Best dating slow paced movies on netflix

best dating slow paced movies on netflix

Watch 25 of the best date night movies streaming on Netflix, which you'll both enjoy, instead of being stuck watching the latest rom-coms If any of our unique date night movies streaming on Netflix piqued your interest, and you’d like to know more about a specific one, we’ve included a bit about each movie’s plot in the sections below. 1) ‘Finding Neverland’. This Oscar-winning film reveals how imaginative author J.M. Barrie envisioned a world that was at once so wondrous and perilous. Johnny Depp pairs up with Kate Winslet wonderfully, and puts in one of his best performances to date. We’re also introduced to a young and incredibly talented Freddie Highmore, who now stars in A&E’s thrilling show Bates Motel.

best dating slow paced movies on netflix

There are two types of people in this world: those who love being scared, and those who refuse to watch scary movies. Whether you enjoy the visceral thrill of watching your nightmares come to life, or you prefer to hide behind the couch with your eyes closed and your hands covering your ears to block out the sound, watching a horror film can lead to some incredible experiences, especially if you’re brave enough to confront the things you fear most. Horror films are some of the most popular movies in the industry today, both in terms of how many have been made and how many people go to see them.

But for every great horror movie, you’re likely to find twenty that simply don’t hold up with the best the genre has to offer. Netflix is home to a wide library of horror films, but it can be tough to determine the gems from the rest of the pack.

Finding a good horror movie is tough—the film has to be scary enough to terrify you, original enough to keep you hooked, and feature performances from its actors that don’t bore you or cause you to remember that horror films are just movies.

Classic horror movies are lucky to come out once a year, and looking through the library of films on Netflix will likely persuade you to search any farther. If you’re wondering which films on Netflix are the worthy candidates for your scare-fests, you’re in luck.

We’ve looked through the entire collection of horror films that Netflix has to offer, and found the best of the bunch—30 films that are sure to scare you to your core. We’ve done our best to rank these movies in an order ranging from “fun frights” to “true, white-knuckle horror,” though as with anyone, what we find scary may leave you yawning by the television. Check out our list below and look back every month for brand-new updates on the best horror movies on Netflix today—plus, let us know in the comments below what you found to be your favorite horror flicks on Netflix!

Yes, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a horror film, designed to be as bloody and graphic as possible. It’s also an incredibly funny film, a horror-comedy that’s just as focused on delivering frights as it is laughs. The film stars Alan Tudyk ( Firefly, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Tyler Labine ( Reaper, Deadbeat) as two well-meaning hillbillies who purchased a lakefront cabin together in the woods.

At a gas station outside of camp, the two run into several college students going camping for the weekend. Tucker (Tudyk) pushes Dale (Labine) to talk to Allison, one of the main girls, but ends up simply frightening her instead. While Tucker and Dale work on reconstructing their cabin, the nearby campers go skinny-dipping together, only for Allison to hit her head and be saved by Dale. While she’s recuperating with Tucker and Dale, the rest of the college students trick themselves into believing that she’s been kidnapped, and attempt to rescue her—only for everything to go wrong.

From Blumhouse productions, The Veil is a 2016 horror film directed by Phil Joneau and written by Robert Ben Garant ( The State, Reno 911!), which stars Jessica Alba, Thomas Jane, and Lily Rabe. The film follows Sarah (Rabe), the sole survivor of the cult Heaven’s Veil, which committed mass suicide twenty-five years prior to the events of the movie.

When she’s contacted by Maggie (Alba), a documentarian who wishes to make a film about what really happened with Heaven’s Veil, Sarah is reluctant, until she learns that Maggie has uncovered footage from the scene that shows what happened on that day.

Sarah was found at the scene of the crime as a five-year-old, lacking any memory of the events of that day. As they revisit the scene of the mass suicide, they’ll be haunted by visions of the past—and possibly by the ghosts still residing in that area. The movie that put M. Night Shyamalan on the map, The Sixth Sense was a massive hit when it was released in 1999, earning its director praise for how he handled the film’s last-minute twist and presenting plenty of opportunities for rewatches to look for clues concerning the film’s central conceit.

Starring Bruce Willis as child psychologist Malcolm Crowe, the film follows Crowe as he begins working with young Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), a child who claims to see visions of ghosts and the dead.

Haunted by a similar former case that ended with Crowe being shot and watching his patient commit suicide, Crowe works to help Sear overcome his visions. But is Crowe right about Cole’s visions being in his head, or is the boy truly seeing ghosts among the living?

One of the few Irish horror films on Netflix, A Dark Song is a gem of a film we didn’t expect to find when looking through the best of the best horror films. Written and directed by Liam Gavin in his debut, A Dark Song follows Sophia (Catherine Walker), a middle-aged English woman still grieving over the murder of her seven-year old song. She travels to rural Wales and rents a home with the intention of performing a ritual to summon her son’s guardian angel to help speak to her son and extract revenge on his killers.

With the help of occultist Joseph Solomon, they begin the ritual—only for Sophia to grow anxious when the plan seems to fail. When Solomon is gravely injured, Sophia quickly learns she’s in over her head, and will have to finish the ceremony to escape the house. Based on the 1976 novel by Anne Rice of the same name, Interview with the Vampire is a gothic-drama horror film from 1994 with a red-hot cast.

Featuring Tom Cruise in the main role as Lestat de Lioncourt and Brad Pitt as his younger turned-vampire, Louis de Pointe du Lac, the film follows as modern day San Francisco reporter (played by Christian Slater) interviews Louis, now a bicentennial vampire born in the 17th century. The film rewinds to the beginning of Louis’ life as he mourns the death of his family. Bordering on the verge of suicide, he meets Lestat, a vampire who persuades him to immortality and to become his companion.

Louis is far more gentle than Lestat, a violent vampire who turns a young girl (Kirsten Dunst) into a vampire after him. Their quest for a family only causes more pain and suffering along the way.

Another Netflix Original film, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is a 2016 American-Canadian horror film directed by Oz Perkins, the son of Psycho star Anthony Perkins. The film follows a live-in nurse named Lily (Ruth Wilson) who arrives to care for an elderly patient that has become reclusive over years of suffering from dementia. The film’s opening narration declares Lily as a 28-year-old who will never turn 29, and explains that a house with a death can never truly be bought or sold, but simply borrowed from its ghosts.

As Lily begins to read the old woman’s most famous novel, she realizes that the haunting exposition in the book may not be a work of fiction.

This is a slow-paced horror movie, getting off mostly on the atmosphere and the feeling of an unsettling mood. If that sounds like something up your alley, you might just find the film perfect for you. The first Blade film is not some pinnacle of high art, but it is partially responsible for the outburst and growth of Marvel movies following its success.

The film is part superhero, part horror as it takes on vampire mythology head-on. Famously starring Wesley Snipes in his most high-profile role, the film follows the titular Blade, a vampire hunter who also happens to be a Dhampir, a human that has vampire abilities without their weaknesses.

As he hunts vampires to protect humans, he’ll work to stand up to the likes of Deacon Frost, a vampire who wants to take over the world by conquering humans. The film is notable for being written by David S.

Goyer, who later went on to write many of the DC films, including the entire Dark Knight trilogy with Christopher Nolan.

One of the newer films on this list, Mohawk is a unique breed, a historical horror film set in the aftermath of the War of 1812. The film follows three young warriors, Oak, Calvin, and their British companion Joshua, as they seek revenge on the American soldiers who murdered their people. Angry with the soldiers, they light an American encampment on fire, torching the place and attempting to kill as many of the soldiers as they can.

Running for their lives back into the woods, they believe they’ve gotten away with the crime, unfortunately unaware that the bloodthirsty Col. Holt, along with six other soldiers, escaped the encampment. Using the resources in the woods, the young men must use everything they can to defend themselves from the American soldiers through the night.

Directed by William Brent Bell ( The Devil Inside), The Boy will likely terrify anyone who has ever wondered if the dolls in their room are looking at them. The film begins when a young American woman named Greta (played by Lauren Cohan) takes a job as a nanny for an 8-year-old boy in a remote village somewhere in England.

She’s shocked to discover that the child she assumes she’s caring for is not a human child, but a life-size doll, a recreation of a human boy. The parents care for the doll as if it were human, which helps the couple to deal with the shock of losing their actual son 20 years earlier. When Greta accidentally violates one of the rules laid out for her, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events begin to bring her worst fears to life.

As Greta is haunted throughout the house, she’s forced to reckon with the question: is the boy alive? For over forty years, we as a culture have been obsessed with sharks attacking us.

From the classic horror-adventure Jaws to newer, bigger creatures like The Meg, all the way to Discovery’s Shark Week, viewers have been following the adventures of people risking their lives around killer sharks for longer than many of us have been alive.

47 Meters Down doesn’t reinvent the genre, but it was a breakout hit in the summer of 2017 thanks to its excellent craftsmanship. The film follows young sisters Kate and Lisa, in the middle of enjoying a vacation in Mexico. The duo go diving in shark-filled waters, using a protective cage to see the sharks up close. When the cage breaks away from the boat, however, they’re stuck at the bottom of the lake with a depleting supply of oxygen, leaving them trapped and doomed unless they can figure out something quickly.

Based on the novel of the same name and directed by David Bruckner ( The Signal, V/H/S), The Ritual is a Netflix Original film that follows five friends from college as they plan a group reunion trip. When Rob suggests hiking through Sweden, the others shoot down his idea, but when Rob is murdered by two robbers in a liquor store, the four remaining friends head out on the trip to honor his memory.

Unfortunately, the crew takes a wrong turn along the way, and as they head into the mysterious and dense forests surrounding the hills in Sweden, they’ll have to reckon with an ancient evil spirit.

Though the horror here is a bit by the books, it’s the setting and the cinematography that really make this one worth watching. More of a horror-thriller than a straight-played horror film, there is so much to love in this film by acclaimed filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier. The film follows a punk rock band called the Ain’t Rights, on tour throughout the Pacific Northwest.

When their gig is cancelled, a local radio host manages to arrange a show at a local neo-Nazi bar outside of Portland. When Pat (the late Anton Yelchin) returns to the green room after the show to grab a bandmate’s phone, he witnesses the body of a girl stabbed to death by one of the neo-Nazis. Pat contacts the police, but the bar’s employees lock them in the green room, creating a cover story for the cops to get them to stay away by having one skinhead stab another.

When Gabe (Macon Blair) contacts his boss Darcy (Patrick Stewart, much more terrifying than usual) about killing them, the band will have to fight for their lives. Unlike The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan’s 2004 film The Village didn’t win over critics and audiences alike. Thanks to the director’s known penchant for twists in the final act of a film, audiences attended The Village expecting a twist and while a twist certainly is delivered near the end of the film, it may not be what audiences expected.

The film takes place in an isolated village within Pennsylvania, sometime prior to the industrial revolution. The town lives in fear of unnamed creatures that lurk in the woods outside the village grounds. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as Lucius Hunt and Bryce Dallas Howard as Ivy Walker, the blind daughter of the village chief. While Lucius is unable to venture past the woods surrounding the village, Ivy is eventually granted permission to leave town—only to find the unexpected lying outside the town.

Teeth is less a critically-acclaimed darling than it is a cult-classic film with an intriguing premise. Anyone who attended high school in the late 2000s or early 2010s likely remembers hearing about the “vagina teeth” film, but you’d be surprised to learn the movie’s actually pretty solid. The film follows Dawn, a teenage spokesperson for an abstinence group called the Promise.

When Dawn meets Tobey, however, she falls head over heels, following him to a swimming hole and eventually making out. She gets nervous and attempts to flee, and Tobey turns on her, grabbing her and trying to force himself onto her.

It’s then that she learns something terrifying about her own sexuality. From acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola comes Bram Stoker’s Dracula, an adaptation of the novel of the same name and featuring an all-star cast.

Gary Oldman plays the titular character, a vampire turned in the 1400s who renounces the church after his wife kills herself following false reports of his death. Now living in 1987, Count Dracula is visited by Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves, a controversial performance), whose fiance Dracula believes to be the reincarnation of his wife. Convinced that he must capture Mina to be his own bride, Dracula sets out on destroying Harker’s life and imprisoning him, all while Dr.

Abraham Van Helsing (Anthony Hopkins) lurks in the shadows. Let’s begin by saying this: The Witch (styled as The VVitch) is not for everyone. Though acclaimed by critics, audiences were (perhaps expectedly) a bit more mixed on A24’s first prestige horror film to grab the attention of theatergoers. The film is set in 1630 New England, complete with the exact type of dialogue that comes with a decision like that, and as you could expect, that didn’t go over well with all audiences.

Still, the film is great for anyone who likes their horror to be a bit of arthouse fare. The film follows the family of a farmer, after their youngest son Samuel vanishes. Blamed for the disappearance is Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy), the oldest daughter who was watching her brother when he disappeared. When Mercy and Jonas, Thomasin’s twin siblings, blame her of practicing witchcraft, things begin to fall apart.

Recently released on Netflix, Veronica is a Spanish horror film that gained plenty of notoriety for its marketing campaign that claimed to be one of the scariest horror films ever, a movie that viewers kept turning off halfway through.

Whether or not that’s true is irrelevant; the good news here is that Veronica is an excellent horror film worthy of your time. From the director of REC (remade in the United States as Quarantine), Veronica is set in 1991 and follows the titular character when she is 15 years old.

While the rest of her class is viewing a solar eclipse, Veronica and her friends decide to stay behind and play with a Ouija board. Things quickly go wrong, and Veronica finds herself haunted by paranormal activities, unable to eat and experiencing claw marks all over her body.

Partially based on true events where a young woman died after using a Ouija board in 1991, Veronica may not be the groundbreaking film it’s purported to be—but it’s still pretty damn terrifying. Directed by Matt Reeves and (famously) produced by J.J. Abrams, Cloverfield is a 2008 film that took the found-footage format popularized with The Blair Witch Project and makes it a hell of a lot scarier. Following a Godzilla-like monster attack on New York City, the film follows a group of friends who have gathered at a going-away party for their friend Rob.

The film follows the group of friends as they try to make their way out of New York City following an unknown monster attack and the destruction of the Statue of Liberty. The film was followed by two sequels: 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was a fantastic, mostly-unrelated story taking place in a bunker, and 2018’s Cloverfield Paradox, which you can also stream as a Netflix Exclusive, and one that helps to explain the universe of Cloverfield a bit better.

Cargo is a fresh spin on the zombie genre that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Part horror film, part post-apocalyptic thriller, Cargo follows a man named Andy (Martin Freeman, Black Panther, The Hobbit) who finds himself stranded in Australia with his wife and child following an outbreak of a zombie virus, which manages to take over the world in less than 48 hours. Though they originally find hope in a houseboat, Andy’s wife Kay is eventually attacked, leaving Andy alone with his one-year-old infant daughter Rosie.

Stranded in rural Australia, Andy must attempt to protect his daughter from the threats surrounding them—a task that manages to grow more difficult as time progresses. Directed by Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling, the film is based on the short of the same name created by those two filmmakers in 2013, and received positive reviews for its character-driven approach to the genre.

Train to Busan may be unfamiliar to most Americans, but if you’re willing to dive into the world of South Korean films, this action-horror thriller is a great introduction. The film follows the passengers in a bullet train headed from Gwangmyeong Station to Busan in South Korea, with passengers including Seok-woo, a divorced fund manager taking his daughter to her mother’s house; a working-class man and his pregnant wife; a high school baseball team; and a homeless man suffering from PTSD.

When the train departs, a convulsing young woman jumps on board suffering from a bite wound on her leg, and quickly becomes a zombie, transferring her virus to others on the train.

The passengers will have to fight their way to safety to make it to Busan—but who will they lose along the way? Mysteries and thrillers are perfect for dark and stormy nights, and The Invitation might be the ideal film to chill you to your core. The film stars Logan Marshall-Green as Will, a divorcee who drive his girlfriend Kira to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife at his old house in the Hollywood Hills.

Will’s ex, Eden, alongside her new husband David, welcomes Will and Kira to the party, though immediately, something feels wrong.

As Will continues to deal with the grief of his deceased son (the reason Eden and him split up), he begins to feel like something is wrong with his ex-wife and her husband’s motivations.

The tale is dark and grim, and as the night advances, you’ll begin to put the pieces together in this thrilling tale of mystery and murder. The first of three films on this list directed by Mike Flanagan, Hush was written by Flanagan and his wife Kate Siegel, and stars John Gallagher Jr. ( 10 Cloverfield Lane), Michael Trucco, and Siegel herself. The film follows Maddie Young, a girl who became deaf as a teenager and now lives her life isolated from others working as an author.

When a murderer kills her friend just outside her door, Maddie realizes she is the next target. The sadistic killer thinks an isolated deaf girl will be easy to torment and kill, but it turns out that Maddie is more than willing to fight back. Less than a month after Netflix released Gerald’s Game came the second 2017 Netflix Original adaptation of a Stephen King novella.

1922 is based on the work of the same name by King, and was directed by Zak Hilditch. Thomas Jane stars as Wilfred James, a man who arrives at a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska to write a confession to a crime he committed on his family farm in 1922. The film flashes back to that year, where James fights with his wife Arlette, who wishes to sell the land Arlette recently inherited. While Arlette wishes to sell the land and move to Omaha to open a dress shop, Wilfred wants to stay on the farm with his wife and son, Henry.

When Arlette raises divorce, Wilfred convinces his son to assist in the only plan they have left: murder. The film is a slow-paced, dreadful experience—perfect for horror fans of all types. Based on the real-life events that eventually inspired The Amityville Horror, The Conjuring is one of the more-recent horror films from James Wan ( Saw, Insidious, Furious 7).

The story follows Ed and Lorraine Wilson (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, respectively), real world paranormal investigators who rose to prominence in the 1970s for this exact case. When Roger and Carolyn Perron (Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor, respectively) move into a New England farmhouse with their five daughters and dog, they begin to experience paranormal activity throughout the house, hauntings and other mysterious artifacts that scare them throughout the night.

They contact demonologists Ed and Lorraine, coming off a high-profile case investigating a doll called Annabelle, and together, begin to attempt to investigate what’s causing the haunting in Harrisville. Apostle is one of Netflix’s newest originals, a horror-thriller throwback to the cult classics of the 1970s. Set in 1905, the film follows Thomas as he arrives on a remote Welsh island to rescue his sister from a dangerous cult holding her hostage.

As Thomas tries to infiltrate the cult, he finds himself haunted by his past, with the island claiming to reject the corruption of mainline society that Thomas happens to represent. Directed by The Raid: Redemption’s Gareth Evans, Apostle is a must-watch for any fans of 70s horror-thrillers.

The film is gorgeously shot, filled with haunting imagery, and features Dan Stevens in one of his best roles to date. Both Creep and Creep 2 are available for streaming on Netflix, but generally, 2017’s Creep 2 is seen as the better of the two films. Both films are found-footage horror movies directed by Patrick Brice and starring Mark Duplass, who also served as a writer on both films.

While the first Creep follows a man who wants a stranger’s help in making a film for his unborn child, Creep 2 ups the ante, as Josef (Duplass) hides his identity and undergoes becoming a serial killer with a knack for filming his victims. Both films are worth watching, and new viewers may be lost if they haven’t seen the first Creep, but be warned: you’re in for some seriously messed-up content. A sequel, Creep 3, has been announced.

One of the most original and brilliant horror films of the past decade, It Follows is perfect for any fan looking for some spooky entertainment to bring some fright into your night. Made for just $2 million, everything about this film—the acting, the direction, the cinematography, and the music—help to create an atmosphere that makes this film simultaneously unsettling and bone-chilling.

The premise of the film is simple, but effective: a teenage girl, Jay, finds herself followed around by a supernatural entity after she has a sexual encounter with her boyfriend. The entity is visible only to Jay, and can take the form of anyone around her, from a close friend to a complete stranger. A fantastic score, an incredible cold open, and an ending so chilling it’ll stay with you for weeks make this a memorable experience, one not to be missed.

Often considered one of the best horror films ever made, The Shining is just one of the many masterpieces created by filmmaker and auteur Stanley Kubrick. As a filmmaker, Kubrick is known for making some of the greatest films of all time, from Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Barry Lyndon to A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut.

In The Shining, loosely based on the novel by Stephen King, viewers are introduced to Jack Torrance, an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic, who accepts a job as the caretaker of the isolated and historic Overlook Hotel. While there, he and his wife Wendy and son Danny become tortured by the hotel, as reality begins to break down.

A masterpiece and a horror-filled piece of cinema all in one, The Shining is a must-watch at any time of the year. The best Stephen King adaptations of the past five years also happens to be a Netflix Original film. Gerald’s Game was released in 2017 just weeks after It hit theaters, so you would be excused if you missed out on catching this film. Based on the novel of the same name, Gerald’s Game follows Jessie (Carla Gugino, Spy Kids) and Gerald (Bruce Greenwood, Star Trek), a married couple that seek out an isolated lakehouse in Alabama to work on their failing relationship.

While engaging in some light bondage, during which Jessie is handcuffed to the bed, the couple devolves into an argument about their marriage. Gerald, having taken two Viagra, suffers a heart attack, falling dead on the floor of the remote lakehouse and leaving Jessie handcuffed to her bed. The film follows the psychological effects that haunt Jessie as she lays trapped in bed. You need to be prepared to handle some graphic content with Raw , a 2016 critically-acclaimed French-Belgian horror film that garnered controversy from some critics for its unrelenting visceral gore.

The film follows Justine, a lifelong vegetarian who is just beginning her first semester at veterinarian school as a legacy student. When brought to a hazing ceremony for new students, Justine feels uncomfortable until running into her older sister Alexia, another student at the school, who shows her photos of students—including her parents—covered in blood. As the hazing continues, Justine begins to experience cravings for meat after being forced to devour a rabbit kidney. Those cravings begin to push Justine further into grotesque experiments that will churn your stomach and leave you haunted for nights.

best dating slow paced movies on netflix

best dating slow paced movies on netflix - 23 Best Movies On Netflix You Haven’t Yet Seen

best dating slow paced movies on netflix

Westerns don't seem quite as popular as other genres these days. At some point in history, Hollywood steered away from frontier narratives and cowboys in favor of different kinds of frontiers (like the "final frontier" … The “war movies” genre covers a broad range of sub-genres and styles.

From battle scenes to the fallout of war for those whose family and friends are deployed — sometimes never to return — the directions that a script can take while still being centrally about war are varied and diverse. With this in mind, I’ve combed through library to find the 10 best war movies that cover a breadth of styles, topics, and time periods. Full Metal Jacket (trailer NSFW) For many, Stanley Kubrick’s epic is considered the best movie about the Vietnam War ever made.

For others, it’s the best war movie ever made, period. Wherever you stand, Full Metal Jacket is certainly among the best war movies on Netflix. With a two-part structure, Kubrick follows a U.S. Marine through basic training and then through deployment in Vietnam. is known for its polysemic look at the Vietnam conflict via the contrast of personal experience and nationalistic pride; quick shifts from outright humor, to dark humor, to absolute terror; and the unforgettable and mostly ad-libbed dialogue from R.

Lee Ermey’s Drill Instructor Gny. Sgt. Hartman. If you haven’t seen this classic yet, it should be first on your list. Schindler’s List Of all of the iconic films Steven Spielberg has produced and directed, Schindler’s List will likely go down as one of the most important of his career.

Spielberg’s three-and-a-quarter-hour long biopic is inspired by the real story of Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), a German factory owner who utilized is wealth and community standing to help save nearly 1,100 Jewish citizens from the Nazi regime. Co-starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes, this seven-time Oscar winner is the definitive WWII drama. Defiance Based on real events, Defiance tells the story of four brothers (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell, and George MacKay) who find themselves the unlikely protectors of a large group of Polish Jews fleeing their homeland during the Nazi occupation.

Foraging for food and makeshift shelter in the Belarussian forests, they make an uneasy alliance with Russian forces to help protect their new charges from the Germans’ northern path. With a strong balance of action and drama, this lesser-known movie still worth the watch, and is definitely one of the best war movies on Netflix. Cold Mountain An entrant on my list, Cold Mountain is a Civil War drama about a wounded soldier’s journey back home from the battlefield.

The film is directed by the always fabulous Anthony Minghella, and boasts a roster of stars to make any casting director drool: Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Natalie Portman, Giovanni Ribisi, and Donald Sutherland.

The film won one Oscar (Renée Zellweger for Best Actress in a Supporting Role), and was nominated for six others including Best Actor, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography. The Way Back The Way Back, Peter Weir’s follow up to Master and Commander: The Far side of the World (2003), tells the story of a group of men who escape from a Communist gulag in 1941 Russia.

With a small amount of survival training and a will for freedom, the men traverse the Siberian cold, the desolation of the Gobi Desert, and the towering wall of the Himalayan mountains. Starring Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, and a young Saoirse Ronan, The Way Back is an epic story in every sense of the word and one of the best war movies on Netflix.

Gangs of New York When Martin Scorsese is directing Daniel-Day Lewis, I can only assume it is going to be good. Throw in Leonardo DiCaprio, John C. Reilly, and Brendan Gleeson, and it’s no wonder that Gangs of New York was nominated for 10 oscars. The film tells the brutal story of the 1860s Lower Manhattan neighborhood called five-points, where the racial tensions of the Civil War weren’t just between whites and African Americans, but between Irish, Italian, Polish, and other European immigrants, all fighting for their own version of the New World.

A tail of revenge, the film sees DiCaprio playing the orphan Amsterdam Vallon who lives a dangerous life of politics and violence as he plots a way to exact vengeance on the ruthless Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutter (Day-Lewis). Tropic Thunder If you’re into offbeat comedies, movies that get really meta, and war movies, then Tropic Thunder is probably already one of your favorite flicks.

Ben Stiller directed, co-wrote, and co-stars in one of the strangest and best war movies on Netflix (perhaps one of the best war movies ever made), not just because of its premise, but because of its pushing of comedic boundaries left and right. The story is that of a hollywood film crew (Stiller, Robert Downey, Jr., Jack Black, Brandon Jackson, and more) who heads to Vietnam to make a war movie and ends up in the middle of a drug war.

They think the whole thing is just a made-up bonding experience designed by the production team to help the group break through their overbearing personalities. Only when they finally all realize that they are really in a war zone do they have a chance at personal growth. Tropic Thunder also nabbed a rare Best Actor in a Supporting Role nomination for Robert Downey, Jr. V for Vendetta “Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and plot.

I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.” The opening lines of the short poem about Guy Fawkes and his failed 1605 plot to blow up the British Houses of Parliament set the stage for a war film about the battle of the people against authoritarian tyranny in a near-future England.

Despite several changes from the source text of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s graphic novel, the film remains one of the best comic adaptations to date thanks to the care of Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s screenwriting and a strong performance by Natalie Portman. A fitting tale for today’s political climate, the movie has aged as well as the book, which is now 35 years old.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy One of the best Cold War spy films ever made, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is the story of a retired MI6 agent who is brought back from retirement to help investigate the accusations of a mole being present in the British spy agency. Starring Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and Tom Hardy, the film was nominated for three Oscars including Best Actor (Gary Oldman) and Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay.

The film’s slow pacing and high tension mates well with the constantly heightened awareness of the era’s government agents and spies. The Imitation Game Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Alan Turing, a genius mathematician who was tasked with breaking the German “Enigma Code” during WWII in this Academy Award-winning film (Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay).

Co-starring Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game drives the plot forward with taut pacing and excellent acting in what is sure to become a classic. Pearl Harbor Directory Michael Bay’s massive WWII epic is also a romance, as two fictional military pilots, played by Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett, try to compete for the heart of a nurse, played by Kate Beckinsale.

However, the reason to watch this movie is the spectacular battle sequences, as we witness the Japanese sneak attack on the Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7,1941. The visuals used to bring that tragic day to life are incredible. The movie also depicts the response by the U.S. to the attack as the military stages a daring bombing mission straight into the heart of Tokyo. Last Men in Aleppo This 2017 documentary offers us a glimpse into the current Syrian Civil War, as witnessed by the people in the city of Aleppo.

It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary for that year. The film centers on three members of the White Helmets, a group which is dedicated to helping innocent civilians who are in the middle of this war.

These are my picks of the 10 best war movies on Netflix. Give one a try the next time you’re looking for some military drama, action, or even comedy. Let me know in the comments what your favorite war movie is that Netflix should bring aboard, or if I missed any of your favorites already available to stream.

best dating slow paced movies on netflix

Mexican film is internationally celebrated and a great way to improve your Spanish. Mexican Spanish is my favorite Latin American variant of the language.

For me, it’s the clearest and easiest to understand. I’ve sifted through a lot of mediocre films to bring you my recommendations for the best Mexican movies on Netflix streaming in the US as of December 1, 2018; many may also be available in other countries. Watch them while you can, because content disappears as licensing agreements expire.

If you are an intermediate or advanced learner, I recommend watching with Spanish subtitles as . I also note down any interesting new vocabulary and add it to my later. Also don’t miss my general list of !

8. Warning: graphic scenes of violence, and it’s only half in Spanish. But this riveting Oscar-nominated documentary provides unprecedented access to the chilling, brutal conflict between vigilante groups and murderous Mexican drug cartels. It helped me grasp the soul-crushing futility of a struggle in which the lines between good and evil are so hopelessly blurred.

11. After a drunken one-night stand leads to pregnancy, a woman attempts to build a relationship with the immature father-to-be. If you like light rom-coms, check this one out.

Warning: some racist jokes (note that this type of humor is common in Mexico and isn’t considered offensive). This type of movie isn’t really my cup of tea, but I enjoyed the locations in Mexico City and picked up some fun new slang: wasapear (“to send a WhatsApp message”), Brincos dieras (“You wish”), and asaltacunas (“cradle robber”). 14. Award-winning absurd comedy featuring acclaimed Mexican actor José Carlos Ruiz about two employees in a enormous empty warehouse where apparently nothing ever happens.

This deceptively simple, slow-paced film pays off with its fine writing and superb acting. The dialogue is nicely paced for Spanish learners. There is a movie I really enjoyed and I believe it should make it on the list. “El cumple de la abuela” gets 6 stars on IMDb and you should check it out, it’s worth it. I also enjoy the Mexican Spanish and culture, and even though it’s my third language (English is second, Romanian first), I’m very fluent and I also know the slang.

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