Best dating russian model instagram

best dating russian model instagram

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best dating russian model instagram

These days, logging on to is like signing up to envy someone’s trip to the Maldives, gawk at that mouth-watering pizza shop in Italy that you’ll never visit, or cry over French bulldogs you’ll never meet.

At least, this much is true if you’re following the top Instagram models and influencers. Celebrities certainly top the charts as the people on Instagram—but while famous people rule the runways, big screen, and red carpet events, who rules Instagram? For most social media influencers, Instagram’s curated feed is a necessary tool for racking up followers and translating internet stardom into IRL fame.

But so often, women seeking to jumpstart their careers on Instagram are boxed into the “Instagram model only” category—one that values very specific beauty standards, body types, and promotional expectations.

More often than not, however, the Instagram models on your Explore page are running successful business ventures. If you want to fill your Instagram feed with glitz, glamour, travel adventures, and the occasional influencer branded post, these are the rising women of Instagram to follow. 12 top Instagram models to follow 1) —16.4 million Emily Ratajkowski, also known by her nickname “Emrata,” has been modeling since she was 14 years old. Ratajkowski rose to fame after starring in and posing for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, and has since become the face of multiple brands and transformed her online-only presence into a successful modeling career.

2) —11.7 million followers A self-made model on Instagram, Alexis Ren is known for her sultry photos and minimal style. Follow her if you want a little fun in your feed. 3) —10.3 million followers Claudia Alenda may have risen to Instagram fame as a Megan Fox lookalike, but since 2015, she’s made a name all for herself.

The Brazilian model and businesswoman was named one of the top influencers to follow by in 2017. READ MORE: • • • • 4) —3.7 million followers Lira Mercer is a model and influencer with the massive following and loving fans to prove it. She’s not afraid to show off her curves and makes it a point to address the challenges she faces as a working Black model embedded in an Instagram world that values white beauty.

As she in 2017, “Color is always going to be a factor in what brands see. But Black women inform all forms of media.” 5) —3.5 million followers India Westbrooks (of BET’s reality fame) initially rose to popularity on Tumblr starting in 2011. After gaining some attention blogging for a few years, she made Instagram her main platform.

Today she regularly posts her modeling ventures, brand plugs, and the occasional inspiring quote. 6) —3.6 million followers With a large YouTube following, Desi Perkins is easily one of the biggest makeup, lifestyle, and fashion influencers on the internet.

Her Instagram is largely an extension of her YouTube presence, but she’s become a model in her own right via sponsored shoots and fashion brand partnerships. 7) —2.3 million followers Russian model Galinka Mirgaeva has racked up millions of followers for her fashionable travel shots and selfies alone.

She’s got the sponsored and heavily edited pictures on lock. However, the real fans stick around for her lower-quality videos and selfies featuring her day-to-day fitness and beauty routines. 8) —1.9 million followers Model and swimwear designer Natasha Oakley has a way of making you feel like bikini season should be a year-round affair. She and fellow swimsuit-clad model and designer co-run a page devoted entirely to “everything beach, beauty, and fitness.” 9) —1.3 million followers You might recognize her from a short stint on Oxygen’s Fix My Mom reality series, but Ashley Alexiss is better known on Insta as a plus-size model, influencer, and swimwear designer.

Her swimwear brand creates supportive swimsuits for curvy women. She’s really into promoting body positivity, beauty, and travel. 10) —737k followers If you want fitness inspo and frequent travel envy, Adrianne Ho is your girl. Ho is a Canadian-born, LA-based fitness enthusiast, model, and designer who is best known on Instagram for fire selfies and documenting her world travels.

She’s been modeling since 2005, but her Instagram fame certainly helped her to launch her to land a spot as an Adidas brand ambassador and launch and her own activewear line. 11) —557k followers If they aren’t already, Shannon and Shannade Clermont should be your sibling goals. In recent years the pair has made a huge name for themselves boosting their brand on Insta, but you might remember them from their brief 2015 stint on Oxygen’s .

Plus, they recently launched their own lingerie collection, . READ MORE: • • • • 12) —217k followers As far as the next up-and-coming cool girl influencers go, Raven Lyn takes the cake. Her savvy style is reason enough to hit the follow button. While her follower count is lower, that’s probably because she’s out snagging IRL modeling campaigns. She’s been interviewed for Maxim, modeled for Puma alongside The Weeknd, and was featured on the Vogue Arabia cover in 2017.

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. Kristen Hubby is a tech and lifestyle reporter. Her writing focuses on sex, pop culture, streaming entertainment, and social media, with an emphasis on major platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Spotify.

Her work has also appeared in Austin Monthly and the Austin American-Statesman, where she covered local news and the dining scene in Austin, Texas.

best dating russian model instagram

best dating russian model instagram - Date Real Models & Students 💄👠 @russian_models_dating Instagram Users, Photos, Hashtag Featured

best dating russian model instagram

The hottest models on Instagram will make concentrating on your job damn near impossible today. You can’t help but keep up with this Kardashian-Jenner. From walking the runway for the most high-end fashion houses to fogging up your mobile screen thanks to her Instagram, there’s very little that Kendall Jenner does that won’t leave you hot and bothered.

A post shared by (@kendalljenner) on Jul 4, 2018 at 4:33pm PDT We’ve been infatuated with this American model ever since she helped launch “Blurred Lines” into the history books. Ratajkowski is clearly not a shy girl, a fact demonstrated by an Instagram account packed with enough tease to make Rihanna blush.

We don’t blame the guys who hate on Cristiano Ronaldo so much. Not only is he arguably the best footballer in the world, but he also used to call this Russian weapon of mass distraction his girlfriend.

Now you can direct your vitriol to new beau Bradley Cooper. This long-limbed master of the bedhead selfie clearly loves traveling around the world, packing little more than heels and a bikini. Sky has also worked out a winning Insta-formula: hot girl+ virgin beach + over-the-shoulder pout.

Déjà vu never looked this good. Loading You. This Victoria’s Secret model has the kind of abs that body shots were invented for. Part-Indian, part-Australian, she’s the best argument for cross-cultural interaction. We consider her a Victoria’s Secret Archangel. ‘Nuff said.

That dream about the sporty chick who’s hot enough to melt steel AND chugs beer like a dude? It’s true, and her name is Anastasia. She may have only caught our attention after her went viral last year, but we’re never letting this surfer chick out of our sight. Ever. If you, like Sir Mix-A-Lot, appreciate a good rear view, look no further than this American fitness model who has nearly four million followers on Instagram.

Jen rose to fame after she began to share photos of her enviable assets. Kim Kardashian who? The Swedish fashion model’s blog, simply called “Kenzas”, is one of Sweden’s most viewed blogs.

In 2012, she won the Bloglovin Award for Best International Blog. With photos like this, no way this girl was going unnoticed. If you’ve caught any UFC fight and wondered who that unbelievably hot ring girl is, you’ve probably already seen Arianny Celeste. She may not be as popular as many of the other women in our list, but there’s a reason Maxim named her “The Hottest UFC Octogon Girl”.

The reason God created beaches? So that women like Australian model Natasha could fill Instagram with photos of sea-side frivolity, dressed in little more than two pieces of lycra attached by string. Even her website says she’s renowned for, “living in a bikini”.

best dating russian model instagram

Russian women are considered to be the most family-oriented ones, therefore, it fully explains the reason of their huge popularity among single men from the overseas. In most cases, which appear to be the safest and most effective ones, they can be dated on the Internet, on particular matchmaking services that have lots of advantages themselves.

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