 Pros: • Seiko • Unique green dial and band • Automatic movement Cons: • Smaller case diameter (which may or may not be an issue for you) 13.

Casio EF106D-2AV Edifice Stainless Steel Watch Casio One of the reasons we’ve included this handsome piece in the list is a very fiscally pragmatic reason: we wanted to make sure and include some quality watches that are well below $100.

You can’t beat this price, especially from the reputable and gigantic Casio. But the low price is just one of the reasons the watch is in this list of the best watches under $100. This stainless steel analog piece features some great detailing, not the least of which are the decorative indents on the bezel. We also like the way the light green color on the numbers and hands contrast with the blue dial.

As for what’s under the hood, this piece features a 10 year battery. If you divide the price of the watch by the decade of use without changing the power source, you can’t lose.

Do you wanna go even lower in price with a Casio analogue? Check out the around-20-bucks , also with a 10-year battery. Price: $31.45 (30 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Battery life • Low price • Stainless steel Cons: • One reviewer mentioned difficulty adjusting band 14. Citizen Eco-Drive AU1040-08E Stainless Steel Watch Citizen There are, primarily, three great things going with this watch: 1 – It’s a Citizen.

Meaning, a very reputable watch maker that has the strength to bring super good pieces in at lower prices. 2 – It’s an Eco-Drive, which is Citizen’s proprietary solar powered function. 3 – It’s offered at a great discount — 49 percent off. Citizen introduced Eco-Drive in the U.S. in 1995 and, since then, the company estimates that its solar powered watches have eliminated the need for some 10 million watch batteries in North America.

The fact that it doesn’t need a battery or doesn’t need to be wound is great. What’s cool about it is the way Citizen does it: the solar cells are mounted underneath the watch dial (they’re invisible to the eye), which is what makes the Eco-Drive unique.

It’s a very clean look with the black “sunray” dial and the luminous hands and stick markers at each hour. The date and crown are both in the traditional three o’clock position. The band is faux-leather, also black, with a buckle closure. This is a really nice looking piece and it’s a great bargain at 49 percent off. Another Citizen Eco-Drive at a great price (around $90 — 49 percent off MSRP) is the . It’s got the silver-tone dial that features Roman numeral and stick indices in gold.

Price: $89.99 (49 percent off MSRP) Pros: • Stainless steel case • Eco-Drive technology • Two-tone band • Price Cons: • Weak water resistance (But why would you need it with this watch?) 15.

Swatch Originals Beigesounds SUOT102 Watch Swatch We realize this watch is the outlier in the bunch. This piece certainly brings a unique look that we’re confident in saying is a “fun” look. Beyond that, we love Swatch and, getting back to Ariel’s wisdom (see the intro to this post), Swatch is one of those big brands that even high-end watch geeks can trust.

Another reason for the Swatch listing is personal: I’ve been wearing a Swatch for five years now. I can attest to the fact that my $70 Swatch, (which I bought in an airport while waiting for a connector) has worked beautifully the entire time. Mine isn’t as…unique…as the Beigesounds. And, believe me, there are plenty of Swatch options (Swaptions?), like . Whichever way you go, Swatch is a great, fun watch to rock.

Price: $50.15 Pros: • Reputable company • Unique color Cons: • Plastic case 16. Wenger Men’s Urban Metropolitan Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch Wenger This is another brand that is pretty consistently priced above our magic line, but we definitely feel this is one of the best watches close to $100.

(The price on this watch, like many sold on Amazon, fluctuates up and down, so sometimes it will be below $100…sometimes above.) This is a Swiss made quartz watch. Wenger is a long-time company in Switzerland (founded in 1893) that originally started as a maker of the Swiss Army Knife (along with Victorinox — see watch #20 on the list).

The Urban Metropolitan features a stainless steel case in black, as well as a black dial face. It’s got a really simple look, and that’s part of its appeal. The band is a striking orange nylon, but if that’s not your gig, the watch also comes with a second, black band. Back to that dial face — it features slate grey numbers at 12, 3, 6 and 9, with hash marks for the rest. The date window sits between 4 and 5. The three hands (hour, minute, seconds) feature luminescent white, which echoes the white of the Wenger logo under 12.

The case is 41mm and this watch is water resistant to 330 feet (suitable for brief water exposure — see a more detailed explanation about “waterproof” and water resistant watches ). Wenger offers the for $99.99 (still a men’s watch under $100, by a penny!). Price: $78.33 Pros: • Swiss made • Quartz movement • Comes with two bands Cons: • Small date readout 17. Timberland Men’s Wheelwright Chronograph Watch Timberland Famous for its , Timberland offers a pretty wide variety of watches under $100.

The Wheelwright is a chronograph that features a white dial and black-outlined indices, with numerals at 12, 4 and 8. The date window is at six. This piece features two sub-dials — a 30 minute dial and a 60 second dial. The stainless steel case is a big 44mm and the band, with its buckle clasp, is silicone. It’s a very rugged, durable looking watch that has a lot of masculine appeal.

Water resistant to 330 feet, but like most water resistant watches, it’s not recommended for extended exposure to water. Price: $47.76 Pros: • Rugged looks • Chronograph • Price Cons: • Smaller date window • Two, rather than customary three, sub-dials 18.

MVMT Classic Watches Minimalist Watch MVMT When you’re talking about men’s watches under $100, it’s tough to find anything negative to say about this one from MVMT. Given that the watch is called the “Minimalist,” it’s pretty much a case of what you see is what you get. And you do get plenty with this piece. It’s a larger sized 45mm stainless steel case and a black patent leather band. The dial and bezel are black — very black — and are contrasted beautifully with the red logo at 12 o’clock and the red second hand.

It’s powered by the very reputable Miyota quartz movement (same movement used in many Citizen watches) and it is battery powered. A really great looking watch that gets really great customer reviews: more than 435 comments and a 4.1 out of 5-star rating average. Price: $95 (nine percent off MSRP) Pros: • Elegant minimalist look • Black with red accents • Stainless steel case Cons: • 30 meters water resistance 19. ESQ Men’s Quartz Stainless Steel & Leather Casual Watch ESQ This men’s watch under $100 is one of those pieces that features classic simplicity with a bit of a twist.

In the case of this ESQ men’s watch, that unique twist is the day and date indicator. Instead of the usual window at three o’clock, it features the days in a vertical line from one to five, with the day of the week indicated by a peep hole indicator. The date, which is in red typeface, is in a window from three to four, with the indicator being two white hashes that frame the date. (That’s a lotta words to describe something that you can easily check out in the photo.) This analog watch features a quartz movement and it is a healthy 46mm case diameter.

The case is stainless and the band is a deep brown with contrasting white stitching. Like many watches, the water resistance is not the calling card of this piece, but it’s not the kind of watch you’d want to get wet, anyway. ESQ makes a wide series of watches, and this is one of the few to be found under our magical $100 line, so it’s a good deal and it’s good looking. If you’re interested in an ESQ watch at a higher price point, is the same model offered in a great looking blue, about $30 more.

Price: $95 Pros: • Unique day/date indicators • Price • Simple good looks Cons: • Weak water resistance (But why would you need it with this watch?) 20. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Base Camp Watch Victorinox Finding a Victorinox under $100 is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Most of this brand’s offerings hover in the $500 range.

Victorinox is the famous maker of Swiss Army Knives and, of course, they branched out to include time pieces. For a men’s watch under $100, this is a very solid buy. It is Swiss made (um, of course) and it features a dark slate grey face with orange highlights. The hands feature luminous orange accents, and there’s more orange detailing at the luminous indices at each hour, as well as the 24 hour numerals.

The 40mm case is stainless steel and the band is rubber. The date window is at four o’clock and, funnily enough, features the word “date” and an arrow (just in case, we guess, you didn’t know that’s what that little window was all about). Swiss quartz movement and steel crown with engraved logo. Water resistant to just 100 feet. I bought this watch for myself because of the great price point, and I get a ton of compliments on it, especially from my high-end, Rolex-wearing buddy who wants to steal it from me.

Price: $74.99 Pros: • Swiss made • Low price point • Established, reputable maker • Screw-down caseback Cons: • Low water resistance 21. Vostok Amphibian Automatic Military Diver Watch Vostok America This may be the most unique watch of the list. It’s not everyday that you see a Russian-made watch. Vostok was an official supplier of watches for the USSR’s defense department. The Amphibian case was developed to withstand pressures to 2000 meters; this watch isn’t produced with that specification, but it does have a very solid 200 meter water resistance.

This is an automatic movement — it self winds with the motion of the wearer’s arm. It’s a stainless steel 41mm case. The dial, which is black, features Russian language detailing. The band, in this case, comes in orange nylon, but it’s , including a metal band. Price: $87.90 Pros: • Automatic movement • Unique heritage • 200m water resistance Cons: • Nylon band How We Approached the List Ariel breaks it down to three categories: Perspective, Style, Volume.

First, don’t let the lower price point weigh on you. Your perspective is what counts. What you like it what you like, regardless of price.

You can find a quality watch in this price range, too. Just because there are watch snobs out there doesn’t mean there aren’t good watches at this price point. “Solid options exist for $100 that might even satisfy a snob,” says Ariel. Second, we’re seeking out watches that have a bit of style, some panache.

Watches that are “dashing looking,” to put it in Ariel’s terms. Too often, he says, cheap watches for men “aren’t very original looking, well-made, full of personality or, even, cool.” This list, then, is comprised of watches that are “easy on the eyes with a good design.” Third, it pays to pay attention to some of the well known names because of volume: they’ve been making watches — and a lot of them — for a long time.

Well regarded and rock solid watch makers like Seiko or Timex or Casio are so big, they’re able to bring some of their pieces in at the lower prices. That’s good for those of us with a Benjamin budget! The key to getting a good watch under $100 is you: it’s about your taste. The biggest reason for getting a watch is simple: you like it.

And if you’re giving a watch as a gift, make sure that you not only think the recipient is going to like it, but that you like it, too. Personal taste can be tricky, but it’s never chancy to send the message: I like this, and I think you’ll like it, too.

To the person receiving the gift, it means that you’re sharing something that’s meaningful. See also: • • Heavy, Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Our product recommendations are guided solely by our editors. We have no relationship with manufacturers.

best dating pocket watches under 3000 near me

best dating pocket watches under 3000 near me - Best Watch To Buy Under $3000

best dating pocket watches under 3000 near me

Time destroys everything. Sandcastles. Your smooth forehead. Spurs' last title-shot season. It is a merciless beast, and we are all trapped under its never-ending ticking, ever forward. Ever forward.

Still, watches are nice, right? They're functional. They make sure you arrive in time at the doctor's, despite the fact that you know they're running behind schedule as always. They're fashion accessories. They speak to people about you, as a person.

They're pretty great. And they don't have to destroy your wallet either. That's why we've rounded up an attractive selection of some of the handsomest watches you can snap up for under RM3000, so you can treat your wrist to some classy timekeeping.

The groundbreaking Sistem51 originally launched in 2013 in plastic, but this year sees the release of the stainless steel version. The ultimate affordable automatic, it retains the same iconic principles (a Swiss-made, 51-part automatic movement held together by just one screw and assembled entirely by robots) but with a more manly, less faddy, everyday aesthetic. Inspired by the great British seaside, Shore Projects watches are built to withstand everyday rough and tumble.

Crafted with stainless steel cases, crystal sapphire glass and waterproofed to 100m, their retro minimalist style makes them versatile wrist adorners. The best thing? The vast array of interchangeable straps means that each design be dressed up for every occasion.

Tissot is one of a handful of brands that tend to mark a first foray into ‘serious’ watches. A heritage Swiss marque, it's been around for over 163 years, and this handsome automatic draws on all that experience. The PR100 has a date window, minimal hour markers and a stainless steel case that makes it the perfect office timepiece.

best dating pocket watches under 3000 near me

My father in law gave me a box of 19 Very old pocket watches which I'm trying to date so that I can put them up for auction. I'm doing ok on such brands as Elgin and Hamilton, but some of these have me really stumped. Does anyone know of any site with dating material for the following names: Lonville Standard (and New York Standard) Omega Rockford Waltham Ingersoll Illinois Watch If someone in the hobby would like to offer their expertise in helping me to date and list these, I'd be very glad for the help.

THANKS!! There are a HUGE number of resources on the web to help date watches. All you have to do is type "xxxx production dates" into Google where "xxxx" is replaced by the watch brand you're looking for and TONS of info can be easily found. In addition, there are many resources in the eBay Reviews & Guides area which can help you date your watches. Go to and enter the manufacturer name to find lots of good info.

Here are some sample links where you can find production date info on the brands you asked about: Lonville - No production dating lists exist Standard (and New York Standard) - Produced from 1885-1929.

No production dating lists exist Omega - Rockford - Waltham - Ingersoll - Illinois Watch - Greg I really appreciate all the information!

I know nothing about watches, but I'm learning a lot as I go. There are a couple which bug me. First is the Waltham.

The back of the watch doesn't open, the case is solid in that way, but I was able to lift the workings out teh front enough to find a number stamped along the edge of the workings. Is this the number I need? Since most other watches put their number on the foot, or cock plate or near the Signature area, it concerns me that i have the right number especially when that number is so low, only 1788.

The next is the Ingersoll, as it has NO Serial Number on the workings. (Neither does the New York Standard) Last is the New England watch, which has no number and has the foreign manufacturer name PADISHAH on the workings along with "New England Watch." Also, I left a couple of names off the list above, they are HAMPTON.

I believe this is the Dueber-Hapton Watch Company but again cannot find any production dates. i have a pocket watch it was given to me by my father,i dont know much of its history,it hasnt got any brand name on it,so i dont know the brand,but its stamped inside j.w johnston carlisle so i am assuming that was the jeweller that made it,im trying to find out how old it is and its worth,can anyone help?

it has a serial number 415739 on the inside it also says warranted english lever. marvinator - The Waltham sounds like a "tip out" movement. You need to be careful with it as you could bend the winding stem if you are trying to lift it out without dis-engaging the winding stem. You need to pull up on the winding stem before trying to tip the movement out. And of course be careful of the hands while you do this. Once you have the movement tipped back into the case, you can push down on the stem again.

Antique Pocket Watches... A new obsession.
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