Best dating sao paulo players ever

best dating sao paulo players ever

Following is a list of 2 best players ever, including a case for and against each as being the best ever. Five are in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame: Hortencia and Paula. Michael Jordan never made more than 100 points in a game (his record is 96)The Brazilian player Hortencia, has scored 124 Magic Paula made 38 points and 8 assists in São Paulo-Brazil in the final against the United States playing against defenders of the level of Tereza Edwars, Edna Campbell and Katie Smith. Paula was invited to play in the WNBA but not accepted!

best dating sao paulo players ever

has a population of over 12 million people, 21 million if you count the surrounding metropolitan area. However, even in such a big city, São Paulo can feel lonely and isolating, . Dating can be a daunting prospect at first, but it doesn’t have to be – you just need to know where to look. Here are a few tips to dating as an expat in São Paulo.

Use your apps The first thing to know about dating in São Paulo is that your mobile phone is your friend. While there are plenty of where you can go to meet other single people, in São Paulo this is more geared towards casual hookups and one night stands.

Dating apps, on the other hand, are indispensable for those looking to meet people in the city. Tinder is a huge hit in Brazil | While there are other apps available, such as OkCupid!, Happn and Bumble, Tinder is still the undisputed king in São Paulo. Every single Paulistano is on Tinder, whether they admit it or not.

Learn Tinder etiquette Clearly it’s not enough to just be on Tinder, you have to know how to use it properly. Helpful information to have on your profile includes your height, your interests (favorite TV shows are always a winner), your star sign (São Paulo is full of amateur astrologists), whether you speak Portuguese, and perhaps even an indication of your politics.

Once you’ve got a few matches, kicking things off with a creative and/or funny line is always welcome, though it’s not necessary. Tinder users in São Paulo are usually courteous enough to reply to a simple “Hey, how are you?”, without getting bored and un-matching right away. Using dating apps is the norm in São Paulo | Once the conversation is underway, try to keep things interesting. We’ve all answered the same old boring questions about where we work, where we live, time and time again, so try to think outside the box.

As a foreigner, you’ll have the added advantage of some ready-made conversation topics. It is a near certainty that you will be asked about why you came to Brazil, why São Paulo, and what you think about the city.

Paulistanos find it fascinating to hear an outsider’s views about their home town, so use this to your advantage. A word to the wise, however: don’t be overly negative of São Paulo! Locals love to moan and complain about their city, but often take exception when a foreigner does the same. Accentuate the positives! Get to the point While it’s not unknown for people to have stimulating conversations on Tinder, in most cases, drawn-out chats are a turn-off.

It’s difficult to be erudite or charming over instant messaging apps, so always make sure the conversation doesn’t drag on longer than it needs to. Politely ask for the person’s number, leave your own number, or better still, try to set up a date. It is important to note that in general terms, Brazilian people have a tendency not to give straight answers, especially when these answers are negative.

If you are asking someone out on a date, follow this up with a specific time and a place. When dating in São Paulo, “Let’s hang out some time”, often means “I don’t really want to hang out, but I want to let you down easily”. This works both ways, if a Paulistano asks you out and gives you a time and place, the interest is real.

Prepare for lateness Ironically, setting a time is very important, but that doesn’t mean that anyone is going to stick to it. If your date is late (which he/she will be), don’t be offended – everyone does it.

With this in mind, schedule your dates a little bit earlier. For example, a Brazilian 8pm translates into around 9pm-9.30pm. While this can be pretty frustrating at first, leading to several wasted hours on your own in a bar, playing on your phone, you’ll soon get used to it. And after some time in São Paulo, you’ll go native and start showing up late to everything anyway.

Be aware of your gringo-ness On the whole, foreigners are treated quite differently in São Paulo. This can often work to your advantage, as it helps you stand out a bit in a city of tens of millions. You may notice that you are receiving significantly more Tinder matches than your Brazilian friends, for example. It’s not always completely positive though, as you should be aware that people may be interested in you precisely because you’re a gringo, be it your accent, or your foreign appearance.

This particularly applies to men, as Brazilian guys are stereotypically seen as being rude and a bit sexist. Granted, this can make it much easier for foreigners to meet people in São Paulo, but it’s not always a great foundation for something more serious and long-term. Dating couple | Less is often more Of course, there are no strict rules to dating, whether it be in São Paulo or anywhere else in the world. Everyone expects something different and that’s part of the thrill and excitement. In São Paulo, however, there is a more relaxed attitude towards dates themselves, often being simpler and more informal than people coming from Europe may be used to.

Many times, fancy restaurants and chic cocktail bars are not necessary, and sometimes even frowned upon, with the most popular type of date being a laid-back drink in a half-decent bar, a perfect place for a good conversation. Ladies, don’t be taken aback if your date takes you to a, where the beer is cheap, the décor is simple and the tables are sometimes made of plastic. And guys, don’t feel pressured into taking your date to the most expensive restaurant you can think of – less is often more.

best dating sao paulo players ever

best dating sao paulo players ever - The 10 Best Places to Stay in Sao Paulo, Brazil

best dating sao paulo players ever

If you’re a foreigner seriously looking for a future Brazilian partner, there are a few things you might want to know about dating Brazilians BEFORE you meet one! A few weeks ago I asked some of my foreign friends for some of their stories on the subject, and with their permission, I’ve rewritten some of these (and included one of my own)! So What You’re Saying Is… My friend was at a party not long after arriving in Brazil, where she found herself talking to a handsome Brazilian guy.

Their fifteen minute chat was interrupted when he told her he was about to leave with friends. However before he left, he uttered the most beautiful sentence she’d ever heard in her life: “Let’s hang out again sometime!” Despite the instant heart palpitations, she agreed on the spot.

It was only after he’d gone that she realised they hadn’t swapped details. She was kicking herself; and she suspected he must have been feeling the same too. After all, he’d seemed so engrossed in her drunken stories about her time in Brazil that he MUST simply have forgotten to get her number, right? Well….probably not! You see, what Brazilians say and what they mean are not always the same thing! ‘Let’s meet again’ in Brazil isn’t always an indication that someone wants to see you again; as it can also mean ‘I’m going to sound polite as I’m leaving a party, goodbye!’ When making plans with a Brazilian, a foreigner should also be aware that that the word ‘no’ is rarely used ().

Refusing something straight up is a little too direct over here, so it’s not unusual for a Brazilian to say ‘yes’ to meeting up, only to try to wriggle out of it later. (Don’t) Mind the Clock I was sat in a bar in São Paulo waiting for my date to arrive, but I was becoming concerned as I’d already been waiting 15 minutes.

Fearing I was about to be stood up, I called to check everything was OK. “I’m just arriving” I was assured. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”. I spent the next five minutes staring at the door waiting for them to ‘just arrive’. Five minutes turned into ten, and ten quickly rolled into fifteen. The whole time I was sat staring intently at this door expecting my date to be just seconds away from walking through it!

“Sorry I’m a little late” was the apology I was eventually greeted with. “Were you really here at exactly 9pm?” “Yes!” “You are so punctual Andrew. I forgot you work on British time!” “I’m just arriving” is another example of a Brazilian saying one thing but really meaning another. I actually know one girl who will say this moments before she steps into the shower! Brazilians tend to be fairly laid back about the time they will meet socially; in fact, if you arrive at a Brazilian party on time it can sometimes be considered rude!

In large Brazilian cities where being stuck in traffic is VERY common, this often interferes with arriving anywhere at the agreed time. So you should do your best not to be too annoyed if your date arrives late! There are three of us in this relationship “Who is the most trustworthy person in your life?” I asked my student in the middle of our English class.

Without so much as pausing for thought, he replied, “My mother.” “Your mother?” I asked a little melodramatically. “But you’re married, right?” I asked, suspecting that he must have somehow overlooked this small detail. “Erm, yes….!” “Well, isn’t your wife the most trustworthy person in your life?” At that my student’s face crumpled into an expression of exquisite confusion; as if I’d just asked him to explain something obvious, like who Pele is!

“No” he affirmed a little louder, “it’s my mother!” I’ve since had similar conversations with other students who’ve given me the same answer. For many men here their mother is ‘Queen Bee’, so getting my friends to go out the Saturday night before Mother’s Day is almost impossible.

Very few guys on this sacred day would dare greet the family matriarch with a stonking hangover. If you’re dating a Brazilian, you should prepare to spend a lot of time with your other half’s mother come the weekend, being around family generally seems to be much more important than it is back home!

Not only this, but many Brazilians live with their families until they’re in their late twenties / until they get married to (). So before you invite yourself round to your new Brazilian boyfriend or girlfriend’s house, it is worth considering that you could be inviting yourself round to meet ‘mama’ for the first time too! Wait…Have I Missed Something? After walking for a good twenty minutes under the intense summer sun, my friend and his girlfriend finally arrived at her boss’ house for a party. Everyone got up from their seats to welcome them, greeting them with an obligatory introductory hug.

“Hey everyone, let me introduce you to my husband!” announced my friend’s girlfriend. In this moment he told me time slowed down, the air became still and he was no longer aware of anything else happening around him.

‘Husband?’ They’d been together for about 8 months at this point, had just moved in together and were getting on great. But marriage had never even been discussed. So to introduce him in this way was, well…unexpected! So he looked over at her, fully expecting to see a smile, a grin…anything, to let him know that the ‘husband’ remark had been meant as a joke. But there was nothing. NADA! About half an hour later he pulled his now-ex girlfriend over to one side and asked what was going on.

”We’re not married” he half-jokingly quipped, but with an air of forcefulness that left her in little doubt as to how serious he was being. ” So why didn’t you just introduce me by my name?” “Relax” was the startled response he was greeted with (a response that really did little to ease his anxiety). “Here in Brazil people sometimes say they are married when they live together, you don’t need to have a wedding to be married!” The Brazilians I’ve talked to have since confirmed this.

Couples who live together for a certain period of time often enter into a common law, so it’s not unusual for them to introduce themselves as married couples despite the fact they might not really be married.

So if you find yourself in Brazil dating a Brazilian, you too might find you’re married one afternoon…when you’re least expecting it! And here is a bonus point from ! Food, Glorious food! As Portuguese guy living in Brazil, I would say that one of the things you should be worried about is…wait for it…getting FAT! Yes, this is true story! I met my wife Paula using a dating site and I have to admit that she cooks extremely well!

Although I am from Portugal and am familiar with “Feijoada” (a typical dish in Portugal and former Portuguese colonies like Brazil), I love the Brazilian way to make it. Another of my favourite dishes my wife makes is “Moqueca,” a kind of a seafood stew.

We have fish stew in Portugal but the way Brazilians make it will make you cry for more! It is very easy to gain 7 Kg from this dish alone…this was definitely my case! No joke! So when you are with a Brazilian woman, you can expect good food! Being with a Brazilian in this wonderful country also has other obvious advantages, like fun (Brazilians by nature are really lovable people), caipirinhas (they are the best drink!) and the sun.

Life is never dull with a Brazilin partner by your side! To find out how you can be matched with a beautiful Brazilian woman, click here: Have you ever dated a Brazilian? Can you relate to any of these stories? Are you a Brazilian who has had an interesting experience dating a foreigner?

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best dating sao paulo players ever

If you saw Alessandro Rosa Vieira, aka Falcao, walking down the street you probably wouldn’t recognise him. But this is a man with 393 goals in 201 international appearances for Brazil, 48 of which came at World Cups. Okay, so we’re leaving out quite an important fact. Falcao is a futsal player. In fact he’s probably the best futsal player ever.

If Lionel Messi is the goat, Falcao is the ibex. We know what you’re thinking. Obviously he couldn’t play real football.

He probably wouldn’t even get in your 5-a-side team, would he? Don’t speak too soon. Back in 2005 Falcao signed for Brazilian giants Sao Paulo amidst a hail of publicity and controversy.

He looks delighted to be there This wasn’t Falcao’s first attempt at crossing over. In 2001 Falcao was 23 and established as one of Brazil’s best futsal players after prolific spells with Corinthians, Atletico Mineiro, Banespa and Jaragua. But the call of the football pitch was too loud to ignore. He went on trial with Palmeiras, playing 59 minutes of a training game against minnows Flamengo de Guarulhos in which he found the back of the net before cramp set in.

After the game “I’ll ask for some advice, listen to what the coach says. I may have gone wrong, but I think I showed qualities.” Despite the promise Palmeiras were hesitant to offer him a contract and so Falcao went back to futsal. Falcao, but not like you’ve ever seen him Fast forward four years and Falcao found himself being presented to the media at Sao Paulo alongside midfielders Mineiro and Josue.

Mineiro would go on to play for Chelsea (once) and represent Brazil at a World Cup, while fellow Selecao international Josue would go on to win the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg. However there was no doubt who all the fuss was about that day. For a start, Falcao’s arrival pointed to a power struggle going on within the club’s hierarchy as president Marcelo Portugal Gouvea had signed him over the head of coach Emerson Leao. You’ve always got to flex your jewellery, even in training Publicity stunt aside, Sao Paulo were no mugs.

This was a squad containing legendary keeper Rogerio Ceni, future Real Madrid right-back Cicinho, Uruguayan centre-back Diego Lugano, Grafite, who would go on to be the Bundesliga Top Goalscorer and Player of the Year in 2009 and several Brazil internationals.

But, unlike four years earlier, Falcao actually made it onto the pitch this time. Falcao’s debut was a poignant one, coming exactly a year after the death of his father who had long wished to see his son take to the football pitch. Coach Emerson, presumably with a imaginary gun to his head (although you can never be sure), introduced Falcao for the last eight minutes of Sao Paulo’s opening Campeonato Paulista game against Ituano. With the score at 3-1 it was a fairly relaxed environment to introduce Falcao to the 6,527 fans at the Estadio Cicero Pompeu de Toledo.

The no.12 wasted little time making his mark, receiving a pass from Cicinho before playing in Grafite, who saw his shot saved by the keeper. He then nearly had the fans on the pitch with a rifled shot from the edge of the box, only for the goalkeeper to spoil the fun with a magnificent stop.

It would be another three months until Emerson handed Falcao his first start. Falcao lined up alongside Grafite to take on Mogi Mirim with the Campeonato Paulista already in the bag. Sao Paulo went ahead through Grafite in the first-half but by the time Souza’s strike settled the game in the 64th minute Falcao had been replaced for Velber. Someone tidy up that Grafite That game against Mogi Mirim turned out to be Falcao’s last appearance for the club.

He returned to futsal side Jaragua after playing 13 times in all competitions for Sao Paulo. Technically he bowed out of football as a Campeonato Paulista and Copa Libertadores winner, with Sao Paulo going on to win South America’s premier competition that year.

Although Falcao had left by the time Sao Paulo lifted the title he’d appeared in the tournament’s early stages, starting a 2-2 draw with Quilmes and coming off the bench during a 4-2 win against Universidad de Chile. Just making sure it’s still there What Falcao did was quite remarkable. Imagine England’s best futsal player signing for Man City and going on to be part of a Champions League winning squad.

So, in hindsight, he probably would get in your 5-a-side team. Anyone got his number? READ MORE FROM THE WORLD OF DREAM TEAM: • • • 'The Sun', 'Sun', 'Sun Online' and 'Dream Team' are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited.

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