Best dating scottish man missing in hamburg ny

best dating scottish man missing in hamburg ny

The family and friends of a Scottish man who went missing during his brother’s stag do in Hamburg are growing increasingly concerned for his safety. Liam Colgan, 29, from Inverness, has not been seen since about 1.30am on Saturday when he was out celebrating in advance of his brother Eamonn’s wedding, for which he is to be best man. Continue reading . Читать на сайте Guardian. Новости по теме. 07 июня, 14:35. German whisky Glen Buchenbach 'may make buyers think it's scotch'. Guardian. 23 апреля, 12:47. Body found in search for Briton missing since Hamburg stag weekend. Guardian .

best dating scottish man missing in hamburg ny

Hunt for Scottish man who went missing during stag party in Hamburg more than two months ago is widened to other cities • Liam Colgan was on his brother's stag do when he vanished in the early hours • The search for the 29-year-old has now widened to other German cities • Friends and relatives last saw him in the Veermaster Bar after which he was identified on CCTV footage from the Baumwall area of Hamburg By Published: 17:05 GMT, 21 April 2018 | Updated: 18:38 GMT, 21 April 2018 The search for a Scottish man in Hamburg who has been missing for more than two months has widened to other German cities.

Liam Colgan was on his brother Eamonn's stag weekend when he vanished in the early hours of February 10. Friends and relatives last saw him in the Veermaster Bar after which he was identified on CCTV footage from the Baumwall area of Hamburg. Share His family and German police have since led a large-scale search in the surrounding area, but Mr Colgan has not been found.

Now, on a statement released on social media, the family have said their efforts to find him will be widened to other large German cities. It read: 'The trip to Hamburg did not lead us to the outcome we hoped for. 'However, family, friends and the fantastic group of volunteers took the opportunity to search all homeless shelters and drop-in cafes, of which there are hundreds, including a large number of sites that we were unaware of prior to the trip.

Friends and relatives last saw him in the Veermaster Bar after which he was identified on CCTV footage from the Baumwall area of Hamburg 'Liam's face was well known in these circles but nobody has seen him. This information now makes us think that it is very possible that Liam is no longer in Hamburg. 'With fresh thinking about his possible location we are drawing up plans for search groups to visit other large German cities to highlight the appeal and widen the search.

'We anticipate that a large group of friends and family will make the trip towards the end of May.' MORE DON'T MISS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

best dating scottish man missing in hamburg ny

best dating scottish man missing in hamburg ny - Hunt for missing Liam Colgan is widened to other German cities

best dating scottish man missing in hamburg ny

Liam Colgan was last seen in a bar in the Reeperbahn area of Hamburg A friend of a Scottish man who went missing during a stag do in Hamburg has said his family and friends are growing "more and more concerned".Liam Colgan, 29, from Inverness, has not been seen since the early hours of Saturday when he was out celebrating, ahead of his brother Eamonn's wedding.Alan Pearson, who was on the trip, told BBC Scotland his disappearance was "completely out of character".The Foreign Office has confirmed it is assisting the family.Mr Colgan is the best man and planned the trip to Germany.

He was last seen at about 01:30 on Saturday in the Reeperbahn area of the city, in the Hamborger Veermaster bar.Speaking on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland radio programme, his friend, Mr Pearson said there was 18 of them in total on the stag do and that they had been to a few bars and a brewery on the Friday evening - all arranged by Mr Colgan.

Media playback is unsupported on your device Alan Pearson says his friend's disappearance is "completely out of character" He said: "It was towards the end of the night that Liam became separated from the group, but nobody realised at the time, given the nature of the event. It was hard to keep tabs on everyone."Having retraced our steps and spoken to bar staff in the last bar he was seen in, we understand that he left a few minutes before the rest of the group."Mr Pearson added: "He has not done anything like this before.

It is completely out of character."When he didn't turn up for activities he had planned on Saturday afternoon, we knew something was amiss."Mr Colgan's brother, father and other family members have stayed in Germany to continue the search.Back at home, friends and family have been using social media in their efforts to trace him.A post on a specially set-up "Help find Liam Colgan" Facebook page said: "Liam, is the best man for his brother Eamonn Colgan and is responsible for organising the Stag Do to Hamburg, Germany.

"Eamonn is due to marry his fiance Susan in 3 weeks time back in Scotland so we are launching an urgent appeal to find Liam."At the time of the last sighting the Mr Colgan was wearing a brown leather jacket and a grey hoodie. He is 6ft tall with red hair.A spokesman for the UK Foreign Office said: "We are in contact with the German police after a British man was reported missing in Hamburg, Germany."We are providing advice and assistance to his family" Inverness Hamburg The use of any materials placed on the site is allowed on condition of giving the link to our site.

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best dating scottish man missing in hamburg ny

Image copyright is LBT/G&J Image caption The first confirmed sighting of Liam Colgan was an hour after he was last seen with the stag party The family of a Scottish man - missing after a stag weekend in Germany - have released photos of the first confirmed sighting since his disappearance. Liam Colgan, from Inverness, disappeared during a party in Hamburg for his brother Eamonn on 10 February. CCTV images show Liam about an hour after the group had last seen him in the Veermaster Bar. He was helped up some steps by a passerby at the G&J building in Baumwall after a fall.

Further unconfirmed sightings after this in the Buxtehude area are also being investigated. Image copyright Google Image caption Liam was helped up some steps near the G&J building on the Saturday morning he disappeared The Royal Mail worker's family earlier revealed fears he may have been hurt and lost his memory. They believe something may have happened to frighten the 29-year-old. In a post on the page, a family statement said: "We know that him leaving without letting any of us know is completely out of character for him.

"Liam is extremely close to his family and friends. As the best man, he planned his brother's stag do meticulously and was very much looking forward to the wedding. "He might have hurt himself, maybe sustained a head injury and could be suffering from memory loss. He is probably confused and probably feeling vulnerable and lonely. "It is a possibility that something happened to him that scared him.

"We don't know why he hasn't tried to make contact or return to us, but we are certain that he would have, if he could." The family stressed that Liam does not speak any German. Image copyright LBT/Colgan family Image caption Family believe Liam may have been hurt and is now confused And they are unsure if he is still wearing the same clothes or has obtained different clothing. Releasing a new picture of the missing best man, the family stressed the importance of keeping up the momentum of the campaign to find Liam.

They said: "We are overwhelmed by the support we have experienced from the people of Hamburg, Buxtehude and back in the UK." Image caption Eamonn Colgan's wedding on 2 March is on hold as he leads the search for his brother in Hamburg They said: "We feel we are making progress, especially due to your continuous support. "Liam is very popular.

He is a young man of 29, very gentle, who is a passionate musician and loves football, especially Dundee United. "We miss him very much." 'Check outbuildings' The message, which has been translated into German and which the family is encouraging people in Hamburg and the wider area to share, asked people to check their properties for Liam.

"We appeal to you to remain vigilant and to continue looking for him, not just in Buxtehude as it is possible he may have moved on from there. "We also ask if anyone has any out buildings or disused sheds etc that they check these for any signs of Liam. There will likely be further searches organised throughout Hamburg." The is helping the Colgan family manage their search and has launched an urgent appeal for information or CCTV. The charity wants anyone with access to CCTV, video or photographs taken on the night of 10 February in the Baumwall area or Portuguese Quarter of Hamburg to get in touch.

Sightings can be reported to: German cell + 49176 65939791 or Lucie Blackman Trust on +441983 718802 or email

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