Best dating sms in hindi love feeling

best dating sms in hindi love feeling

Status for friends forever in Hindi: True Friends understand your past, believes in your future and accepts you today. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond; this is the best relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. A real friend always can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else. Here we try to give Friendship Forever SMS Messages in Hindi by our team Friendship is often based on the sharing of toys, and the enjoyment, but now you can share our SMS with your buddies. (1).

best dating sms in hindi love feeling

Here is new collection of love sms for you. Send these magical words to your loved ones and express your feelings. Love is all about expressing and sharing. So go a head pick a special sms and send it to show your love. I could never forget the warmth of your hands on my hands.

I want to feel it every day and every night. So please, be mine. My love lives until sun is rising from east and until earth is rotating around it. I have never heard much from you. But when I see your smile, I know whats in your heart. That’s love for me. I was thinking how can I say three words to you. Then I found a way.

“I” feel very happy with you. “Love” is so beautiful. “You” are enough for me for this life. Now join first words of the sentences. How can I explain my feelings to you. Its pain, its numbness, its like I can see only one thing, hear one thing and think about one thing. That is you. I will never let you go. No matter what situation we are in, I love and care about you for ever. I have a question for you. Why my heart trembles and my hand shakes while you are around?

Why I feel like I have everything in the world and I am so lucky? Every success, all achievements, my destiny, my love, all feelings are just for you. Whenever I think about love, I think about YOU. Whenever I see beautiful things, I think about YOU.

Whenever I am in trouble, I think about YOU. Whenever I am happy, I feel you with me. Love is not conscious activity. Its something like reflex action. You smile and you cry without any reason. I don’t expect love, affection and attention from you, but I want you to feel how I feel for you. Love is not what you expect. It is not a bed of roses, its not a cup of tea, it’s a path full of thorns and a lake of fire.

Not everyone is able to express the feelings of love here. So do I. That’s why I am sending my heart to you, peep in it and see whats in it for you. There is no reason, no question, no answer, no logic why I love YOU. When I came across the feeling of love, everything seems beautiful and I fell in love with everything.

Among all the thorns of life, love is just like a beautiful red rose. I wish I could tell you about my feelings, in the morning, middle of the night, when I eats, during sleep, in happiness and in sadness. I just want to tell you that I love you. Three words could change my life. I can do anything just to hear those three words.

Please tell me that YOU LOVE ME. Among billions and millions of people, I choose one person. The person I want to be my soul mate. It is You, My True Love. No matter which stage of life you are at. If you are in love, it will keep you young and energetic.

I want to love you all my life. Together we are like a strong bond and I wish it never breaks or destroys ever. I dreamed of you and in my dream I hugged you, kissed you and said I love you. Would you please allow me to live that dream? I feel warm, safe, happy and special in your arms. I want to stay near your heart forever. When I thought of you I can feel pain in my heart and smoke of burning dreams. You were my painful past and the lost moment. Your presence gives me power to face my problems and keeps me going.

Your smile makes me strong and your love gives me feeling of completeness. Thank you My Love! For being there with me every time. I am the lucky one to have such good friends, great parents and have a sweet and loving admirer like you.

Love you. I have come to know the meaning of life and happiness, just when I met you. I am lucky to have you. I love you. I don’t just like your appearance, I like your heart because its really pretty. And its enough for me. There is only one sweet heart for me. He is near my heart and in my eyes.

He will be remain there till my life ends. He is my best friend, my love. Never run after love, if someone is in love with you truly. You never need to even say something and its yours.

My sweet secret of life is you. My true mate, my heart beat, golden moment and my only good luck is you. I just simply say that the only thing I want most from life is true love. True love from YOU. The most precious gift for me is your face with a sweet smile.

Because I know you smile when you think of me. You are my dream I see every night. You are first thought I think every morning. You are my happiness I feel every time. You are my most favorite memory I never want to forget. I want to tell you that I will hear all your stories, wipe your tears, take care of your heart and I will love you and live with you all my life.

There is not a single night, without a dream of you. I dream of you day and night, Monday to Sunday, eyes open, eyes close, every moment and every instant, I just dream to have you in my life. This day is as special as you are.

I want to tell you that there is something magical about you. When you are here with me I feel strong, happy and lucky. Thanks for being in my life. Be in love with me and make my life heaven. You are the only essential part of my life. So don’t even think about leaving me alone. I am nothing without you. Whenever I look up to the sky full of shinning stars, only thought comes to my mind is YOU.

The best thing happens to me in my whole life is LOVE. Loving you is my passion and spending my life with you is my dream. Please let my dream come true. I want to remember each and every moment we have spent together. They are like beautiful dreams I ever have. In bad and sad moments, just remember that I LOVE YOU. You are my first thought in morning and last thought before sleep. You are my love in life and after life.

My love would never fade or change, even if you forget the promises. Whenever you look back I’ll be there for you. I love you like words in silence, like a speech of air, like a songs of lake, like sweetness of cake.

My true story is that I don’t have a heart any more. Please check inside yourself, I believe that you have two. Your shoulder is my favorite place to cry on. Your heart is my favorite place to live in and your arms are my favorite place to fall. I knew it from the very first moment, when I saw your eyes and your cute smile, that you are mine and only mine.

I want to touch your soul and have you in my heart and in my arms. You are a hero of my love story. Love you.

I came to know about soul mate, the moment I have met you. You made me realize how special the feelings are, when someone is in love. I love to love you. When we are in love, we always think about how to see a cute smile on our lover’s face. The best way to make your loved ones smile is to send romantic and lovely love sms. I am sure you like our new collection very much.

Love is what you cant think or explain. It can only be felt so feel the spark of love in my eyes for you. Its just for you. The words I said and the feelings I shared were the purest. You can peep in my heart so that you can see the purity.

I Love You. I put my heart on fire by making it fall in love with you. I can feel the flames and pain. I wish you would feel it too. Some words are very magical. They have the power to heal, bring hope and happiness in life. I want to say them to you because I Love You. I never felt that way before. The happiness, the joy, the special feeling of that moment is unforgettable.

It was the moment I start feeling that I am actually alive. It’s the moment I saw you first. You are my first and the last love. My heart is not empty; it carries a tremendous burden of your love. And I want to bear that burden till the last moment of my life. Love for you, is in my soul, in my eyes, within my heart. I just want you to explore it.

You did not care for me ever, even for my heart. But I want to tell you I have a heart that not only cares for you but it really beats for you. I love you. Love is a sweet feeling. It changes you from inside, even from outside. You start loving everything, wind, flowers, day, night, moon, stars.

So be in love forever. The moment I saw you, I fell in love with you. The happiness, the joy of being with you is the most precious thing for me. Please let me live in this happiness forever with you.

If ever I ask to wish for something, I wish for you to be mine. I wish to live my dream. Today I was thinking about the most special person in my life. And I have felt very lucky. I want to thank you for being therein my life. My love for you cannot be judged or measured from number of times I say I love you. It is in my heart and can only be felt, if you want to feel it. It is always there. There is only one moment in life when you feel the real warmth of love and it is the time you see your true love.

Words might be important for some people, but no word is precious enough to explain my love. Love is priceless, unmatchable and unbelievable. I wish I would tell her. One day you will know about my feelings, my passion, my dream.

But then It will be too late. My heart is like an empty bottle without you. Which may look good but of no use. I want to enjoy life, summers, winters, spring with you. And want to share all my success, my failures, my worries, all happiness, all sorrows and all my love. Love does not need special time, special event, special place.

It just happened. Sometimes I think of giving you all my life and all my happiness, then I realize I have given you all these as I have given you my love. I wish someday your heart sees what is in my heart. I wish you will not cry then. I never think I become so lonely without you but you make me lonely with your absence.

I value our relation and put spice of love in it. I hope you like it and take it for the rest of your life. Love for me was just like a fairy tale. But when I found you I realize how real it is with actual happy ending. May God bless us with more love, more reasons to love and more nights to do love. You bring happiness in my life with your presence, your love, your laugh, your warmth and care. Love You. First time when I saw you, I felt that these are the arms I will cry on, these are the hands I will hold forever, this is the heart I will live forever.

You are just like song of my heart. Whenever I hear you, it feels like someone is healing my soul from inside. I think I am falling for you.

I am actually in love. You are my fire. Just ignite me and burn me in ashes and take those ashes with you. You are just like a precious stone in a ring for me. Without that stone ring will become incomplete and ugly.

Just is the case for me. Love is like a flame of candle, that burns in the heart of lover. My heart is also on fire sweety. I remember that day when I have gone flat.

Because you crush me badly. If you would not feel the way I feel, then you will feel this way when I die. When you hold me and come near me, the feelings of your touch cannot be expressed in words. Keep your grip tight on me and never let me go. There is no glue or a clue in the world that can stick two pieces of the broken heart. So be careful and protect your heart. You are my only dream, my only desire, my passion, my fire. My destiny is taking me where my love is.

I just want to be where you go and where you keep me. Life is not fair for everyone. Sometimes it takes everything by taking love from you. Whenever I think of you, I realize how important your presence is, in my life and for my heart. You are my true love and only life. You shall understand the meaning of love and value of the relation we are in, after I die. I want to be with one who makes me smile, who makes me happy all day and love me a lot. I am sending my sweet love sms to my sweet heart just to see her smile.

Love does not hurt any one. Its feeling of loneliness, breakups, lies, breaking trust that hurts. Love is the only healing agent that can heal any kind of pain and makes us feel special again.

Your presence and your love give me the reason to live in this cruel world. You are my strength and power, My love! I wish your heart melt one day just for me. I will pray for you and love you forever. There is no reason to love someone, so I love you without any intentions and reasons. You are my only dream, the dream I wish to come true. I miss the moments we shared, we laughed, we spent together.

Here is a token of love for you. That will make you remember me. I want you to hold me in your arms. Kiss my head and tell me how much you love me. It will be the greatest gift ever. If anyone ask me to who would I like to wish for. My answer will be same everytime. You and only you are my one and only wish. Love you. The only person I will love most will be my best friend and my best husband. I will go through all the difficulties of life with him. He will make it more beautiful and happy.

You are my dream. I know my dream will come true one day. You will be mine with all your heart and become my soul.

You are just like a path to the road of love. I want to travel and keep my journey continue till my last breadth. Whenever you will remember me, you will smile, feel and think about me. You realize that you are in love with me.

My love for you will remain forever, I will love you in life after life, in age after age. Love is the solution of all difficult questions, your love makes me strong and takes me out of all the problems and becomes the solution of all my difficulties. Your Love is like a magic for me, it penetrates in my soul, delight my heart, peep in my eyes and whisper in ears like an angel.

Love You. Love is like fire, the fire that warms the heart, that lightens the soul. I pray day and night for my dream to come true, the dream of my life, the dream of watching you around me all day and night. I love you. Its your smile that makes me strong, Its your love that makes me face the world.

May our love remains the same forever. The day I saw you… I felt that I know you…The day I met you…I realized that you are the one I want to share my life. The day I kissed you…I decided to live with you for the rest of my life. You are the only person, because of you I know the real meaning of Love and affection, sadness and happiness, life and death.

I love you. Love the one who could forget your past, hope good for your future and accept your present with open heart. If I can give you one flower every time I thought of you, all the gardens will be destroyed by me. Don’t let people hug you. I love you so much, you are my whole world. dont let them hold my world darling. Life without you is just like a tree in autumn, without any flower, without any leaf, just a hope… that after autumn spring must come. What is this feeling… its in my heart… it makes me sad… it makes me happy… it makes saying bye so hard.

Let me know when you find out. Have a lovely day. Sometimes I sit and think about you and whenever I think about you I find out you as my soul mate. I love you and I wish you fall in love with me some day. I like everything about you… the way you look at me, the way you talk to me, the way you touch me. I want to experience other things too. For example the way you kiss me. I am sure I like it too.

I love to love you, O My Love… love your lips when you kiss, Love your eyes that says you are mine. My life is all about love. My days and nights are full of life, full of energy because of you and your love.

Thank you for loving me, for giving me reason to live. In this world of darkness, you are my shinny star. I Love You. You don’t know how pretty you look when you smile. I used to fall in love with you again, whenever I imagine that smile. Keep smiling all your life and make me falling in love with you madly. You are the first thought of the day, when I wake up. You make my day successful and happy.

You are the last thought of the day too, come to me when I go to bed and makes my night so peaceful and carefree. Love is the only feeling in which no words required. Eyes can speak out whats in your heart. I can read your eyes and I hope one day you will read mine too. My love for you is very special, it is not like a drop of ink on the paper that can be erased by a drop of tear.

It is inside the shell of my heart like a precious pearl. When no other way has been found. Remember that I will be there to take you out and make you realize that you are not alone. The time you said that you love me was the time I gave my heart and it is and it will be yours forever. Everything will change with time, age, face, views, friends except one thing and that’s Love.

Love is like a beautiful painting, painted with the colors of our imagination. If you have love in your heart, then it doesnt matters how much difficult the life is. If your love is true, the pain of your heart must be felt by your loved one. Love is like a beautiful flower, whose beauty and fragrance makes the earth a place like heaven. Love is a blessing of God and I am very lucky to be the one who is blessed with it. I Love You.

I love you because you love me with all my weaknesses, my failures and mistakes. You are very special for me. The most beautiful and amazing feeling on earth is love…but the most painful and dreadful feeling is losing that love.

best dating sms in hindi love feeling

best dating sms in hindi love feeling - Hindi SMS in Hindi Language

best dating sms in hindi love feeling

( Last Updated – 6 September 2016 ) Nowadays many peoples are searching for love SMS on the internet. If you love someone, then love SMS is very useful for you.

You can easily express your love with the help of some cool Love Messages. So today we have a unique collection of Love SMS in the Hindi language for our readers. We hope you like these messages very much.

You can also read some and on our website. Kitna haseen chand ka chehra hai, Uspe shabaab ka rang gehra hai.. Khuda ko yakeen na tha wafa pe, Tabhi to ek chand par hazaaron taaron ka pehra hai.. Kisi na kisi pe kisi ko aitbaar ho jata hai, Ajnabi koi shaks yaar ho jata hai, khubiyon se nahi hoti mohabbat sada, kamiyon se bhi aksar pyar ho jata hai.

Gulab Ko Bhi Kamal Bana Denge, Teri Ek Ada Pe Kai Ghazal Bana Denge, Agar Tum Aa Jao Meri Zindagi Mein, To Kasam Se Aap Ke Dil Me Bhi Ek Taj Mahal Bana Denge.

Wo Jiska Teer Chupke Se Jigar Ke Paar Hota Hai, Wo Koi Gair Kya Apna Hi Ristedaar Hota Hai, Kisi Se Apne Dil Ki Baat Tu Kehna Na Bhul Se, Yaha Khat Bhi Zara Si Der Me Akhbar Hota Hai.

Dil Ki Tamanna Dil Hi Basa Le Tujhe, Dil Ke Har Jarro Me Chupa Le Tujhe, Muskurahat Ban Ke Bas Jao Hoto Pe, Har Arrzu Har Tamanna Dil Ka Bana Le Tujhe. Talaash Meri Thi Aur Bhatak Raha Tha Woh, Dil Mera Tha Aur Dharak Raha Tha, Woh Pyaar Ka Taalluq Bada Ajeeb Hota Hai, Pyaas Meri Thi Aur Sisak Raha Tha Woh.

Hume To Ab Bhi Woh Guzra Zamana Yaad Aataa Hai, Tumhe Bhi Kya Kabhi Koi Deewana Yaad Aataa Hai, Hawaye Tez Thi Baarish Bhi Thi Tufaan Bhi Thaa, Lekin Tera Aise Mein Bhi Wada Nibhana Yaad Aataa Hai. Hamse Dur Rahkar Kitna Hame Sataoge, Jitna Dur Jaoge Utna Yaad Aaoge, Tumse Dur Rahna Hamari Majburi Hai, Dekhte Hain Tum Hame Kab Tak Sataoge. Wo dard hi kya jo aankhon se beh jaye, Wo khushi hi kya jo hothon pe reh jaye, Kabhi to samjho khamoshi hamari, Wo baat hi kya jo assani se alfaaz ban jaye..

Dekho fir raat aa gai…… Tanhaiyo me waqt ki baat aa gai, Hum to yu hi bethe the sitaro ki panah me….. Chand ko dekha to tumhari yaad aa gai. Hum To Sukhe Patto Se Pyar Kar Lengye. Path Jhar Mai Bhar Ka Intzar Kar Lengye. Ek Bar Khe Do Ki Hum Tumhare Hai, Hum Zindgi Bhar Tumhara Intzaar Kar Lengye.

Bin Tere Shehar Ka Shehar Viraan Rehta Hai, Bichad Ke Tujh Se Har Rasta Sunsaan Rehta Hai, Woh Tujhe Tujh Se Zyaada Pyaar Karta Hai, Jo Tere Samne Aksar Anjaan Rehta Hai! Raaz dil ka dil mein chupate hai woh, Samne aate hi nazar jhukate hai woh, Baat karte nahi, ya hoti nahi, Par jab bhi milte hai muskurate hai wo.

Raat Ke Saaye Tale Bhaith Te Hain Hum, Tere Khayalon Me Khoye Rehte Hain Hum, Mil Jaye Humari Mohabbat Ka Tohfa Tere Roop Me, Khud Se Bas Yehi Khawish Roz Roz Krte Hain Hum.

Dhadkane Hain Bechain Sunne Ko Wo Baat, Soye Nahi Hum Jinki Yado Me Saari Raat, Kya Wo Keh Payegi Humse Apne Dil Ki Dastan, Ya Fir Tadpayegi Humko Yu hi Subha Shaam! Kabhi Nadi Kabhi Sehra Dikhai Deta Hai, Tumhari Aankon Mein Kya kya Dikhai Deta Hai, Main Kya Bataaun Abhi Kaun Paas Se Guzra, Har Ek Chehra Tujh Sa Dikhai Deta Hai. Deewane hai tere naam ke Is baat se inkaar nahi, Kaise kahen hame aapse pyaar nahi.

Kuch to kasoor aapki adaaon ka hai, Ham akele gunagaar nahi. Saccha hai apna pyar to iss jahan se kya dar, Gul ban ke gulsitan me fir khilengen hum , Abb bicchad rahe hai koi dhuk mat karo , Fir bahaar aayege to fir milenge hum… Mohabbat ko jab log KHUDA mante hai, Fir pyar karne walo ko kyun bura mante hai. Jab jamana hi pathar dil hai, Fir pathar se log kyun dua mangte hai ?

Phir Se Woh Sapne Sajane Chala Hoon, Umedoon Ke Sare Diye Jalane Chala Hoon, Anzam Toh Mera Bura Hi Hoga, Phir Bhi Tumhein Aapna Banane Chala Hoon. Aansuo Ki Tarah Na Beh Jao Tum, Dua Hai Kbhi Meri Zindgi Se Na Jao Tum, Mout Ka Dar Nahi Mujhe Ae Sanam, Bas Darr Hai Maut Se Pehle Na Bichhad Jao Tum!

Teri Aankho Ke Dariya Ka Utarna Bhi Zaroori Tha, Mohabbat Bhi Zaroori Thi Bichadna Bhi Zaroori Tha, Zaroori Tha Ki Hum Dono Tawaaf E Aarzoo Karte, Magar Phir Aarzuon Ka Bikharna Bhi Zaroori Tha, Teri Aankho Ke Dariya Ka Utarna Bhi Zaroori Tha. Na Rahi Aaj Wo Apni Kahani, Na Wo Hasin Din Na Wo Raate Suhani, Phir B Hume Aziz Hai Unki Har Nishani Chahe Dil Ka Wo Dard Ho ya Ankho Ka Pani… Sab chahane se har baat nahi hoti, Thode se andhere se raat nhi hoti.

Aur jo zindgi me sabse pyaare hain, Unse roz mulakat nahi hoti! Apni Sanso Me Mahakta Paya H Apko, Hr Khwab Me Humne Bulaya H Apko, Q Na Kre Shiddat Se Yaad Apko, Jab Humari Mohbaat K Liye Hi Khudane Banya Hai Aapko. Ujdi Hui Dunyia Ko Tu Abaad Na Kar, Beete Hue Lamho Ko Tu Yaad Na Kar, Ek Qaid Parinde Ne Yeh Kaha Humse, Main Bhool Chuka Hun Udna Mujhe Azaad Na Kar. Tere Bina hum jeena bhool jaate hain… Zakhmon ko seena bhool jate hain..

Tu zindagi main sabse azeez hai humain.. Tujhse har bar yeh kehna bhool jaate hain… Pehchan to meri bhi koi nhi, Pata nhi Q phir bhi log mujhe pehchante hai, Mohabat to mujhe bhi unse bahut hai, Pata nhi Q unke alava sabhi ye jante hai… Hasta Hua Chehra Tanhaayi Me Rota Hai, Dil Kitna Bhi Mazbur Ho Dard To Hota Hai, Mana Ki Dur Hai Hum Aap Se Magar, Judaai Se Toh Rishta Aur Bhi Mazbut Hota Hai..

Padhi Jo Ek Nazar Hum Dekhte Reh Gaye, Vaar Hua Katil Muskaan Ka Hum Madhosh Ho Gaye, Chahat Ki Chandani Mein Bheega Yuoon Tan Badan, Hum Kali Se Pal Bhar Mai Gulaab Ho Gaye!! Taiz Barish Mein Kabhi Sard Hawaon Me Raha, Ek Tera Zikar Tha Jo Meri Sadaaon Mein Raha, Kitne Logon Se Mere Gehre Rishte The, Magr Tera Chehra Hi Sirf Meri Duaon Mein Raha!

I love you Sneha…… your may life…. I miss you…. kya hua ki tum mujh se nafrt karti hk to mai to tumse abhi bhi bahut pyar karta hu….. apni Jan se bhi jada….. mai tumha re liye kucch bhi kar sakta hu….. sirf Jan cchod kr mai Jan nahi de sakata kyu ki ye jan koi tumhari Di hui pyar ki.

nishani nahi hai ya koi tofa nahi hai ye mujhe mere ma bap ne diya hua hasin udhar hai aur wo mujhe chukta karna hai… ha mai tumse bhut pyar karta hu lekin tumse jada mujhe un pr … Read more »

best dating sms in hindi love feeling

Hindi Love SMS or Love SMS in Hindi are those sms which has love, romance, emotion, passion etc. These sms describes your feeling for someone you love.

Expressing your love becomes quite easier now a days, as you can simple send a love sms in you language (hindi) to your love. These sms are full of love, emotion and romance but some time it can be funny. We have a very good and precomposed collection of these sms in hindi language.

Read it and send to someone you like in your language. If you have a really good hindi romantic sms please share it with us by submitting your romantic sms in hindi to our site. Also don't forget to rate these sms if you like it. It will help us to improve our collection.

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