Best dating police officer pros cons

best dating police officer pros cons

Actually, dating a police officer has both pluses and minuses. There are some common things that can describe the relationships with single police officers, so let’s get deeper in this topic and learn all advantages and disadvantages of dating with law enforcement worker. What are the PROs of police dating? They are brave. These guys puts their lives at rick every day As you can see there are more pros of police dating than cons. So we offer you our police dating site where you will find the man of your dreams! Why Meetville is the best option to try police dating: The registration process is fast and easy, it will take just a minute! It’s always a pleasure to send messages to your matches via Meetville chat

best dating police officer pros cons

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as of late. Fair or not, a handful of incidents have left many in America deeply skeptical of law enforcement procedures and how officers handle potentially contentious situations. One of the proposed solutions to this issue is to equip police officers with body cameras. To some, this sounds like a slam dunk; but others have reservations. To help understand the dispute, we enlisted some law enforcement experts to weigh in on the pros and cons of police body cameras. Advantages of police body cameras A clear picture While mounted police cameras can’t pick up on absolutely everything an officer sees, the video obtained from these cameras can help paint a much clearer picture of what happened in an incident.

Police reports, especially in complex situations, can be hard for juries to interpret or visualize. Video evidence removes a lot of that uncertainty. “When it comes to times where you can use that video as direct evidence, I think it certainly tells a tall message,” says Bobby Kipper, former police officer and founder of the .

Improved behavior As a general rule of thumb, people tend to behave better when they know they’re being watched. But that’s not to say this is just a check on over-zealous or aggressive police behavior. Citizens who know they are being filmed are less likely to act aggressively as well, as the video removes any opportunity for disputing their behavior.

“All it takes is that first complaint from someone to be resolved by this footage to really start getting officers to buy-in,” says Steve Tuttle of , one of the world’s largest body camera producers. “This becomes their legal ‘body armor.’” Another benefit from these videos is that it allows officers to self-evaluate and find opportunities to improve how they handle a situation.

Tuttle says it’s somewhat similar to seeing yourself interviewed on TV for the first time. You’ll probably cringe a little as you assess your performance, but it can serve as a learning opportunity and motivator.

They’re relatively unobtrusive Police officers are responsible for a lot of equipment, and while some might bristle at the thought of adding more to the list, the cameras used for law enforcement are not bulky or particularly burdensome.

But the smallest cameras are about the size of a tube of lipstick and can be mounted in a variety of locations on an officer’s body. Altogether the camera and battery pack weigh just less than a quarter of a pound. Reduction in complaints & related expenses Early results from agencies using body cameras appear to be positive.

A study performed by the Rialto, CA police department found that the cameras led to an 87.5 percent decrease in officer complaints as well as a 59 percent reduction in use of force over the course of a year—and they’re . This drop in complaints can also lead to a substantial decrease in the time and resources devoted to investigating complaints and resolving civil litigation.

These cameras could also present an opportunity for police departments to officers do as well as give the public a better idea of what the day to day life of a police officer is really like. Cons of police body cameras Upfront costs It’s no secret a lot of state budgets have been squeezed since the latest economic downturn, and this may make the price tag for implementing body camera systems unrealistic for some law enforcement agencies.

The cameras offered by Tuttle’s company range in price from $399-$599 per unit. Kipper says the expense needs to be taken into account for those who push for immediate adoption of body cameras. “These cameras can be a costly initiative for communities who haven’t planned for this,” Kipper explains.

“A lot of these departments are under a tight budget already.” Privacy concerns “People in the community need to understand that they’re on candid camera, literally, with law enforcement present,” Kipper says. “Are they going to be okay with being filmed when things aren’t going well?” Police body cameras do raise some substantial privacy issues.

The nature of police work has officers interacting with citizens during their most vulnerable moments. For example, would you feel comfortable knowing anyone could request to view video of an incident that occurred within your home?

Or footage of you if you’ve been the victim of a crime? Will officers have the discretion to turn off the camera in sensitive or potentially dangerous situations? Departments will need to work with advocacy groups like the to develop policies that balance citizen’s with the public’s desire for transparency. Storage of evidence Traditionally, evidence is collected, labeled and physically stored under lock and key.

But digital video storage adds another layer of complexity that some law enforcement agencies may struggle to manage. While agencies may save time collecting, organizing and tracking digital photographic evidence, video requires an additional investment in either storage hardware or cloud-based storage systems.

Tuttle says the issue is about more than just having a place to house the video. “It’s important to consider chain of custody—once you have the video can you take it to court? Can you prove where it’s been or whether it’s been altered from the original?” Tuttle asks. These are legitimate concerns that cause some to question the use of police body cameras.

Too much too fast? “If you’ve been doing your job one way for 10, 15 even 20 years and now someone tells you to do it differently—it’s uncomfortable,” Tuttle says. “Whether you’re a pro or a novice, change is always going to present a challenge.” The change in how police officers operate will likely provide some initial friction; a problem which Kipper says could be magnified if departments rush in too quickly in the face of public pressure.

Policies need to be developed, training needs to take place and funding needs to be secured. “It’s a big process that doesn’t just happen overnight,” Kipper says. The final verdict The American public, , seems to be in favor of law enforcement adopting body cameras. There are certainly valid concerns regarding how this technology will be implemented, but the strong support shown for these cameras seems to indicate it’s a matter of when, not if, they’ll be implemented.

Departments will have to overcome the challenges presented here, but these cameras also provide an opportunity for police to strengthen the relationships they have with the communities they serve.

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best dating police officer pros cons

best dating police officer pros cons - Meet Single Police Officers: Police Dating Site

best dating police officer pros cons

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best dating police officer pros cons

If you have gorged on your dose of Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys, then be assured that police business is very different from what was showed on screen. The career is not as cool as it is made out to be.

Also, it is not as risky as the makers of Blitz will like you to believe. Try to speak with police officers in your neighborhood or town and you would realize that most of them just go about their job like ordinary citizens. Being a law enforcement officer has its share of joy and pain. So here is an assessment of the pros and cons of being a police officer.

List of Pros of Being a Police Officer 1. Self Respect The first pro is not really an advantage. It is more of a reason of satiation. Being a law enforcement officer is a proud feeling. Very few people in the world are actually proud of what they do. A police officer, one who is righteous and harbors the spirit of justice, will be one proud woman or man.

2. Financial Security Being a police officer assures financial security. The salaries are relatively handsome. There are allowances and plenty of financial coverage taking care of various exceptional expenses. There’s steady career progression if one wants to stick around and there’s financial security after retirement.

Police officers are rarely fired unless they do something really wrong. Even suspended cops get paid. 3. Long Term Benefits A police officer can retire after a few years of service, take retirement benefits and do anything constructive with one’s life. In most states and departments, a police officer is eligible for retirement with benefits after twenty years of service.

One can retire before forty and live a satiating life. 4. Recession Proof Industry The job of a police officer is relatively recession proof. Unless a department or precinct is shutting down, unless there is a mammoth economical problem, cops will get paid and they wouldn’t lose their jobs.

Also, the respect that comes with being a police officer is satiating enough. List of Cons of Being a Police Officer 1. Risk to Life According to many studies, a roofer and plumber or an electrician, construction worker and sanitation worker among others would be equally at risk. In that sense, you cannot single out the job or profession of a cop but the likelihood of being threatened by a criminal and risking one’s life is certainly more on the face.

2. Psychological Stress Cops who have witnessed murders, abuse, have had to kill criminals, been intimidated and threatened, have had to deal with personal tragedies or even threats towards families have reported experiencing extreme psychological distress. 3. Demanding Career At times, the job of a police officer is very demanding. Crunch situations demand endless hours with little or no sleep, little or no food and almost no time to relax.

Finally, a NICE cop?!? #TheWomenAreNicer
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