Best dating puerto rican rum

best dating puerto rican rum

This is different than other rum producers in Puerto Rico — all the others age their rum in charred whisky barrels, and then they blend the aged spirits. Ron del Barrilto produces three types of rum — 2-Star, 3-star and 5-Star (the number of stars are on the label). The 2-Star gold rum is aged 3 years, while the 3-Star gold rum is a mixture of rums that are aged between 6 to 10 years. The new 5 star is well aged rum , some up to 35 years old, blended to perfection. This is not a huge operation, but it is a true Puerto Rican rum, and a favorite of local Puerto Ricans. We were not able to get in .

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best dating puerto rican rum

best dating puerto rican rum - 10 Best Rums From Puerto Rico

best dating puerto rican rum

In ‘the Fine Art of Mixing Drinks’, author David Embury mentions Bacardi and Havana Club as two fine brands of Cuban rum (p.69). In addition, in front of each Bacardi Superior bottles sold in Australia there is a phrase ‘Casa Fundada En Cuba’ – which means ‘company founded in Cuba’.

These lead us to think that Bacardi is a brand of Cuban rum. However, at the back of each Bacardi bottles there is a phrase that reads ‘aged, filtered and blended in Puerto Rico’ which contradicts our previous surmise that Bacardi is a brand of Cuban rum. So, is Bacardi Cuban or Puerto Rican?

In order to answer this question we need to learn a bit about the history of Bacardi rum company. The Bacardi company was founded in 1862 in Cuba by Facundo Bacardí Massó, a wine merchant who had migrated to Cuba from Catalonia, Spain. The Bacardi firm flourished in Cuba, and expanded their business into other countries such as United States and Puerto Rico. However, the company fled Cuba in the 1960s, when Fidel Castro’s revolutionary government nationalised Bacardi’s assets and distilleries within the country.

After their exile, Bacardi re-established their fortune in other areas of the Caribbean, such as in Puerto Rico where they built the famous ‘Cathedral of Rum’ in Cataño. Going back to Embury’s cocktail book, the author had classified Bacardi as a brand of Cuban rum in his text because, when the book was written (1958), the Bacardi company was still based in Cuba.

Nowadays, Bacardi bottles cannot be found in Cuba. The most popular rum brand in Cuba is Havana Club, a formerly private company also nationalised by the Cuban government.

Ever since Bacardi’s exile from Cuba, Bacardi and Havana Club have been waging a war of words and legal actions (Havana Club backed by the Cuban government), both sides trying to outdo each other in the international rum market. Bacardi, despite having no business ties with Cuba anymore, have recently started emphasising its Cuban heritage in its advertisements, as rum fans around the world regard Cuba as the mecca of the rum culture. They have added the phrase ‘Casa Fundada En Cuba’- which means ‘company founded in Cuba’ – in front of their rum bottles, in an effort to underscore the company’s country of origin.

To counter this, Havana Club, for the same purpose, include the logo ‘Republica De Cuba Garantia’ in front of their rum bottles, which means that the Cuban government warrants its nature as true Cuban rum. In conclusion, Bacardi should not be regarded as Cuban rum, as they are neither produced nor sold in Cuba anymore.

It should be classified as Puerto Rican rum. Interestingly, some Bacardi bottles are not even produced in Puerto Rico. Bacardi bottles produced in Puerto Rico are only sold in the Americas. These can be distinguished by the banderol at the bottom of each bottle, which reads ‘Puerto Rican Rum’. This is the only proof that the rum is actually produced at a distillery located within Puerto Rico. In the rest of the world, including Australia, the banderol reads ‘Casa Fundada En Cuba’ which does not give any information regarding the bottle’s place of manufacture.

Bacardi rum that is sold outside the Americas is produced in various distilleries outside Puerto Rico, including Spain. Surprisingly, Bacardi bottles produced in Puerto Rico (with the ‘Puerto Rican Rum’ logo) taste a bit smoother and sweeter than those produced in the rest of the world (with the ‘Casa Fundada En Cuba’ logo), although they should technically taste the same.

True. it did try to get started in Cuba but ,it was outed or rejected by Castro and so these two Spaniards by the name of Bacardi decided to move it to Puerto Rico and New York. therefore that’s where it grew into an empire so is it a Puerto Rican rum yes!

because that’s where this two spaniards were welcomed and grew . The bottom line is that in every label it is and will always be Puerto Rican rum. So grow up it’s not a competition True. it did get started in Cuba but, if you knew your history it was outed or rejected by Castro and so the two Spaniards by the name of Bacardi decided to move it to Puerto Rico and New York. That’s where it grew into an empire .so ,is it Puerto Rican rum yes!

because that’s where the two spaniards were welcomed and made big money .The bottom line is that in every label it is and will always be Puerto Rican rum.

So grow up it’s not a competition It is a dumb comparison read your history Castro rejected the two Spaniard and kick them out of the island .

so yes Bacardi was invented by two Spanidards by the name Bacardi and rejected by Castro outed from Cuba and welcomed with open arms in Puerto RICO where they may make big money.

Where it was stamped and approved in Puerto Rico. So it’s not a competition it’s facts . as for McDonald’s everybody knows that is American fast food and not Canadian so this is a total idiotic comparison.

I suggest to try the “Ron Caney”, which is the rum still produced in the original Bacardí factory in Santiago de Cuba. The water, the aguardiente de caña and the passion of the workers who were in on the secret recipe of Bacardi are there still making the best rum in the world that can wet the human lips.

Well im a puerto rican man who just found out that the bacardi recipe is not originally from the Caribbean but from “SPAIN” LOL…in any case,these days &for the past 50 something years we the people of the island of borinquen have given its luster and made it an international brand so yes Puerto Rican hands sweat &love make it these days so it makes it what?

Puerto Rican 😉 lol EXACTO, This is a question I have had for a while. I visited the Bacardi factory and even they didn’t have a clear answer. Bacardi is part Spanish, Cuban, but Puerto Rican refined and DEFINED. We made it what it is today, time after time it will surpass most rums out there, if not all.

Lets not fight about who started lets be clear of what it has evolved in! Its not rum and coke at the bar, its BACARDI and coke! A toda la familia SALUD!!!! Technically it is considered Puerto Rican Rum…being produced and derived there but the company being founded in Cuba and having to exile to remain in business; if they are using the same techniques they used in the original founding of the company, my opinion is it is still Cuban Rum and I’m sure that label is being used for legal and marketing purposes and has proven to be successful.

When it comes to authentic Puerto Rican Rum I think a good example is Don Q being the largest selling on the island where it is produced and where it was founded. There was a 3 year difference in the founding of both companies (1862 & 1865) so since Bacardi had a little head start I think that’s how they gained more popularity and snatched up the “Puerto Rican King of Rum” hot spot around the world lol I think it should be called CubaRican Rum:), Just kidding, its only fair to give credit to Puerto Rico since the awards that the rum has won and its recognition was through hard work in the Island of Puerto Rico, they should share some of the glory, remember that history is what it is, the family came from spain, yes they are the true owners, so we all have something to be proud of, because afterall we are a son or daughter of spain in more ways than one, matter of fact we should have all three flags from Spain, Cuba and PuertoRico on the bottles and educate the world.

Remember no one Idea belongs to one human, it evolves with one and others make it better and deliver a finer and greater product. VIVA LATINOS, God Bless:) This rum is 100% PuertoRican. Its been made in Pto Rico for over 50 years. The founder’s were originally form spain that emigrated to Cuba. So if all of you say Bacardi is cuban because it was founded in cuba. Well in this case it should be spanish as the original founders were spanish.

Bacardi is currently made in Puerto Rico. Therefore is Puerto Rican just as its labeled! This discussion emphasizes about where Bacardi rum is made, and not how it is made. In Puerto Rico, experienced rum drinkers consider Bacardi a Cuban rum. The preferred rum in the island is Don Q, a true Puerto Rican rum; although any connoisseur would recommend Ron del Barrilito. The discussion about Bacardi being Cuban or Puerto Rican has more to do with marketing than the actual quality of the rum.

Fundamentally everyone here is missing the reality and focusing on semantics. Yes Bacardi as a corporation and distillery was founded in Cuba so it can forever be considered Cuban Rum by name and heritage. If that is what you want to grab onto. That is much like saying that you are ______ (insert you heritage here) because your great grandfather was born there and then immigrated into the US. In truth if you were born in the USA then regardless of heritage you are American. The reality is that the liquid that likely passes thru your lips is actually Puerto Rican Rum made and distilled in Puerto Rico.

So both sides of the fence are somewhat correct yet….What does it really matter? There is no point to argue over the country of origin. Bacardi is a large multinational corporation. This has no patriotic relevance or significance. This is pure capitalism folks! If Bacardi chose to move their operation and label their bottles Puerto Rican then there is no argument they are selling you Puerto Rican Rum.

Had they not taken a small starter yeast batch out of Cuba before their assets were taken over by the government there is a very good chance the product you drink today would not exist. The fact is, that the product the world knows today and the company that it has become has happened while it has been registered and operated out of Bermuda. Yes….Bermuda. It is not Bermudan rum now people is it? Simple fact. If the bottle states that the rum was aged and bottled in Puerto Rico it IS Puerto Rican.

If it states Mexico or Bahamas then that is what it is. That is its country of origin. That is the truth and bottom line. Is the question about the product or the company? If it is about the Company then it is of Cuban origin but non of their products are Cuban since they don’t have a facility there nor do they sell their products in Cuba.

They are registered as a Bermudan Corporation then that is what they technically are today. There is no reason to argue. Look at the back of the bottle and that is what you bought.

Cheers! I must say, I am neither Puerto Rican or Cuban. I am from spaniard descent both of my parents from Spain (Pamplona). I say Bacardi will always be just “another” brilliant idea that has flourished in another impoverished 3rd world country, so. Thank the Cuban for letting us teach you how to produce a brand for us and thank the Puerto Ricans for maintaining “our” invention.

best dating puerto rican rum

Do you know someone who loves Puerto Rican coffee and Puerto Rican rum? Well, then I have a gift you can make them that is fast, easy, delicious, and screams Puerto Rico. Wepa! Using a good smooth, clear Puerto Rican rum and delicious Puerto Rican coffee, you can support the local Puerto Rican businesses, and share some yummy, home-made happiness!

It’s sort of like Kahlúa, but with a Puerto Rican twist! We were introduced to this basic recipe at the Club Caribe Distillery in Caguas during a tour, and we really liked it. So we will share it with you, so you can make it for yourself or make it to give as gifts. When we made this recipe, we used Club Caribe Silver because they showed us how to make it using the marks on the bottle design.

But we made some measurements, and now you can use your favorite Puerto Rican rum in the recipe. Ingredients • 1 bottle (750ml) clear Puerto Rican rum • ¼ to ½ cup roasted Puerto Rican coffee beans • 1 cup white sugar • 1 cup water • 1 vanilla bean (optional) Procedure • Remove about ½ cup of rum from 750ml bottle of clear rum. You don’t want to waste this, so make yourself a nice Cuba Libre or to enjoy while working on this recipe.

• Add the coffee beans to rum bottle. At first they will float, but as they absorb rum, they will sink to the bottom. • If you want, add a vanilla bean to the bottle, too. • Gently shake the bottle every so often for 3-4 days. It will get to be a nice dark caramel color as it steeps.

• After it has steeped for a couple days, strain out the coffee (and vanilla) beans. Tip → Don’t throw them out. You can dry the coffee beans, grind them and then use them for a real “pick me up” cup of coffee! And add the vanilla bean (split lengthwise and cut into inch long pieces) to 1 cup of sugar. After 2 weeks, you will get coffee-flavored sugar to use in your coffee! Now you get to drink again … Try a shot of your coffee rum … it will be strong, but should have a good, coffee flavor.

To make it more like Kahlúa, to have as an after-dinner drink, or to use in other recipes, do the following … • Prepare 1 cup of simple syrup (Add 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water. Boil for about 5 minutes until it is syrupy, stirring constantly. Let this mixture cool.) • Add 1 cup of simple syrup to the bottle of coffee rum to fill up the bottle.

• Shake well and Enjoy! It gets even better with age. Make enough to give as gifts for others and to yourself! Suggested Uses We use it to make , as a substitute for Kahlúa. But we have friends who add it to their coffee as a nice touch, or on the rocks, either plain or with milk. Other recipes I have seen for coffee-infused rum use a cup of espresso coffee, ground coffee, or instant coffee. This one was just the one we were shown, and it looked cool with the beans in the bottle!

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