Best dating someone with adhd buzzfeed quiz

best dating someone with adhd buzzfeed quiz

Dating someone with ADHD brings unique challenges. You'll need to be understanding, compassionate, and ready for the relationship hurdles What to Know When Dating Someone With ADHD. We’ve probably all had our share of bad relationships. Hopefully, we’ve all had some good ones too, but I think we can all relate to the less than wonderful romances. In those less than perfect times, would a better understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have helped the relationship? I went through a period where I thought that because of my ADHD, I was doomed never to have a meaningful relationship with anyone. I didn’t think anyone would ever understand me, or the way my mind worked, to make it last.

best dating someone with adhd buzzfeed quiz

Have patience, but most of all, educate yourself on what ADD/ADHD is. Also, understand that maybe people are misdiagnosed, and their symptoms very well could be that of another mental illness, like bipolar disorder, which basically the difference would be there being depression ups & downs as well.

Some people hide those other symptoms, because they want an ADD/ADHD diagnosis, for the narcotic amphetamine/methamphetamine prescriptions. So, without being a total ass, it's good to discover what the actual deal is with them, and the best way, is accepting their illness, and wholly educating yourself in it.

This really applies to anyone, with any mental illness, from depression to addiction to schizophrenia. The biggest thing to understand… There's the cure for mental illness, there's treatment, learning how to live with it. Another answer said her boyfriend “had” ADHD… No, he still would then. Keep in mind to, there are weird people out there, like my roommate for insurance, who will lie about mental illness, not even necessarily for the drugs they can get, but because they think for some reason, that being mentally ill, is cool.

Hahaha! Yeah, seriously. Like, my roommate literally brags to anyone who'll listen, how he's OCD, when in fact, he couldn't be further from it. He's a drug addict, and smoking crack and cleaning while high, I'd not OCD. That's another thing… Effects of drugs, or symptoms of being high, often mimic symptoms of mental illness. So, if the person uses drugs, they could very well be misdiagnosed, because the drugs cause the symptoms, not a mental illness; although, addiction is a metal disorder too, and isn't always drug focused, still showing odd symptoms.

Basically, education, and understanding are key. Make sure you're prepared to deal with this person's illness, and their specific symptoms of it, forever, because even with treatment, they'll always be ADHD. Hope this answer helped. ;-) First off, communicate, communicate and communicate. If you are doing something to “make him happy”, that’s going to be a short ride.

You aren’t really in charge of his happiness and you aren’t there to be his ADHD coach. You’re his partner, so to say. Ask him the following: “When do you feel most happy and excited?”, “When do you feel bored and detached?”, “What are some things that I can do to support you?” Let him think about it and have a healthy discussion about it.

But also have boundaries. He doesn’t just get to walk out a movie with you because he’s bored or be abrupt. Just support him and ask how you can help. I write a bit more about it here.

Footnotes Plan everything you normally would just shorter. For example if your going out on a date, plan it to be 40 minutes or less. I know when I'm anywhere that I have to sit I won't. I remember when I met my wife's parent for the first time I used every excuse to get up. The date ended up being like 3 hours and at the end I was a cranky as a baby without a nap. After that we start shorter dates and if I had at least a little break to get up, maybe dance with her to a song or go up to the bar and order a drink I'd be fine.

Also try to find his favorite interests. I don't know if anyone else is like this but I know when someone talk about something interesting I will stay focus on the topic for like 20 minutes.

Once at a bar I remember a guy said to the bartender “Come on (name) why do you always look like someone died” and the bartender answered “well maybe someone has” and I knew it was a Johnny Cash reference and we talked for at least an hour. Your final resort should be medication, but only if it truly helps. I'd rather you have the person you fell in love with be distracted then you be with some who mind been changed from medication. I used to take medication and it worked great for a while but then my body seemed to stop listening to it and I got really irritated and sad a lot.

I don't like medication cause I my body seemed to have gotten addicted to it and now when ever I miss a day I feel like I did before and get really sad and stuff but when I'm on it I don't feel like my go-to happy self so I've gotten to a bad point. I would like to add though I do take a lot of medication so that cause be apart of it too. People I know with ADHD issues tend to have a while to figure out what tricks work for them and it can be hard on a partner.

Open communication, patience and compassion. As long as they are taking strides to find a healthy way of life for themselves, it's a positive learning curve. It's much like living with someone who has diabetes, just because something works for a while, it may no longer work and the roller coaster ride will start again.

My mother was Adhd so the house would be cluttered again if she was home alone any decent amount of time. So weekly cleaning for the family way needed to keep up on house work. She would be good if the chore was only a few minutes… but what was a great sign for her doctor to know (there wasn't really issues medically for it 40 years ago) was she would even complain about how even doing things she loved she would get restless or distracted and it wasn't just on things that was a bother or things she didn't enjoy.

So family events adjusted by trying short functions and mixing it up. Going for walks, others in the house cooking dishes that needed lots of steps or time and she would come do dishes through out the day. We had intermission with movies at home and watch only 40 minutes or so the do other stuff for 15 to 30 minutes and return to the movie….

This is an example of adapting to having still vibrant and comments experiences but without frustration but changes needed to be adjusted to and they need to keep up on being open about their needs.

best dating someone with adhd buzzfeed quiz

best dating someone with adhd buzzfeed quiz - BuzzFeed Quiz (@BuzzFeedQuiz)

best dating someone with adhd buzzfeed quiz

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best dating someone with adhd buzzfeed quiz

It is difficult for people living with ADHD to form close personal relationships. The inability to focus and the tendency to emotional overreaction could have important consequences in a budding relationship. Even then, if you have met someone with ADHD who you would like to know better or if you have ADHD and are looking for a similar partner, here are few tips to help you along.

Find out about ADHD ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition marked by inattentiveness, impulsiveness, over-activity or a combination of these. This disorder usually manifests itself in the school-going age and affects boys more than girls. If you are seeing someone who you know has this condition, find out all you can about the disorder.

This will help you to understand some of the reactions and behaviors of your partner that may have puzzled you earlier. ADHD is usually treated with a combination of medication and behavior therapy in childhood.

If your partner is still on medication, being well-informed will also help you become aware of side-effects as they influence your relationship.

You will be better able to understand what food or lifestyle conditions are helpful and harmful for your partner. When you and your partner understand how ADD affects your relationship, the plan for addressing issues becomes much clearer. Develop strategies for effective communication One of the biggest difficulties faced by people with ADHD in relationships is engaging in effective communication.

They may talk too much, too fast, jump from one subject to another or simply zone out when you are talking to them. All this is can be infuriating when you are trying to get an important point across or doing your best to resolve a conflict. You will have to pick up communication strategies that reach out to people with ADHD – for instance speaking without music or a TV or in the background so as to minimize distraction.

Try to put priorities in writing as you do while making a list, starting from the most important to the least important thing which needs to be dealt with.

You will find out more about these techniques if you look through websites and support organizations which cater to people with ADHD and teach them how to cope with the challenges of daily living. Be patient What makes a relationship with an ADHD-affected person so traumatic at times is their impulsiveness.

You may find that your partner lacks an emotional filter when he/she is angry, so there are things that they say that are incredibly hurtful. He/she may also over-react when there is an argument and want to quit. A person with ADHD has little or no concept of how his/her words and actions make you feel. Your partner may be able to understand that he/she has said something hurtful, but he/she still will not be able to see things from your perspective.

For this reason you need to be calm and patient when your partner is flying off the handle. There may be fights and tantrums and one of the ways you can react to these is by giving your partner space and time so that he/she is able to cool off.

Keep your perspective One of the reasons why people with ADHD seem great partners at first is because of their intense focus on anything that takes their fancy, in this case their relationships. When your partner hyper focuses on you – calling you up several times a day, writing letters or love poems, planning to take you out and thinking of gifts to buy for you – all the attention can be hugely flattering.

But this intense focus does not, indeed cannot, continue for long and is sure to end at some point. So you should be prepared for this change of focus from your relationships and perhaps to some other interest or hobby that has seized your partner’s attention.

In order to be able to survive that shift, make sure you have clear communication techniques in place. Also your relationship should be based on a strong foundation comprising of shared values and interests, compatibility in lifestyle as well as distinct goals for your relationship. Examine your own priorities If you are thinking of your ADHD partner in terms of a serious relationship, consider whether you have what it takes. Living with a person with ADHD means that there will always be some degree of confusion and untidiness in the house.

You will have to be flexible and adventurous enough to take missed appointments and last-minute chores in your stride. At the same time you need to be a good organizer yourself to balance out your partner’s impulsiveness and inattentiveness so that you have a functional home life. What about your finances Financial solidity is an especially weak point for people with ADHD.

Many of them are unable to keep jobs or fulfill workplace commitments on account of their lack of focus and staying power. Then again some are financially impulsive too with tendencies towards gambling and speculation. In fact addictive behavior and risk-taking are often part of an ADD personality and can be very hard on a shared home life. So before you commit yourself to your partner, consider your individual and joint financial condition very carefully.

Ask yourself if you are willing to be the sole earner, albeit for a temporary period, in your relationship. Look at the bright side A person with ADHD can be a fun and enthusiastic lover. Their intensity and unhesitating focus on the relationship can be highly gratifying while their boundless energy will help you experience all the wonders of life in ways you have never done before.

Thus dating a person with ADHD need not be a series of difficulties. If you feel overwhelmed at times, you can reach out to support groups and online forums which offer useful resources to partners of ADHD-affected persons. Above all it is important that your partner accepts his/her own condition. A person who denies his/her ADD can make for a difficult relationship and worst of all, block any chances of seeking help. Instead most people who accept their ADD and take responsibility for it learn strategies to manage their disorder so that it does not interfere significantly with their lives.

What It's Like Living With ADHD
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