Best dating san diego casinos around

best dating san diego casinos around

San Diego County is the Native American Casino capital of California, if not the nation. Here are the top picks for casinos nearby Here are the top picks for Native American Casinos around San Diego. 01 of 09. Viejas Casino. Sure, this well-established casino might not have a fancy resort (yet), but Viejas gets the nod in these rankings because they are masters at diversifying Sycuan is one of the first casinos established in San Diego County when they started as a bingo venue. It has grown into a full-blown gaming center, though the resort facilities are actually located several miles away at the fine Singing Hills Golf Course. The casino has its share of concerts in the cozy Showcase Theatre, though not the top names that Viejas, Pala, and Pechanga attract.

best dating san diego casinos around

GENUINE FUN. SURPRISINGLY CLOSE. Say hello to Jamul Casino® (that’s ha-mool to locals). We’re the newest, closest, and most genuinely entertaining casino in San Diego. Indulge your cravings at one of our seven diverse restaurants—everything from burgers and tacos to flavors from the Far East and gourmet steakhouse cuisine, complete with stunning back country views. Enjoy live entertainment from the very best local bands and try your luck at the tables and slots, with over 1,700 of the latest games to play.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

best dating san diego casinos around

best dating san diego casinos around - News & Blog: Casino Tips & Tricks

best dating san diego casinos around

BEST INDIAN CASINO GAMBLING GUIDE | | | | | | | | | WELCOME — if you are searching for active fun things to do near the San Diego area of Southern California, let our best San Diego casino guide serve as your favorite unbiased directory to world-class Indian casinos and resort destinations for Las Vegas-style gambling, famous Indian bingo games and entertainment venues for special exclusive discounts, packages, coupons, codes.

Our list of Native American-owned casinos that rival the finest luxury hotels, beautiful modern resorts, health and beauty spas, shopping centers, camping facilities and powwows provide for clean family fun activities, famous big name celebrity live concert entertainment, the fine restaurants and extravagant casino buffets, adult dating party hot spots, tourist information and championship golf courses. With more Indian reservations (19) and Indian casinos (9) than any other county in the United States, beautiful San Diego County is arguably the "Indian Casino Capital" of the world!

Our complete super index of top Indian casinos and resorts in the greater San Diego area features a large map to the casinos that instantly hooks people up with detailed information, pictures of casinos, casino games, casino policies, official casino gambling websites.

Our Indian gambling casino website offers info insights and lists on the best and in the greater SOCAL area. Age, alcohol, smoking policies: Our entertainment guide also includes helpful tourism and community to find and explore California Indian gaming history, gambling regulations, , guest safety, security and emergency medical services available on selected California Indian reservations.

We also provide a gigantic to learn about the California aboriginal peoples, their colorful tribal cultures, modern communities, and their 12,000-year history occupying these beautiful indigenous tribal lands.

Some of the most popular questions in our FAQ address ), a list of which casinos are 18-and-over (age requirements), casino smoking policies (smoke-free areas), social networking sites, what casinos serve alcohol (some casinos serve alcohol, some are dry casinos), breaking news, GPS navigation and driving directions, including to and from favorite casinos.

Our top casino guide also provides information about where to find excellent job leads and tips about how to apply for exciting careers with Southern California's finest Indian resorts, casinos and gaming centers, including watchdogs. TOP 10 9 Casinos in San Diego County Area * | * | | | * | * | | * | ( *List of 18 years and over San Diego Casinos.) ** | ** (**Casino-resort is in development or proposal stage.) *** (***Casino closed down Feb.

2014) *** (***Casino closed down Oct. 2012) All Best Southern California Indian Resorts-Casinos Southern California Indian Resorts-Casinos featured in our on-line casino finder are located near San Diego, Palm Springs, Temecula, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Hemet, San Jacinto, Escondido, Coachella Valley, Alpine, El Cajon, southwestern Arizona, Yuma, Phoenix, Somerton, Tijuana, including Riverside County, Orange County, LA County, Imperial County, Inland Empire, east county, north county: | | | | | | * | | | | | | ( *Notes which casinos are 18 years of age and over.) ** (**Resort-casino is in proposal-development stage.) CASINO LOCATOR MAP Getting help in how to pick a favorite casino just got a lot easier — CLICK on your favorite casino-resort destination for detailed information and its official websites: TIP: If you click on a link, click on your Web browser's BACK BUTTON to return back to the map or where you were reading.

HIGH RESOLUTION MAP OF SOCAL CASINOS & RESORTS FINDER pictures a satellite image perspective of geographical locations all the top Southern California Native American Indian gambling casinos, hotels, resorts, golf courses, powwow grounds, concert locations, including greater County of San Diego, Riverside County, Orange County — these are best places where to find incredibly wild fun things to do on Southern California Indian reservations!

How many Indian casinos are there in San Diego County? There are currently 10 Indian casinos operating in San Diego County with two casinos in development stages (2011).

Some of the most successful casinos have expanded to include world-class resorts, hotels, restaurants, spas, golfing. How many Indian casinos are there in California? Approximately 62 of the approximately 109 federally-recognized California tribes operate casinos (according to NIGC.GOV, 2011). The Indian casinos and resorts in Southern California are also correctly referred to as Kumeyaay casinos, Mission Indian casinos, Cahuilla casinos, Luiseño casinos, Iipay casinos, Native American casinos — depending on a casino's tribal affiliation.

How many Indian casinos are there in the United States? There are approximately 460 Indian gaming operations being operated by approximately 240 Indian bands in the United States (according to NIGC.GOV, 2011). How much money do Indian casinos make? The Indian Gaming Industry is big business — according to — the Indian casinos across America bring in around $27 billion a year .

They provide more than 400,000 jobs, and non-Indians fill about 75 percent of those jobs. How much money do tribal members make from their casinos? The general terminology used to describe how much money a tribal council allots in monthly stipends to its enrolled members is "per capita." It's anyone's guess how much the yearly per capita payouts and/or bonuses vary between tribes, but it is common practice among the gaming tribes to pay their tribal members monthly checks on their gaming revenue, profits.

THE RISE OF INDIAN GAMING 1988-present The small mapped region in our casino locator pictures the extreme southwestern corner of the U.S.A. and dramatically shows the rapid expansion Indian gaming took in the United States after President Ronald Reagan signed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act into federal law in 1988 and legalized gambling operations for federally-recognized Indian tribes in the United States. The U.S. federal government recognizes that a legacy of injustice and broken promises shapes the history of the federal government’s relationship with the American Indian and Alaska Native people.

We are therefore working to turn the page on the federal government’s pattern of neglect of this community and, instead, build a strategy for empowerment that helps the tribal nations forge futures of their own choosing. SOURCE: THE STATED GOALS OF THE FEDERAL GAMING LEGISLATION included providing legal groundwork for American Indian tribes to develop gaming businesses and methods for economic development and self sufficiency, and to create federal and state agencies to help protect tribal enterprises from negative influences like cheating, criminal and organized crime activity, for example.

More than 23 years later, the benefit of this legislation to the indigenous Native American peoples has been DRAMATIC — thanks to gaming revenues — some of the Indian reservations and tribal families are back on their feet with promising futures after their people languished for generations in debilitating, abject poverty.

Still, some tribes remain unable to benefit directly from the gaming boom and work towards self sufficiency because of strong organized local community opposition against building a casino, because of unfair, corrupted or uncooperative government officials, because the Indian reservation has a poor location, and/or because the tribal council cannot gain tribal support or investors to break ground and begin work.

SCAM FRAUD ALERT COMPLAINT CRIMINAL HONEST INTEGRITY FAIR PLAY THE WORST INDIAN CASINOS: As with any business — not all casinos and tribal members play from the same rule book — it may be a good idea to do a little research on who you give your business to.

A quick search on Google, Bing, Yahoo with the casino's or tribe's name plus "complaint" can give a wealth of free information about your casino's history and public record of fair dealing, moral leadership and how they deal with and treat their employee and guest disputes. HOT TOPICS, EDITORIALS & BREAKING NEWS: RE: U-T San Diego article by Karen Pearlman, Feb.

7, 2014: Editorial by Gary G. Ballard, KUMEYAAY.INFO Founder, Feb. 8, 2014 Few quotations in the news move me to publicly comment these days about American Indian affairs, but this is such a profound statement: "Jamul will never be the same (if the Jamul casino is built).

It would bring other big-city problems, more noise, more crime, more traffic, more light pollution." Dianne Jacob, San Diego County Supervisor I am not sure if San Diego County Supervisor Jacob conveyed these words in an official capacity or as a local citizen, yet they bear discussion from an historical perspective.

First, I will say to Ms. Jacob and her neighbors — yes, that's called "progress" and American Indians certainly know a thing or two about "progress." ... 2017 Jamul Kumeyaay Indians' $400 million Hollywood Casino opened in San Diego on the reservation on state Route 94 — the closest casino to downtown and the newest casino in the San Diego area.

2014 2/3: 2012 10/24: 5/24: Tribe plans big expansion of Harrah's Rincon casino ( 4/24: 3/7: 2/29: 2/12: 2011 10/11: 8/11: 8/11: 7/11: KUMEYAAY.INFO The Kumeyaay Information Village Website receives no compensation from any gaming tribe or their Indian casinos for this free information guide about these California tribal businesses. The created this casino-resort guide as a free, unsponsored community resource and our format doesn't yet include casino reviews, casino forums, popularity voting polls, awards, referrals or testimonials.

Please be sure to review our for additional important legal information regarding your use of this website and its valuable copyrighted intellectual property.

KUMEYAAY.INFO may not be held responsible for errors or omissions or misrepresentations. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FAQ: | | | | | | | | | | | | | LEGAL MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE in San Diego Indian casinos is either 18 or 21 years old, depending on the casino. Some local casinos will allow minor children in their restaurants, shops and non-gambling areas, but other casinos enforce a strict policy that guests must be at least 18 years or 21 years or older to enter the casino.

There are many 18 over casinos in Southern California. Check the individual casino listings below for specific casino policies. LEGAL MINIMUM DRINKING AGE to be served alcohol, the minimum drinking age in California is 21 years old.

Some San Diego gambling casinos serve alcohol, some casinos do not serve alcohol. IDENTIFICATION: You must also present proper identification documents like a valid driver's license, passport, birth certificate if you are one of the lucky California gamblers who appear younger than 18 or 21 years of age. SMOKING is permitted inside most (if not all) Southern California Indian casinos with various levels of management commitments to providing nonsmokers with healthy, smoke-free areas to eat, drink, socialize, party, and of course: gamble.

Because Indian casinos are on sovereign Indian reservations, the tribes are generally not bound to California smoking restrictions.

TAXES: Winners of more than $1,199 in a California casino will likely be required to show a federal Social Security card with a proper photo ID and fill out a 1099 tax form to claim the jackpots and lucky prize payouts so the Internal Revenue Service IRS can collect taxes on the jackpot winnings.

ARE INDIAN CASINOS & RESORTS SAFE & HONEST? Because of the billions of dollars in annual California gaming revenue at stake, you can bet the gaming tribes take the safety of their guests and reputations for business Ethics and Fair Play very seriously, as do the federal and state government agencies responsible for overseeing public safety, and enforcing federal and state gambling regulations and laws. So enjoy your play, the American Indian Gaming Industry is a heavily-regulated, safe and overall honest business environment.

There is a , a , and each gaming tribe has its own special to oversee and regulate gaming operations. In fact, most gaming reservations have their own modern police and , state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, and medical emergency first responders staffed and on duty 24/7 to quickly spot and respond to any problem that may arise — and most surrounding communities have grown to depend on vital tribal emergency services like professional fire protection and medical first responders.

The tribes have also invested in building powerful, well-funded to assist in their tribal security, economic and social development for future generations. As , most (if not all) Southern California Indian casinos are located on Indian reservations (sovereign land). As such, the tribal governments deal directly with the United States federal government, and to a much lesser extent, . EMPLOYMENT-JOBS-INDEPENDENT CONTRACTING & CONSULTING: $26 BILLION a Year Industry — 400,000 Jobs The Indian Gaming Industry is big business — according to for 2010 — Indian casinos across America bring in around $26.5 billion a year, or about 8 percent of the American gaming industry's gross revenues, including Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, Atlantic City, NJ.

Indian casinos also provide over 400,000 jobs. Non-Indians are filling about 75 percent of those jobs. A large Indian casino-resort-hotel in Southern California typically employs more than 2,000 employees and hundreds of independent contractors — that makes American Indian reservations some of the best job leads to search for professional, well-paying careers and contract work in Indian Country.

That rate of business success makes Indian tribes some of the largest employers in their respective counties. Keep in mind casino, hotel and resort operations are not the only job fields available on Indian reservations.

Also look at , positions with tribal police departments, construction, landscaping, dental and hospital wellness-emergency medical departments for great job opportunities. If you are looking for a challenging job, gainful employment or rewarding, well-paying careers in Southern California, be sure to visit the links below for BOTH casino and tribal websites. Just click on their jobs/careers listings — and GOOD LUCK!

BEST SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CASINOS & RESORTS: TRIBE: The Coachella Valley's premier Poker Room. Home of The Show - concerts, comedy, and much more for casual players and high rollers.

Try your hand at the best Blackjack games in Southern California plus Pai Gow, Three Card Poker, Mini-Baccarat and more. LOCATION: Palm Springs area 32-250 Bob Hope Drive Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-2704 TELEPHONE: 888.999.1995 CASINO: Thousands of slot machines, dozens of table games...

ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Smoking and non-smoking areas available ENTERTAINMENT: , concert theater, sexy dating hot spot NIGHTLIFE: (check out their party resort promo video) DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: , dramatic views of the San Jacinto Mountains.

Truly spectacular. HOTEL: 532 rooms total (spa and hotel, two tribal properties) SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: ; South Course is an 18-hole championship course; North Course is a par 72, 6,943 yard course TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE TO GAMBLE: 21 , guests must be 21 to enter the casino, younger guests may enter the Hot Water Casino restaurants if accompanied by an adult.

SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Viejas is the place for slot players. We have all your favorites like Wheel of Fortune ®, Megabucks, Pot O' Gold and more!

New games are being added regularly so keep an eye out for our new-release announcements. LOCATION: 5000 Willows Road, Alpine, CA 91901 TELEPHONE: 800.847.6537 CASINO: 2,000 slots, 37 table games, plus 18 Poker tables ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Contains smoke-free gambling areas ENTERTAINMENT: DreamCatcher Showroom; HOTEL: features a pool and lounge area, modern Fitness Center, a Business Center, 99 luxury rooms, and 29 VIP suites.

SHOPPING: FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT VENUE: Viejas tribe has built a sprawling outlet mall across the street from their highly successful casino — — including top name brand factory stores: Polo, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Vans, GAP, Guess, Coach, Chico's, Pacific Sunwear (to name a few of the 60 Viejas stores).

The modern center features seasonal Native American-themed shows like Power of Nightfire, Splash Tracks and Ice Princess for live casino show entertainment, and an outdoor ice skating rink and a family bowling center: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: World class restaurants, food court EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: 150 rooms, $36 million (in development stage) SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: 18 holes Mini-Golf course TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE: 18 , guests must be 18 to enter the casino SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Augustine Casino is where Locals Eat, Play, and Win!

We offer gaming at its best and so much more! From table games to slots...promotional giveaways to award-winning dining, Augustine Casino will make your gaming experience one to remember.... LOCATION: Coachella Valley 84-001 Avenue 54 Coachella, CA 92236 TELEPHONE: 760.391.9500 | Toll Free: 1 888 PLAY 2 WIN CASINO: 804 slots, 10 table games ALCOHOL: Yes, alcohol is served throughout the casino SMOKING: Small non-smoking areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: RESTAURANTS: Three, award-winning chef EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE: 21 , guests must be 21 or over to enter the Augustine Casino SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: The ideal place for the real player, Barona boasts the best Blackjack rules in the country with single- and double-deck games, high table limits (up to $10,000 and more), $25 video poker, and even $500 slots, chipless Blackjack.

And with special player services like Club Barona (our award-winning player’s club), the Player's Lounge (our online player services area), and the Real Player's Hotline (direct access to VIP treatment), serious gamblers find all they need.

Right here in San Diego. Right now at Barona Valley Ranch. LOCATION: Barona Indian Reservation, Lakeside, CA 1932 Wildcat Canyon Road Lakeside, CA 92040 TELEPHONE: 888.722.7662 / 619.443.2300 CASINO: 2,000 slots, 85 table games ALCOHOL: Available only in Barona Oaks Steakhouse restaurant with meal, and hotel room service; alcohol is not served in the Barona Casino (dry casino) SMOKING: Small nonsmoking smoke-free area in casino, smoking not permitted in casino restaurants ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: Wedding, receptions, conventions HOTEL: 400 rooms SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: 18 holes, TRANSPORTATION: MINIMUM AGE TO GAMBLE: 18 , children may enter the Barona restaurants with an adult until 8 pm SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: CLOSED - IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE LOCATION: Barstow, CA (off-reservation Indian Casino in proposal stage) TELEPHONE: CASINO: In proposal stage (57,000 square feet of gaming floor space) HOTEL: In proposal stage (100 rooms) CAMPGROUNDS - HORSEBACK RIDING: SOCIAL MEDIA, NEWS: TRIBE: Cahuilla Casino...

an Old Time Gambling Hall! 14,000 square feet of Southern California rustic charm, with over 300 of your favorite slot machines. Located in beautiful Anza, CA on scenic Highway 371... close to Temecula, Escondido, Palm Springs, Hemet and Riverside. Enjoy Old Time Gambling Hall fun, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

LOCATION: Anza, CA 52702 Highway 371 Anza, CA 92539 TELEPHONE: 888.371.ANZA (2692) | 951.763.1200 CASINO: 300-plus slots, electronic table games ALCOHOL: Yes, served throughout the casino SMOKING: No non-smoking areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 , guests must be 21 years or older to gamble in the Cahuilla Casino, minors may enter the restaurants if accompanied by an adult.

TRIBE: Casino Pauma... the Player's Oasis! Come enjoy the country club of San Diego casinos right here in North County San Diego. Over 35,000 square feet of gaming, table games, blackjack, slots, slot machines, blackjack, Pai Gow Plus, Stud, and Roulette Cards Craps, with Las Vegas-style buffets, dining, entertainment. LOCATION: Pauma Yuima Indian Reservation, Pauma Valley CALIF 777 Pauma Reservation Road Pauma Valley, CA 92061 TELEPHONE: 877.687.2862 / 760.742.2177 CASINO: 1,090 slots, 16 table games ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: No smoke-free areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: 400 rooms (in planning stage) SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 18 years or older with proper ID to enter the casino and gamble.

Children may not enter the casino or restaurants. SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Enjoy state-of-the-art electronic gaming in our casino on the shore of beautiful Lake Havasu!

Set in a desert landscape of awesome beauty, Havasu Landing Resort on the western shores of Lake Havasu is the center of attraction for outdoor recreational activities that bring thousands of visitors to the Chemehuevi Valley each year. LOCATION: On Lake Havasu (170 miles northeast of San Diego, 190 miles east of Los Angeles) Havasu Lake, CA 92363 TELEPHONE: 800-307-3610 CASINO: 243 slots, live blackjack and 3 card poker ALCOHOL: Yes SMOKING: No smoke-free gambling areas (restaurants are no smoking) ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: , Havasu Landing Marina, recreational activities include water skiing, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting, jet skiing, windsurfing, sightseeing and a myriad of enjoyable events in the area.

HOTEL: RV park and camping SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: CAMPING: , Phone: 800-307-3610 x242 TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 years or older SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Cocopah Resort...Your lucky day might be one spin away!

Our beautiful Cocopah Casino in Yuma, Arizona features over 500 of today's newest slot machines, so you're always sure to find your favorite.

You'll also want to take a seat at one of our 10 Vegas-style blackjack tables and visit our award-winning 250-seat bingo hall, where B10 could make you the next big winner! LOCATION: Cocopah Indian Reservation, Somerton, Arizona 15268 S. Ave B Somerton, AZ 85350 TELEPHONE: 800.23-SLOTS CASINO: 500 slots, Bingo, Vegas style Blackjack ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: No smoke-free areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: Conference center HOTEL: 94 rooms, 2 executive suites, 5 suites BOWLING: 24 lanes SPA & FITNESS: RV & GOLF: Situated along the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona, the is 300 acres of adult playground.

Residents enjoy approximately 449 sites directly on the golf course and 356 additional sites at the resort. All sites are extra large for big rigs or big groups of friends.... TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 years or older with proper ID to gamble.

Under 21 may enter the Casino restaurants. TRIBE: Located in the beautiful Palm Springs area, Fantasy Springs Resort Casino offers all you need for a fun-filled getaway or complete destination vacation. Whether your fantasy includes luxurious hotel rooms, exciting Vegas-style gambling options, fabulous dining, world-class entertainment, golf or poolside lounging, you’ll find it all here.

This 250-room Palm Springs hotel features brand-new luxurious rooms many with spectacular mountain views. The hotel rooms are four-star caliber with comfort amenities for both leisure and business travelers.

Must be 21 or over to reserve accommodations in the hotel. LOCATION: Anza, CA 84-245 Indio Springs Pkwy Indio, CA 92203-3499 TELEPHONE: 800-827-2946 CASINO: Bingo, off-track betting, 2,000 slots, over 40 table games HOTEL: 250 luxury rooms ALCOHOL: Yes, served throughout the casino SMOKING: Small non-smoking area with slots ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: Fine and casual restaurants, 12th floor cocktail lounge & wine bar EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLFING: BOWLING: FANTASY LANES BOWLING CENTER TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 , guests must be 21 or older to gamble (no minimum age to enter the casino-resort) TRIBE: The Golden Acorn Casino offers special friendliness as players visit the "Luckiest Place on Earth".

Customers have a choice of state of the art slot machines, 13 table games and 4 poker tables. Table limits vary, but, there is always something available for everyone. Video Poker enthusiasts can chose from over 45 machines. LOCATION: Campo Indian Reservation, Campo, CA 1800 Golden Acorn Way Campo, CA 91906 TELEPHONE: 866.794.6244 CASINO: 750 slots, 20 table games ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Small smoke free area in slot machines ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: Travel center HOTEL: 150 rooms (in proposal stage) SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE TO GAMBLE: 18 years old, children may eat in the casino restaurants if accompanied by an adult.

SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Welcome to Harrah's Rincon, the premier in San Diego Entertainment and San Diego Hotel Accommodations. At Harrah's Rincon, we can help you create the perfect San Diego vacation. Whether you're looking for traditional San Diego Casino Gambling or a unique entertainment experience, you'll find it at Harrah's Rincon. When booking your next San Diego Hotel Reservations, Remember Harrah's Rincon. LOCATION: Rincon Indian Reservation, Valley Center, California 777 Harrah's Rincon Way Valley Center, CA 92082 TELEPHONE: 760.751.3100 CASINO: 1,600 slots, 73 table games ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Small unenclosed smoke-free areas in slots and table game areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: 653 rooms SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: (see casino website for routes, schedule) MINIMUM AGE TO GAMBLE: 21 , younger guests may eat in the restaurants with an adult.

SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Jamul Indian Village a Kumeyaay Nation in the County of San Diego the Hollywood Casino Jamul boasts what may be considered the #1 casino location in Southern California as the nearest casino to San Diego. The casino is just off I-94 and a short 20-minute drive from downtown San Diego. OPEN FOR BUSINESS, Grand Opening 2016! Question: Which casino is closest to San Diego area?

Answer: Hollywood Casino in Jamul. Guests must be 21 or older to enter the facility. About , the developer, lender and manager of the $400 million Hollywood Casino in a collaboration of the Jamul Indian Village. The 200,000 square foot Jamul casino facility features some 1,700 slot machines, and 40 live table games. Historical: Local Opposition Editorial/Opinion LOCATION: Jamul Indian Reservation, Jamul, CA 14145 Campo Road Jamul, CA 91935 TELEPHONE: 619.315.2250 CASINO: Open for business — congratulations Jamul band!

LA JOLLA CASINO TRIBE: The La Jolla Band of Mission Indians is proposing to build a casino and hotel on its Palomar Mountain reservation, according to an environmental study of the project. The proposal calls for a 480,000-square-foot gambling and hotel facility, according to the study.

The proposed hotel would have 200 rooms with six separate villa suites and a parking structure...the proposed casino is expected to open in January 2012....MORE (San Diego U-T link broken). The La Jolla Indian Reservation consists of 9,998 acres of Federal Land and around 700 enrolled Tribal Members. Much of the land is undisturbed and is located at the foothills of Palomar Mountain, a semi-wilderness Reservation with the San Luis Rey River running through it....

CLOSED - IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE LOCATION: Palomar Mountain 22000 Hwy 76 Pauma Valley, CA 92061 TELEPHONE: 760-742-3771 (admin phone) CASINO: In development stage (480,000 square foot gambling and hotel facility) HOTEL: In development stage (200 rooms) CAMPGROUNDS: Campground Phone: 760.742.1297 TRIBE: La Posta Casino lies on the La Posta Indian Reservation.

The word "La Posta" refers to a meeting place. For centuries local people have met at the top of the hill for ceremonies and celebration. La Posta Band of Mission Indians desired to share their place with neighbors near and afar. Our casino will ensure that the top of the hill remains a meeting place for years to come. CLOSED Oct. 2012 - LOCATION: La Posta Indian Reservation, Boulevard, CALIF 777 Crestwood Road Boulevard, CA 91905 TELEPHONE: 619.824.4100 CASINO: 349 slot machines, no table games ALCOHOL: Yes SMOKING: No non-smoking areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE TO GAMBLE: 21 , younger guests may eat in the restaurant with an adult.

MANZANITA CASINO PROJECT TRIBE: Oct. 2011 — The for the proposed Manzanita Casino Project in Calexico has been made available for public viewing and comment.

The Manzanita Band of Kumeyaay Indians’ project entails placing 60.8 acres into federal trust and later developed into a casino. It would be on property at the southwest corner of State Highway 111 and Jasper Road with the Central Main and Dogwood canals along its border... 2,000 slots, 200-room hotel... . CLOSED - IN DEVELOPMENT STAGE LOCATION: Calexico, CA (off-reservation Indian casino site) Manzanita Indian Reservation P.O.

Box 1302 Boulevard, CA 91905 TELEPHONE: 619.766.4930 CASINO: In development stage TRIBE: Set at the foot of the beautiful San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Mountains, the Morongo Indian Reservation spans more than 32,000 acres and overlooks the vistas of the Banning Pass.

LOCATION: Morongo Indian Reservation, Cabazon, CA. 49500 Seminole Dr. Cabazon, CA 92230 TELEPHONE: 800-252-4499 CASINO: 2,000 slots; 85 table games, Morongo Craps California-Style, Pai-Gow Poker, 4 Card Poker, 3 Card Poker, EZ Baccarat and Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, No Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud. ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Smoke-free areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: 310 deluxe rooms and suites SPA & FITNESS: GOLF COURSE: The , a beautiful award-winning 36-hole facility formerly known as the East Valley Golf Club (phone: 877-742-2500).

TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 18 , you must be 18 years or older to gamble in the Morongo Casino with proper ID; you must 21 to rent a Morongo hotel room; children may be able to enter the Morongo Casino if accompanied by an adult.

SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Pala Casino - San Diego Resort and Spa is now AAA four diamond award winner. Find a great deal on the hotel stay and make your vacation at a beautiful Indian resort of Southern California.

Pala Casino - San Diego Resort and Spa is the casino you want to visit. LOCATION: Pala Indian Reservation, Pala, CA 35008 Pala Temecula Road Pala, CA 92059 TELEPHONE: 877.946.7252 CASINO: 2,324 slots, 87 table games ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Large enclosed no smoking room for table games and slots ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: 507 rooms (planning $100 million expansion) SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE TO GAMBLE: 21 , you must be 21 or older to gamble at Pala Casino, younger guests may enter the casino with an adult to eat in casino restaurants.

TRIBE: LOCATION: 45000 Pechanga Parkway Temecula, CA 92592 (Riverside County) TELEPHONE: 1-877-711-2WIN | 951-693-1819 CASINO: A vast 200,000-plus square foot gaming floor makes Pechanga California’s biggest casino; 3,000-plus state-of-the art slot and video machines; over 130-plus table games including Blackjack, Three-Card Poker, Let it Ride, Mini Baccarat, Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em, Mystery Card Roulette, Buster Blackjack, EZ Baccarat, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and Pechanga Craps ALCOHOL: Yes SMOKING: About half the casino contains non-smoking areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: Catering to virtually every taste, the resort offers eight great places to eat including four gourmet restaurants - Paisano's, The Grotto, Kelsey's and The Great Oak Steakhouse.

At Blazing Noodles, Pan-Asian cuisine tantalizes the taste buds. The Buffet offers a sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet and The Pechanga Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, providing round the clock dining choices. EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL/RESORT: Pechanga Resort, 517 luxury rooms SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: Phone Toll Free: 866.991.PARR (7277), Local: 951.770.GOLF (4653) RV/RESORT: Each of the resort’s 168 sites offers full electric (20, 30 and 50 amp), water, cable TV and sewer service.

Of the 168 sites, there are 3 Luxury, 27 Premium, 113 Back-in and 25 Pull Through sites available. The Resort is internet friendly with wireless access available at each site. Phone 877-99-RVFUN (1-877-997-8386) or 951-587-0484 TRANSPORTATION: ...just get on the free Pechanga bus at any number of regular points. MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 years or older to gamble. With an adult, persons under 21 may enter the Casino restaurants, shows and hotel SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Fort Yuma Quechan Tribe Play Like a Pro — Quechan is one of the largest and most impressive gaming facilities in the Southwest.

We are offering an incredible array of gaming options in a vibrant and sophisticated setting. This is the place where the excitement never stops. Quechan Casino Resort’s breathtaking design is Mediterranean-themed with tribal influences.

Relax and rejuvenate in a Mediterranean Oasis created just for you! As a Quechan guest, you can cool off in our large pool, or sink into our invigorating whirlpool. If a brisk ride on a current in our Lazy River is more your style, come join us!

LOCATION: California-Arizona border 525 Algodones Road Winterhaven, California 92283 TELEPHONE: 877.783.2426 or 760.572.3900 CASINO: 1,000 slots, 15 table games, 10-table live poker room, high-limit room HOTEL: 166 rooms, 8 poolside suites ALCOHOL: Yes, served throughout the casino SMOKING: No nonsmoking areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 , guests must be at least 21 years old to gamble TRIBE: At Red Earth Casino, When we say, "It's Where the Jackpots Are," we're not messing around!

We're cranking out more jackpot winners per square foot than most any other property around. We know that when you come to play here, you've come with one thing on your mind: JACKPOTS!

And best of all, there's a game for every kind of slot player at Red Earth; we're home to tons of your favorite games in all denominations. Choose from a fantastic selection of slots starting at just a penny to up to $5. Plus Red Earth has all of your favorite titles, multi-games, community games, and huge progressives. In fact, there's more than 4.6 MILLION DOLLARS IN PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS ON OUR SLOT FLOOR, just waiting to be won!

And at Red Earth, we prefer to set our machines on the loose side, so when you come out and play with us, you'd better be ready to play a little longer than you would at other area casinos! LOCATION: (JPEG) Highway 86 | 3089 Norm Niver Road Salton Sea Beach, CA, 92274 TELEPHONE: 760.395.1200 CASINO: 349 slots, no table games ALCOHOL: Yes SMOKING: No non-smoking areas ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE: 21 , visitors must be 21 or older to enter the Red Earth Casino TRIBE: Come have fun the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino way!

Gaming, dining, entertainment – we’ve got it all. We’ve been a Southern California staple since 1986, attracting more than two-million guests a year – guests who have gone home with nearly two-billion dollars in cash and prizes. Our friendly, dedicated staff is here to provide you with the finest service while you relax and enjoy the fun and games.

Swing by and check us out for yourself. Open 24/7, San Manuel is ready to play whenever you are.... LOCATION: San Manuel Indian Reservation 777 San Manuel Boulevard Highland, CA 92346-6713 TELEPHONE: 800.359.2464 CASINO: Bingo, 4,000 slots, 120 table games ALCOHOL: Yes SMOKING: Large nonsmoking area inside casino ENTERTAINMENT: Concerts, shows, boxing, cage fighting... NIGHTLIFE: DINING: RESTAURANTS: 6 restaurants, fine dining to food court EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 , guests must be at least 21 to enter the casino SOCIAL MEDIA: SANTA YSABEL RESORT AND CASINO TRIBE: Live Poker, Live Black Jack, Eagles Nest Slot Club, The Orchard Restaurant and Buffet.

CLOSED Feb. 2014 - LOCATION: Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation, Santa Ysabel, California 25575 Highway 79 Santa Ysabel, CA 92070 TELEPHONE: 760.787.0909 CASINO: 349 slot machines ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: No smoke-free areas in casino, no smoking in Orchard Restaurant ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 , younger children may enter Casino restaurants with an adult.

TRIBE: Nestled in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains, Soboba Casino is your one-stop headquarters for California gaming and entertainment. Soboba features 2,000 slot machines, over 20 table games, two restaurants, a 12,000 seat entertainment pavilion and one huge sports lounge, including a championship golf club. LOCATION: Soboba Indian Reservation, San Jacinto, Calif. 23333 Soboba Rd San Jacinto, CA 92583 TELEPHONE: Toll Free 1-866-4-SOBOBA (866-476-2622) CASINO: 2,000 Slots; Six-deck Blackjack | Double Deck Blackjack | Pai Gow Plus Poker | Three Card Poker | Four Card Poker | Ultimate Texas Hold'em | Let it Ride | Roulette | Craps; Poker 15 Tables | Texas hold 'em ($2-$4 and up, No Limit, Kill/No Kill) | Omaha | Poker Room Snack Bar | Breakfast and Dinner Specials; Indian Bingo ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Large non-smoking area SOBOBA ENTERTAINMENT: World class concerts, boxing, cage fighting...

NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: Sports, classic car shows HOTEL: In proposal stage SPA & FITNESS: GOLFING: SPORTS COMPLEX: The property consists of 480 acres, complete with hills, valleys, mountainous terrain, flat lands and hundreds of beautiful California Oaks. Our facility includes top of the line sports fields for baseball, softball, football, and many more. The Oaks at Soboba is proud to be the home for the Avengers Training Camp.

TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE: 21 , you must be 21 years or older to enter the Soboba Casino. SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIBE: Spotlight 29 is owned and operated by the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians. Spotlight 29 Casino opened its doors in 1995 to the public under the right of National Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988; stating Native American Tribes have a right to operate Casinos...

LOCATION: 29 Palms Indian Reservation 46-200 Harrison Place Coachella, CA 92236 TELEPHONE: 760-775-5566, 866-3SPOT29 or 866-377-6829 CASINO: 2,000 slots, 30 table games, 9 poker room tables, roulette ALCOHOL: Yes, served throughout the casino SMOKING: Smoke-free area for slots ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM GAMBLING AGE: 21 , younger guests may enter the dining areas with an adult TRIBE: The all-new Valley View Casino currently offers over 1,750 exciting slot machines; 18 table games including single-deck blackjack, double-deck blackjack and Pai Gow poker; delicious dining options including an award-winning buffet, the Black&Blue steakhouse and lounge, BLD's 24-hour café, Scoops gourmet ice cream shop, Sweets pastry and espresso bar, and Snax, a gourmet snack bar; the Main Stage bar with live entertainment; a new Players Club, a new high limit slot area, an Elite Lounge and a non-smoking casino and bar.

Plans for further growth of the casino, including a hotel, are in the development stage -- SAN DIEGO'S FAVORITE ™. LOCATION: San Pasqual Indian Reservation 16300 Nyemii Pass Road Valley Center, CA 92082 TELEPHONE: 866.843.9946 CASINO: 1,750 slots, 18 table games ALCOHOL: Served throughout the casino SMOKING: Non-smoking areas in bar and casino ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: 108 rooms (all with a view) SPA & FITNESS: GOLF: TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE: 21 , you must be 21 years or older to enter the Valley View Casino.

TRIBE: Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation Choose your favorite gaming action: Slots, Blackjack, Pai Gow, Poker, World Poker Tournament, or Bingo. Join San Diego’s best players reward program, Club Sycuan and receive valuable benefits, including discounts and cash back rewards. LOCATION: Sycuan Indian Reservation, El Cajon, CA 5469 Casino Way El Cajon, CA 92019 TELEPHONE: 800.2.SYCUAN CASINO: 2,000 slots, 90 table games ALCOHOL: No alcohol served in casino (dry casino) SMOKING: Large smoke-free areas for table games, slots and bingo ENTERTAINMENT: NIGHTLIFE: DINING: EVENT FACILITIES: HOTEL: 104 rooms GOLF RESORT: Two 18-hole championship golf courses TRANSPORTATION: BUS SCHEDULE (see casino website for availability) MINIMUM AGE: 18 , Sycuan guests must be 18 or over to enter the Sycuan Casino, including Sycuan theaters and casino restaurants.

COMMUNITY & PROFESSIONAL Resources Top three KUMEYAAY CASINOS in San Diego County, January, 2000: Barona, Sycuan, Viejas. Legalized Indian gaming operations took root in the early 1980s when the state of California attempted to shut down the Cabazon tribe's small bingo and cardroom operation — the Cabazon tribe took its case () all the way to the U.S.

Supreme Court — and won! The Supreme Court ruled their gaming hall was operating on sovereign Indian reservation land and was thereby outside of state jurisdiction.

The (IGRA) ensued and the rest, as they say, is American gambling history. With congress passing the IGRA in 1988, and voters overwhelmingly approval of in 2000 — California Indians, as , at last have a shot at participating in the American Dream....

Breaking News, Features, Editorials, Opinions: connects its visitors to the heartbeat of the Indian gaming industry in America. is the world's leading specialized source for Indian Gaming News & Information, includes daily news features and opinion blogs from top news sources around the world.

DOI.GOV — The DOI Office of Communications serves news media representatives across the United States. It can be contacted at (202) 208-6416. for index of local, state, national and world news organizations, edited by Ernie C. Salgado Jr., Luiseño, Soboba tribal member. American Indian Tribal Governments & Organizations: SOVEREIGN TRIBAL GOVERNMENTS The Tribal Councils What is the difference between an Indian "tribe" and an Indian "band" and an Indian "nation"?

An American Indian "tribe" will generally consist of two or more tribal "bands." For example, the Kumeyaay tribe has twelve distinct bands in the USA — each band has its own sovereign Indian reservation, and each band has its own elected "tribal council" that governs it. Think of a tribe as an Indian "nation" and its enrolled population as its "tribal members." Our original Kumeyaay map pinpoints the approximate locations of the twelve bands of the US Kumeyaay, and four Kumiai Indian communities in north western Baja California.

Please see our informative for a tribal brief, and essay for more indepth, detailed information about the Kumeyaay Nation. VIEJAS TRIBAL GOVERNMENT — The is a sovereign government recognized by the United States Government as having governmental jurisdiction over its land and tribal members.

Tribal governments have autonomy, and are not subject to state jurisdiction, based on their inherent sovereignty — they were governing their lands prior to founding of the United States, treaties with the federal government and the U.S. Constitution. Along with tribal governments throughout the United States, the Viejas Band has a "trust" relationship with the federal government, enforces federal laws, and participates in issues, relating to its land and people, on a government-to-government basis....

Source: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TRIBAL CHAIRMEN'S ASSOCIATION (SCTCA) The is a multi-service non-profit corporation established in 1972 for a consortium of 19 federally-recognized Indian tribes in Southern California.

The primary mission of SCTCA is to serve the health, welfare, safety, education, cultural, economic and employment needs of its tribal members and enrolled Indians in the San Diego County urban areas. A board of directors comprised of tribal chairpersons from each of its member Tribes governs SCTCA. Source: TRIBAL LOCATOR MAP: - Simply click on the name of the Southern California tribe and go to it website for more information.

TRIBAL GAMING COMMISSIONS Each gaming tribe forms its own "Gaming Commission." Here is an excellent example of a mission statement from the Viejas tribal gaming commissioner: Under tribal ordinance, the Gaming Commissioner is responsible for regulating "all gaming activity" on the Viejas Reservation "to promote and ensure integrity, security, honesty and fairness of the operation and administration of all gaming activity." In addition, the commissioner is charged with assuring "that all gaming activity is conducted in a manner which adequately protects the environment and the public's health and safety." The commissioner is also responsible for submitting reports as required by the NIGC.

The commissioner must fingerprint and perform background checks on casino employees to determine suitability for licensing under stringent eligibility criteria. The Viejas Gaming Commissioner has responsibility for overseeing the surveillance, inspection, auditing and licensing departments, as well as compliance officers.

Source: NATIONAL INDIAN GAMING ASSOCIATION (NIGA) The , established in 1985, is a non-profit organization of 184 Indian Nations with other non-voting associate members representing organizations, tribes and businesses engaged in tribal gaming enterprises from around the country. The common commitment and purpose of NIGA is to advance the lives of Indian peoples economically, socially and politically. NIGA operates as a clearinghouse and educational, legislative and public policy resource for tribes, policymakers and the public on Indian gaming issues and tribal community development.

Source: CALIFORNIA NATIONS INDIAN GAMING ASSOCIATION (CNIGA) The , founded in 1988, is a non-profit organization comprised of federally-recognized tribal governments.

CNIGA is dedicated to the purpose of protecting the sovereign right of Indian tribes to have gaming on federally-recognized Indian lands. It acts as a planning and coordinating agency for legislative, policy, legal and communications efforts on behalf of its members and serves as an industry forum for information and resources. Source: U.S. Federal Agencies: UNITES STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR (DOI) — The Department of the Interior has a solemn responsibility to uphold the federal government’s unique government-to-government relationship with federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes, as provided for by the Constitution of the United States, U.S.

treaties and court decisions, presidential executive orders and federal policies and administrative actions. We recognize that a legacy of injustice and broken promises shapes the history of the federal government’s relationship with the American Indian and Alaska Native people.

We are therefore working to turn the page on the federal government’s pattern of neglect of this community and, instead, build a strategy for empowerment that helps the tribal nations forge futures of their own choosing. To chart this new path, we are restoring the government-to-government relationship between the federal government and these tribal nations because “self-determination,” “sovereignty,” “self-government,” “empowerment,” and “self-reliance” are not abstract concepts.

Rather, they are the tools that will enable tribal nations to shape their collective destiny. This is why Interior is committed to partnering with American Indian and Alaska Native communities to help them prosper by expanding education and employment opportunities for youth and adults, protecting lives and property by strengthening law enforcement, and building strong, sustainable tribal economies....

| Source: UNITED STATES BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (BIA) Overview of the aka US Department of the Interior Indian Affairs — the United States has a unique legal and political relationship with Indian tribes and Alaska Native entities as provided by the Constitution of the United States, treaties, court decisions and Federal statutes.

Within the government-to-government relationship, Indian Affairs provides services directly or through contracts, grants, or compacts to 564 Federally recognized tribes. Source NATIONAL INDIAN GAMING COMMISSION (NIGC) The — The Commission’s primary mission is to regulate gaming activities on Indian lands for the purpose of shielding Indian tribes from organized crime and other corrupting influences; to ensure that Indian tribes are the primary beneficiaries of gaming revenue; and to assure that gaming is conducted fairly and honestly by both operators and players.

To achieve these goals, the Commission is authorized to conduct investigations; undertake enforcement actions, including the issuance of violation, assessment of civil fines, and/or issuance of closure orders; conduct background investigations; conduct audits; and review and approve Tribal gaming ordinances. Source: FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI) The — The FBI is a threat-based, intelligence-driven national security organization—the principal investigative arm of the U.S.

Department of Justice and a full member of the U.S. Intelligence Community. It has the authority and responsibility to investigate specific crimes assigned to it and to provide other law enforcement agencies with cooperative services, such as fingerprint identification, laboratory examinations, and training.

The FBI also gathers, shares, and analyzes intelligence—both to support its own investigations and those of its partners and to better understand and combat the security threats facing the United States. Source: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (DOJ) To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.

Source: California State Agencies: OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA (former ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER) is the highest elected state official whose office negotiates gaming compacts with Native American California Indian tribes.

Please see Governor Brown's website for official information and facts about San Diego tribal gaming compacts, past, current, future negotiations, documents, politics, community support — gaming deals between Native California Indian tribes, federal and state governments.

CALIFORNIA GAMBLING CONTROL COMMISSION (CGCC) — We take appropriate action to foster honest, competitive gambling in California that is free of criminal and corruptive elements. We promote integrity in California's gambling environment. Source CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE The Attorney General represents the people of California in civil and criminal matters before trial courts, appellate courts and the supreme courts of California and the United States.

The Attorney General also serves as legal counsel to state officers and, with few exceptions, to state agencies, boards and commissions. Exceptions to the centralized legal work done on behalf of the state are listed in Section 11041 of the Government Code. Source: PROBLEMS WITH GAMBLING? Here is the Place Where & How to Get Help: For Gamblers, Family, Youth | Treatment | Gambling Industry | Therapists — Do you know someone who is gambling more than they should?

Is gambling affecting your relationship? According to the Productivity Commission (Australian Government), each problem gambler has a negative effect on approximately seven other people... Source: California also operates a state Office of Problem Gambling to promote public awareness and assist victims and their families. The Bureau of Gambling Control is coordinating with the Office of Problem Gambling to ensure that state programs take into account, as much as practicable, problem and pathological gamblers as required by state law (Welfare and Institutions Code section 4369 et.

seq.) This is really a great resource for its "self tests" to help determine if there is a gambling problem in the family (and where-how to get help). Source: for help with gambling problems, please call: 1-800-GAMBLER (1.800.522-4700) California Indian Education EMERGENCY RESOURCES: California youth crisis hotline number: 1-800-843-5200 If you or your family or friends are in crisis and you don't know what to do or where to turn, call the above Youth Crisis Hotline number immediately for 24/7 help and guidance.

Visit the online for more information. Medical | Financial | Child Abuse | Suicide | Help | Domestic Violence | Eating & Associated Disorders | Elder Abuse | Panic | HIV-AIDS | Sexually Transmitted Diseases | Teen Hotlines | Parent Hotlines | Rape | Assault | Runaway-Exploited Children | Substance Abuse | Addiction | Drugs-Alcoholism | Spiritual...

You do not need to be Native American to use these resources. Source: RESEARCH LIBRARY: about American Indian tribes — "American Indian or Native American?" | "Tribe or Band?" | "Who is an American Indian?" | "What is Indian Country?" | "What is trust land?" | "What is sovereign immunity?"... The Kumeyaay Information Village Sue Woodrow, The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis UC Berkeley, Institute of Government Studies Download PDF San Diego State University, Sycuan Institute On Tribal Gaming Viejas Tribal Government Download PDF The Kumeyaay Information Village Jump up page for list Jump up page for list | | PUBLIC BROADCAST SYSTEM (PBS) "Indian Country Diaries" Study guide 1850-2011, California Indian Education website American tribal and world wisdom portal...

CALIFORNIA'S INDIGENOUS PEOPLES 12,000 years, 600 generations in San Diego! STATISTICALLY SPEAKING In the entire United States, there are 565 federally-recognized tribes (bands) according to the . California has approximately 109 federally-recognized American Indian tribal bands — that's more distinct tribes than any other state. Further, California has the largest population of Native Americans of any other state. Approximately 60 of California's tribal bands are operating Indian casinos making Southern California the so-called Indian Casino Capitol of the world!

The , and it has more Indian reservations than any other county in the United States. THE FOUR INDIGENOUS TRIBES native to the County of San Diego include: , , , and (aka Iipay-Tipay-Diegueño).

Tribal information academically presented by FOUR DIRECTIONS INSTITUTE Also visit the KUMEYAAY.INFO and portals. In 1848, Indians in California outnumbered whites by ten to one — can you imagine that — walking out of your house or hotel today and hiking towards your favorite park or beach in an 1848 California countryside? — since 10,000 B.C. — an editorial perspective, timeline and history essay about San Diego's original people.

editorial letters to the editor (submit your opinions, photos to Kumeyaay Information Village Website for publication). NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY — The U.S. federal government recognizes certain tribal bands as "domestic dependent nations." The U.S. Constitution and federal laws grant tribal nations more sovereignty than is granted to states or other local jurisdictions, yet they do not grant full sovereignty equivalent to foreign nations, hence the term "domestic dependent nations...".

American tribal sovereignty issues can become very important to learn about if you are injured on tribal lands (including workman's compensation type claims), or if you have a legal, civil or contract dispute with a federally-recognized American Indian tribe....

ORIGINAL PEOPLES of SAN DIEGO COUNTY Art | Culture | Research | Multimedia To learn more about the "real" original native peoples of California — their ageless indigenous histories, cultures, creative arts, languages — past, present and future — please visit our main featuring original beautiful multimedia content about the aboriginal tribal peoples of greater San Diego County who have lived in the coastal, desert, mountain, inland areas of San Diego for over 12,000 years.

The largest and best Kumeyaay website in the world also features great information about , the , an extensive , and a special information page devoted to the four federally-recognized surviving tribal groups currently living in .

+++++++ +++++++ COPYRIGHT NOTE: The text descriptions, casino photos, casino logos and casino advertisements about the San Diego gambling casinos listed on this free Indian casino guide may be copyrighted by respective tribes, casino websites and organizations. Please if you would like to update your information or if you see any errors or omissions or misrepresentations.

KUMEYAAY.INFO does not endorse gambling or recommend any listed or unlisted gambling casinos — please read the and verify all information with the California casinos. This page was researched, compiled and by GARY G. BALLARD, KUMEYAAY.INFO founder.

I WELCOME your help and expertise in further developing this community resource (and fixing my mistakes) as I am not an expert on Indian Gaming or the California Indian peoples, but I did give it my best effort. • • • • •

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Lady luck has a spot at the table for you. While San Diego is renowned for its world-class attractions and beautiful beaches, what isn't as well known is that San Diego also offers Las Vegas-style casino gaming. Just 30-45 minutes from downtown, San Diego's casinos provide 24/7 Las Vegas-style action and entertainment, with some offering full-service resort facilities, popular outlet centers, luxury spas, golf courses and museums, along with showrooms and live music and comedy.

Developed by Native Americans on their tribal lands, reflect another facet of the rich cultural diversity in this region. With a thriving community of 18 tribes, San Diego has the largest tribal concentration of any single county in the U.S. —many of them contributing in the region's successful gaming business. While the casinos help the tribes to be financially self-sufficient, they also enable tribal governments to support charities and social programs serving the entire San Diego community.

What to Expect • Many of the casinos offer value-priced, all-you-can eat buffets. • While children are not allowed in the gaming areas, most casinos allow children in the buffets, dining rooms, pools, shops, entertainment venues and other areas. • Many of the casinos feature top-shelf headliner entertainment including musical and comic performers.

• Many of the casinos offer bus service throughout Southern California. Contact the casino of interest for more information.

What to Know • The minimum age for casino play ranges between 18 to 21 years old. Contact the specific casino of interest for requirements. • California drinking age is 21. Some casinos offer full alcohol service. Contact the casino of interest directly to find out their policies. • San Diego's casinos are open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sycuan Casino - Play. Win. Together Feel at home as you walk through the doors of Sycuan Casino, San Diego’s top choice for fun and excitement in a casual environment.

Located in the eastern region America’s finest city, Sycuan Casino began as a humble Bingo Palace back in 1983. Now, it has become a community landmark. Undergoing a massive renovation in 2012 with additional enhancements in 2015, Sycuan now features 2,000 exciting reel and video slot machines, more than 40 gaming tables, poker, bingo and a variety of restaurants to choose from.

Bars Sip and Socialize or Loud and a Crowd A Twenty-Something's Guide to San Diego Nightlife Whether you're a seasoned local or just in town for a visit, the nightlife of a twenty-something year-old can be broken down into two categories: sip and socialize, or loud and a crowd. Needless to say, each involves having a drink in your hand, but the closer we get to that 30 year mark we find ourselves searching for a place to sit down and relax. Discover Bars Sexy Lounges Shake it Up Places to See and Be Seen San Diego’s low-lit lounges are where you’ll find gorgeous crowds, sexy beats and cool cocktails.

Less frenetic than traditional clubs, these venues offer the opportunity for conversation while still satisfying the need to see and be seen. Discover

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