Best dating smart girl i like being around you

best dating smart girl i like being around you

She is smart, beautiful, kind, and successful, but why is she still single? Here are the true reasons smart and beautiful girls can't find boyfriends Why is it that beautiful and smart women can’t find boyfriends? Turns out, there are a number of reasons, some having to do with the male psyche, and others brought on by yourself. 1. You do not trust their intentions. Beautiful and smart girls are inspiring for two reasons: you do not take lip from no one, and you do not easily trust those who come on too strongly. Let’s face it, you have been around the field more than once when it comes to dealing with other people. You know when someone is looking at your body and not your mind. You know when you might get played. Guess what? Men sense tha .

best dating smart girl i like being around you

Stay away from cliché pick up lines. Since the girl you’re trying to attract is an intelligent one, she’s not going to fall for a silly pickup line she’s heard a dozen times. It’s probably best to keep things simple and straightforward initially. • Initiate conversation by introducing yourself and asking how she’s doing or by giving her a nice compliment.

Don’t pretend to know things that you don’t. If she brings up a topic that you hardly know anything about, don’t act like you know all about it. She will most likely see right through your act and she will probably assume that you’re insecure. • She will be much more impressed if you own up to not knowing about the subject and simply ask her to tell you a little about it.

Have confident body language. You can’t leave a good impression on a smart girl if your body language reflects hesitancy and awkwardness. Keep your hands either strongly folded or open and relaxed and move around the room slowly and deliberately. Sit or stand up straight with your shoulders back. While talking to her, smile often and make eye contact about half of the time. • Resist the urge to fidget. • Don’t stare at her, or she might become uncomfortable.

Show interest in learning new things. If you’re curious about topics that you aren’t educated on, she probably won’t mind that you don’t know about them. Go deeper than small talk and ask her about where she grew up or what made her want to go into the job field she’s in. • Tell her about any enriching experiences you’ve had or hope to have, such as skydiving or traveling to a foreign country. Be yourself. Smart girls want a partner who has a good sense of self.

Work on finding out who you are and what you like. Own your qualities and don’t be afraid to reveal your interests and true personality. While it’s hard to be vulnerable around a girl you like, this authenticity will allow her to see you for who you really are. • If you’re still figuring out who you are, write in a journal each day. This can help you practice mindfulness and become aware of how you really feel about different people and situations. • Deliberately verbalize your emotions when you’re sharing something with her.

This will help her learn more about who you are. Be self-assured, not intimidated. You may feel less intelligent than her, but that doesn’t mean you’re inferior to a smart girl. There’s no need to constantly put yourself down in her presence or let her do all the talking.

Carry yourself with confidence and don’t let the perceived differences in your intelligence affect the way you act around her.

• This is especially important if you become a couple, as people may compare her intelligence negatively to yours. If this happens, be secure enough about yourself to brush aside the slight. Say lightly, “We all have our strengths.

If her’s is being smarter than me, hopefully she’ll teach me a thing or two!” Find commonalities. As you’re talking, you’re bound to come across at least a few things you have in common. People are typically more interested in those they’re similar to, so it’s a good idea to focus on commonalities. Maybe you both like to write computer code, bake, or watch Star Trek.

Find things to share and enjoy together. Compliment her. If there is something you like about a girl, whether it’s her personality or some physical attribute, then say something about it. This will most likely make the girl think that you’re a nice person, and it may make her enjoy being with you.

• Tailor your compliments to the girl. "I love your hair" is fairly generic. "You have such beautiful curls" is more specific, making it more personalized and memorable. • You don't need to constantly compliment her. If she starts to look uncomfortable after the 5th compliment that you've given her in 3 minutes, you're probably overdoing it. Have intellectual discussions. Intelligent girls like to dig below the surface. Some small talk is fine in the beginning and discussing lighter topics from time to time is also okay.

However, she’s going to have a hard time connecting with you if you’re constantly talking about things as trivial as the weather. Once you touch on a deeper, more complicated topic, such as politics or religion, it will be stimulating for her to discuss it further. • Prioritize keeping the conversation flowing, whether that means heading in a deeper or lighter direction.

• Ask her personal questions like: “What’s your biggest fear?” or “What are some important things on your bucket list?” Don’t constantly comment on her intelligence. It’s okay to kindly tell her she’s bright from time to time, but avoid frequently saying things like “Wow, you’re so smart!” or “I never would’ve thought of that!” It gives off the impression that you idolize her, which is unhealthy and won’t come off as very attractive to her.

Talk online or via text. Especially if you’re shy or significantly intimidated, it might be easier getting to know her through text message or by talking on Facebook messenger. This will give you time to think about how best to respond each time, and will give you a chance to do a quick online search if she brings up something you don’t know or understand. Find little ways to touch.

Even a light, brief touch can send a message that you're interested and create a small bond between the two of you. Lightly and casually touch her shoulder, hand, or knee during conversation when she makes a point. This is a great way to get her thinking about you in a "more than a friend" way.

• Only touch her if her body language communicates openness and comfort. If her body isn’t facing you or her arms and legs are crossed, she may not be comfortable with you touching her. • Hugging is a great way to show how compassionate, affectionate, and sensitive you are. Try hugging her as a greeting or after she tells you something personal or emotional. • Never touch her sexually without her clear, verbal consent.

Invest in your own hobbies and passions. Smart girls usually have a lot going on, so she will admire you for being dedicated to your own interests. It isn’t going to impress her if it appears as though she’s the only thing you care about. • For example, if you love playing guitar and really want to become a great guitar player, make monthly goals for yourself and try to practice 4 or 5 days a week in order to reach your goal.

Show kindness to everyone. A smart girl won’t put up with a person who is disrespectful or mean to her or to others. Always speak kindly to and about others and be chivalrous and well-mannered. • If you go out to eat with her, make sure to speak to the server politely.

• Hold the door open for her and for others. Work around her schedule. A smart girl very well may have a packed schedule. She’s probably very dedicated to school or her profession, and she most likely won’t be available every second of every day. Be patient and willing to change plans when things come up. This will show her that you are flexible and can handle adjusting to her schedule. Be honest about what you know. Don’t be intimidated by all of the books she’s read or how many languages she speaks.

You may feel especially compelled to show off and prove that you’re as smart as her by lying and saying that you’ve done what she’s done. This will only drive her away once she realizes that you’re lying. Instead, open up to her about the things that you do know a lot about. • Try telling her about the activities, films, or books that you’re passionate about.

Be confident, not cocky. Smart girls love a confident attitude. However, they can quickly tell the difference between confidence and arrogance. Have pride in who you are, but don’t be obnoxious and showy about it.

• Often those who are cocky and not confident try to “one up” others by constantly trying to prove that they’re better in one way or another. This will not impress a smart girl. Community Answer • Busy girls typically value making the most of their time and committing to many different responsibilities and activities. If you want to attract a busy girl, be busy yourself! Show that you also value investing in many different friendships, activities, and responsibilities.

She will most likely recognize this as something the two of you have in common. Community Answer • This is always a tough situation. Everyone has to deal with unrequited feelings at one point or another. While it may seem impossible right now, the best thing for you to do is to try to move on. Go do fun things with your friends or spend more time doing a hobby that you really love. There are girls out there who you'd like that would like you back. Try to move on so that you can open the door to those possibilities!

best dating smart girl i like being around you

best dating smart girl i like being around you - 7 Best Texts to Send a Girl You Like

best dating smart girl i like being around you

There’s an old cliché about a girl with low intelligence being easier to seduce. For some reason, guys think that the less deep or intellectual a woman is, the more susceptible she is to their advances. Maybe it’s a matter of being gullible, or it’s just one of those old ideas that has no empirical or anecdotal evidence to back it up, but just seems like it makes sense.

It’s funny to think about, at best, and is probably a result of characters we see in movies or TV shows, where the beautiful blonde is portrayed as being dumb or not quite as smart as the rest of the people around her. In this case, it’s not a huge stretch that guys might assume that the bimbo archetype is somehow easier to game or be on a date with. It would seem that way, but when you actually go out with a lot of different girls, you’ll find that the opposite is true.

The smarter, more interesting and more accomplished a girl is, the easier it is for a man to connect with her. The reason is because an emotional connection starts with a deep conversation, one that is made up of profound ideas. Both people need to be able to concentrate enough on what the other is saying and moreover, comprehend what is being said.

The smarter a girl is, the more complex emotional topics you can talk to her about. If she’s shallow, superficial and not too bright, it’s going to make connecting with her on an emotional level more difficult.

This is not a dig on girls being dumb or less intelligent than men — not by a long shot. There are just as many dumb guys as girls out there, and the theory being discussed goes both ways. Don’t expect to if you can’t hold a conversation with at least some topics that make the two of you think. A challenging conversation with a woman that takes a little bit of brain power to traverse, is better than a shallow, intellectually bankrupt one because it isn’t small talk.

There’s nothing worse on a date, for both guy and girl than spending two hours talking about work or something you saw on the news. A smart girl will understand the finer points of social dynamics because she’s observant, and has a solid understanding of the world around her. It makes it easier to be fluid in conversation and lets you experiment with a whole spate of topics that might not go over too well with other girls who, say, bombed their SAT’s.

Maybe you find yourself lying next to each other on a beach under a starry night, and getting into a long discussion about mythology, the cosmos and whether or not there is life on other planets. Or maybe you’re at a museum, and you both see a piece of art so beautiful that you have to talk about the reaction it stirs in the two of you.

Stuff like this is way more romantic and meaningful than being forced to talk about which emoji you like using best when you text, or what your favorite bubble gum flavor is, or why Snapchat is, like, totally more fun than Instagram. The smarter a girl is, the more juice you can squeeze out of your time with her and the less time you have to waste talking about things that aren’t relevant to the two of you making a connection.

There is still a primal element to being with a woman, and physical attraction will never go away (thank god), but the luxury of being a human being is that we have access to complex ideas and emotions.

We may have sex like animals, but our modes of courtship are a lot different. We appeal to each other’s minds just as much to each other’s bodies, and the more aware you are of this fact, the more you’ll start to see that a girl with two master’s degrees who speaks three languages, is way more fun to hang out with than one who doesn’t understand the difference between “they’re” and “their.” There’s also something to be said about how attracting a woman should make you feel.

It shouldn’t give you the feeling that you tricked someone into liking you because they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. It should feel more like the girl is intelligent, knows what she wants and after a few hours, or a few dates has decided that she wants you.

It’s not about “getting lucky,” or deceiving a woman into finding you attractive. It’s about making an actual bond where both parties have a conscious informed decision about the other. To approach your dating life from the mindset of trickery is a sign of low self-esteem, and assumes that you have to rely on a girl who isn’t bright to get laid or find a girlfriend.

If you have a , you’ll understand why a girl with a brain is better, and you’ll actually seek them out. You might even forgo an easy lay because the conversation wasn’t stimulating.

All things considered, you can’t assume a girl doesn’t have the capacity to hang intellectually until you’ve seen her a few times. Just because we’re talking about the importance of intelligence here doesn’t mean you can suddenly pretend that you’re Neil De Grasse Tyson or that guy from Jeopardy who won for, like, a year straight. Feel things out, and try to form a bond no matter what from the beginning.

If you find that she’s not your type, then respectfully move on. The point here is that the old paradigm about the naïve blonde archetype being easier to game than, say, the brunette who’s a neuro-physicist is dead.

Romance is by its very nature complicated and requires some thought to really understand, so if you’re looking for something tangible that isn’t necessarily a one-night stand, it pays to examine a girl’s mind just as much as you do her body.

best dating smart girl i like being around you

Although they are attracted, it takes quite some time for them to make a move because they are both busy and shy. But you can actually catch their attraction towards you showing through some hidden signs. That is why we compile the unknown signs a smart shy girl likes you; • She Flirts With You She shows the tell tale .

This is a big thing especially for shy girls because it is so out of character and quite rare which only means she really likes you.

• She Texts You A Lot Texting you is where she can hide from the awkwardness of real talk. Here, you can actually start seeing the • She Isn’t Too Serious Around You Smart shy girls are mostly serious and ambitious. But one of the signs that she likes you is that she can be laid back around you and become completely relaxed, all because of your presence.

• She Is Close To You When you feel like you are quite close to her and she does too, it only means that she likes you. This is because it is hard and rare for smart shy girls to make a bond with guys.

• She Gazes At You Often Gazing at you shyly is the which have been known for decades. She really likes you if you look at him and she smiles a cute smile instantly. • She Talk About Her Interest With You Openly Talking about what she loves is not her kind of topic. She wants to talk about it but she surpress it.

So when her interest with you openly it only means that she trust you and is comfortable with you. • She Is Open About Her Feelings Talking about a feeling inside her is not what a shy girl does. But because she totally likes you, she doesn’t mind opening up about her feeling.

• She Is Open About Her Weakness A smart girl doesn’t like to share her weakness. If a girl is open about her weakness that means she really wants to be vulnerable to you and give her all to you. • She Wants To Help You Grow Being ambitious comes naturally for a smart shy girl and if she likes you she don’t mind pushing you along.

She even like helping you grow to the better. This is her way of bonding with you. • Always Happy To Listen To You Listening to you is one of her favorite activity because she can fill up her brain with the sound of your voice and more knowledge about who you are. Sponsors Link • Initiating A Date With You Getting a shy girl to initiate a big romantic activity like a date doesn’t come easily. Doing this hard thing only means that she have full trust on her love to you.

• The Silence Feels Comfortable Because shy girls are shy, they like to be silent. But if there is love in the air, the silence won’t feel uncomfortable at all. • Complimenting You Complimenting you is a real test for the guts of a shy girl. When a shy girl really likes you she will overcome all her fear. More Ways to Know If She Likes You Secretly It is quite hard to get a smart shy girl to show her feelings but you do not need to do that.

All you need to know are these ways to know the signs a smart shy girl likes you; • She Is Patient With You Even if there is so many mess or that if you are hectic, she will always stay by your side. • She Worries About You Worrying about you is good because her priority is to make you • She Imagines Being Your Girlfriend She admits that she imagines being your girlfriend and she believes that she have all the • She Talks About A Possible Future With You A smart shy girl is optimistic about her future especially when you are in it.

• She Likes Holding Your Hand Holding hands is a big leap of action for a smart shy girl. This is actually the common Sponsors Link Tips to Get A Shy Girl to Love You You’ve spotted the unknown signs a smart shy girl likes you, now it is time to make a move.

Here are some ideas on what to do when a smart shy girl likes you; • Make Sure Of It There is no use in believing in assumptions.

That is why you need to make sure of the assumptions you built. You can do this by asking people that is close to her or asking her in person. When you do make sure that it is in a private place. • Continue Growing The Relationship now that you know her feelings don’t stop there. Continue growing the relationship like you used to and see it bloom. • Tell Your Feelings Too Don’t leave her hanging, tell your feelings towards her too so she can get a good idea on what kind of future you will be having together.

It’s not rare for a smart shy girls to fall in love but sometimes guys are just not sensitive enough to notice the signs. That is why you need to learn the signs a smart shy girl likes you.

Once you do, you can surely spot who is in love with you then practice the tips on what to do when a smart shy girl likes you. Have fun and goodluck!

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