Best dating running shoes indian brand

best dating running shoes indian brand

The Verdict: Best women's running shoes. New to running? Invest in one, reliable pair of road shoes that will go the distance, such as Saucony’s Triumph ISO 5. Highly cushioned with plenty of bounce and traction, you'll be able to clock up the training miles in them and they will transfer to race conditions, too. As you progress, you can add in shoes for different seasons, surfaces and training sessions. IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bi .

best dating running shoes indian brand

Upticks the speed $180 | Nike The latest batch of fall shoes features exciting tech and performance (and comfort) innovations that can help you achieve your goals, whether that means setting a new PR or just getting out the door to run more often.

We tested 62 models in our lab and on the feet of more than 250 wear-testers. After all those miles, these 25 impressed us the most. We grouped them in categories based on your needs, whether you want to go fast, boost comfort, or . There are also options for runners who just want to update their old favorite, and others for those who want to try something completely different.

We begin with the class standouts, the shoes our wear-testers couldn’t stop raving about. [Related: ] Reebok Floatride Run Fast Trevor Raab Price: $140 | Weight: 6.9 oz (M), 5.6 oz (W) The fastest shoe you can buy in 2018 is a . Seriously. Sure, is still on the feet of speedy marathoners all over the country, but that shoe goes for $250. Oh, and good luck actually finding a pair to buy. The FloatRide Run Fast, however, won’t stress your credit card nearly as hard and shares some traits with the 4% to help you reach the finish line faster.

It all starts with the foam: Reebok is using a Pebax-based foam—much like what’s found in the Vaporfly 4%—which is far lighter than the standard EVA that’s been used in running shoes for decades, but it also delivers excellent cushioning and off-the-charts bounce (energy return). —Jeff Dengate Brooks Ghost 11 Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 10.2 oz (M), 8.4 oz (W) This year, the Ghost racks up its seventh Editor’s Choice award for its appeal to a wide variety of runners.

love its comfy cushioning, marathon vets pick it for pounding out high-mileage weeks, and road runners like its quick, smooth ride. And the 11th version of the shoe is no exception.

The Ghost delivers again with an almost spooky consistency, with some notable updates to its midsole. Using a new foam, the Ghost feels lighter without a loss of softness or bounce. While this didn’t affect the weight of the shoe, our testers who have run in several models of the Ghost thought that it did add an extra spring absent in previous versions.

A new structured mesh upper wraps your foot more securely—and with a better fit—than the 10, as well. —Morgan Petruny Salomon Ultra Pro Trevor Raab Price: $150 | Weight: 10.9 oz (M), 9.6 oz (W) As its name implies, the Ultra Pro trail shoe is built for going the distance and staying comfortable late into an . The shoe is based on the S/Lab Sense Ultra, a competitive racing shoe better suited for rail-thin, faster runners.

This is the shoe for the rest of us. It maintains long-haul comfort, thanks in part to wings that wrap up around the midfoot, providing a stabilizing hug even as your feet begin to swell late in a race. Underfoot, too, though our wear-testers and measures in the RW Shoe Lab confirm it’s not a squishy soft shoe. And, because the foam is thicker than the aforementioned S/Lab model, left out its Profeel film, which is its lightweight, flexible stone protection.

It did, however, layer on a Premium Wet Contagrip outsole, which we found held firm on slick rocks immediately out of stream crossings or anywhere else we encountered them. —J.D. Saucony Ride ISO Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 9.9 oz (M), 8.2 oz (W) Technically, the Ride ISO would have been Ride 11, but a new upper design (ISOFit) typically reserved for warranted the name change.

What didn’t change is the dependable cushioning the line has always been known for. Compared to the Ride 10, this year’s shoe is slightly thicker, but didn’t add any weight. That’s due to the new construction where your foot rests down into the top of the midsole—the edges of the foam curve up around your foot for extra security. A layer of bouncy Everun foam is still used, too, leading to a quick feeling when you run. —Andrew Dawson Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Turbo Trevor Raab Price: $180 | Weight: 8.1 oz (M), 6.4 oz (W) Runners are no stranger to the name Pegasus; that workhorse shoe is on its 35th iteration.

For decades, the Peg has been a do-it-all model that can handle high mileage as well as it can upticks in speed. But, that daily trainer is a bit too heavy and a little too soft to really be used for any kind of speedwork.

This all-new “Peg Turbo” is designed to keep that legendary fit and feeling, but delivers the lightweight sensation of a racing flat. To do so, gave it the aforementioned lightweight foam, which is exceptionally springy. In the Runner’s World Shoe Lab, we found its energy return to be on par with shoes using Adidas’s Boost midsole. That’s going to deliver you a bouncy, fast sensation underfoot, even though ZoomX is much lighter than Boost.

—J.D. Next-Gen Tech Lightweight foams and space-age rubber compounds are radically changing the feel of running. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 7.5 oz (M), 6.2 oz (W) If you want an all-purpose shoe, the Beacon is for you. It’s light and fast, yet has enough cushioning to pound out high mileage.

New Balance used a durable version of its midsole material, called Fresh Foam Ground Contact, that can withstand road abrasions. By being able to expose the foam to pavement, New Balance could eliminate a lot of rubber that would otherwise be needed for outsole durability. The result is an exceptionally lightweight shoe that’s incredibly smooth and quiet—and fast. —Danielle Zickl Inov-8 TerraUltra G 260 Trevor Raab Price: $150 | Weight: 10.1 oz (M), 8.1 oz (W) It’s not often you see serious innovation in footwear coming from brands as tiny as , but the company has come up with a new hard-wearing rubber compound being used in its G series of shoes, promising longer life and stronger materials.

What this means for you: a trail shoe you won’t quickly wear through, and that will give you confident footing on steep, rocky ground, according to our wear-testers. “Traction is incomparable to other shoes I’ve worn,” says one. Another added, “I’ve had them in a good bit of mud and uneven soft terrain, as well as loose rock and sand on steeper inclines and descents. I was never feeling unsure about where to place my foot or if I would slide.” —J.D. Legends Some shoes need only one name.

These are the veterans that have been around a decade—at least—and continue to impress. Asics Gel-Cumulus 20 Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 10.2 oz (M), 8.1 oz (W) broke all the rules in its roaring 20th update to the Cumulus—and we couldn’t be happier about the improvements.

Shave nearly an ounce and a half of weight off the shoe? Check. Swap out the old foam with a lighter FlyteFoam midsole? Done. Put the cherry on top with a more breathable upper? You better believe it. After two decades as a go-to trainer for neutral-footed runners, the Cumulus proves it can still surprise—while maintaining the quality that Asics enthusiasts expect. —M.P. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 9.3 oz (M), 8.0 oz (W) The Pegasus is one of the most versatile shoes available—it excels at everything from an easy jog for a beginner to a long run at an elite’s quick pace.

It’s that kind of range that’s made it a popular pick for more than three decades. So, it’s somewhat strange that Nike would almost entirely overhaul the shoe (there’s nothing runners fear most than their favorite shoe getting ruined by an update).

But, fear not, fellow Peg wearers: Amazingly, the 35 still feels like the Pegasus, with all the versatility you’ve come to love. Beneath that sporty new styling, the Pegasus 35 has a full-length air unit for the first time.

Prior to the 33rd version, air had been limited to the heel, while the last two models used separate air bags in the heel and forefoot. This new, longer piece smooths out the transition from heel to toe, as you go through your stride. It’s still encased within Cushlon, the lightweight, responsive foam used in previous models.

—J.D. Asics Gel-Kayano 25 Trevor Raab Price: $160 | Weight: 11.4 oz (M), 9.2 oz (W) Asics celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Gel-Kayano with some big changes to a favorite everyday trainer.

(We’ve even called it an in the past.) The 25s are dressed for the occasion with a fully redesigned jacquard mesh upper that adapts the the foot for a better fit, and a sleeker look than the old 24s. Plus, the latest Kayano does more for overpronating runners. While previous iterations of the Kayano catered to both neutral-footed runners and overpronators alike, Asics built the new 25s for those needing more motion control. The shoe pulls off the extra support with a more supportive twist on the original medial plate, which now extends from the midsole to the heel for a sturdier ride.

Combined with the same trusted heel counter from the 24th model, the latest Kayano keeps overpronators from rolling too far onto their inner foot.

—M.P. So Soft If you want to float over the road, get these ultra-plush and supremely protective shoes. Adidas Solar Glide ST Trevor Raab Price: $150 | Weight: 10.8 oz (M), 9.0 oz (W) A stability offering with some pop under foot, the Solar Glide ST is your next go-to shoe. Fans of the Supernova will , taking what worked (plush ride) and updating it with a fresh upper and less bulk.

The ST is a workhorse. A flexible forefoot pushes you through speed work and up hills, while the Boost foam in the heel will get you through weekend long runs. Like its neutral counterpart, the Solar Glide, there’s more of a foot shape on the platform, but it’s not as roomy as Altra’s foot-inspired toe box, so your toes can splay without your foot sliding around.

Runner’s World testers gave the shoe exceedingly high marks in the fit, ride, and cushioning. A tester put it best: “Just an excellent all-around trainer.” —Derek Call Brooks Glycerin 16 Trevor Raab Price: $150 | Weight: 11.0 oz (M), 8.8 oz (W) The name of the game for the Glycerin 16 is comfort—plain and simple.

This neutral trainer is the plushest pair Brooks has to offer right now, and has delighted runners who just want on their foot. While this does make it one of the heavier shoes out there, the Glycerin nearly maxed out our cushioning rating at the RW Shoe Lab. One look at the Glycerin’s midsole and you’ll notice some changes. The 16 uses a new foam dubbed “DNA Loft” that amps up the comfort over the previous model, with no loss of responsiveness or durability.

Both these claims checked out with our wear-testers, including one longtime Brooks fan who noted the foam swap right away. “The Glycerin managed to maintain its comfort and high energy return through my entire long run,” one tester said. “For me, it was like Mary Poppins said: ‘practically perfect in every way’.” —M.P. Altra Torin 3.5 Knit Trevor Raab Price: $135 | Weight: 9.8 oz (M), 7.9 oz (W) Updates to running shoes are often met with skepticism—why change something that’s already perfect?

You might empathize with long-time Torin wearers when they learned the brand’s best-seller was getting a makeover. Rest assured that the Torin hasn’t undergone major changes with the exception of its exterior: a smooth engineered knit upper enhances the comfort of the fit.

And the mesh Torin isn’t lost forever. Both the new Torin 3.5 Knit and the updated Torin 3.5 are available by Altra for the runner’s choosing. improved the 3.0 by adding more cushioning in the 3.5 Knit’s midsole for a springier, more responsive ride. The shoe is soft enough for long distance racing and light enough for speed workouts. The 3.5 Knit’s coziness also makes it a shoe you’ll want to stay in post-run.

—Amanda Furrer 361 Degrees 361-Spire 3 Trevor Raab Price: $150 | Weight: 10.8 oz (M), 8.7 oz (W) The 361 brand may be unfamiliar to some runners, but the third iteration of its flagship neutral shoe, the Spire, is a great example of what the brand has to offer. Test results from the RW Shoe Lab showed that, true to its name, 361 made the the Spire 3 at least one degree better than the 2. The men’s and women’s versions both saw improvements in flexibility, and well as a leap in supportiveness.

While the Spire 3 is a bit heavier than its previous model, the shoe’s overall weight is still on par with similar big-name neutral trainers, like the Brooks Glycerin.

But the biggest difference between these two shoes is the cushioning and flexibility. The Spire lacks the Glycerin’s plush feel, but counters that with greater flexibility on foot. Overall, our wear-testers who liked a firmer ride gravitated toward the Spire, and believed there was ample comfort for everyday training and long runs alike. —M.P. Hoka One One Clifton 5 Trevor Raab Price: $130 | Weight: 10.1 oz (M), 8.1 (W) Maximum cushioning at minimum weight: That’s always been the promise of the Clifton.

The was especially light and speedy (it weighed just 7.6 ounces for a men’s size 9). But, since then, the shoe has gotten progressively heavier and thicker—it’s now as heavy as the Brooks Ghost and Nike Pegasus.

That’s not especially bulky, but it does put the Clifton 5 squarely in the daily-trainer category, or makes it better suited for recovery runs than for any speedwork. The shoe’s cushioning, too, has evolved over the years. Tests at the RW Shoe Lab show the heel is considerably firmer in this version. Beyond that tweak, nothing else under the foot has changed.

And only minor adjustments have been made to the upper, which now features a sleek engineered mesh. That allows to strip away the small overlays it used on the previous version, resulting in a much cleaner aesthetic without affecting the shoe’s support. —J.D. Wild Cards From three-piece midsoles to wool-lined uppers to roomy toeboxes, these shoes challenge tradition—and we love it! Puma Hybrid Runner Unrest Trevor Raab Price: $100 | Weight: 11.1 oz (M), 9.3 oz (W) At the core of the Hybrid Runner is a dual midsole that functions to propel the wearer faster while also providing a comfortable ride.The shoe is a conversation starter with its bead-embedded sole.

The soft knit upper gives the impression of running in a cushioned sock. While the shoe can feel loose in the forefoot on a run, the lacing system somewhat alleviates this problem, making the shoe a little snugger when tightened. The hybrid foam midsole makes for a bouncy ride, which compelled one tester to run faster. However, runners may want to turn down the speed over slick roads, as traction was rated especially low.

The Hybrid Runner is for neutral runners who prefer minimal cushioning and little stability. It’s an everyday trainer best suited for short road runs and cross-training. —A.F. Topo Athletic Ultrafly 2 Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 10.5 oz (M), 8.2 oz (W) The earned Best Debut back in 2016. We loved how the shoe fit like a slipper and didn’t feel oversized despite its above-average cushioning.

Its successor, the Ultrafly 2, upheld the original model’s reputation for a soft and stable ride without feeling bulky. The Ultrafly 2 has a few minor revamps this go-around, including a new mesh upper and OrthoLite footbed for moisture management. A runner acquainted with the first Ultrafly had felt the fit was too roomy in the forefoot; this was not so with the 2, which the tester found more snug and secure.

It’s a versatile option with a plush enough midsole to run long, and a tough upper and durable outsole that can take to the trails. —A.F. Salomon Sonic RA Nocturne Trevor Raab Price: $160 | Weight: 9.2 oz (M), 7.7 oz (W) It’s tough to drag yourself out the door when snow starts falling. But the roads can still be fun—with the right equipment. The Sonic RA Nocturne is designed to keep your feet happy during sloppy winter runs.

Using its , Salomon included stability and protection to create a . It uses the company’s proprietary Wet Traction Contagrip rubber that we’ve found delivers sound footing on slick surfaces. Add to that a high-rise, water-resistant ankle gaiter, which keeps moisture outside so your feet stay warm.

Testers noted that the shoe really stands out in wet and slippery conditions. “There was no sliding on wet or dry surfaces,” said one tester. “And it was able to withstand rain, dirt, and one incident where I fell in a creek.” —Pat Heine Under Armour Hovr Phantom Connected Trevor Raab Price: $140 | Weight:10.6 oz (M), 8.8 oz (W) You’d be forgiven for glancing at this shoe and thinking it’s not a performance trainer.

But, has packed a slew of running tech into this shoe. First and most obvious are the cutout windows in the midsole that show off the brand’s Hovr cushioning system. It’s an attempt at the high energy return foams that are all the rage right now.

UA has called that out, much like what Nike did in the early days of Air it should be fairly noted, with gaps on the side and a chunk of the foam poking out the back. The cue is definitely that this shoe delivers soft cushioning.

Attached to that is an eye-catching, high-cut bootie upper that . Many brands have tried this lately—Adidas, Nike, and others. Under Armour’s execution is comfortably stretchy and well-crafted, which makes sense given the company’s strong background in athletic apparel.

“The majority of the shoe is a sock-like material which is very elastic,” one tester assessed, “but it remained very snug for the entire time of testing.” —J.D.

Trail You need strong defense and superior traction on rock- and stick-strewn dirt paths. These shoes deliver! Skechers GOrun MaxTrail 5 Ultra Trevor Raab Price: $125 | Weight: 10.0 oz (M), 7.9 oz (W) Just like the , the MaxTrail 5 is a hit thanks to some unlikely pairings.

Most evidently is the knitted collar that wraps around the ankle as snug as a , and shields against dirt and rocks—almost as if you’d strapped on a gaiter. Another ambitious feature comes at the shoe’s luggy outsole, which is designed to tackle both road and trail running.

Soft foam-filled lugs compress just enough to stay comfy when you hit the pavement, but can still dig in deep when you’re climbing high on rocky trailheads. “I love the way the sole bites into the trail on uphill sections,” gushed one tester. The only drawback was that we saw the lugs break down more quickly than traditional treads. The same Ultra Flight foam that pumps up the outsole lugs comprises the shoe’s midsole, giving the MaxTrail a seriously plush ride with minimal weight.

Ultrarunners will love the two ports in the sole, which pump water out of the shoe after you splash through a creek crossing. —M.P. Brooks Cascadia 13 Trevor Raab Price: $130 | Weight: 11.7 oz (M), 9.7 oz (W) Trail runners will likely see a lot of themselves in the latest Cascadia—it’s spunky, quick, and at its best when covered in mud.

For its 13th iteration, Brooks harnessed that ambitious trail-headed mentality by adding more tools to gobble up the gnarly off-road miles. A 3D-printed rubber mud guard now shields the lower foot from rocks and sticks, and a handy gaiter hook at the back of the shoe lets you strap on extra coverage for exceptionally dirty trails.

Extra features like these do make the Cascadia a heavier , but it’s a small price to pay for a full arsenal of trail-tackling perks. Now armed with more cushioning than its predecessor, the 13 delivers a softer ride for long runs, plus added stability for navigating those technical, twisty singletracks. Data from the RW Shoe Lab confirmed the surge in support and comfort—and also called for kudos at the shoe’s gain in flexibility.

“The Cascadia 13 is much improved over its ,” said one tester. “It’s now one of the most comfortable trail shoes I’ve ever worn.” —M.P. Saucony Xodus ISO 3 Trevor Raab Price: $150 | Weight: 13.8 oz (M), 11.8 oz (W) The Xodus has been for nearly a decade, and it remains every bit the tank it’s always been, with trail-pounding tread and foot-cradling protection. The third iteration has been refined and gets a brand new midsole. Saucony’s Everun foam now cushions the entire length of the Xodus—dishing out a surprising amount of energy return and comfort for a shoe this rugged.

Plus, thinned out the sole a bit for a lower profile that keeps you closer to the trail. Our testers noted that the Xodus is back, with no loss of horsepower. “I’ve owned several pairs of Xodus in the past and have always been a fan,” one tester said. “And this shoe lives up to them all.” The Achilles’ heel on the is its weight.

Several testers called out that the shoe felt either bulky or clunky on runs, and data from the RW Shoe Lab verified that it was one of the beefier models we’ve tested. The shoe has gained three ounces over the last two updates, but testers say it isn’t a deal-breaker. The shoe’s superior traction and durability far outlasted its heaviness, owing to its ultra-ruggedized outsole.

For slippery and muddy runs, the grip cemented the Xodus among our testers’ favorite . —M.P. New Balance Summit K.O.M./Q.O.M. Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 11.4 oz (M), 9.1 oz (W) New Balance’s intention with the Summit K.O.M./Q.O.M. was to launch a trail shoe that could withstand the elements thanks to its “rugged durability.” Over trial by trail, our testers found the shoe to be resilient over muddy and rocky surfaces; a RockStop plate inserted between the midsole and outsole minimizes pressure and disperses shock.

Testers confirmed that the sneaker held up well in wet conditions. The Vibram Megagrip outsole helped runners keep their footing when things got dicey. The RevLite midsole is significantly lighter than the average midsole without sacrificing cushioning and stability. Though the shoe was quite firm compared to others tested, runners said the Summit K.O.M./Q.O.M.

was still comfortable over long periods running on the trail. “I can always use a little more cushioning,” said a tester, “but I didn't find that my feet hurt anymore or less when using these on some 20-plus mile runs.” —A.F. Altra Lone Peak 4 Trevor Raab Price: $120 | Weight: 10.7 oz (M), 8.7 oz (W) When you need claw-like traction, look no further than the Lone Peak.

A favorite among thru-hikers because of its burly build and no slip grip, the shoe delivers for runners moving at a faster clip over gnarly terrain. Credit the aggressive, angled lugs on the outsole, made from a stickier rubber. Testers found the shoe held firm on both slippery rock and surfaces. Boosting its versatility is a rock plate that deflects sharp trail debris, so you can blast over the with slightly less worry about what you’re stepping on, and a strapless 4-point gaiter attachment that keeps dirt out where it belongs.

The rugged nature of this shoe extends to the upper as well, with a thick toe cap offering added protection if you stub your toes. Testers found the quick dry air mesh to be durable, while also remaining breathable and boosting the shoe’s drainage ability on wet runs.

—A.F. Columbia Variant X.S.R. Trevor Raab Price: $150 | Weight: 12.5 oz (M), 10.2 oz (W) The Variant X.S.R. is a true door-to-trail shoe. Categorized as a trail shoe, it effortlessly covers the mile or more of paved road many of us have to traverse to get to the trailhead. The outsole has sufficient traction on dirt thanks to all of the edges along its length, yet isn’t jarring on smooth surfaces.

A dual foam midsole provides support when the path get jagged, and a molded external heel counter helps with maneuverability.

The shoe is quite hefty (the RW Shoe Lab measured the Variant among the heaviest tested), but testers tell us it resists feeling clunky. The Variant also has a significantly high heel lift (14 mm for men, 13.2 mm for women), but testers didn’t find the elevation problematic: “I was surprised on how well the shoe performed because of the high stack height,” said a tester.

“I felt nimble regardless of the surface I ran on.” —A.F.

best dating running shoes indian brand

best dating running shoes indian brand - Top 20 Sportswear Brands for Men and Women in India

best dating running shoes indian brand

There are many shoe brand available in market but some brands are trusted while some others are good for budget now come on point,best shoe brand in india 1 nike 2 adidas 3 reebok 4 puma 5 new balance 6 skechers 7 woodland 8 red chief 9 liberty 10 valentino 11 converse 12 lancer 13 redtape 14 lotto 15 fila 16 provogue 17 hitz 18 vans 19 united color of benetton 20 asics 21 Jordan 22 under armour 23 swiss millitary 24 DC 25 lebron 26 toms 27 etnies 28 tommy hilfiger 29 sparx 30 levis 31 lee cooper 32 roadster 33 kook and keech 34 gucci 35 campus 36 hush puppies 37 columbus 38 nautica 39 power 40 timberland If U HAVE ANY BRAND OF THESE THEN YOU WEAR A GOOD BRAND .AND TRUSTED AND IF NOT, THEN BUY ANY BRAND FROM THESE UPVOTE THIS THANKS…..

It mainly depends on your budget If you are looking for below 1000 then better opt for Sparx or Power cause they are better than many other Indian brands and are way durable. If you are in for 1000–2000 then Fila, Puma and Reebok are Perfect.

You can get comfort and durability as well as getting your money’s worth. If you are looking for hotshots like Nike and Adidas then, let me tell you, that Nike’s made in India are just a hype. Sport shoe’s of Nike are good like- Dart msl, Lunarglide and Pegasus 32 and 33. They are worth the money. But if you are talking about Sneaker’s, nope …… I recently brought Nike liteforce Iii (Black and red) and they do look good, but comfort, they just feel like any other Fila or Puma sneakers.

I have owned a pair of Fila Sneakers for about 2 years and I am a rough user and wear them for classes pretty much everyday.But, the colour hasn’t faded, nor does it look old. A quick wash and I can wear them to any function.

best dating running shoes indian brand

Get Amazing Black Friday & Christmas Deals 2019 on Amazon, Check this out. Shoe Fetish is a thing for real and only a true shoe lover can identify the importance of shoes in transforming a regular outfit. After all, there’s so much you can tell about someone’s personality by looking at his/her shoes.

To help you accomplish your shoe goals and look sharp always, we’ve compiled a list of top shoe brands for all occasions. Contents • • Brands For Women From comfortable flats and strappy sandals to statement heels, the majestic pair of gladiators and the playful denim converse, women’s shoes are available in an array of choices to pick from.

On a drab day, a pair of great shoes breaks the monotony by adding color to the grey pantsuit. They subtly complement that sequined dress. They help you run with ease during the morning jog. Women always need reliable shoes to get out there and mean business while having a great time. To ensure that your journey to greatness is easy on the feet and equally stylish, here’s a round-up of top 10 shoe brands in India for women.

1. CALL IT SPRING Call It Spring is a gorgeous shoe brand from the Montreal based ALDO Group. Started in 1991, Call It Spring culture is centered on the youth and their quest for individuality and fresh ideas.

Their shoes are fun, easy-going and original and kind to your budget. The brand believes in developing the person. Inspired by street culture, trade and runaway shoes, their designers are always one step ahead of the fashion world. Call It Spring stores are located in Bangalore, New Delhi, Noida andare available online.

2. DOROTHY PERKINS Dorothy Perkins is sheer elegance. They have an extensive collection to choose from, their range covering high heeled strappy sandals, ankle boots, trainers and ballet pumps and so much more. Named after a British rambling rose, Dorothy Perkins has an English heritage of 109 years devoted to dressing women from all walks of life in comfortable and high-street fashion.

They also have a super cool lifestyle blog for women. The shoe brand is available on all e-commerce retail outlets. 3.

LEMON PEPPER Lemon Pepper is a shoe brand under Metmill Footwear. Theirdesigns have become synonymous with comfort and affordable prices. Lemon Pepper believes that simplicity is the key to sophistication. Their range boasts of straightforward yet elegant designs.

Each pair has a classy finish and eclectic detailing that gives it a premium look. Lemon Pepper is available at Shoppers Stop, Metro Shoes and on all e-commerce sites. 4. BRUNO MANETTI Bruno Manetti is for the woman who loves indulging herself. A family business based out of Tuscany (Italy), Bruno Manetti draws their inspiration from the traditional Italian aesthetic which adores the natural design and sturdy workmanship.

They constantly create and explore to make sure their designs defy the conventions of shoemaking and produce shoes that give you an edge over the others. Bruno Manetti stores are located in Ahmadabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Mumbai and the shoe brand is available online. 5. CHALK STUDIO Chalk Studio as a shoe brand defines its customers through “attitude rather than age”. An edgy, chic and diverse collection awaits women, catering to both the shy teenager who is about to discover her style and the seasoned diva who knows exactly which shoe would go with what.

Some of their unusual detailing includes print and charm embellishments on leather sandals and ballet pumps and neon colors and dapper trims to add that element of spunk. The shoe brand pays attention to every nuance to craft the finest pair.

Chalk Studio is available in all online retail outlets and shoe stores. 6. CORAL HAZE Didn’t you have one of those moments of pure anger when all you could find at the mall were gaudily sequined golden heels to go with a graceful Indian outfit?

Every woman must have a pair of comfortable juttis in their wardrobe. That’s where Coral Haze comes in. A shoe brand focusing is on handcrafted Punjabi juttis, Coral Haze has exquisite designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Their juttis come with quirky patterns, embroidery, hand printed patterns and ornamentation. They use pure leather for the soles which cushion the feet and ensure that there are no painful shoe bites and aching feet at the end of a long day. Coral Haze also offers customized juttis to customers with an in-house design team working to recreate the image you have in mind.

7. CERIZ CERIZ is derived from the French word for cherry. Their shoes are designed for the modern woman whose choices are bold and beautiful. The shoe brand infuses global and Indian trends, coming up with fresh styles. The CERIZ Spring and Summer Collection of 2018 are cool, flirtatious and glamorous. Floral motifs and bright summery hues are the highlights of the collection.

Ceriz stores are located in Raipur, Nagpur, Vishakapatnam, and Hyderabad and online. 8. TRUFFLE COLLECTION Truffle Collection is a London based shoe brand which started expanding globally by first foraying into the Indian market.

At present, Truffle Collection is only available on online retail stores. But their range is absolutely amazing. Their high street styles have been curated from runaways in Milan, London and New York and their designers are abreast with all the latest trends. Their summer collection is just what you need to go along with those flowing maxi dresses. 9. STEVE MADDEN Steve Madden, since its humble beginning in 1991, has grown to become one of the most iconic brands in footwear.

The shoe brand has its roots in rock and roll and the culture of New York and aims to create daring, highly imaginative and individualized designs for their buyers.

Their collection is always at par with the trends of the season. Right now, sporty sandals, platform soles, transparent looks, glitz and studs are totally in and Steve Madden has the best collection for every style. Brands For Men From casual flip-flops for the beach, comfortable sandals for a day’s outing to sneakers for the morning run or a stylish pair of Oxford brogues for a classy dinner, you can find all kinds to satiate your shoe fetish.

To get you started, here’s a round-up of 10 best shoe brands in India for men. 1. KNOTTY DERBY Knotty Derby’s motto, “Let’s Get Naughty and Stay That Way” perfectly reflects the kind of shoes this shoe brand stands for.

Their collection for men exudes a youthful spirit and is the perfect balance between sophisticated and cool. Started in 1988 to cater to the European export market, Knotty Derby has since then emerged as a leading brand for footwear in the country.

Their textures and patterns are unique and each pair is detailed in a hand-finished style. Knotty Derby’s most renowned designs include their brogues, loafers and the famous chukka boots. This brand is available on all major shopping sites with attractive discounts. 2. FILA Started in 1911 by the Fila brothers in Piedmont (Italy), this company was initially manufacturers of clothes for the population of the Italian Alps.

They are now a mogul in the arena of sports apparel and footwear for men, women and children. Fila as a shoe-brand is balanced on the twin values of thorough craftsmanship that comes from their Italian heritage and cutting-edge designs that cater to the demands of the new-age man.

They have an impressive range of both formal and casual shoes for men. You can find the Fila shoe brand online and in stores in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. 3. ALBERTO TORRESI Alberto Torresi says that the perfect footwear has not been invented. The shoe brand strives to constantly improve and innovate and achieve a relaxing experience for the man who slips into an Alberto Torresi pair of shoes.

Some of their unique features include shock cushioning and sturdy gripping soles to minimize the strain on the feet, legs and back. They are the first company to use advanced athletic technologies in casual shoes to achieve lightweight comfort.

Infusing the element of comfort into the elegant designs of formal and casual shoes, Alberto Torresi is made for the urbane man who needs both ease and style.

4. SPARX Sparx is a sub-brand of the extremely popular Relaxo Footwear. Relaxo needs no introduction in an Indian home. The company dates back to 1976 when the Dua brothers decided to expand their father’s small footwear business on a national scale. As a parent company, Relaxo lends Sparx its reputation of being extremely reliable. Endorsed by Akshay Kumar, Sparx stands for funky colours, creative designs and comfort.

They say that Sparx is a range for those who need the adrenaline rush and the shoe for the fighting spirit in each of us. 5. JACK AND JONES Jack and Jones’s footwear is downright fun!

They create spunky and exclusive designs for the trendy men in town. They have the perfect pair for every occasion; sneakers, brogues and the oh-so-popular canvas lace-ups. This shoe-brand takes its inspiration from both pop culture and classical expertise.

The origins of Jack and Jones from a country fair in 1990 and their subsequent emergence as a denim giant is clearly evident in the subtle detailing of the shoes and their selvage edges, the latter being an old trick in the book to prevent denim fabric from unraveling.

The brand trusts their shoes to give men the freedom to choose their own path. Jack and Jones stores can be found in Surat, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Jaipur etc. 6. TIMBERLAND Timberland is an American company whose primary focus is the production of shoes for the outdoors.

The brand has a fascinating history and has contributed significantly to the technological development of the footwear industry. Nathan Swartz, the founder of Timberland, is credited with the introduction of the revolutionary injection-molding technology which allowed the creation of waterproof boots.

In 1973, the company was officially named The Timberland Company as the waterproof leather boots had become very popular. Their range for men is perfect for any outdoor activity.

Timberland shoes are available on Myntra, Jabong, and Amazon India etc. 7. NIKE Nike is one brand you’re likely to find everywhere. And nothing can challenge the comfort, the style and the assurance of a good old pair of Nike sneakers.

Starting out as Blue Ribbon Sports, the first Nike shoes were made inside of a waffle iron. In 1971, as Bowerman and his wife prepared waffles for a lovely breakfast, he came up with the ingenious idea of a grooved pattern on the sole of the trainers that would let athletes manage the running track. The Nike Waffle Trainer was patented in 1974. Who knew our favorite running shoes had their antecedents in a waffle iron!

Nike has been for long associated with premier sports shoes and has an unquestionable position in the world of footwear. 8. CAT In 1988, CAT footwear became extremely trendy as a premier work boot brand. The shoe brand’s Colorado Boots of 1991 was an iconic fashion symbol of the Grunge Movement. Their present collection is inspired by hard work and urban requirements. The bold designs make CAT footwear a choice for the hardcore.

They combine ruggedness with long lasting and uber cool styling. The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection had its roots in athleisure and the sports culture. The range was sporty and classic, with colours, patterns and designs relevant to the season. The CAT shoe brand is available online. 9. RED TAPE The Red Tape shoe brand line is present across the world and their footwear range designed in in-house studios in the United Kingdom and Italy.

Red Tape was introduced in UK in 1994. Interestingly, the rise of the brand coincided with the fall of the Soviet Union. The decline of USSR signaled the end of red-tapism and the beginning of the new era. Keeping in line with the fresh work ethics of that time, the brand was named Red Tape. Red Tape is available online, on all sites. 10. MAST AND HARBOUR Mast and Harbour is a private label brand of the e-commerce retail platform, Myntra.

Their collection of shoes is fresh, light and perfect for the millennial man who is aware of every trend that comes and goes. Mast and Harbour has a great range. Coming with a promise of top-notch quality, the brand has a wide variety of innovative designs in casual footwear for men and is available in unusual and chic colors.

Mast and Harbour products can be purchased from Myntra.

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