Best dating someone older than your parents your pregnant

best dating someone older than your parents your pregnant

Your parents want to eliminate this risk by having you not date him so their fear doesn't come to fruition and so you can keep living as a young care free adult for as long as possible, as they have experience and know that you only get one shot at your youth and those years truly count and shape your whole future, they care about what is best for you. What I would do is take on board your parents reasons for disapproving and ask yourself is this the man I am going to marry? If yes, then explain to your parents that you understand their fears, ask them to be honest with you and to tell yo .

best dating someone older than your parents your pregnant

I am 18 years old and found out about 2 weeks ago that i'm pregnant, i am now 7 week and 1 day today. My parent's dont know im pregnant and dont know im dating this guy. I dated him in '05 for a year then i ended it, but we are now back together. My parents havnt liked him since they met him when we dated in '05, i know im young and people may think im crazy to say ive found the man i want to spend the rest of my life with, but its true.

My parents havnt really tried to get to know him they just dont like him from his past, and because he is older than me (hes 22).

I dont know how to tell my parents that im moving out, with this guy they dont like, and also pregnant. Can anyone help me? I am 17 years old and I just had my baby 2 weeks ago. When I found out I was pregnant, I didn't tell my boyfriend for the first 2 months.

It was hard for me to tell anyone because being pregnant at 17 years old isn't very good. By the time i finally told my parents and my boyfriends parents, I was almost 5 months pregnant.

I waited too long, and because of that everyone was extremely hurt. After they were over the shock of finding out, they were all so happy and excited. Now we have a beautiful baby girl and our families are happier than ever. It even brought us closer together. So I think you should tell your boyfriend, then both of you should go to your parents. Don't wait any longer because if you do, someone might get hurt.

They might be mad at first, but as time goes by, they will become so happy! Bringing a baby into the world is a great experience. You'll learn alot. I did! -Anonymous I'm 17 and i actually got pregnant at 16 and my boyfriend and i didn't want to tell our parents for a while even though we found out right in the beginning of the pregnancy.

we told them when i was about 6 weeks along. they were angry and dissapointed, especially my parents but now only 3 weeks from having our daughter, they are all very excited and want this baby just as much as we do.

i know that it's scary and it took me hours just to work up the courage to tell my mom, but after you tell them you'll feel a million times better. i mean you're not carrying this secret with you anymore and know they can possibly help you to deal with this scary but ultimately wonderful situation. Good Luck! The best thing is to be very straight forward about your situation and just get it over with. Be honest and don't try and make excuses for the fact that you got pregnant (the condom broke)...

They most probably will be upset or angry to begin with, just let them vent and get it out I promise you they will cool off eventually. You have a "grown up" issue to deal with now so be an adult about it. Tell them that you and your boyfriend have discussed the issue and feel that you are emotionally and mentally ready for this responsibility, or alternatively if you decide on adoption then discuss that with them.

Just don't be bullied into any kind of decision, this is YOUR BABY and YOUR CHOICE! I would advise telling your boyfriend first though and genuinely have this conversation with him before approaching your parents. GOOD LUCK :-) Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that you will want to share with everyone.I was a young mother at 16 and had to tell my parents.They were angry and that is a natural reaction.Parent are naturally protective of their children and we always want the best for them.I found myself in the same position with my daughter who didn't tell me for 3 mos she was pregnant.

Your parents may be angry with you but that is connected with unconditional love.I would suggest that you both sit down with your parents to let them know of your pregnancy and your plans to move out.They may not like him now,but they will respect him more for being there.Let them share your experience with you and make suggestions.You will want their support.

Dont be influenced to put your baby up for adoption unless that is what you choose. Love your baby everyday, they are a blessing. Not everyone is ready for a baby, we don't live in a perfect world.It is a huge resposibility that you will have to learn to handle.

I found out that I was pregnant at 16 (now 17)- telling my parents was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Their disappointment in me shown through in their eyes. They were angry for a while, but they got over it, I'm sure your parents will too, after all they love you n they only want whats best.

My daughter is 6 weeks old this week, and I'm so glad I decided to keep her... I know that not everyone has parents that (became) as supportive as mine but just take a deep breath and let them know your expecting and then give them sometime to process the information. They will come around! My husband and I started dating at 17 and 18.

We had our baby at 26 and 27. (No, we didn't have any trouble getting pregnant.) So, what were we doing for nine childless years? We went to college, traveled the world, got married, and bought a house. He got a job with health insurance and a salary that allowed me to stay home with our baby. Just because you can get pregnant doesn't mean you are ready for a baby. I know the optimists say you can still have it all (Baby at 18, college, perfect marriage).

Who is going to pay for this blissful life? Maybe your parents aren’t happy because you having a baby at 18 means they won’t get to retire at 65. Is your relationship stable, loving and safe? Call me old fashion, but marriage is required for a relationship to be stable. You should look into adoption. If you haven’t told your parents, you probably haven’t seen a doctor.

Go to the drugstore and buy a $10 bottle of over the counter prenatal vitamins. They prevent birth defects. IM 21 and i know im a little older them most of the girls on here, but at any age its a scary thought to tell your parents my boyfriend is 26 soo he was happy and so was his parents but when i told my family it was a shcok n disapiontment to everyone now that im in my 8th week they have been more excited them me lol just playing but my piont is they came to relizes anything that comes outta me they will love to death!!

and same for your fam Im 17 and 4 months pregnant right now :) i guess i was just lucky when i told my mom crying in tears she held me and got more happy for this baby to arrive then me and my lover lol we might be young but im sure all the adults can understand no matter how old you are being pregnant is such a precious time in your life you will love it!!

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best dating someone older than your parents your pregnant

best dating someone older than your parents your pregnant - 4 Advantages To Dating Someone Older

best dating someone older than your parents your pregnant

We live in a new age, where there are more and more single, pregnant mothers. Is it socially acceptable to date while you are pregnant in this world where the ‘rules’ are constantly changing? Are there men out there who are actually interested in dating pregnant women? The reality is YES!! If you are newly pregnant, and aren’t showing yet, it is most important to be honest with a potential date about your pregnancy. If you are showing, then chances are if the man wants to date you, he is accepting of you and the fact that you are pregnant.

He may have some questions about the dad, but chances are if he is interested in dating you than he is not interested in judging you. And, you should ignore the judgments of other people in your life who may not be supportive of your endeavors to find love while you are pregnant.

Pregnancy changes many things in life. The one thing it doesn’t change is who you are. Nowadays, there are more and more open minded men who will be able to look past your pregnancy and be romantically interested in YOU for YOU. The real hurdles lie in the fact that dating someone while you are pregnant with another man’s baby can be complicated for the budding relationship.

You are also in a place in your life where you will be making many changes, and may find that your tastes and interests in men now, are much different than they were before you had a baby. The reality is that more and more single and pregnant women today are putting themselves out there in the world of dating. As long as you aren’t looking for a father for your baby – and are instead looking to add fulfillment and happiness to your own life, you shouldn’t feel ashamed by dating. Be honest with your date, and realize that pregnant or otherwise, life goes on.

Dating while pregnant may be a new concept – but it certainly isn’t one that you should automatically shut out. Written By Stef, Mom of 4 @Momspirational This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor.

Health & Parenting Ltd disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information. All contents copyright © Health & Parenting Ltd 2013. All rights reserved.

best dating someone older than your parents your pregnant

Are you dating a Grown matured man or are you thinking to plunge your toes into more matured water? Well, then you have come to right place to know about the facts of Dating someone older than you.There is something too jazzy about dating an old man. Simply looking at the instances of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and such handsome hunk they look better now than their twenties and these men are like the older they become the better they look just like a fine old vine.

And not dating someone like that is so not happening. It’s quite thrilling to find few pros and cons of dating a man couple of years older than you. 1. Dating someone older is great because an Elder Partner is a Complete Person An older man will have had all the Experiences in the World and is more knowledgeable to be your mentor at times.

Also, he is balanced and has built-in wealth. He is well-balanced both emotionally and practically as all educated and modern women want a man who can handle their temperament.

He has all chivalry and maturity. You 2. Your Partner may act a bit Stubborn He may act a bit Stubborn as with him what you see is what you get.

Anyhow, women can’t change a Stubborn man but both have to bend equally in a healthy relationship. 3. They know how to make “IT” work To be romantic takes time and knowledge, not only experience can bring the flavor of romance. With hugs, kisses, flowers and lit up candles, he is excellent in practice of lovemaking. 4. With them, Jealousy acquires a Backseat A grown matured man have already bid Goodbye to Jealousy!

Yes, he will not bother if you get around with your girlfriends; he won’t even force you to take him along to your family get along. He will respect your space out of a relationship and that’s what a Gentleman acts like.

He knows why he picked you and he knows his worth so relax he will never be empowered by Jealousy. 5. They tend to be Emotionally Balanced An elder man who has achieved maturity will never try to escape from emotionally unstable circumstances as he will never dodge at the prospect of delicate conversation.

Instead, he will sit down and think calmly being than have a conversation with you with a balanced mind. 6. No more Texting Games When you are with an elder partner you do not have to worry about text games. They do not like to communicate through time-consuming modes of contact. They don’t believe in wasting too much time so they will rather prefer to accept the straight approach of communicating. 7. Have lived an entire life before meeting You Yes, ladies, he has lived an entire life before meeting you – by entire life we mean all the things in the world.

Your Partner has years of affairs, bad relationships, friendships, work experience, heartbreak, falling in love (even marriage) and more than you couldn’t possibly have. They might have had their first date before you were trained for sh*t. 8. You will keep hearing “Age is just a number” They are so egoistic and insane when it comes to their age. Every time you try to make them understand the point making them understand that he/she is older than you then in return you will hear “Age is just a number”.

By this pick up line they think they could date younger and hotter women/men. 9. Your Partner may not be able to connect to your Day To Day Struggles A lot of day to day struggles you find in your early twenties is different than the struggles in thirties. You may freak out hearing your friend’s wedding while your half of your Partner’s friends are married and may have kids too.

You may even get insecure if his/her ex like a bunch of pics on Instagram while he may find it okay as few of his/her friends may be dealing with divorces. Your elder Partner may find it really difficult to fully understand your day to day Struggles – in this context he/she should give you some respect as well as personal space.

10. They are more Financial Savvy than You Your maturely grown Partner might have learned enough lessons on saving money, managing the accounts and balancing his/her checkbooks. Your Partner’s dream of buying a home or Sedan cars sounds much like a reality as they have saved a hell lot of money from their years of working while buying a home or car is a mere dream for you as you do not have enough savings.

They are Financially Savvy than you so their needs for buying anything is not a mere dream. 11. They have years of Experience you haven’t Bumped into yet Your Partner has years of experience that you will hear “When I was in my twenties what I experienced is….” a lot of time. The fact that he/she have lived longer may make you feel childlike every time when he makes comparisons and narrates his twenties experiences. 12.

You have the alibi to act Kiddish Enjoy the fact that being a couple of years younger than your Partner gives you the freedom to act childish. Whenever your Partner tells you “God, you’re acting like a child!” you have the alibi to revert back to them “Yes I am your little girl/boy and I can act like a child – No big a deal!” He/She will hardly have any reply back to this excuse you make. 14. He/She is willing and Commit to settle Down with you The chances of getting settled with your elder Partner are pretty good if they do not fall in the category of people who never wanted to get married.

If they are willing to get married then they are committed to you and want to settle down with you. 16. No more First time sharing Your Partner may have been married before, may have had kids and may also have traveled all the places you might have dream of going to.

Depending on his/her life experiences they “might have been there and might have done there”. So if you want to do all those things for first time together than elder Partner is not the one to be in relationship with.

17. Biggest reason Your Partner loves you is ‘You are Young’ The biggest reason your Partner is with you is that you are young flower for him/her. Your grown up lover knows that you will be bent in the direction which he/she want you to bend in. Also, you have had no experience and maturity to win in front of them. 18. You have to choose between defending Friendship or Relationship The most difficult part of dating an elder Partner is that they don’t like you hanging out with your young friends.

And then arises the situation that you have to choose to go on a dinner with his/her friends where everyone will probably talk about kids, marriages and divorces or you have to choose to go on a freaking party with your friends. So there is lot of compromise. 19. It’s always a Lose Game – If you let your parents know or not Your relationship might turn up into a lose game at the end.

If you tell your Parents about Your Partner then they might object to the relationship and they may question the motives of an older boyfriend/girlfriend..

And on the other end if your elder Partner just want you because you are younger and don’t want to marry you then also you lose.

20. Your Partner maybe running from a bad Relationship with Men/Women of their Age Your Partner may have more wives/husbands, girlfriends/boyfriends or lovers than you. Possibilities are they may be running from a bad relationship with men/women of their own age so they decided to show up to you unless their bad relationship works out well.

So there are chances of you elder Partner double dating you along with the men/women of their age. 21. Watch Out for the Pattern they may follow Watch out for the signs he/she could probably use on you as well as other young men/women.

They might lure you with the same old patterns they use to do in their High-school. Beware of his/her signs that may trap you in their fishing net. 22. Evil ex’s of Your Partner will make your life like Hell Your Partner’s ex wives/husbands or ex girlfriends/boyfriends will not let you live happily with him/her.

Your someone older’s ex will call you, text you and try to harass you in all possible ways he/she could do. They may even threaten you in the name of your Parents or family. 23. They can do things You Can’t do You will stop seeing your friends and doing things you used to do, like boozy brunches and random warehouse parties.

While they can do things you are not supposed to do. 24. They may want to hook up before You are ready They have lived into those whole random hookups stage so they might want to hook up with you before you are even ready for that. If they are in thirties they may be sex addicted that they might want to be indulge into screwing-around shit way too early.

26. No Mutual Friends Most of your Partner’s friends are married with kids while your friends are about to get married. You may have to start attending children’s parties or family-type get together with his/her group. While you miss being with your crazy buddies and having fun. So, would you consider dating someone older than you? Because, sometimes it is the older the better.

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